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We Don't Fight at Weddings
Guest Co-Host:  AwesomeThis weeks band:  The Lakeside DriveS05E01 – We Don’t Fight at WeddingsPre-show:  Start – 0:04:52 Goodnight, Gracie. Guest intro:  Awesome ashamedofyourself#2334 on Discord Musical guest:  The Lakeside Drive Letterkenny Live 2020!!! Thanks again to our Indiegogo and Patreon contributors Thanks to Pat McNeill for joining us for the S4 recap show Cosplay Contest!!! Merch!!! Recap of S4:  0:04:52 – 0:07:57S05E01 deep dive:  0:07:57 – 0:32:47Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/Observations:  0:32:47 – 0:49:06 Why does McMurray have the Chicken Dance cassette IN HIS TRACTOR?!?! Tanis has same opinion as Ron Swanson on clear alcohol. Dean only likes Gene Wilder in Blazing Saddles Tanis seems to be leading Wayne into the wedding Katy and Tanis are okay with situational philandering  Spoilers for season 7 will happen – stay off social media to avoid spoilers Is Dan’s kilt Scottish? Sally Ann – Salvation Army Why wasn’t Glen doing the wedding? Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  49:06 - 1:00:02 There’s LOTS of sexy times being had with the Hicks, Tanis, and Dax & Ron. FERDA for Bonnie, R&J, Roald, and McMurray Stewart is getting his ass kicked AGAIN! Post-show and farewells:  1:00:02 - EndArtist of the week:  The Lakeside DriveLocation:  California Bandcamp: Twitter: Instagram: ******************Intro:Album: Everything, AlwaysSong: Wide AwakeOutro:Album: Everything, AlwaysSong: Going Places******************How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist -★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Les Hiques
Promo:  The Womansplaining Podcast - 3, Episode 4 - Les Hiques ***STAY TUNED THROUGH THE END FOR BREAKING NEWS*** Guest Host:  Valerie Lopez Twitter - Instagram - Comedy Wham - HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!!! Skids are Shakespearean fools Defending Fartbook Previous Episode Recap:  MoDeans 2 Dan is the most "woke" in Letterkenny Les Hiques deep dive Fishing in Quebec All-Anus Morissette Dary & Wayne vs. Beavis & Butt-head Shred the Red! Roald vs Gae F.A.K.U. Cock on a vine Squirelly Dan's 2nd reference to Just For Laughs Dary's now sweet on Anik Gae has made a blood pact with Stewart and Roald Degens from up country in Quebec Les Hiques team up with The Hicks to beat the degens Anik hits on Dary Giggling Dary Thoughts/Theories/Questions/New Terms: More "threes" Nanaimo bars - dessert bars CEGEP - public college system in Quebec How much is improvised vs. scripted More alike than different Toxic masculinity from Dan!? Stewart treating Roald like a dog. Good music/scoring to find songs from episodes The politics of Letterkenny is fairly progressive There's so much common ground Fuck, Fight, FERDA! Les Hiques and Anik are getting the bulk of le sexie temps! Just about an even split for Fight and FERDA! Next Episode:  The Battle for Bonnie McMurray  Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol' Grey Dog - by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Bush Party Season
S06/E02 – Bush Party SeasonGuest:  Mitch ColeMusic:  No One SpherePre-show: The cosplay contest is ALWAYS going. We’re ALWAYS looking for good independent bands. We have a phone number! – (304) 50-FERDA Music this week:  No One SphereIntroduction of guest: Mitch Cole (Patreon Subscriber) How Are Ya Now? LK origin story HAYN origin story Plugs Resume: Email: Recap of S06E01 - What Could Be So UrgentThanks to: Guest: Will Gainsborough Music: Lizzie Boredom / M3$H  S06/E02 Deep Dive – Bush Party SeasonThoughts/Theories/Trivia/Terms/Observations/Trivia: Vmail from our buddy Erin Twitter: Smolder Bravestone (@marclaw69) What the hell is “honey dickin”? Who’s the girl on the machine in front of Shoresy (the bubble-butt/bubble-tea girl)? Do the boys really smoke cigarettes or is it just their characters? Do folks really line up to fight like that? Discord:Awesome (@ashamedofyourself) First appearance of the “gun-cocking” gag C-P looks like Guile from Street Fighter W needs to let the idea of Gus being gay “marinate”. Shoresy is an arsehole, but she LOVES his back freckles and that makes her weak. The beginning of the green GHB storyline The beginning of the Katy/Mennonite theories (not true though) 2nd ep where W rips his shirt while fighting. 1st time was S01E01 when he fought Angie’s new dude. End of Show: Final thoughts… Next Week: Season 6, Episode 3 – The City Guest: Elizabeth Orton Farewells  Music:  No One SphereLocation:  Washington D.C.WWW:  https://noonesphere.bandcamp.comTwitter:  Pictures In My RoomOutro:  Friends Will Call You Out How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist - ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Hard Right Jay
