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Google News and Updates An updated roadmap for classic and new Google Sites Get your whole team jamming with Jamboard web improvements Adapting to the needs of learners, educators, and schools with Chromebooks Choose your own adventure with 13 Google for Education tools Featured Content We're live at FETC 2019 and we had the opportunity to sit with and speak to Holly Clark, author of The Google Infused Classroom. Why do we, as educators, attend live, face-to-face professional learning events? Benefits Drawbacks Connections Introvert problems What do you do when you go to a session you don’t like? Time for implementation Holly Clark was also the guest on episode 41! Listen if you haven't! Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Eve Heaton - Eve shares a template for the Valentine’s Conversation Hearts in Google Drawings Bailee Sandsmark - Google Sheets question - Bailee wants to know how to automatically send responses to different sheets. On The Blogs Matt - 10 ways to use Wakelet’s new collaboration feature Kasey - A Perfectionist with Paralysis NO MORE!
Google News and Updates At Tech Day, hundreds of kids dive deep into STEM   On World Heritage Day, explore historic sites in 3D   Want to Change the Game? Design your own with Google Play   Avoid double-booking rooms in Calendar   RSVP to Calendar events from forwarded invitations   Save time with new scheduling features in Calendar   Master your email with these essential Gmail tips   Improvements to organizing and finding Team Drives   Easily customize theme colors in Slides   Get more done in less time with G Suite Add-ons beta   Google Voice for G Suite: Cloud telephony with the intelligence and security of Google Cloud   Introducing Currents, the newest G Suite app   Work smarter in Sheets with several new features for objects   Apply to be a part of the Hangouts Chat Accelerated Transition Program   Summary: Next 2019 announcements Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Rebecca (@tccsapd) on Twitter -- Save a webpage to your @googledrive instead of printing! I just found this by accident. 😳 Simply change your print destination to Google Drive and the web page you are looking at becomes a PDF. Or follow these steps: Joe Marquez (@JoeMarquez70) on Twitter -- Are you an @PearDeck fan and have been dying to use the closed captioning feature during a PearDeck lesson? Here is the way to do it :) Bailee Sandsmark -- Update fitness scores through Google Form to Sheet and Autocrat runs them a report. Would like to use the same form to the same sheet, but when it goes to Autocrat, wants most recent data and all data graphed. On The Blogs Matt - 35 creative Google Drawings activities for classes Kasey - The Teacher’s Guide to Digital Choice Boards (Free eBook with Templates)
Google News and Updates Changing how you view Photos from Google Drive Improvements to Menu and Toolbars in Docs and Slides YouTube Studio (beta) The Year in Search: the questions we asked in 2017 A look at one billion drawings from around the world Featured Content Twenty-­three year educator Wanda Terral is the District Technology Coordinator for the Lakeland School System (outside of Memphis, TN). A former band director, Wanda’s constantly seeking information relating to techniques & practices related to the use of tech to empower students and educators. A Google Certified Innovator (#GTAATX14) & Trainer, she shares resources on Google+, Twitter, & her blog. She was the 2016 Lead PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator for the state of Tennessee and was selected to attend the 2016 Google Geo Teachers Institute. She’s currently completing her dissertation (EdD in IDT) at the The University of Memphis focusing on self-directed professional learning. When not spending time with her four cats, she is exploring sketchnoting, coding, and following leads of goodness shared by her PLN. Google Certifications: Google Certified Educator Level 1, Google Certified Educator Level 2, Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified Innovator Twitter: @wterral Website: Resources Wanda’s Lesson: Hands on Activities with Google Drawings   Meme yourself Timeline Graphic organizers Digital book jacket Doodle yourself Googlink (Drawings like Thinglink) Interactives w/GDraw Visual notetaking (DTT post) Self-directed professional learning Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Thank you to Apple Podcast user Southern Eagle Girl for your recent podcast rating and review! Google Drive question from Nikki in Winnipeg (via Speakpipe) Sara Campbell from Woodbury Schools asks about using a Google Home in the classroom and COPPA, recording, etc. (via Speakpipe) On The Blogs Matt - The Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit: Open until Dec 31! Kasey - Google Certified Educator Online Bootcamp! [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates A crabtivating journey: Street View joins a crab migration of millions on Christmas Island Stranger Docs (Kasey) Visit polar bears, live from your classroom using Google Earth New categories and languages for Templates Embed HTML and Java Script in New Google Sites (Launching to Rapid Release, with Scheduled Release coming on January 2nd) Featured Content Way back in episode 3 (Episode 3 of GTT: The New Google Sites) Matt and Kasey explored the fascinating integration of Google Sites into the classroom. Now, Sites has finally received some much-needed love from the Google engineers. Using Google Sites to Support Learning E-portfolios Lewisville ISD Examples from Clemson University Teacher Websites Student Projects Genius Hour PBL Science Fair Senior Projects Units of Study Student resume PD Site Example from Te Aka Toitū (New Zealand) Technology 4 a Cause (by Sheeba Ajmal in Pakistan) Fennovation by Christy Fennewald What if they don’t have G Suite for Edu? - Question from Twitter from Caleb Pahl How do YOU use Google Sites? Leave us a voicemail! Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Nicole Ross (Indiana) - Reindeer cam 12 Days of Twitter Shoutout Andy Boatman - Speakpipe about Google Classroom Zohar Kaplan (Jerusalem, Israel) - Thanks for the email! Linda Biederman Hink - Speakpipe about Google Translate idea. On The Blogs Matt - Using Kahoot! and others the way your brain craves Kasey - Create G Suite Templates with this Mind-Blowing Hack! [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates New languages now supported in Google Docs and Slides files, as well as Docs editors templates Copy comments and suggestions in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Insert images more easily in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings Google Classroom update: You can now attach files you don’t own and it will automatically make a copy. Google Edu in 90: Using Google Keep in the Classroom Update to the Google for Edu website: How to embed your Twitter feed directly into a Google Site Four creative “experiments” showcase the potential of Google Assistant Featured Content Hour of Code - Dec 4-10, 2017 CS EdWeek- CS First: The CS First curriculum is free and easy to use — no computer science experience required! Hour of Code Tutorials CS First is a free program that increases student access and exposure to computer science (CS) education through after-school, in-school, and summer programs. All clubs are run by teachers and/or community volunteers. Our materials: are completely free and available online are targeted at students in grades 4th-8th (ages 9-14) can be tailored to fit your schedule and needs involve block-based coding using Scratch and are themed to attract students with varied interests Made with Code A Beginner’s Guide to Coding in the K12 Classroom Coding resources from Shake Up Learning Ways to tie coding into your curriculum: Math and science: natural connections Social studies and English: logic/order in writing code is similar to making a case for writing an essay World languages: learning coding like a language Primary: fits in math and science, teamwork, problem-solving, etc. Apple’s Tim Cook: Coding is better than learning English as a second language ( Have low bandwidth? Plan to show videos at the front of the class, so each student isn't downloading their own videos. Or try the unplugged/offline tutorials. Provide headphones for your class, or ask students to bring their own, if the tutorial you choose works best with sound. Don't have enough devices? Use pair programming. When students partner up, they help each other and rely less on the teacher. They’ll also see that computer science is social and collaborative. Scripting in G Suite: Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Kim Monroe (technology teacher, New Jersey) -- Is there a way to search for precreated Gsuite activities? For example, I have saved templates from people I follow like you and Matt and Alice Keeler, but can I search google and find other “slides” or sheet templates? Hyperdocs folder Twitter hashtags: #gsuiteedu / #googleedu / #gttribe / #edtechteam Pinterest All Things Google Pinterest Board   Shannon Burger (library media specialist, Missouri) -- I love Bitmoji and was really excited about customizing my Bitmoji as explained by Mandi Tolen in her blog post, but then the librarian in me reared its head!  Before I share this with the teachers at my school.... are we violating copyright by modifying the Bitmoji image?   Bitmoji Terms of Use: The case for “not violating” -- “Snap Inc. grants you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable, non-exclusive, revocable, and non-sublicensable license to access and use our Services.” The case for “violating” -- You must also respect Snap Inc.'s rights. These Terms do not grant you any right to: use branding, logos, designs, photographs, videos, or any other materials used in our Services except as explicitly allowed by these Terms or our Services (for example, you may create and share your Bitmoji as our Services allow); On The Blogs Matt - Ditch That Marking: 5+ ways to improve grading (written by GTTriber Ben Whitaker!) Kasey - Interactive Learning Menus with G Suite Ready to Become a Google Certified Trainer? Do you want to travel and help other teachers learn how to use G Suite in their classroom? Do you want to get your foot in the door as a consultant, trainer, or present at national conferences? Want to make a little extra cash in summer training teachers? The VIP trainer course opens twice yearly (May and December) and will re-open for enrollment on November 10, 2017, and close on November 27, 2017. This is the e-course you have been waiting for–the course to help you on your journey to becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer! Becoming a Google Certified Trainer was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it transformed my learning and my career! This self-paced, e-course includes EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the Trainer Skills Assessment AND complete the application requirements, including: – 30+ Video Lessons (including the archive) – Private Google+ Community – The Ultimate Google Certified Trainer Planner and Check List – VIP BONUSES! – Tips & Tricks – and much more! Visit for all of the details and to enroll (VIP will NOT open until November 10th!) *Please note: This course does NOT prepare you for Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2. [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates (3:34) From Google I/O: Make calls with Google Assistant, type to talk to it, proactive notifications (will Google Home have a place in schools? Google Assistant?) - Smart Reply to Gmail … previously in Inbox and Allo (do you use it?) Expeditions AR: More virtual/augmented reality experiences for the classroom (Statue of David, strand of DNA, whirling Category 5 hurricane) Augmented Reality with Google Expeditions is Coming! Featured Content (10:27) Choose Your Own Adventure Stories with Forms (quick) Storyboarding new ideas with Drawings/Slides Photo comic strips with Google Drawings Screencastify Toontastic Docs Story Builder Story of the Atom Google Earth Tour Builder Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag (24:40) "I'm enjoying the podcast. In episode 5, a listener had a question about how to remove students from accessing certain files he shared with them. Y'all both offered great tips. I just wanted to offer a free solution at that scans your Drive, shows who has access to what files, and with one button push, you can revoke access to all files you've shared with that person. I use this for removing access to Google Drive files from departing employees." --Aaron Kinney JP Prezzavento (MO) -- via SpeakPipe. Add short link in automatic substitution. On The Blogs (31:28) Matt - 5 Ways to Get Back to Solid Teaching and Learning Kasey - The Guide to Google Drive Sharing Upcoming Conferences (35:06) Don’t Mess with Google Classroom Conference with Alice Keeler and Kasey Bell Ditch That Conference (Sept. 8, 2017 in Marshall, IN, OR attend virtually!) [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates Classroom Open to More Users Doodle for Google Winner Using Google Translate to learn English Featured Content Chrome Extensions for Staying Productive Kasey’s Faves: Tab scissors & Tab glue Text expander One tab Extensity Matt’s Faves: Awesome Screenshot Google Keep Google Docs QuickCreate Buffer Resources Chrome App & Extension Database G Suite Training on Demand (Chrome Extension) Back to School with Google Chrome: The Complete Guide Google Chrome Resources from Shake Up Learning Get the Shake Up Learning Chrome Extension Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag On The Blogs Matt - Principally Speaking Podcast Kasey: 6 Steps to Google Certified Trainer (Video Walkthrough and infographic) Everything You Wanted to Know About the Google Certified Educator Application (Video) Google Certified Trainer Online Course from Shake Up Learning! Summer is approaching quickly, and now is the perfect time to plan your professional learning! Would you like to be a Google Certified Trainer? Do you want to travel and help other teachers learn how to use G Suite in their classroom? Do you want to get your foot in the door as a consultant, trainer, or present at national conferences? Want to make a little extra cash in summer training teachers? This is the e-course you have been waiting for–the course to help you on your journey to becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer! Becoming a Google Certified Trainer was one of the best decisions I ever made, and it transformed my learning and my career! This self-paced, e-course includes EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the Trainer Skills Assessment AND complete the application requirements, including: 30+ Video Lessons (including the archive) Private Google+ Community The Ultimate Google Certified Trainer Planner and Checklist VIP BONUSES! Tips & Tricks and much more! Visit for all of the details and to enroll (VIP opens April 11th and will close at midnight CST on May 21!) [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Download Episode Featured Content Karly Moura is a Teacher On Special Assignment (Instructional Coach & Educational Technology Support Teacher) at Sun Terrace Elementary School, MDUSD. Links and Resources Mentioned: Exit Ticket Simple Machines Lesson Plan (Want a copy? Go to File>Make a Copy inside the G Doc.) @gafehelp Bonus Lesson: Lemonade War Novel Hyperdoc Connect with Karly Moura Follow @KarlyMoura Google News and Updates Google Transformation Center and 7 Elements of Transformation: Google's Keyword Blog: On the Blogs Matt - 2 BRAND NEW tools to help students display work, reflect Kasey - How to Pass the Google Certified Educator Exams (12 Tips) Other Mentions and Shout Outs House of #EdTech Podcast from our Producer, Christopher Nesi [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
This is a REPLAY of episode 24 from October 2, 2017. Joe Marquez is a passionate educator who loves nothing more than to discover new ways to motivate and engage his 8th-grade science students. You access the show notes by visiting
Google News and Updates Google Slides captioning (AMAZING!) Helping parents have the tech talk with their kids World Teachers Day Video World Teachers Day Playlist RIP Google+ TED-Ed Educator Talks Channel See your world differently with Playground and Google Lens on Pixel 3 Featured Content Google Slides for Snapchat games in class Students LOVE Snapchat games! You can tie them into your class WITHOUT needing the Snapchat app. Just use Google Slides! Caption This! A fun, deep-thinking Google Drawings (or Slides!) activity Use an image that connects to your content and adds speech/thought bubbles to show what the people involved would say or think. It’s a quick way to boost the Depth of Knowledge of your activity -- and it’s low-prep! Create a low-cost, printed yearbook with Google Slides (by Jennifer Scott) Jennifer’s school created a full-color yearbook and designed the whole thing on Google Slides. It’s SUPER inexpensive and pretty easy to do. Student collaboration in shared Google Slides This classic Google Slides hack is still effective! Share a slide presentation with every student. Each student gets his/her own slide and does his/her work on it. Then, they can comment on each other’s work. Easy collaboration! How to Create Your Own “Apps” with Google Slides (FREE Template) Anchor Charts Kasey’s Google Slides Resources The Google Slides Master Class! I frequently refer to Google Slides as the Swiss Army Knife of the G Suite tools because it is capable of being so much more than a presentation tool. In this course, you will learn how to use Slides in new and unexpected ways in your classroom that will engage your students and make learning more dynamic! Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Ashley Morrison (Cincinnati, OH) - Love using Google Sites, showing teachers how to use them, have students use them to share work … Any other tools besides Padlet that can be embedded and work really well within Google Sites? Ryan Gutsch (Owen, WI) - What process or app … wants to have kids and parents (?) watch a video and not give them control of skipping ahead … answer questions based on a video clip. Can’t progress until answer questions right. Google Forms? Sites? On The Blogs Matt - Google Maps walking tours with Street View and Screencastify Kasey - FREE Ebook: The Complete Guide to Google Certifications [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates In a lighter week of news and updates the only things of note were additional colors to Google Keep Notes and revamped icons in the G Suite interface when using Docs, Sheets, etc Featured Content Joe Marquez is a passionate educator who loves nothing more than to discover new ways to motivate and engage his 8th-grade science students. His focus is not on ways educators teach their kids, but rather on new ways they can better reach their kids. Technology has been the spark which has ignited his exploration into next-generation educational technology and pushed him into becoming a leader and technology coach for the Clovis Unified School District. Joe provides insight on his TACO initiative, which is a STEM camp for students who want to teach STEM. Resources Shared Lesson: One-Pager Group Presentation (Want a copy? Go to File>Make a Copy) A blueprint for Twitter and social media in the classroom with Joe Marquez NewsELA Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Cara Wilmot (FL) shared a comment on episode 22 regarding captions on Youtube. [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates During episode 24 Matt and Kasey made it known that sometimes there just aren't many if any updates to speak of. No sooner did they utter those words and Google went crazy with a number updates! Expeditions on iOS with Self-Guided Tours and Annotations Google Classroom: Import Google Forms quiz grades—Teachers can assign a Google Forms quiz and automatically import grades to the Student Work page. Google Data Studio Google Data Studio (beta) turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Dashboarding allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions. New Google Hardware Featured Content Google Slides is a cornerstone application of G Suite and recently Google added a number of features to improve functionality and usability. Some of the features mentioned were long-time requests by users like you and others were bonus add-ons that were unexpected. Slides now features Google Keep integration New Add-ons... Unsplash - Every Unsplash photo is high-res and completely free to use for commercial and personal purposes. Adobe Stock Shutter Stock the Noun Project Pear Deck Features... Linked Slides Slide Sorter Insert Diagrams Skip Slides (during presentation) Apps Scripts Resources Official Google blog post announcing Slides updates Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Dena Dellere (@DDellere) tweeted about her use of Google Classroom for a recent technology-related in-service at her school in Oklahoma. "Each topic is a Session." Using GC for 17-18 Tech Inservice.  