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Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley, Tone Deaf, Haunting in Connecticut) opens up about her “dark night of the soul” experience plus distinct moments from her childhood that, coupled with her environment growing up, could have led to adverse traits developing as an adult. Amanda also chats about her early acting career growing up Canada, appearing in Smallville, her newfound passion for directing, and her love for her fiance... but disdain for the term. Amazing convo on this one folks! Special thanks to Hotel Tonight, Native, The Real Real, and Better Help for sponsoring this week’s show. HotelTonight partners with the best hotels to help sell their unsold rooms, and more importantly, to help give you amazing deals on a wide range of cool top rated locations. Start scoring amazing deals by visiting or downloading their app today! Native provides thoughtfully sourced body care products with cruelty free, safe ingredients. Visit and get 20% off your first purchase when you use promo code “inside.”The Real Real is an online and brick-and-mortar marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment clothing, jewelry, and more. Visit and use promo code “real” for 20% off select items. BetterHelp offers licensed professional counselors who are specialized in issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, sleeping, trauma, and more. Get access to affordable help when you visit and use code “inside” to lock in 10% off today.
Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul, Mr. Show) joins us this week to talk about the ‘perfect amount of fame’ he’s been able to develop through everything from Mr. Show and SNL to Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Bob opens up on his innate cynicism he has and how it’s uncomfortable for him to interact with people not on that same wavelength. This is a great episode folks, we also get into the idea of expected attention, some frustrating experiences on the set of Better Call Saul, and the tragedy of how Chris Farley’s life played out.
Rainn WIlson (The Office, Super, Hesher) discusses his troubles with career obsession while playing Dwight in The Office and how it ultimately made Rainn the person an a-hole. Rainn opens up about his experiences with loss of life, his belief of purpose through the Baha'i Faith, and growing up a child of divorce who had to navigate his father’s apprehensions with acting. Thanks to Phat Scooters and Stitch Fix for sponsoring today’s show. Phat Scooters are the most exciting thing to happen to personal travel in decades. It's the electric scooter so fun you'll want to explore outside everyday. Go to and build your custom scooter now. Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service with expert stylists there to help you look your best. Get started today at and get 25% off your first box.
Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Fargo, Lost) sits down and talks to me about his childhood, growing up in a broken family, how he adjusted as a kid to his mom coming out of the closet, and how he lost his virginity at sixteen. Then, we get into It’s Always Sunny - the first night Kaitlin made a pass at him and the biggest fight he’s had on set with Charlie and Glenn. Thanks to our Sponsors! - a one-stop shop for hair loss, skincare, sexual wellness, for men. Get a trial month of hims for just $5 today right now while supplies last - just go to Did you know you can even get postage on demand? All you need is - right now you can get a FREE 4 week trial that includes postage and a digital scale. Go to, click on the radio microphone at the top of the homepage and type in IOU.
Absolute legend on the podcast this week. Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusers) joins to share his story of overcoming adversity early in his life and chasing his passion for acting while scraping by to provide as a father and husband. Ernie opens up early in this episode on the importance for him to be a good father, because of the lack of one he had growing up. We also get into some reflections on his role in Ghostbusters, his frustrations around being typecast early in his career, and what he’s actually afraid of.