Guest Co-Host:  Rene EncarnacionThis weeks band:  Brute ForceS05E03 – Hard Right JayPre-show: Growth – Hit 30K on Halloween (the same day “The Ol’ College Try” dropped. By the time this one airs, we’ll be at 31k. Please give reviews (iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Cosplay contest/Merch Music this week: Brute Force Still looking for more indie bands – Introduction of guest: Rene Encarnacion Shout-outs: Slosson Hemp Joey James Artworx STC Podcast Recap of S05/E02 – The Ol’ College TryS05/E03 deep dive – Hard Right JayThoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/Observations:  From followers:Twitter - The Booty Warrior - @xbuckshotlovex Tanis' best line is from this episode. Hard Right Jay: “We don't practice violence.” Tanis: “We do.” Also, it says something when Strt and Roald are freaked out by someone.... "I'm going to troll!" -hard right Jay's best line. Make you wonder. Is he just a troll? Us: The paper that Dan's reading at the beginning talks about the Ukrainian legion, meteorologist "weights" in on weird weather. When Dan picks up “The Letterkenny Banner” paper at the end, there’s an add for an “Adult Spelling Bee” as well as a Dog Adoptathon. R&J (probably the dumbest of LK) can figure out what’s PC without any issues. No one bullies Dary about his inability to pronounce breakfast or basket Wayne confers with Katy before “offering” to fight HRJ. It’s funny how so many from the alt-right get offended when being called “Nazis”. The opera at the end was Puccini’s La Rondine Aria: Chi il bel sogno diDoretta Performed by: Luba Orgonasova Fuck – Fight – FERDA:   Betty-Anne/Mary-Anne, Katy, Tanis, and Shanaia are all knockin' boots! HRJ (of course) and Everett are gettin' throttled! FERDA ferda rest. Post-show and farewells:  Artist of the week:  Brute ForceLocation:  St. Louis, MO WWW: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ******************Intro:Album: The Worst of UsSong: The Worst of UsOutro:Album: The Worst of UsSong: End of My Rope******************How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist -★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
A Very Littlekenny Special
The official partner podcast of the r/Letterkenny subreddit! breakdown: On CraveTV and Short episodes (avg 3 mins per episode) Puppies! Dary doesn't know how many teats an udder should have Is Miss Tricia and Professor Tricia the same person or is it just a coincidence? Is one of the bullies Shoresy? Wayne doesn't talk to Miss Tricia One-on-one time with Wayne Wayne meets Dary Autism chat Cold open episodes vs regular episodes Trevor Risk reference (Letterkenny show writer) "Scrambled egg sexuals" Touching tubes Is "Skinner" Stewart's last name? Daryl's First Super Soft Birthday Wayne gives Dary is name Bugle Boy Jeans reference Daniel Wayne and Dary team-up to chirping at the bullies Wayne gives Squirrelly Dan his name Thoughts/Theories/Questions Enjoyed it a lot and hope it keeps going Would love to see Mike Meyers on the show as either Uncle Eddie or Wayne Sr. Hope to get to hear what Katy's child voice sounds like Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol' Grey Dog - by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Super Soft Birthday
You can’t avoid awkward boners in 9th grade…Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 2 – Super Soft Birthday Guest host:  Chelsea Ireland – No Subject Podcast Chelsea’s introduction to Letterkenny started off annoying Dumb humor done cleverly. “FERDA!!!” Bring Letterkenny Live to Seattle!!! This episode has a special meaning for all of us. Episode 1 recap Schmelts Jacob Tierney’s awards for Letterkenny writting Original YouTube episodes: Watching with subtitles because of the face-paced dialog Chelsea’s favorite line:  “Big city titties, boys!” Daryl’s Super Soft Birthday Daryl’s awkward boners Dary’s yogurt affinity Ducks with boners The fight lineup Sled Ted Rat-ass Back acne Shitty Wolerverine Joint Boy “End of the lane way.  Don’t come up the property” Reilly and Jonesy are afraid of Wayne We all love Katy The first time there’s ever been a non-monogamous character that’s normalized on a major hit TV series “We’re havin’ babies” Vas defrens Florida State seminal vesicles Accessories – Don’t go too kookie with them “That’s what I appreciates about you.” Banana Boat sunscreen Hicks, sitting in a barn, talking about perfumes Planning the super soft party Rat-ass fight Wayne’s no-look punch to dart pull Reilly and Jonesy: fuck-ups “Not very good Charlotte” / “YesFX” Squirrelly Dan’s Katy crush Joint Boy talk – “Surly uncles” The Ginger and the ostrich “Allegedly” The party! Wayne dislikes cream cheese like a toddler hates broccoli Joint Boy and Alexander are 2nd cousins The Joint Boy fight Joel Gagne – A real life MMA fighter? Joint Boy is a bucket of muscles Tiara wants to fight (aka “fuck”) Joint Boy Joel Gagne and Dominic Purcell: Separated at birth? Dary and Dan chatting about how the party is really for Wayne and Katy How much schneef has Squirrelly Dan done? Dary:  “Do you know what ‘dick dingers‘ are?”Dan:    *pregnant pause*  “Yeah…”: Unanswered questions: Are Wayne and Katy Jehovah’s Witnesses? Where are their parents? Why didn’t they celebrate their birthdays? Are they orphans? Does Katy have a job? What city is “the city”? – Ottawa and Toronto are too far away If Katy doesn’t like Daryl, why does she go through so much trouble for his birthday party? “Sandos and nappies” Who would Chelsea fight? – Gail Surprises? – That Dary’s mom would treat him like that throughout his childhood. They’re all “family” Final thoughts Next episode:  Fartbook“I could watch kids fall off bikes all day.” Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