Each topic is a Session. Genius idea from our Business T to clear GC clutter. #gttribe #OklaEd — Dena Dellere (@DDellere) October 5, 2017 Sam Mora, via SpeakPipe, from Arizona, uses Screencastify and is looking for a way to blur sensitive information in the videos she creates. Christina Smith Rivera, from Colorado, works with teams of Student TechXperts. Her students provide PD for students and staff members at the school. She is looking for ways to connect her student tech leaders with other groups throughout the United States. On The Blogs Matt - Classroom video calls. You can do this. Here’s how. Kasey - How to Create Screencast GIFs [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates New interface in Google Classroom (Post from Alice Keeler) 1,000 of the most stunning landscapes in Google Earth Helpful shortcuts for Google apps on iOS From pop quiz to final exam: Chromebooks pass the test Featured Content "Today’s students must be prepared to thrive in a constantly evolving technological landscape. The ISTE Standards for Students are designed to empower student voice and ensure that learning is a student-driven process. Connect with other educators in the ISTE Standards Community and learn how to use the standards in the classroom with the ISTE Standards for Students ebook." ( ISTE Student Standards: Empowered Learner: Student leverage technology to take an active role in the choosing, achieving and demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences. Digital Citizen: Students recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical. Knowledge Constructor: Students critically curate a variety of resources using digital tools to construct knowledge, produce creative artifacts and make meaningful learning experiences for themselves and others. Innovative Designer: Students use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions. Computational Thinker: Students develop and employ strategies for understanding and solving problems in ways that leverage the power of technological methods to develop and test solutions. Creative Communicator: Students communicate clearly and express themselves creatively for a variety of purposes using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals. Global Collaborator: Students use digital tools to broaden their perspectives and enrich their learning by collaborating with others and working effectively in teams locally and globally. Resources Kasey’s post on Empowered Learner We hit on a lot of support with this in episode 105 How to Cite Sources in Google Docs 8 Ways to Support Digital Citizenship Skills with Google Slides for creation: Google Slides to the Left (e60), Slides to the Right Cha Cha Cha (e61) Don Wettrick’s students doing genius hour all the time (Innovation and Open Source Learning) … creating apps, hosting events, creating businesses If/then conditional logic (Google Forms) - How to Differentiate Questions in Google Forms Choose your own adventure stories Made with Code CS First Teachable Machine ePortfolios with Google Sites Magnetic Poetry with Drawings or Slides Every Student Should Publish for the World! On The Blogs Matt - The Ditch That Textbook Video Library Kasey - Google Accessibility Tools to Reach ALL Learners
Google News and Updates Originality reports and rubrics now generally available for Google Classroom users Improve student writing with originality reports and rubrics in Classroom G Suite Add-ons now generally available in Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive Featured Content Nate Ridgway is a tech-loving history teacher in Indianapolis, Indiana. He specializes in lesson design and differentiation and also is licensed in Special Education Mild Interventions. He's taught in both middle school and high school settings, but currently is enjoying teaching World History & Dual Credit U.S. History. He is currently finishing a Master's degree in History at the University of Indianapolis. Angie Ridgway began her career in middle and high school Spanish teaching. She's now working with future secondary teachers and new faculty members at the University of Indianapolis. Her passion lies in supporting new teachers' work in the implementation of original pedagogies that strive to meet all students' needs. She holds an M.Ed. and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with areas of emphasis in secondary education and Spanish. The Five Principles of Don’t Ditch That Tech Technology should be used to enhance students’ learning and should rely on evidence-based practices. There is no substitute for great teaching or great student-to-teacher relationships. Technology should help us work with content in interactive, meaningful ways. Technology should help teachers and students cross varied developmental levels.  Technology should eventually empower students to be designers of their own learning. The goal is for students to become critical thinkers and life-long learners. Technology should promote reflection and metacognition. Iorad - online tutorial builder  A Dangerously Powerful EdTech App: iorad (from Teaching from the Ridge blog) Dotstorming -- Dotstorming takes the process of dot voting online to allow groups of people to collaborate on a topic. Penzu Journal -- A private, 100% customizable online journal. Twitter: @TeachFromRidge Website: Resources Don’t Ditch That Tech (book) Free book preview and book study resources PDF notes from Nate and Angie’s presentation in the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit Nate and Angie’s Make It Til Friday podcast Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Melanie Samson-Cormie (Edmonton CA) -- Loves Google Classroom, but Moodle is so visual. Add HTML. Teaches grades 5 and 6. It can be tough to navigate. Tips for making it more visual or easier to navigate. On The Blogs Matt: 10 social media-inspired learning activities: no account needed (lots of Google Slides templates!) Kids blogging in math class: Why and how (Guest post by Thom Gibson … Google Sites is an option!) Kasey: It’s NOT About Google (Podcast & Blog Series) How to Organize Assignments in Google Classroom Shake Up Learning Book Study starts Feb. 13th!
