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Finding The Confidence To Create and Sell Your Art with Artist Sarah Tomlinson

Released Friday, 29th January 2021
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In this episode you'll learn:
  • How Sarah paints from a place of healing to empowerment
  • How Sarah rediscovered her feminine nature through art
  • The power of affirmation ladders

How do you make a living from your art?
How can you connect with your highest, creative self?
These are some of the most frequently asked questions amongst those that see themselves as creative. More so, then ever.
And they are questions we explore in this interview today.
In this episode, Sandra Lawrence interviews teacher turned artist and painter, Sarah Tomlinson, aka Girl With Many Secrets, from Vancouver, Canada.
Sarah is someone who has survived domestic abuse and turned her art in an opportunity to heal and help others.
Sarah shares her experience, revealing how, as a relatively new artist she sold her first painting and how she uses morning routines, affirmations and creative blocks as methods towards finding her truest, creative, self.
Hear how creative practice is an opportunity for growth and expansion.
And how your truest calling will find you - if you offer true self the opportunity to find you.
Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):
[00:59] Rob introduces this special episode - handing over the mic.
[03:20] Sandra introduces Sarah.
[03:47] Sarah shares more about herself.
[04:28] How long Sarah has been painting for.
[05:28] Creating as a child.
[06:55] Reconnecting with her own body through art.
[08:00] Embodying feminine power.
[09:00] How Sarah approaches each piece of her work.
[10:34] Sarah shares how her art has helped her to heal from her abusive relationships.
[13:00] What creativity means to Sarah.
[14:29] Creative education: creativity and schools.
[16:05] Animals and biology. Art finding Sarah.
[16:20] Sarah and Sandra talk about overcoming creative blocks.
[19:09] Bringing something unique into the world.
[20:32] Selling art.
[20:50] Affirmation ladders.
[21:49] Morning routines and creative productivity.
[23:16] Yoga, stretching and dance.
[23:58] Being aligned to your soul.
[24:38] Selling art #2. Becoming a full-time artist.
[26:05] Sarah’s advice to aspiring artists.
[28:31] Embracing vulnerability.
[29:59] Where you can find out more about Sarah and her work.
[30:45] Where Sarah came up with her online name.
[32:27] Rob offers some reflections on Sarah and Sandra’s chat.
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