How Are Ya Now? - Promo
How Are Ya Now?★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
The City
S06E03 – The CityGuest:  Elizabeth OrtonMusic:  The Reptilian DilemmaPre-show: (0:00:00) How Are Ya Now? Cosplay Contest. Independent Bands. Voicemail Number – (304) 50-FERDA Music this week:  The Reptilian DilemmaGuest this week:  Liz Orton (0:02:40)Introduction of guest: How Are Ya Now? LK origin story HAYN origin story Plugs Puyallup Animal Rescue Recap of last episode:  S06E02 – Bush Party Season (0:18:00)Thanks to: Guest: Mitch Cole Music: No One Sphere This week’s episode deep dive:  S06E03 – The City (0:19:08)Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Terms/Observations/Trivia: (0:34:48) Tyler Johnston, Michelle Mylett, and Sarah Gadon amazing acting chops. Good mix of comedy and reality. First time Roald has asked for help. Letterkenny is about family. Why is Katy being a cow to Dan? Stewart getting more aggressive?.  Due to his new-found sobriety? How did Stewart come across the Robin Hood hat? Stewart:  The Dexter of Drugs Thoughts on why Betty-Anne & Mary-Anne are with Shoresy. Fuck - Fight - FERDA (0:48:30) There is A LOT of fucking going on in this episode.  I mean A LOT!!!! Very little fighting. The rest are FERDA. End of show: (1:11:28) Final thoughts: Are Evan Stern and Tyler Johnston the voices of the bullies in Littlekenny? Envy for Jared Keeso getting to play with puppies whenever he wants. Next Week: S06E04 – Dyck’s Slip Out Guest: Rene Encarnacion Farewells Music for this showBand:  The Reptilian DilemmaLocation:  Knoxville, TNContact:  thereptiliandilemmaknox@gmail.comWWW:  Social Media:  The EliteOutro:  Heaven’s GateHow Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist - ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
MoDeans 2
 Promo:  Podcast Reviews Reviews Podcast host:  Rae Reynolds from The Womansplaining Podcast Twitter: Instagram: Pod: Voicemail: 385-645-4717 Recap of Puck BunnyDeep dive of MoDeans 2 New MoDean's - a bar is back in town Is there such a thing as too much butt talk? Dan has a question about "performins the anal sex" Vagnial sex vs. Anal sex comparisons Pronunciation of "bagle" Shep and Kingsley leaving Gus is such a great dog Jivin' Pete talk Who is Gae? Roald and his dad We love Roald Smart Skids Teaching the team to chirp Shoresy joining the team Shoresy's ass Jivin' Pete chat again Bonnie and Glen waitresses Glen looking good this episode! Would you rather... Gae's story Rebellion Chirping praccy Shoresy rocking a piss More Jivin' Pete chat while snow shoveling Skid attire has changed F.A.K.U. Jivin' Pete fight Don't harass women! Thoughts/Theories/Questions/New Terms Are those Stormy's pups? Is "MoDean" Gail's last name? Where is Gail getting her money? Did Tanis burn down the first MoDean's? "Haitian Taco" How old is Gae supposed to be? The repetition of the jokes in the show, like chirping, is what makes the show so funny. See a repeating of the "threes" How many dogs does Wayne breed? Where is Glen on the Kinsey scale? What was Shoresy's status before coming onto the team? Fuck, Fight, FERDA! Wayne and Shoresy are gettin' some toe-curlin' (Shoresy's not allowed to talk) Shep & Kingsley are gettin' an ass-kickin' Everyone else is gettin' friendly  Next Episode:  Les HiquesIntro Music:  3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money Saints Outro Music:  Ol' Grey Dog - by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Uncle Eddie's Trust
Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 5 – Uncle Eddie’s Trust Guest host:  Michael Recap of The Native Flu Episode dive Running out of beer Bottom inch of a beer bottle “To be fair” MoDean’s is gone Uncle Eddie has died and left Wayne and Katy $5K to “give back to the community” Gail’s side-road grind The Barn (aka “Shark Tank) More about Stewart’s horn All ideas are based off of the following shows: Intervention The Ultimate Fighter/Big Brother The Bachelor Storage Wars Duck Dynasty America’s Got Talent Bonnie doesn’t care for Dary “I’m out!” PARTY! Unanswered Questions/Theories/Thoughts: More Uncle Eddie stories Are the characters from Letterkenny based upon Peanuts? Facebook questions: Which pitch would you have chosen? Tiara – Gail Michael – Gail Dean – McMurray What pitch would you have made? Tiara – $ for her school kids’ “Calm down room” Michael – If in the Letterkenny universe:  Food truck or new MoDean’s.  