Before we start today’s show, we wanted to make a quick announcement. The podcast is undergoing a name change. It’s a small one, but an important one. We’ve decided to shorten the show’s name to be called the Google Teacher Podcast. We’ve heard from several of you that there are problems with including the word “tribe” in the name of the show. The last thing we want to do is create a show that is disrespectful or offensive to anyone -- especially in its name. Google News and Updates Made by Google's 20 tips for 2020 Improving 40 million Chromebooks for education Data Privacy Day: seven ways we protect your privacy The Most Searched: A celebration of Black history makers Featured Content Digital citizenship refers to the responsible use of technology by anyone who uses computers, the Internet, and digital devices to engage with society on any level. Be Internet Legends  Be Internet Awesome  Interland Game ISTE Standards-Aligned Curriculum English Spanish Pear Deck Curriculum Google Classroom: Assign Interland to specific classes or sections, or simply make the resource available to all your students in the form of a class announcement. Interland for School Chromebooks: G Suite administrators can seamlessly make Interland available to students directly from their school Chromebook taskbar. Teacher Training Course Educator Resources  Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Kate Whittaker (Pennsylvania) -- This is in response to the mailbag question about using YouTube Live to stream concerts and performances. If you want to stream these, you should double-check what rights were purchased for the performance. When I was a video teacher we were not allowed to record most plays because only the rights to perform the play were purchased. The rights to video/audio record are usually separate and more expensive. Although it's been a while since I taught video, I wouldn't be surprised if streaming rights need to be purchased. Mike Brilla (Philadelphia) -- My middle school is on a six-day cycle. How can we set-up Google Calendar to update our six-day cycle calendar if changes need to be made? If we miss school for a snow day, we must change every day for the rest of the year on the calendar. Please help! On The Blogs Matt - Google Classroom (still) to the rescue: Blogging, vlogging, and podcasting (guest post by Laura Steinbrink) Kasey: 4-Part Series on Dynamic Learning with Google (FREE Toolkit) Shake Up Learning Book Study starts Feb. 13th!
Google News and Updates Changes to the Google Classroom Stream Helping developers create more choice for educators Find ideas and activities on the new Chromebook App Hub Living the "multidream" by blending coding with a rap career Featured Content MyMaps Resources from Google Through Google My Maps students can explore the basics of cartography, share information about local communities and far-flung destinations. The map is their canvas on which they can build with points, lines, and polygons, and they can go as far as their imagination leads them. In your Google Drive, go to NEW>MORE and select MY MAPS. Dropping pins Locations in a story Personal student stories (My Happy Place Hyperdoc by Lisa Highfill) Historical events Summer vacation at back to school (where you’ve visited in your life, etc.) Measuring distances (distance = rate x time, etc.) … measure and take a screenshot? Layers (biomes, animals, etc.) Poly tool to determine area/perimeter Locations for sports / extracurriculars Plotting locations where you’ve done video calls Amazing Race with Forms and MyMaps Clue #1 Create a map of the journey of a character from a novel Tell a story, non-fiction, fiction, personal 20 ways Google MyMaps can enhance lessons in any class Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Ginna Jones (Virginia) -- Shares how she teaches proportions with pancakes and Google Slides! Check out her slide deck by clicking here! Camden (5th-Grader, South Carolina) -- Listen to and from school. Teachers should use Google Lit Trips. Feel like you’re the character. 360 pictures. Earth and Tour Builder. Number the Stars: takes to the street where sisters are stopped by Nazi soldiers. Pictures and video. Diary of Anne Frank takes you to the secret annex where she hid. On The Blogs Matt - Four ways to make math come alive with Google tools Kasey - Stranger Google: Crazy Tools from the Upside Down Part 1 & Part 2
Google News and Updates Add custom links to the navigation bar in the new Google Sites New in Google Slides: linking in Docs, guides and rulers, and improved commenting Checkboxes in Google Sheets Get more control over chart data labels in Google Sheets Featured Content Stay composed: here’s a quick rundown of the new Gmail With new security and intelligent features, the new Gmail means business Improved security Confidential mode 2-step verification to open Block forwarding and printing can also make messages expire after a certain time Busy New tasks Improved functionality and you can SEE it! Calendar and Keep integration Hover Similar to Inbox by Gmail features How to get it Don’t feel left out b/c some of these features aren’t even available yet Cannot control size of sidebar Display density Settings looks mostly the same Expect add-ons to continue to grow Fancy splash page Default view: icons with G Suite files (under Settings > Display density) Snooze items until later (“someday”) AI suggested responses (like Inbox) Warnings for risky emails Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Zach Ripley - Sheets add-ons (50), teacher question: middle school PE with data. Functions and formulas … import range function: master spreadsheet, one at a time: open student spreadsheet (only do once), copy key from URL, paste URL into import range function, master spreadsheet: import data from student sheet, real-time update (not copy paste) as students update. Sara Reed (Aledo, TX) -- Google Classroom: see time stamp when a student turns in an assignment or mark it as done? If not, how do you handle students that say they did it and it doesn’t reflect in Classroom? (Click on “done” from assignment>then click on the student’s name from the roster on the left>then click “see history”) Beth Cohen (Pennsylvania) -- HI Matt and Kasey! I love all the tips, tricks, and resources you