Nick Swardson (Grandma's Boy, Just Go with It) returns to the show this week to share his crazy stories of alcohol induced benders and how one of these ultimately lead to his hospitalization and near death scare. Nick opens up on how the recent loss of close friends and loved ones have contributed to a downward spiral, and how he is now living sober. We get into frustrations trying to get projects passed by networks, his experience with the likes of Adam Sandler and David Spade, and creative new shows that Nick is self funding to get out there. Special thanks to CBDMD for sponsoring today’s show. CBDMD is a trusted leader in the CBD industry with a full line of stellar products ranging from classic CBD oil tinctures to gummies, sleep products, topical creams, and even CBD for your pets! To make discovering the full potential of CBD even more accessible, CBDMD is offering all my listeners 25% OFF when you use the code IOU at checkout; just head to
Jaime King (Black Summer, Sin City) talks about the out-of-body experience she gets from acting by devoting herself to each role she takes, but also the anxiety and overwhelming feeling that arises due to her perfectionist nature that never lets her half-ass anything. She also opens up on her compassion and innate serving nature, while expressing the lonely and neglectful feelings that can come out of relationships when not reciprocated. Jamie shares stories from her past as a teenage supermodel, experiences helping friends in need like Selma Blair, and the thrill she has working on products like her smash Black Summer. Special thanks to Uncommon Apothecary CBD, Acuity, Everlywell, and Better Help for sponsoring today’s show. Uncommon Apothecary CBD provides eco-friendly CBD products, all 3rd party tested to ensure quality and consistency. Head over to and use promo code “inside” to receive 15% off your purchase. Acuity provides 24/7, behind the scenes scheduling assistance to help take things off your plate and save you time. Save yourself from the day-to-day drudgery and get 45 free days of Acuity when you go to Everlywell is your convenient source for at-home lab testing with over 30 kits and expert digital results delivered to you within just days of testing. For 15% off an EverlyWell at-home lab test, visit and enter code “IOU.” BetterHelp offers licensed professional counselors who are specialized in issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, sleeping, trauma, and more. Get access to affordable help when you visit and use code “inside” to lock in 10% off today.
Zachary Levi (Shazam, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Chuck) returns to the podcast to talk about preparing himself both physically and mentally to embody a superhero on screen, the audition process to get the role, and what it's like to make a movie that's pure joy. Michael and Zach get inside of each other this week when they discuss moving past trauma, spirituality, parents, and what Zach wants out of a romantic relationship. Also, Michael talks about his audition for Shazam!
King Bach (The Mindy Project, The Babysitter, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) - internet sensation, actor, and comedian discusses his parents dream for him to take over their accounting firm, what he saw Vine was missing that helped make him a star and his Guinness Book of World Record for the most followers. He blows me away as he explains to me how much money he makes for social posts, he tells me his goal to be the biggest movie star in the world, and divulges how many times he cried during a Star is Born.
A special episode of Inside of You - I have my brother Eric on to interview me. That’s right, get inside of Michael Rosenbaum. Hear about the time I shit in my mom’s backyard, breaking into concession stands at the little league parks and why my brother thinks I’m not married yet.
Smallville's Clark Kent/ Superman Is Back... Tom Welling joins the show this week and opens up a ton on the idea of creativity, and the lack of that when operating out of anger and being in survival mode. Tom talks about opening up to the idea of being genuine and authentic and shedding the false idea of perfection. We also get into trickle down emotions given from our parents, how we each handle anxiety, and of course…. Some BTS from our time on Smallville.
WWE Legend Chris Jericho (WWE, Talk Is Jericho) joins me this week to talk about his experience throughout his life overcoming peer and public stigmas while pursuing his dreams in wrestling, music, film, and more. Chris really hammers home the idea of passion fueled perseverance in this episode, so for anyone looking for a little boost, this is a must listen. We also get into Chris’s love for horror films and rock music, the idea of ‘zero room for error’ in professional wrestling, and some pretty crazy BTS within that world.
Clancy Brown (Shawshank, SpongeBob) joins me this week to share his personal experience with impostor syndrome throughout his career from its inception to highlights like The Shawshank Redemption. Clancy talks about how the industry had changed over the decades and how he feels blessed to have found voice acting for the presence it allows him to keep. We also get into some good ole Lex talk, how fame can drastically change a set, and even his personal experience working with the late great Sean Connery.
Erica Durance (Smallville, Saving Hope) joins me this week to share the anxiety and stress of going behind the scenes working in casting to in front of the camera on Smallville. Erica opens up on the different ways that she’s felt that she didn’t belong both in her personal and professional life. We also get into her thoughts and experience with postpartum, different tools to overcome anxiety, and her opinions on the Arrowverse.
Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) joins me this week for an episode largely centered around the idea of managing expectations throughout life. Nathan shares how he’s had to manage expectations of new projects after personal experience with disappointing ones that he thought would be hits and others that were surprise cult classics. He also talks about managing expectations of his relationships with his parents, helping tame the expectations of actors to get the best out of them on set, and curbing the expectations on things you cannot control versus the things that are within your power. Awesome episode folks, hope you enjoy it.