For self:  Animal shelters for cats. Dean – Dogs and podcast gear New terms: Donkey Juice – Mixing all the booze together. Crokinole – A board game – Fuck, Fight, or FERDA! Lots and lots of friends in this episode Gail’s the only one getting ALL the sex Stewart and Glen got a scrap coming. Up next: Finding Stormy a Stud Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 3 – Relationships Guest host:  Victoria Recap of The Election Episode dive Dan’s new girlfriend and the “attentions paid” Wayne’s birthday pancakes Katy getting Wayne to date Jivin’ Pete’s nuts Reilly & Jonesy hate practice Wayne and the Three Dates Stewart tells the hicks that he’s not talking to Katy – they throw a ball at him Date #1 – Kim the feminist psychologist Glen is waiting tables “This one is too hard” Stewart shows up at the Dollar Store to tell the Skids that he’s not talking to Katy – Devon throws a ball at him Date #1 – Lisa the pre-school principal Glen is selling ice cream “This one is too soft” Stewart tells Katy about the silent treatment – She breaks up with him – He gets hit with another ball Date #3 – ANGIE!!! “This one’s just right!” Fake porn star sex phrases Reilly & Jonesy go back to practice??? Stewart goes back to the Skids Dance-off Unanswered Questions/Theories/Thoughts: Did R&J ever leave their Jeep? Is Angie cheating on her bf? New terms: Mad SUIs Tape-to-taper Fuck, Fight, or FERDA! Wayne, Squirrelly Dan, the Matchmaker, and Angie are getting LOTS of sex! Devon, R&J, and Lisa are TOAST! Up next:  The Native Flu Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Season 5 Recap
Au revoir, Saison Cinq!  We had a blast! SPONSORS: Gamefully Unemployed Comedy Wham Growth: Downloads – 39K overall!  For Season 5 we had a total of 12,279!!! FB: 2057  Twitter:  1503 IG:  612 Tumblr:  641 Patreon:  15 patrons! Courtney Scaglione Dennis Gugin Heidi N PiGuy (Anthony) Kevin Wack Mitch Cole Monica McCoy Reagan Rene Encarnacion Awesome! Shaine Wynsma Shanna Sawatzki Valerie Lopez BlueEyedDevil Vegas Matt All of our fabulous guests!| Episode | S05E01 – We Don't Fight at Weddings - #1 – by a LANDSLIDE | Guest Host | Awesome (no Tiara this episode) | Musical Guest | The Lakeside Drive | Episode | S05E02 – The Ol’ College Try| Guest Host | Dennis Gugin| Musical Guest | The Starjays| Episode | S05E03 – Hard Right Jay| Guest Host | Rene Encarnacion| Musical Guest | Brute Force|Episode | S05E04 – Letterkenny Spelling Bee| Guest Host | Erin & Katie| Musical Guest | Valac| Episode | S05E05 – Back to Back to Back| Guest Host | Jake Whitco| Musical Guest | Finding Freedom| Episode | S05E06 – Bock et Biche – 2nd Place| Guest Host | Valerie Lopez| Musical Guest | M3$H| Episode | S05E07 – Three Wise Men| Guest Host | Erik Schermond| Musical Guest | James Hunnicutt What’s coming up? We’ll be kicking off our Season 6 shows after Christmas. Season 8 drops  December 25th on Crave December 27th on Hulu Artist 1:  Brute ForceLocation:  St. Louis, MO WWW: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ******************Intro:Album: The Worst of UsSong: The Worst of Us******************Artist 2:  James HunnicuttLocation: Port Orchard, WA Bandcamp: Facebook: Reverb Nation: Spotify: ******************Outro:Album: Life on the OtherSong: Life on the Other★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
What Could Be So Urgent
S06/E01 – What Could Be So UrgentGuest: Will GainsboroughMusic: Lizzie Boredom / M3$HPre-show: (0:00:00) The cosplay contest is ALWAYS going. We’re ALWAYS looking for good independent bands. We have a phone number! – (304) 50-FERDA Growth is now over 40K We are working on two interviews right now Music this week: Lizzie Boredom / M3$H Introduction of guest: Will Gainsborough (0:05:15) How Are Ya Now? LK origin story HAYN origin story PlugsWWW: Listen To The Words: Sawtooth Willie: Panel Riot: Marketing services Season 8 was just released!!! Recap of: S05 Recap (0:14:39)Thanks to:Music: Brute Force and James Hunnicutt S06/E01 Deep Dive – What Could Be So Urgent (0:15:30)Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Terms/Observations/Questions (0:28:31)FUCK - FIGHT - FERDA (0:54:44)End of Show: (1:13:45) Final thoughts… Next Week: Season 6, Episode 2 – Bush Party Season Guest: Mitch Cole Farewells Intro:  Lizzie BoredomAlbum: Dead Men Can't CatcallSong: ProblemOutro:  M3$HAlbum: M3$H, Drugs, & ForeverSong: Kreepy Season******************How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist -★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Super Hard Easter
Today’s episode sponsored by:  Gamefully Unemployed!You can find them at: Twitter: Patreon: Guest Host:  R.J. SundancerThis weeks band:  Greg SpenserPre-show stuff (00:00 – 10:40): Indiegogo campaign: COMPLETE!!! (almost…) Thanks to all of our contributors: Victoria Woody Heather Elizabeth Valerie Eric Heidi Funding doesn’t happen until after the full completion of the campaign (October 5th). I’ve already ordered the Shure SM7B mic. I will order the Rodecaster Pro after the funding is completed. Will get swag and such out to everyone. There are a few who get a bit “more” than that and we’ll definitely work that out with them. Patreon is STILL rocking! We’re up to 15 patrons and working on $48/month! Thanks to: Kevin Wack Rene Encarnacion PiGuy Dennis Gugin (Custom Pop Vinyls) – Find him on Facebook. Makes AWESOME custom Pop figures! Shaine Winsma Heidi N Valarie Lopez (Comedy Wham!) – Reminder to check our the Letterkenny cast interviews and the other Comedy Wham stuff. Shanna Lisa Awesome Monica Kyle Matt Courtney Mitch One thing I neglected to do last time was to give a shout out on behalf of PiGuy for the Patreon/community/podcast network of “Gamefully Unemployed”. I did go in after the episode was already released and put in a pre-roll ad for them, but, of course, I fucked it up slightly and misread one of the host’s names as “Tim” instead of “Tom”.  