share! Every year our Freshmen complete a unit on Academic Integrity. We have been using Moodle, which includes a self-grading quiz that lets students know whether they have achieved the minimum score and prompts them to review the resources and retake the quiz if they didn't pass. We will have GAFE instead of Moodle next year, so I want to reproduce the quiz in Forms, but I can't figure out how to set a minimum passing grade and notify the student whether he/she passed at the end. I could use branching and direct students back to the resources after every wrong response so that ultimately everyone ends up with a perfect score, but I'm hoping for a final pass or fail submission response. Hope you have some ideas! Thanks, Beth Ben Whitaker (Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, UK) Sheets: In Excel, can lock down certain tabs so they can’t be edited in collab spreadsheet. Is there a way in Sheets? Add-on? Keep up great work! 3 Ways to Protect You Google Sheets Data On The Blogs Matt - 10 ways Google tools can make the end of the year rock Kasey - When the Lecture Ends, the Learning Begins from @Mo_Physics (Mike Mohammad)   [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates Emoji Reaction Project: Camera (Take a snapshot) is back! Search within a Google Drive Folder New devices and more: what's in store for the Google Assistant this year Featured Content Google Hangouts bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android, and Apple devices. In schools, users must be 13+ or a Teacher can lead. What can you do with Google Hangouts? Connect with another class to share ideas and work collaboratively Find a guest speaker to talk to your students Go on virtual field trips Attend events Do the announcements Virtual book club Student presentations Guest speakers Google Plus communities to find people/places to call: Google Plus community: Mystery Location Calls Google Plus community: Google Hangouts in Education Google Plus community: Mystery Hangout Google Plus community: Educators on Google Plus Google Plus community: Google Connected Classrooms Mystery Location Call roles (doc by Jo-Ann Fox) Things to consider: Whole group call? Break into smaller groups? Pairs? Individuals? Time zone … go north/south to avoid large time zone shifts. Do a practice call ahead of time to check audio/video. Let student passion/curiosity rule whenever possible! Student-led video calls are often the best experience for everyone (even if it feels like chaos or like you don’t have control). Do a debrief afterward. Classroom video calls. You can do this. Here’s how. About Mystery Skypes/Hangouts and why we need more Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag In honor of our 1-year anniversary, we'd like to turn the podcast (episode 39) over to you! Leave us a message with your best Google tips, tricks, and ideas! (2-minute max.) Don't forget your name and location, too. Libby Knaggs (Ingram, TX) - Used Page Marker extension and loved it! Jennifer Portilla (Longwood, FL) - How can I not show new students to Google Classroom all the previously posted content? On The Blogs Matt - Google Chrome extensions galore! 50+ for the classroom Kasey - Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides AND a BIG announcement coming! [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
GOOGLE NEWS AND UPDATES New Google Earth Google Search Fact Check Customize Google Sites Colors and Logos FEATURED CONTENT Kasey’s tools: Google Cultural Institute Zoom view Google Trends Hot Trends Google Takeout LMGTFY Matt’s tools: nGram Viewer Reverse image search YouTube Editor Time Lapse in Google Earth Engine Additional Resources Kasey’s Golden Treasures of Google Blog Series Part 1: Tools for Google Maps, Street View, and Google Earth Part 2: Data Tools Part 3: Google Search Tools and Tricks Part 4: Student Initiatives Kasey’s Golden Treasures of Google Presentation from KySTE Google’s Buried Treasure: 18 hidden tricks and tools GOOGLE TEACHER TRIBE MAILBAG Here's a question from a #GTTribe listener about discouraging cheating in Google Slides. Any advice? #gsuiteedu #googleedu #edtech — Google Teacher Tribe (@GTeacherTribe) April 13, 2017 ON THE BLOGS Matt - Teach with Kahoot!: Go beyond review with the Blind Kahoot Kasey - Reinventing Math Class with EquatIO (Chrome extension) [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
This is a REPLAY of episode 8 from March 13, 2017. Matt and Kasey speak with Royse City High School’s Student Chrome Squad! Students Tyler Crumrine, Britni Sanchez, Bryan Barnes, Caleb Fay and their teacher advisor and Innovative Learning Specialist, Cody Holt discuss what the Chrome Squad is, how it began and the challenges they face. Cody Holt spent 11 years as a high school Language Arts before transitioning to the world of instructional technology. As an Innovative Learning Specialist for Royse City ISD Cody gets to help teachers navigate instruction in a digital age; specifically how to incorporate digital tools to positively impact learning. You access the show notes by visiting
Google News and Updates To every teacher, thank you times infinity New Google Lens features to help you be more productive at home Kids can learn at home with Read Along by Google Make at-home learning more fun with 3D and AR in Search Featured Content Want to do Tech Like a Pirate stuff? Website: What’s the focus of the book? (Using tech to create an experience, make learning memorable) “Don’t just teach a lesson. Create an experience!” Is there research that supports doing activities that are fun? (Shawn Achor productivity, neuroscience study, National Institute for Play ongoing studies) What are the ways to Tech Like a Pirate? Social media and apps Video Games Collaboration Images Exploration Global communication Can these be used with Google tools? And remote learning? Social media and apps: Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter templates in Slides Video: In video calls/pre-recorded video: What’s the lens you see the video through? (news anchor, on the scenes TV reporter, reality game show, horror movie, etc.) Global communication: Inviting virtual guests, adding virtual field trips to video calls Exploration: giving students flexibility in what they research/find info (and