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What does it take to be an entrepreneur? Do you need an MBA? Or rather do you need the expertise that somebody who has not only gotten an MBA but has also run multiple successful businesses and helped other entrepreneurs launch grow and sell their businesses can share? Wouldn't it be great to have in one place, the foundational pieces to every successful business? This episode features Harry Brelsford who not only has an MBA and a few other degrees but has done all of the above. On this episode Harry and I talk about what makes a successful entrepreneur, the perils pitfalls and excitement and what he is learned from guiding himself and others in nearly three decades plus of his own entrepreneurial journey and what guided him to write his latest book, Pocket MBA Instant Entrepreneur. Harry Brelsford is the founder of SMB Nation ( from Bainbridge Island, Wash. He is a long-time SMB channel partner who has served customers and mentored other partners (SMB Nation has over 45,000 members who are Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and SMB technology consultants). He oversees the popular SMB Nation workflow including marketing analytics, content and events (webinars, workshops and multi-day conferences). He holds an MBA in Project Management from the University of Denver (and numerous certifications such as MCSE, MCT, CNE, et al) and is the author of 23 books on technology and business topics. His 20 years of SMB technology experience were supplemented by teaching 12+ years at night as an adjunct professor at Seattle Pacific University and other higher-learning institutions. He served as the Dean in the Graduate School of Technology at Aspen University (where he was awarded a PhD in Letters). Harry is an in-demand speaker at industry events. Harry's recent books include the “How to Be an MSP” and “The Pocket MBA – Instant Entrepreneur” and he has published over 400-articles in business magazines (Washington CEO, Colorado Business, Alaska Business Monthly) and technology magazines (ChannelPro, Microsoft Certified Professional magazine, etc.). An active entrepreneur, Harry is the force behind the Pocket MBA, Telephonation, Cloud Nation and His latest startup is 420MSP.
Widow. The word conjures up so much loss and sadness. You are given that title when you lose someone you loved very much and planned a life with forever. A life you certainly never expected to change dramatically when your husband gets diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and dies eight months later. How do you recover from that with any sort of grace when you have two kids to take care of and a life to rebuild that looks different than you expected it to? Jenny Lisk created the Widowed Parent Podcast and wrote the book, Future Widow: Losing My Husband, Saving My Family and Finding My Voice because she saw a need to help others through what she went through. She wants to educate people BEFORE they have to go through losing a loved one while providing a resource for those who are in it now. Take a listen as we discuss the questions Jenny didn't even know to ask, the answers she found during and after her husband passed and how being vulnerable helped her heal and help others. Jenny Lisk is an author, speaker, and host of the Widowed Parent Podcast, which has been featured in The Washington Post and ParentMap. On her Hundred Dreams list is riding a camel. And milking a cow. And raising $44,000 for brain cancer research, in honor of her husband’s 44 years. The author of the memoir Future Widow: Losing My Husband, Saving My Family, and Finding My Voice, Jenny lives in Redmond, Washington, with her two teenagers. She is passionate about helping widowed parents increase their family’s well-being. You can download her free guides What I've Learned About Widowed Parenting and How to be Helpful: Tips for Allies of Widowed Families. Follow her on social media @liskjenny.
Anne Bruce joins me today to talk about how anyone can discover their own personal True North to help you have your best life possible. She shares how it is never to late to live your calling, how courage is more than you think it is and you have more of it then you think, and how competencies don't always lead to your vocational calling. She shares her 1 question she asks herself to keep her eye on her true north. The conversation on this episode is a great way to lead into your new year, or anytime actually. If you are thinking to yourself, "I need to figure out what I want for me", or "I wish I knew what I am meant to be doing", then take a listen as Anne shares that and more. Anne Bruce is an popular speaker and author coach. She's also a talent manager who works with celebrities, politicians, TV and sports stars. She's spoken for the White House and the Pentagon, Coca Cola, Sprint, and Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Anne's written 25 books translated into 36 languages for the largest publishers in the world. She's also the co-author of Speak for a Living, 2nd edition with Sardek Love. Based on her bestseller, Discover True North. Anne's work is all about ways to Discover True North and transform your life and career. Her clients learn how to use their internal guidance system to create stronger, healthier, and happier relationships. Her next book to be released at Valentine's Day 2021 is Discover True North Relationships.