Tom and Dave started Gamefully Unemployed after they lost their jobs at  They’re on Twitch so they do games, watch movies, and other cool stuff.You can find them on Twitter at @GamefullyUn or on Patreon at GamefullyUnemployed (all one word).Their exclusive podcasts are: Tom and Jeff Watch Batman (a deep dive into all things Batman in video form) Fox Mulder is a Maniac (an analysis of the X-Files with the premise that Fox Mulder is actually, clinically insane. They also have a complimentary network called “Story Mode” where they talk pop culture, review movies, play D&D, and lots more. A New Cast Interview!!!We’ve got approval to have an interview with Patrick McNeil (Connor the vaping skid) in relatively short order. We’ll keep you updated on that. Don’t forget, we’ve got MERCH! – Thanks for our guest host and musical guest from last week: Aaron Farris – Had a great time chatting about an episode that is NOT super popular with a lot of folks, but hearing back that our take on the episode made it better. Thank you Aaaron! The Highway Thieves – Great tunes for the episode! You can find them on This episode: Musical guest: Greg Spenser Music Guest Host: J. Sundancer! – Here to chat with us about this Season 4 holiday episode:  Super Hard Easter! How did you get into and what do you love about Letterkenny? How did you find us and what kept you listening? Anything to plug? Cosplay contest: dive (10:40- 0:30:35): Brief recap of: Great Day for Thunder Bay Deep dive into: Super Hard Easter Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions (0:30:35 – 0:46:18):From our Degens:Ryan Devlin (via | Have you ever seen Dary more excited about anything?  He is outright giddy about his turn this year.In the scene at the end with McMurray and Wayne…What do you think Wayne was trying to tell McMurray?  I feel like it may have been something to the effect of them being good buddies if it wasn’t so goddamn hard to communicate.The Booty Warrior (via Twitter @xbuckshotlovex) | I wonder what special or holiday they may this upcoming year… hmmTrevor (via Twitter @cTrain014) | Squirrelly Dan recounting the very first Easter is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. K Trevor Wilson nails that delivery so hard.Regan (via Discord) | Theory:The way Dary paints his Easter eggs is the same way that his mom painted Easter eggs.Awesome (via Discord) | Me:Is that a trivia orrrr????ashamedofyourself:just a random headcanon/theoryhere’s an observation: Wayne (and by extension, Katy) knows enough about Irish folklore to correct Darry on what the Wild Hunt is.(lending further credence to my theory that at least one of their parents was Irish Irish)Me:I thought the Wild Hunt was more mainland Europe?ashamedofyourself:it’s one of those pan-celtic myths. mostly seen in pre-christian gaelic areasit was Heavily Romanticised by a lot of Victorian writers during the Celtic Revival periodFrom us: Even the Skids “don’t fuck with tradition”. Wayne only sticks with tradition when it suits him. Katy always having to remind Wayne that he’s the one that’s always saying “You don’t fuck with tradition!” when he’s the one trying to buck tradition. Theory:  McMurray is doing his talking-over Wayne on purpose. Alternate theory:  McMurray just REALLY wants to be Wayne’s friend Trivia: First open without Wayne There’s a painting of Roald behind Roald The initiating of “What could be so urgent?” Fuck – Fight – FERDA!!!  (0:46:18 – 0:56:39) Fuck:  Glen and Roald can GET IT!!! Fight:  Wayne and Stewart are due a scrap! FERDA:   Everyone else. Farewells and Outro:  (0:56:39 – 1:03:46)Dean keeps hearing that Tyler Johnston looks like Tom Cruise but thinks he actually looks more like a young Michael Biehn.What say you???Next Episode: Season 4 RecapArtist of the week:  Greg SpenserLocation:  Toronto, ON YouTube: Spotify: Email: Instagram: ******************Intro:Album: County LinesSong: Country CityOutro:Album: County LinesSong: Party in a Barn******************How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist –★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Way to a Man's Heart
How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist - Host:  Chris Martinez of The Alder KingsTwitter: Pre-show stuff (0:00 - 18:30): Feels like a quick turnaround on episodes. New domain name: Will get new email addresses New milestone for a single episode New listeners from around the world Introductions Cult of Wayne The Letterkenny Podcast Love from @CourtScag on Twitter What we're gonna do when we get caught up with the TV show Music chat Introverted musicians This weeks band:  The Alder Kings Episode dive (18:30 - 53:34): Recap:   A Fuss at the Golf Course Deep dive of this episode:  Way to a Man's Heart Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions (53:34 - 1:12:40): Why does Wayne have a problem with "veg"? New term:  Otter "Gross" words Fave Tanis quote:  "To the rez, pink dicks!" Thoughts/Questions/Observations from our degens: jeresyd79 via /r/Letterkenny on RedditAre you going to talk about how during the scrap dairy saves Wayne? Mark Sparky via FacebookOther than the occasional box shot, why don't the women fight? Mitch Cole via Facebook2 things:1) Notice that Squirrely Dan is still finishing