where they find it) Collaboration: Shared Google Slides Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Renee Johnson (California) -- Task: create an unboxing video of your past self. Before created: put items in it, like survival kit to send to past self to prepare for the situation now. Write a note to explain why each item was in it. Close box. Put tape. In the video, past self opens up the box, reads the note, and pulls out one by one to see what’s inside. Posted these on a Wakelet so everyone can watch everyone’s videos. Hopefully, someone else can use this. 8 YouTube-inspired classroom video ideas Steve Scaysbrook (United Kingdom) -- Use of Google school within the university. Examples of this? Mostly, setting up an online school for professionals who need to do continued professional development (CPD). Do that study. Give them tasks, curriculum, info … then mark work and give them CPD time for doing it. On The Blogs Matt: Tech Like a PIRATE: 10 things you’ll find in the book Tech Like a PIRATE resources page The LOST CHAPTER of Tech Like a PIRATE: Storytelling: Bringing the power of stories to your teaching and Learning math through story: Examples from one teacher’s classroom Ditch That Textbook eLearning Resources Page Kasey: FREE Access to Fluency Tutor What Students Have to Say About Remote Learning [interviews with a 3rd and 12th grader] – SULS061 Remote Learning Resources
Google News and Updates Present high-quality video and audio in Google Meet See up to 16 Google Meet participants at once with a tiled layout Start or join a Google Meet video meeting directly from Gmail Explore new sites, relive old hikes for National Park Week (Arts & Culture) Featured Content Using Google Tools to Connect with Students Encourage connectedness Good morning videos Office Hours/Check-ins: Keep interactions light-hearted when possible. Try having a joke of the day, funny video of the day, or playing a game. Trackers -  from Lisa Johnson Google Forms Attendance and Check-in: How are you doing? How do you feel? Online safety/Digital Citizenship - Applied Digital Skills Using Google Classroom posts and comments to support conversations and connection Google Slides: give students a prompt and have them respond with webcam pics Have them teach something non-school curriculum through pictures Google Form (or a non-graded Google Classroom assignment): Asking “how are you doing” and following up with them via email or Google Classroom private comments Connect outside tools to Google Classroom: Flipgrid for student check-ins, for fun prompts, to share their pets, etc. Pear Deck has SEL slides … put them in student-paced mode to be accessed any time Fun Google Meet video call ideas (13-20 in graphic below has some fun stuff) Google Teacher Podcast Mailbag Melissa Burns (South Carolina)  -- I don't know about anybody else, but my Google Classroom Stream was about to drive me CrAzY. I was always getting messages from parents and students that they could not find certain things like links or instructions. My saving grace was discovering the Materials option in the Classwork section. Here I can organize important instructions, links, and even "How-To," videos. Did not know if this could help anyone else. I love listening to ya'll every week. Google Classroom Cheat Sheets, Google Classroom FAQ, Bookmark the Classwork Page Anonymous Voicemail -- Enabled Google Meet on Classroom. Access from top banner. Is there a way to go into Google Calendar and set up a scheduled time? It assigns a different Google Meet location. They aren’t going to the same spot. Her workaround: Go to down to description: enters link there. Doesn’t allow her to enter Google Classroom meet link. On The Blogs Matt: Use Explore Explain Apply to plan remote learning lessons 10 online whiteboard options for remote learning Ditch That Textbook eLearning Resources 70 elearning activities, templates and tutorials Kasey: FREE Google Templates Work From Home and Get Things Done! Google Classroom FAQ FREE Webinar: G Suite for School Leaders: Leading the New Normal with a Framework for Meaningful Digital Learning Remote Learning Resources
Google News and Updates More options for copying presentations in Google Slides New Chromebooks for 2020 Doodle for Google 2020: How do you show kindness? Submissions close on March 13th, 2020 New look for Google Forms on mobile Featured Content You can share the files and folders that you store in Google Drive with anyone. When you share from Google Drive, you can control whether people can edit, comment on, or only view the file. Share button settings Kasey’s Guide to Google Drive Sharing Copy/template links, etc Create G Suite Templates with This Mind-Blowing Hack Sir Links a Lot extension Email collaborators Shared folders Shared drive Add to Drive button How to Make a Copy of Google Files Does not get updates from the original file Does not work in GC Force Users to Make a Copy of a Google Doc! 10 ways for teachers, students to share links in class Attach in gmail Attach in Google Calendar Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Jennifer Conti (Ohio) -- Listened to episode on YouTube. YouTube Audio Library. They have a live studio where they do announcements. Lesson yesterday: students go into audio library and pull out sound effects or audio clips that they could use on “Good Morning Mustangs”. Found sound effects for weather and for bells ringing for all-school mass. Came in handy and was able to use it right away! (FYI - GTT uses the “Cockpit” audio for our podcast) Kathy Hilby (Wisconsin) (YouTube live for schools) -- Great episode on YouTube tips and tricks!  Some questions that arose while listening… Do you know if schools are using YouTube Live to share concerts or performances?  Not having used it myself, I'm wondering if it would be appropriate. Check out Finally, not necessarily a question but more of a comment.  The tip to insert videos in Google Slides to avoid the "suggested videos" is great!  I'm wondering if this could be an efficient way for teachers to organize videos instead of using a playlist.  It allows notes about the video to be added in the speaker notes. Plus, the presentation could be easily shared among grade level team members so they could add videos they find too. On The Blogs Matt - 4 classroom test/quiz strategies to avoid the gotcha game Kasey: The Top 10 Secrets of an Awesome Tech Coach (FREE eBook) It’s NOT About Google (Part 1) with FREE Dynamic Learning with Google Toolkit