My Christmas week show is, at the end of the day, about love. I was honored to have Bonnie Violet and Tina Frank say yes when I asked them to be on my show. Their story is a powerful one about how love is more powerful than any barrier if you choose to allow it into your heart first. Take a listen as Bonnie Violet and her aunt share how they came back together after almost 30 years apart because of labels and how they had defined each other based on outside factors. This is a heartfelt and, for me, eye opening conversation about labels, faith, love. perception and perspectives. Tina Frank, a conservative Christian woman and Bonnie Violet, a transgender queer drag queen have an anti-cancel culture conversation on their podcast, Splintered Grace. While many family members are choosing to no longer speak after a revelation like Bonnie Violet shared, they have chosen to sit at the table and engage in difficult conversation to find peace and restoration.
Joel Friedman left Madison Avenue in NYC to go from Ad man to Executive Producer and writer in Hollywood. Along the way he learned that being authentic matters, being found while being not being authentic will always bite you back (he is authentic but not so some who have auditioned for him), and why he wants to produce something with "legs." On this episode Joel shares with me how he has embraced the changing world and face of TV, what drives him, and how to get your message out there while staying true to yourself. Hint, it really isn't that hard as it is made out to be. Joel also talks about finding the story in all he does. Joel Friedman is an Executive Producer who has show run, developed written scripted and unscripted series. He has partnered with and developed series for companies such as Mark Burnett, Bunim Murray, Fremantle, Next, Spike, NBC, Bravo, Broadway Video and Kenan Thompson of SNL as well as for other networks and production companies
I love Anne Grady. Talking to her is like getting a PhD is how to build and recognize resiliency. Her life experiences give her massive credentials to speak to her topic of Resiliency no matter how bad life hits you. On this episode Anne Grady shares answers to my questions about resiliency and productivity.  That one hit home for me which is why I asked the question and you might be surprised by the answer she shared. We also discuss the benefit of a worry window, why it is important to know your cognitive shortcuts and a key question to ask yourself on a  regular basis to improve resiliency. Hint, it has something to do with my favorite idea of perspectives. Anne Grady began studying the brain and neurodevelopment to find answers while searching for treatment options for her son, Evan, after he was diagnosed with severe mental illness and Autism. Then, after being diagnosed with an avocado-sized tumor in her salivary gland in 2014, she had to lean on the tools she learned with her son to help her through this difficult time. Now, she wants to help others cultivate the habits and skills to build strength through struggle with the science behind resilience. With a master’s degree in organizational communication, Anne shows people how to harness the power of resilience to break out of reactivity so they can communicate, lead, and live on purpose. Not only is Anne recognized as a leading expert in the fields of leadership, communication, and resilience by Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Inc., Fast Company, FOX Business, CNN, and more, she is also a living testimonial. She is the author of 52 Strategies for Life, Love & Work: Transforming Your Life One Week at a Time and its best-selling follow-up book, Strong Enough. In her newest book, Mind Over Moment: Harness the Power of Resilience and the companion journal, Anne delivers a collection of actionable, practical, and timely takeaways for the challenging world we find ourselves in today. Anne is a passionate mental health advocate and a portion of all her book proceeds go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness Central Texas (NAMI).
Monkey, iron, rope, house, paper, shoe, worm, envelope, pencil, river, rock, tree, cheese, dollar A list that makes no sense but a list I still remember that Chester Santos, the International Man of Memory, challenged me with to show how anyone, instantly, can learn to remember things and keep remembering them. I did this show live on November 24 and still remember them, because of the tips he taught me on the show, on December 4th. How does one become a world famous memory master and coach? And how can you improve your memory? Take a listen and try the techniques he shares on the show. If you want more, he makes an incredible offer at the end of the show. Chester Santos – “The International Man of Memory” has left an impression on all corners of the earth. With his unique ability to not only demonstrate extraordinary feats of the mind, but also educate others to do the same, this U.S. Memory Champion is widely regarded to be the world’s leading memory skills expert. Through his entertaining & educational television and movie appearances, professional seminars, and best-selling books, Chester has helped millions of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind. His keynote speaking credits include TEDx with some of the nation’s most highly regarded professors and scientists, the prestigious Talks at Google program featuring “the world’s most influential thinkers, creators, makers and doers”, and the International Festival of Brilliant Minds in Puebla that had him speaking to an audience of 5000 people along with Nobel Prize winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and other luminaries. Chester Santos is also the personal memory and mind coach to some notable celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, and high-powered executives.