his beer as he runs into the fight2) Dan looks no more than mildly inconvenienced at Rat Ass trying to choke him out. He doesn’t even look mad. Just slightly annoyed Valerie Lopez via Facebook1) Found fact when we rewatched this episode. For anyone that watches the -ish shows, when one of the guys comes out of the truck saying "my name is blah blah blah" and a second guy says "my name is"-- the first guy cuts off the second guy. That second guy plays Vivek in the tv show Grownish. We learned he's a Canadian actor!2) the moist/squirt/yeast wordplay is impeccable in this episode - add your own!! robert_forrester18 from InstagramI do enjoy re-watching along with your podcasts. A few random thoughts and I had to turn on closed captioning.1) All the word play is awesome.2) I think Glen and the skids win this episode. Glen gave a "STRT", then Roald says to Glen 'What happened to "For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid"?' as he's looking at the ground. And Glen gets excited.3) Did Glen have a Doctor Who reference with Allons-y?4) Which one of you called my sister a skank? Oooo, there's not much I can do about this one kiddo. Its all right, boo. I got her.5) Squirt Cobain... TOO FAR!!!6) Fight scene music matches up great with the fight - No Age "Boy Void" I actually watched the credits - What are "Moist Consultants" - there are 3 names listed @CourtScag on TwitterAbsolutely love the @HowAreYaNowPod. Thanks for all that you do Dean and Tiara. Trivia Main degen from up country:  Alistair Orson Westwood Yates New Native cast:  Shyla and Shanaia Name of Christian Nu-Metal band Glen knows:  P.O.D. The other degens from up-country who show up: Sled Ted Rat Ass Jivin' Pete The three "Moist Consultants" in the credits: Daniel Alejandro Philippe Colangelo Hernandez Alvaro Two Letterkenny actors who are in The Boys: Jessica Salgueiro Joel Gagne Otter:  Skinny, hairy gay guys Fuck - Fight - FERDA! Wayne is the ONLY one getting ALL the sex Scraps for Axe, Slash, Shyla, and Shania FERDA ferda rest of em Next Episode:  Letterkenny Talent Show Artist of the week:  The Alder Kings Web: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Youtube: Location:  Chicago, IL Contact: ******************Intro:Song: VolcanicaAlbum: Who Goes There Outro:Song: Midnight Hotrod Hellbound Devil Train to MemphisAlbum: Mister Creeper******************★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Ain't No Reason to Get Excited
How Are Ya Now?Letterkenny Season 1, Episode 1 – Ain’t No Reason to Get Excited  Hockey players intro Where to watch: Hulu: CraveTV: Wayne & Daryl (Dary) / Reilly & Jonesy / Katy “How are ya now?” Wayne’s ex (Angie) Jonesy’s treasure trail. Lots of roasting / rapid-fire riffing Katy & Daryl Early YouTube clips Hicks, Skids, Hockey Players, and Christians Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Jared Keeso (Wayne) / Jacob Tierney (Pastor Glen) – Creators/Writers Margaret “Vaginal intercourse!” Pastor Glen’s girlfriend, Virginia (Ginny) Daryl’s dating life Katy teaching Wayne about Tinder – “On a scale from 1 to America…” Tinder vs. Grindr Skids (Stewart) teasing of Wayne – Potentially offensive humor Awkwardness – “Wish you weren’t so fuckin’ awkward bud.” Terms learned Tarps Off Donnybrook Tilly Spitter Dick Dingers Dart Unanswered questions Tiara – Why doesn’t Katy treat Daryl nicely? Dean – How did Katy and Wayne end up on the farm?What happened to their parents? Modean’s / Gail McMurray Alexander Angie’s new b/f is a douche Don’t fuck with Katy! Wayne’s back to fighting “Welcome to fuckin’ Letterkenny!” A whole new respect/fear of Wayne Who would you fight in this episode?Tiara – Katy Katy and her non-monogamous relationship with Reilly and Jonesy Final thoughts: Tiara – “It’s a good show, you’ll like it more in the future.” Dean – “There’s a bit of dumb humor, but it’s clever.” “Hard no!” Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
The Haunting of MoDean's II
Promo:  Valerie Lopez/Comedy Wham! - Correction:  We were wrong in Bradley is a Killer about Katy being there during Glen's initial reveal.  She was NOT there.  Thanks to our friend Lizzie for pointing that out to us. Season 3, Episode 7:  The Haunting of MoDean's II Wanna buy our merch? – donate? – Guest:  Heidi Pre-show: We all really liked this episode First time that Dean has watched Where to find episode transcriptions - This episode breakdown: Weather comments about the time of year Samuel - the little....fucker Wayne imitating Katy and Dary Back-dooring and Big-leagueing Breaking the 4th wall Gail says MoDean's II is haunted by Uncle Eddie Gail took down Uncle Eddie Don't search for (or do, if you've been warned) Bonnie McMurray's outfits Bonnie's charity work Dary's beer snobbery R&J's ablibis and "swipey snipeys" Accidental "tunnel buddies" Tanis and nephews Weather chat again Uncledgedly Beyonce seanceay The possession of Roald Premature ejac-u-lantern McMurray's ghost hunting knowledge Dary to drink Uncle Eddie's ale because of unfinished business Wayne comes clean Wayne teaches Samuel Coconut's fuckin' gross asshole Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/New Terms: Katy's last name:  Campbell (from Fartbook) Was Wayne taught