Released Tuesday, 10th November 2015
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We’re always talking about how YOU can improve yourself and YOU can change your life, but it’s often exhausting and filled with worry, and how do we know what’s best for us anyway?
Well if you’ve ever wondered if you’re trying too hard, striving in the wrong direction, or have no idea where to go-or how to right the ship, then do we have the show for you!
Today we’ll be talking with Toesha Silver, and she’s here not a minute too soon! She’s the best-selling author of Outrageous Openness and the recently released Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Surrender.
Today we’re going to talk about a very powerful way to live. It’s called Outrageous Openness, or how to be open to the world around us and the divine within or how to seek a divine plan so life happens through us, and for us, rather than by us. That plus why giving away your Seinfeld collection, may just set you free.
Topics Include:

  1. Life happening through you and for you, rather than by you

  2. Scammed by scammer, but the money returned

  3. It’s about creating space to allow

  4. Not about chasing, pushing, grasping

  5. Tosha’s Story

    1. Was very sick for 3 years

    2. Idea of offering to a force of love

    3. Not about asking for help with “my” problem

    4. What would happen if it stopped being my problem, my life, the “small self” ownership

    5. If I get out this life is now owned by you, show me the actions you want me to take

    6. Felt hopeless because illness had gone on so long

  6. How do you stay out of the trap of striving, wanting, and worrying

  7. Right action begins to happen through you

  8. So important to create space rather than pushing to make it happen

  9. Offer it to the divine and say “show me the first step”

  10. What’s the Trouble with the Law of Attraction

    1. The energetic part is great, we attract according to our vibration

      1. Keep vibration high will attract to that

      2. If it’s low (anger, darkness, etc.) will attract to that

    2. Trouble is, it’s often used to give a shopping list…like shopping list to Costco

    3. Problem is, there’s often a divine plan that’s far greater for us

  11. How do we let go without losing our grandest vision

  12. Think of what you’re doing on behalf of love, and love knows all the steps that need to happen

  13. Instead of saying I need say I offer

    1. Need hands open to receive.

    2. Become able to bless the obstacles

  14. Vision boards are beautiful, but very limiting, very small

  15. I am here to serve love,

  16. Think of inviting Love in as an ally

    1. Use very simple prayers (and meditation) of invitation

      1. Help me to center, help me to trust love

    2. Having a God Box – putting all of your worries in your God Box

    3. How to let go (of Seinfeld) and de-clutter

    4. Having a sacred fire with our vision boards

    5. The breadcrumb trail – when what you desire is offered to the divine you start to get shown a trail

    6. Offering does not mean passivity

    7. How to listen and hear – an inner knowing

    8. How do we cultivate the inner knowing

      1. Part is through the prayers – offering it over

    9. It’s not do more, strive more, give more, but instead get centered and OFFER back

      1. Completely different recalibration of your energy

    10. What Surrendering Really Means

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Discover Why the Law of Attraction & the Secret Can Leave You Exhausted, While Outrageous Openness Leaves You Recharged, Rejuvenated & At One with Your Highest Good! Tosha Silver | Inspiration | Motivation | Meditation | Spirituality | Career | Love | Self-Help

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