Frustrated because you want to build your success your way versus the traditional way of thinking? Wondering if it is possible to lead your business from idea to success with heart and soul and some sound business strategy foundations? The answer to those questions lies with my guest, Christine Kane, author of The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Uplevel You. As a successful songwriter and musician she learned that it is possible to have your career, your way, and to have massive success. She founded her in-demand consulting/coaching firm because everyone wanted to know how she did it. Take a listen as we discuss, how intention is different from the Law of Attraction, how you can let your soul fly but don't forget the business strategy and tactics too. Christine lays out how you can get started today and how her journey prepared her for this next step in her career. Before Christine Kane founded what became a multi-million dollar coaching company, she spent fifteen years in the music industry, producing seven CD's and a DVD on her own label, while touring the globe over 200 days a year. She shared the stage with luminaries like John Mayer, The Beach Boys, Los Lobos, Nanci Griffith, and Shawn Colvin.  Her success as a singer-songwriter had fans asking how she did it while staying true to her art and her soul. Those backstage questions turned into weekend retreats. Those retreats turned into coaching requests - and set her on a new path.  In 2010, Kane opened Uplevel You, a company that serves the ever-growing class of sensitive, idea-driven, aggression-averse entrepreneurs (a class she counts herself a member of). Her work has attracted more than 125,000 loyal email subscribers and has coached thousands of clients into the six and seven figures in their businesses. She has spoken at events from the Martha Beck annual conference to the iconic Emerging Women event.  Today, Christine leads a small yet mighty team at Uplevel World Headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. 
Wouldn't it be great if you never had to "turn your business around" because your business was failing? What if you knew what the warning signs were, or better yet, never had to worry about them because you designed your business to to weather any changes and you knew what to look for as early warning signs? No one can design a business to weather any changes without impact but what you can do is learn how to monitor your business and minimize the ups and downs. You can even learn to be comfortable looking at your business finances without freaking out. I see a lot of this with my clients as does my guest, Steven Kaufman of Red Fender. Steven Kaufman is the author of The Garbageman's Guide to Life and a sought-after business strategist and turnaround expert. On this episode Steven shares the lessons he has learned helping others turn their business from the red to the black (if you don't know what that means you need this episode). I don't know about you, but knowing what to look for, and the practices and tools you can use on a daily basis to keep your business thriving, is worth the time to listen to this episode and pick one new practice to start today. There is much more in this episode. Let me know what stands out to you the most and, if you need help, reach out and let me or Steven help you. Known among friends as a brainiac with a love of learning, Steven Kaufman graduated with honors from Stanford University. He spent the first twenty years of his career in the U.S., Europe and Asia, specializing in operations, logistics management and marketing, then founded a technology company for the waste industry that sold in 2018. He became CEO of a medical billing firm and now consults for companies on operations, product and marketing projects. He is the author of one non-fiction book and has written three novels (with a fourth on the way). Steven’s journey, both personally and professionally, led to an insatiable curiosity about the mind and how it works, giving him a unique brand of clarity, energy and optimism.
Learning how to tell the story of your brand is often the key to success yet it often feels like the hardest thing to do for many entrepreneurs. Perhaps it is the vulnerability that may come from sharing your creation story? Or perhaps the lack of clarity of what your brand stands for or who you created your brand to serve? Or maybe, it is as simple as you do not know how to put into words what you do? Ira Gostin has been helping companies tell their brand stories for decades. First as a photojournalist and reporter and then as one of the top brand strategists. Along the way he has learned that sharing your story is a critical key to success and on this episode he shares key steps and questions you can ask yourself and staff to create your story and make a difference for your clients, your staff and your business. Ira Gostin is a storyteller and has been since the age of seven. From his first foray into writing for his grade school, mimeographed newspaper to his critically acclaimed pizza review column in the Daily Forty-Niner newspaper in college, through his career with the Associated Press. Now, he helps companies tell their stories to their constituents. He began his professional career as a photojournalist at the Associated Press with newspaper stops in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Following his journalism career, he continued marketing and communications work with companies in the industrial, medical and hospitality fields. Ira also works with up and coming business leaders, entrepreneurs and students through mentoring and teaching. Ira’s home base is Reno, Nevada, with his wife Erin, adult children and two dogs (Buster and Yogi). He is a coffee aficionado, baseball, and Formula 1 racing fan and he and his wife travel the West with dogs and kayaks enjoying the outdoors.  