the social norms around Halloween? Glen's religion? Who is Jeff Davies? Discussion about sexuality with Mrs. McMurray Where does this fall in the timeline? Long day of Bonnie costume changes/events People who body-shame/slut-shame Bonnie Who's got as much energy as Bonnie for all the stuff she does??? Wayne the quirky hero Autism as a trope in media Wayne's reaction when he finds out about him being Samuel's hero What's Gail's lingo? Tomfuckery "Sure as I flick, it's a ghost doing this trick." "Sittin' on your wallet." Fuck – Fight – FERDA! Wayne is getting the sex! Stewart and Glen are getting a whoopin' FERDA for the rest. Final thoughts/notes: Share you thoughts, trivia, etc... We've got a Patreon: Suggest other levels of patronage if you have some. MERCH! Next episode:  Season 3 Recap with Tyler Johnston Interview Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
The Ol’ College Try
Guest Co-Host:  Dennis GuginThis weeks band:  The StarjaysS05E02 – We Don’t Fight at WeddingsPre-show:  Tiara is remote from Las Vegas Thanks to Awesome for filling in Grace Letterkenny Live! Cosplay contest Introduction of guest; Dennis Gugin (Shout-out to our buddy Kevin Wack too): Twitter: Instagram: Personal: MiniFigs: Recap of S05/E01 – We Don’t Fight at WeddingsS05/E02 deep dive – The Ol’ College TryThoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/Observations:   Wayne had taco night too (Indian Tacos), not just the other hicks. Trivia: The bar that they’re in at the beginning:  Ukrainian Centre bar.  Gail moved operations here when MoDean’s II burned down. Theory: In the open, they end with Reilly saying “What’s this about LA?”  I wonder if that’s because Dylan has shot movies in LA?  Dennis said that he read that was the case.  It’s known that Jared has lamented his time as an actor in LA. Wayne saying “There’s no definition of a woman.” with Tanis following up “Just the same as a man.” Is extremely poignant on the representation on the show. Tanis is non-monogamous. Not sure what “flavor”. Fuck – Fight – FERDA:   VERY little sex happening for most, including Tanis! Wayne and HRJ are catchin' hands (even Tanis getting one scrap) Everyone else seems to really need a friend. Post-show and farewells:  Cosplay Contest Winner:  Casey LehmanCasey Lehman - Squirrelly DanArtist of the week:  The StarjaysLocation:  Seattle, WA WWW: Facebook: Instagram: ******************Intro:Album: Bang! It's the StarjaysSong: My Wild GirlOutro:Album: Bang! It's the StarjaysSong: The Right Girl******************How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist -★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Puck Bunny
Season 3, Episode 2 - Puck Bunny Guest Hosts:  Kevin and Mark from Two Guys on Friday horror podcast (our first Canadian guests)Podcast Site:  http://twoguysonfriday.libsyn.comAlso on the other pod places (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc...).Twitter: Previous episode recap:  Sled Shack Puck Bunny deep dive: Wayne grumpy about Jivin' Pete and the degens from up country Appropriate farting Players only meeting Poor Boomtown Angie the puck bunny R&J need help Planning for the degens Katy is mega puck bunny! Hicks doing recon at the shed What do we know about degens? Racist Homophobic Sexist Squirrely Dan drops some LGBTQ wisdom from Professor Tricia Fake gays Angie vs. Katy - HOT!!! Puck bunny uniform BOX KICK!!! Skids catch "A GIRL!!!" Roald is skid version of Boomtown Pre-fight checklist Decide to repel the degens instead of fight them The Ginger and Boots! - Degen repellent Thoughts/Theories/Questions/New Terms: New term:  E.I. - Employment Insurance - Canadian version of unemployment Shep & Kingsley always posing Wayne and Katy always have each others' backs No Glen this episode Discussion of 19-2 Don Cherry WTF is up with the clown? We know it's not Devon. "The less you say now, the less you'll have to apologize for later." Letterkenny actors doing other things: Boomtown and Coach have been in recent Canadian TV commercials Jared Keeso in Psych! K Trevor Wilson doing stand-up Jared, Tyler, Nathan, and Tiio have all been in Supernatural Lisa Codrington on Schitt's Creek Fuck/Fight/FERDA! Katy and R&J are the only ones getting laid Dan, Angie, and Shep & Kingsley are getting whooped! Lots of FERDA this episode Next Episode:  MoDean's 2 Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol' Grey Dog - by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Seasons 1 & 2 Recap
Season 1 & 2 Recap The status of the show ~15,000 downloads 775 Facebook group members (550+ in the last month alone) Great FB group with everyone playing nicely Helping out people (If someone asks for help, ya help ’em.)Helping Holly Heal – 240+ Twitter followers Other places to find us Instagram Patreon Email The countries where people listen to us Recap of the show episodes Favorite terms Favorite characters Favorite quotes Answers some unanswered questions P.S. – Thank you to all of our guests over the last two seasons.  It was amazing to chat with all of you over this show that brings us so much happiness.  FERDA!!!Up next: Season 3, Episode 1 – Sled Shack Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
St. Perfect's Day