Download Episode! Google News and Updates Snooze notifications in Hangouts Chat All talk, no type: 20 things you can do with your voice No need to dig, here are 20 treasures from Google Arts and Culture Cruising around a supervolcano lake in Street View Featured Content Google Photos is a photo sharing and storage service developed by Google. It was announced in May 2015 and spun out from Google+, the company's social network. Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution. (Wikipedia) Google Photos Help Syncs across devices (get the mobile app for iOS or Android Search for photos Search with a face (the more photos you take, the more you can pull for use in class … use student photos in class materials … “What does every student look for when they get a new yearbook?”) Scan photos with the app Create collages and animations Show gradual change in seasons Show growth of plants (animals, like a class pet) Show rapid change (ice melting) Assistant creates animations automatically or you can create them yourself Tell a story (with one animation OR a combination of animations one per slide on a Slides presentation) Up to 50 photos per animation Movies Auto-created with Assistant or create manually Add photos and videos, it Let it create a video for you (children, cats, dogs, smiles, etc.) Adjust length, change the music Albums Embedding, sharing with parents, demonstrating experiments, hands-on creation, portfolios, artwork Sharing Individual files albums Shared libraries school/campus/grade level accounts seniors! Photobooks End of the year photobooks - not free, but could be an option for parents or possibly fundraiser Especially great for artwork and creations Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag An alternative to using Google Forms for comments on a Google Site embed a Padlet wall. (Shared by several on Twitter!) Monday morning, getting ready for the week! @GTeacherTribe #gttribe #gladyouareback #routine — Becky Salls (@BecTec99) September 24, 2018 Shawn Lane (comment on website) - I was so excited to hear that you can copy a classroom, but it seems to only be available in the new classrooms, and not ones you already have. I was hoping to copy my technology PD class to the new format, but that doesn't seem to be an option now. On The Blogs Matt - Google Forms + Student Self-Reflection for Coaching Students to Own Their Learning! (Post by Meredith Akers) Kasey: 16 Fantastic Podcasts for Teachers New Course Opening on 10/2/18: The Google Slides Master Class [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
Google News and Updates Chrome's turning 10, here's what's new Test out the beta version Making embedded Google Forms better Easily add buttons to improve links in new Google Sites Use the quick-access side panel to do more from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more Create better-looking sites more quickly with section layouts in new Google Sites Featured Content AUGUST 2018 UPDATES: New Classwork page—Teachers and students have a new Classwork page. Teachers can post assignments and questions on the page, as well as group them into modules with topics. New grading tool in Classroom—Teachers have a new grading tool where they can switch between grades, student submissions, and comments while grading and save common feedback in a comment bank to use later. New People page—Teachers can view class member information on the People page. Teachers can also invite and remove students, co-teachers, and guardians on the page. New Settings page—Teachers can edit the class description, change the class code, manage guardian summaries, and control Stream settings on a consolidated Settings page. Copy a class—Teachers can copy classwork and topics from an existing class to new class. Control notifications by class—Teachers and students can turn notifications off for any class. Change grades—Teachers can change grade point values when creating or editing assignments or questions. See updates—Teachers and students can see updated labels (Assigned, Turned In, and Graded) for the status of a student’s work. SEPTEMBER 2018 UPDATES: Materials on the Classwork page—Teachers can add materials to the Classwork page. Classwork page for existing classes—Teachers can add the Classwork page to existing classes or classes they’ve previously removed the page from. Easier posting on the Stream page—Teachers and students have an easier way to post in the Stream. Edit the room, subject, and section during course creation and in Settings page—Teachers can edit the room, subject, and section when creating or editing a course or in the Settings page. Teachers can edit the room and subject when creating or editing a course. Bottom tab navigation—On iOS, users can navigate between the Stream, Classwork, and People pages with a bottom navigation bar. Guardians—On iOS, verified teachers can view student guardians. Resources What’s New With Google Classroom Matt’s Google Classroom Google Classroom Blog Posts and Resources: How to make good Google Classroom assignments better The Google Classroom Quick-Start guide + tips and tricks (Updated August 2018) Google Classroom: Differentiate like a NINJA (Ditch That Textbook podcast episode 099) Kasey’s Google Classroom Google Classroom Blog Posts and Resources: 5 Things to Know About the NEW Google Classroom 6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom 35 Google Classroom Resources That Will Make Your Day The Google Classroom Master Class (Online Course) [su_button url="" target="blank" style="flat" background="#278e4a" color="#ffffff" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" radius="0" icon="icon: google" icon_color="#ffffff"]The Google Classroom Master Class (Online Course)[/su_button] Google Teacher Tribe Mailbag Get your feedback in for upcoming episodes! Click here to submit feedback! On The Blogs Matt: 7 ninja Google Keep tricks for teachers and students Kasey: How to Create “Apps” With Google Slides (guest post by Micah Shippee) [shortcode-variables slug="signature"]
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