Timothy Omundson (Psych) joins me this week and pours it all out about his heartbreaking experience with the freak accident stroke he suffered during the zenith of his career and the best shape of his life. Timothy opens up on making the conscious decision to stay strong and overcome this obstacle for the sake of his family and the desire to not let his wife down. We get into his positive state of mind throughout this experience, how his Psych family was there for him at his lowest, and how he’s able to stay grateful for being so awesome.
The most diverse, unromantic, hetero non-power couple Dulé Hill and James Roday Rodriguez ( Psych) join me this week on the show. The guys talk about the sustained success they’ve been able to build off of Psych throughout the years on set by not taking themselves too seriously, respecting all cast and crew to a high degree, and treating everyone with the humanity they deserve. Later in the show, both guys open up on the emotionally heart breaking, yet inspiring, experience of seeing one of their brothers/ cast-mate Tim Odmundson suddenly get hit with a fight for his life after an unexpected stroke. This episode has it all, laughs, emotion, rawness… hope you folks enjoy.
Chris Daughtry (Daughtry, American Idol) joins me this week to reflect on the evolution of his career from his break on American Idol, to topping Billboard after releasing the fastest selling debut rock album in history, to getting inspired by Ryan Reynolds to join the Masked Singer. Chris opens up on the attitude he had earlier in his career with a constant chip on his shoulder and demeanor like he had something to prove. We also get into the idea of cutting those off who are bringing you down, staying true to who you are despite trends, and overcoming self doubt in your passions.
The cast of Justice League reunites this week on the pod ahead of the saga’s 20 Year Reunion. Listen as George Newbern (Superman), Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern), Susan Eisenberg (Wonderwoman), Maria Canals-Barrera (Hawkgirl), Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter), and myself (The Flash) discuss the impact and experience this show had on us at the time and for our future careers. The cast also discusses what it’s been like for successful voice actors over the course of this lockdown, with the pros and cons that come with it. Plus, we also get deep into the idea of handling loss, we tell some stories back in the day from in the booth, and we talk about the possibility of a near future reunion #JLReunion
What better way to rebound from Halloween than with the man himself, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead). Bruce joins us this week and sheds light on the idea of his “third act” in life and how much it differs from his early Hollywood pursuits. We also get into some reflections on the Evil Dead franchise, his state of burnout during Ash vs. Evil Dead, and moments of rage/ frustration while shooting on set.
This week we receive an emergency appearance from Stephen Amell (Arrow, Heels) who drops some bombshell information about his recent experience while on set shooting his new show Heels. Hear why a surprise positive test left him questioning his future, left him experiencing severe guilt for his cast and crew, and left him feeling not as invincible as he once was. If you enjoyed listening to Stephen’s last episode on the podcast, and this one will blow you away.
Kevin Smith joins us this week to discuss his roller coaster experience in this industry from surprised early fame with Clerks, to battling a sophomore slump with Mallrats, and eventually maturing to a level of creating without worrying about peer or critic approval. Kevin gets deep into the idea of attaining early success and the feeling of always having to produce from that point forward to prevent getting kicked out of the club. We also get into his graduation moment with Stan Lee, his thoughts on the new CW Universe, and his take on freedom in expression.
Sarah Edmondson (TheVow) joins us this week and shares her entire experience in NXIVM, a cult connected with Smallville co-star Allison Mack and known for manipulating its members emotionally, financially, and sexually. Sarah talks about how the cult’s leaders dismantled the intuition of its followers by erasing their moral compass. She also gets into her ‘waking up’ moment that triggered her departure, her experience with the group’s brainwash, and the shock of realizing some of the misconduct after the fact.
Dax Shepard (Armchair Expert, CHiPS) returns to the show this week and we unpack a lot… like a lot a lot. Amazing episode this week. We get into everything from discussions between ego and necessity, to irrational fears of financial insecurity fueling motivation, even to the idea of truly loving oneself. A very open and honest free flowing conversation with an old friend. Know you folks will dig it.
Lance Bass (NSYNC) joins me this week and opens up on everything from the emotions and anxieties of his public coming out, to the stress and hectic lifestyle he’s become accustomed to after his tenure in NSYNC. Lance shares what’s been like to share his lifestyle in Hollywood with his traditionally set southern family. We also get into upcoming projects based on insane NSYNC groupie stories, his frustrations with the IVF process, and betrayals he’s experienced in life.
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