Season 2, Episode 7 - St Perfect's Day Guest:  Steve Jones Twitter: IG: Podcasts: Steve Watches Degrassi: Steve Reads... Scary Stories: Episode Dive: This was a special episode Irish Car Bomb vs. Irish Hand Grenade Explaining the roots of St. Patrick's Day Talk of DMT Dary can't remember what happened last night "Legen-Dary" Episode flashbacks between today at the produce stand and last night at the ag hall St. Patrick's Day dance at the ag hall Hockey players getting drunk Skids DJing Dary dancing on his own with a drink in each hand Squirelly Dan becomes Pitter Paddy Sammy Sandwich vs. Pitter Paddy Dary jumps Sammy to rescue Dan McMurray just keeps getting more and more angry Katy gives up sex for Lent, but that's postponed on St. Patrick's day, so she went to get laid Katy's big entrance and hook-up with Mrs. McMurray R&J keeping the degens away from Katy Dary vs. Sammy, round 2 McMurray - Scottish/Serbian Disturbia Wayne's jokes "Poopy pants" Letterkenny vs. Degens from Up Country Dary vs. Sammy, round 3 PARTY! Katy and Mrs. McMurray with lipstick all over each other coming out of the bathroom Dan keeps the Leprechaun hat Thoughts/Theories/Questions First mention of a podcast - Joe Rogan Who is Seth? When, exactly, did this episode take place? McMurray is more concerned with Bonnie that his wife Lettkenny playlists on Spotify: Letterkenny Soundtrack: Agricultural Music: First time we see Katy with someone who isn't a cis-male. Did Wayne even come inside before the fight? Why is McMurray's mullet SO horrible? Why is Sammy so angry? Love Stewart's hat throw to kick off the fight. Exactly how much did Dary drink to make him forget? Fuck, Fight, FERDA Pretty much FERDA for everyone. Just a tiny amount of sexy time for a couple of folks  Up next: Season 1 and 2 Recap Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog - by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol' Grey Dog - by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
The Election
Letterkenny Season 2, Episode 2 Guest host:  Luan Recap of A Fuss at the Ag Hall Episode dive: Charitables Gus’ lipstick We learn Barts’ name Setting up the new election Katy vs. Devon Great women characters Fartbook reference Dueling campaign videos Devon and “diversity” Learning Roald’s first name – Tad Glen’s back! Stewart the director The VOTE! “McMurray’s a piece of shit” Cock-lookers skip Leg Day Unanswered Questions/Theories/Thoughts: Strong episode Great secondary and tertiary characters Love revisiting prior minor characters New term – PIMs (Penalty Infraction Minutes) What is “Tad” short for? Flirting between Glen and Roald? Good to see Bonnie! Reilly & Jonesy seem to be maturing Fuck, Fight, or FERDA! Wayne, Dary, Katy, Bonnie McMurray, Jim Dickens, and Tyson are all getting laid Devon and the McMurrays are in trouble Up next:  Relationships Intro Music:  3 Legged Dog – by Hard Money SaintsOutro Music:  Ol’ Grey Dog – by  Hard Money Saints★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
Back to Back to Back
Guest Co-Host:  Jake WhitcoThis weeks band:  Finding FreedomS05E05 – Back to Back to BackPre-show:  (0:00 - 10:00) Back home Cosplay contest ( PLEASE REVIEW! Introduction of guest: Jake Whitco WWW: Twitch: Twitter:  @wrestlethon Email: Working with Child's Play Charity in Seattle Shout outs:  Keith and Heather Maki S05/E04 recap – Letterkenny Spelling Bee (0:10:00 - 0:11:25)S05/E05 deep dive – Back to Back to Back (0:11:25 - 0:27:48)Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/Observations: (0:27:48 - 0:39:57) Trivia/Term: When Dan says “That’s a Texas Sized 2-6” he’s referring to what they call, in Canada, a two-six or, in USA, a 26 fluid oz bottle of booze. Term: Ringette – A non-contact, team sport played on ice. The object of the game is to score more goals than the opposing team. A goal is scored when a player (or skater), shoots an 8” rubber ring into the opponents net.  Basically, it’s the flag football version of hockey. Question: Wayne says “Still no heaters in here, eh?  I remember Letterkenny mounting the 50”.  I don’t know what that means. Observation: There’s an ad for “Jim Dickens Auction House” in the hockey rink. Observation: Connor and Darien both have papers to read for Stewart’s intervention. Question:  Did Shoresy do is last "chirp" at the team to try and get them to win? Trivia:  Texas Mickey is Canadian slang for a LARGE bottle of hard alcohol. Observations:  References to Kelsey Grammer and the Cheers theme. Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  (0:39:57 - 0:54:50) The only one getting ALL the sex - Gae! Shoresy, as usual, is getting his ass kicked. So much FERDA for everyone else. Post-show and farewells:  (0:54:50 - 1:08:17) Final thoughts… Next Week: Episode: S05/E06:  Bock et Biche Guest: Valerie Lopez Music: M3$H Farewells Artist of the week:  Finding FreedomLocation:  Greenville, SC  WWW: Email: Facebook: IG: Spotify: YouTube: ******************Intro:Album: Genre is a Social ConstructSong: Wasted Outro:Album: Genre is a Social ConstructSong: Waiting on the Wizard******************How Are Ya Now? Podcast Spotify Playlist -★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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