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2 Hours of Celtic Rock Music

2 Hours of Celtic Rock Music

Released Wednesday, 3rd December 2014
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2 Hours of Celtic Rock Music

2 Hours of Celtic Rock Music

2 Hours of Celtic Rock Music

2 Hours of Celtic Rock Music

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014
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Celtic Rock gets a special feature on this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast thanks to our Patrons of the Podcast. You'll hear music from Greenwich Meantime, The Brazen Heads, Dust Rhinos, Cele De, Sons of Malarkey, Mickey Coleman, The Elders, Redhill Rats, The Barley Boys, Ockham's Razor, Celtic Cross, The Kreellers, Johnsons Motorcar, Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts, A Band of Rogues, Sliotar, Barleyjuice, Mighty Ploughboy, Heidi Jane, The Malarkeys, Sprag Session, Brendan Monaghan, Stout Pounders, Paisley Close, The Gleasons, Hair of the Dog, Finn's Fury, The McDades, Angus Mohr. www.celticmusicpodcast.com

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Today’s show is brought to you by the Patrons of the Podcast

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast exists due to the generosity of its patrons. It costs over $700 a month to produce this show. Your per episode donation helps cover most of those expenses. And I want to thank each and every one of the 54 people who contribute to this show. Your kindness means that when 10,000 people download each episode, you experience no delay in enjoying great indie Celtic music. Thank you for being awesome!

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2 Hours of Bagpipe Music

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2 Hours of Bagpipe Music

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Dust Rhinos - Got Guinness

This Week in Celtic Music

"Piop Mor" by Greenwich Meantime
from Greenwich Meantime

"Billy's Bounce" by The Brazen Heads
from Who's Your Paddy?

"Wild Mountain Thyme" by Dust Rhinos
from Got Guinness?

"Guantera" by Cele De
from To Find the Missing Part

"Happy Are the Dead" by Sons of Malarkey
from Sons of Malarkey

"Holylands Belfast" by Mickey Coleman
from Carefully Crafted

Celtic Music News

"Building a Boat" by The Elders
from Wanderin' Life & Times

"Tramps and Hawkers" by Redhill Rats
from Some Heroes

"Little Rabbit/June Apple" by The Barley Boys
from It's A Long Drive From Ireland

"Oro, Se Do Bheatha 'Bhaile" by Ockham's Razor
from Wolves in the Walls

"Those Were the Days" by Celtic Cross
from Shores of America


"Johnny Don't Go" by The Kreellers
from Saints & Sinners

"Redcrow/Tamlins/Gravelwalk" by Johnsons Motorcar
from Funky Disco Hardcore

"Mile Marbhphaisg air a' Ghaol" by Mairi Morrison & Alasdair Roberts
from Urstan

"Girl from the Emerald Isle" by A Band of Rogues
from A Band of Rogues

"Tinkering on the Bridge" by Sliotar
from Fine Friends

"Monto" by Barleyjuice
from A Night at the Pub

More Celtic Music News

"Main Street" by Mighty Ploughboys
from Mighty Ploughboys

"Tony" by Heidi Jane
from A Thousand Reasons Why

"Time Machine" by The Malarkeys
from Bloody Brilliant

"Dr Hayes" by Sprag Session
from Sprag Session

"After the Rain" by Brendan Monaghan
from Flicker of Hope

Question: What Is Celtic Music?

"Ye Jacobites By Name" by Stout Pounders
from 3 Drink Minimum

"The Recruited Collier" by Paisley Close
from All On A Day

"Donegal Moonlight" by The Gleasons
from Let It Go

"Lukey" by Hair of the Dog
from Donegal

"The Auld Triangle" by Finn's Fury
from What About Ya?

"The Bounty Hunter" by The McDades
from Bloom

"The Reel Thing" by Angus Mohr
from The Heroic Adventures Of Angus Mohr

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The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. If you enjoyed the music you heard, support the artists in this show. Buy their music. Then tell your friends to visit www.celticmusicpodcast.com

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