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Hush Money

A weekly Business, Investing and Society podcast featuring Jason Feifer
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Episodes of Hush Money

You can still build your career, even if your job or internship disappeared. Nicole and Jason give tips on who's hiring, how to make yourself desirable to employers, and what else you can do to sharpen your skills. This is our last episode of t
Self promotion makes people uncomfortable, but you better get used to it — because it's the best tool you have. Jason and Nicole explain how to be promotional during a pandemic (hint: it's all about the approach), how to get comfortable putting
Say you have an extra $50. Should it become part of your emergency fund or help knock down your credit card bill? Nicole walks us through three possible solutions and breaks down a lot of wonky debt issues, and Jason becomes obsessed with the m
Yes, you really can make money during a crisis. You can also set yourself up for great success later. In this episode, Jason and Nicole talk about how to get side-hustling, how to promote yourself, and why now could be the biggest opportunity y
Maybe you have a retirement account, a savings account, or just some cash socked away. Should you spend (or invest) any of that now? Nicole and Jason discuss the best ways to save your savings... and why it's still okay to treat yourself, if yo
How much should you work during lockdown? Should you push yourself towards burnout, or just step back and chill out? Nicole and Jason share their strategies for staying focused, saving time, saying no to unnecessary work, and most importantly,
Budgets are tight, so how can you bring down your costs? Negotiate! Almost everything is negotiable—including your rent, car payments, cable fee, and even your credit card interest rate. In this episode, Nicole shows off her serious negotiation
If your paycheck has disappeared during the COVID-19 pandemic, there's plenty you can do. Nicole and Jason offer a ton of resources—including a breakdown of what the government's offering, tips of how to start your own side hustle, and a list o
Though filing taxes may not be the most exciting thing to do, it’s actually a great way to get back the money you deserve. In this special bonus episode, Jason and Nicole hear from a man who created a strategy that allows him to never pay taxes
When you share a life, should you also share your bank account? Nicole and Jason hear from a woman who almost made a horrible mistake, debate if a couple should have one or two (or three!) accounts, and then talk to Megababe founder Katie Sturi
Are luxury goods worth the cost—or, let’s be honest, are you just showing off? Nicole and Jason hear from a man who figured out how to buy high-end cars on the cheap, debate the real value of top-dollar merch, and then learn about the spending
Nobody can agree on the rules for tipping—so should we get rid of it? Nicole and Jason debate the best way to tip, hear from a Starbucks barista who’d be happy to get a penny, and then learn the tipping habits of one of the world’s most well-tr
If you don’t like giving gifts, can you just not buy any? Nicole and Jason debate the importance of gift-giving, hear from a woman who hates everything her husband buys her, and then talks to Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern, who can’t stop buying
Pre-nups are on the rise among millennials. Is that a good or bad thing? Jason and Nicole debate the deeper meaning of a prenuptial agreement, Jason reveals if he has one, and then Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa explain their own newlywed decision.
You want to see your friends, but they can’t afford dinner. What do you do? Jason says it’s time for some tough love, Nicole explains why she’ll gladly pay for others, and then comedian Jared Fried rips into them both. Learn more about your ad
Many people have bank accounts they hide from their significant other. Is that a good thing? Jason talks to a woman who’s hidden all her savings, Nicole argues that secret stashes are financial empowerment, and Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer argues fo
Would you date someone with debt? If you got married, would you help them pay it off? Jason and Nicole debate what debt says about a person, hear how a woman told her boyfriend about her $110,000 student loans, and then turn to The Good Doctor
We work hard… so how do we get more money? Nicole has a detailed plan to get the raise you want, Jason urges people to quit their jobs, and then cupcake queen Melissa Ben-Ishay reveals what it takes to get a raise out of her. (Hint: It’s a long
It feels good to help out a friend… but what happens if they don’t pay you back? Jason and Nicole learn about a friendship ruined over $49, debate whether to keep a spreadsheet of every dollar you hand out, and talk to Murr of the Impractical J
We aren’t living in traditional times. So what are the new dating rules? Nicole and Jason hear some dating horror stories and talk about the deeper meaning of who picks up the check. Then sexpert Emily Morse joins the show to explain what women
Is it okay if your parents pay your rent? What if they pay for dinner? And are millennials really as entitled and coddled as everyone says? Jason reveals to Nicole something his parents still pay for, they debate if generous parents create lazy
What would you do if you hired your sibling, but now have to fire them? Jason and Nicole debate whether to keep business and family separate and what to do when it all goes sour. Then celebrated fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff joins the show a
Money makes us all awkward. So let’s talk about it! In this show, hosts Jason Feifer and Nicole Lapin debate the trickiest questions about how money impacts our lives, relationships, jobs, and self-worth — and then a celebrity judge joins them
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