Forget everything you thought you knew about being an entrepreneur. What if you could have the life and business you want? It really is possible says Terry Brock and he lives and breathes what he preaches. With the launch of his new "agoropreneurs" movement Terry took the time to share with me, and you my listeners, why the idea of an entrepreneur is ripe for change. He shares how and why the time is now to let go old thinking and embrace being "uncommon" while taking responsibility for your actions. This episode is filled with perspective shifting ideas, laughter and a plan to help you turn your life and business into your dream. Terry Brock brings a passion for technology, a sense of history, and real-world business strategies to every conversation. He is more than a technology trends expert. He’s a Hall of Fame and Cavett Award winning speaker, virtual presenter, interviewer, published author, and coach who packs everything he touches with solid business strategies meant to build relationships and improve the bottom line. Reach out to Terry at
Marketing is not a dirty word. Done well, marketing aligns your business goals with your client goals and greats a stream of satisfaction across all business departments and end user resources. So why do many think that marketing is a dirty word? Heather K. Margolis is a serial entrepreneur who lives and breathes marketing and believes that when marketing is done well it lifts a product and company up. If you have a product or service and no one knows its value to them then is it really a product or service? Think the old story, if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears, does it make a sound? Effective marketing makes a noise. A good noise. It tells a story about the product, the value it provides and it also tells something about you and your brand. Ineffective marketing IS overhead. Why? Because it doesn't do those things and it doesn't make people want to buy or tell others. During this episode Heather shares her journey creating two top marketing agencies in the tech world, creating stories that changed a business culture from the top to the bottom and tips you can use to shift your marketing from ineffective to effective. Heather K. Margolis is founder and CEO of Spark Your Channel, a through-channel marketing automation platform, and Founder and Chairperson of Channel Maven Consulting, a strategic channel marketing agency. Heather is a recognized channel marketing expert and a sought-after keynote speaker to a variety of audiences about entrepreneurship, building a service-based business and B2B strategy, B2B marketing and channel marketing. After a decade spent growing Channel Maven’s team, client base and reputation, Heather turned her attention to solving one of the vexing problems of channel marketing: ineffective through-channel demand generation. Simply put, she found that vendors are spending a lot of money on marketing content and tools for their partners that either don’t work or go unused.  That experience inspired her to launch Spark Your Channel in 2019 to create a through-channel marketing automation platform that partners would actually use and get results. The platform spent a year in development and testing and launched in February 2020. Heather has a master’s degree in business administration from Babson College in Wellesley, Mass. She grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Boulder, Colo., with her husband and fellow entrepreneur Simeon, their two daughters and dog Zoe.
Mike Faith, CEO of shares how he built a business that has become renowned for its fanatical attention to customer service and how he pivoted it to become poised to take over the world of headset design and sales. started out as a discounter of other companies office headsets and now 40% of their business is selling headsets they design and manufacture. They are known for their raving fans and their word of mouth advertising and also for their boxes having tootsie rolls tucked inside. How did a small discounter become a $30+million dollar company? How did a culture of enhancing the customer experience become a model others try to emulate? How does the CEO live the model and support his employees in having exceptional lives beyond the workplace? Take a listen as Mike Faith share answers to all those questions and more on this episode. Mike Faith, CEO and Founder of left school at 15, and after a number of varying jobs with varying success, he decided that his own business gave him the freedom, control, and self-direction he needed, and pursued entrepreneurial ventures. was his third venture, started in 1997.  After 23 years, he claims he’s about half way through his mission of dominating the half a billion a year US headset market.  He’s as passionate about the headset business today as he was when he started.  When Mike isn’t figuring out the headset world, he spends a little bit of time cooking, improving his chess game and reading.
Writing copy to sell things is a science. Writing that same copy in a voice that does not even match your age, race, nationality and more is an art. Making that same copy wildly successful is similar to the  difference between me trying to play the piano and Mozart.  Carline Anglade-Cole is a copywriting Mozart. She is able to switch faces and voices with apparent ease while writing copy that converts to sales for her clients. Her copy doesn't just convert once though. It keeps converting over and over and over again. On this episode Carline discusses her new book, My Life as a 50+ Year Old White Male: How a Mixed-Race Woman Stumbled into Direct-Response Copywriting and Succeeded!  Carline answers questions on how she deals with a blank page, putting herself into the voice of the target client and how she deals with time interruptions and sets boundaries with her family to keep sacred her "money time." Carline Anglade-Cole is kick-butt international direct-response copywriter who specializes in the alternative health field. With over 30 years in the direct-response industry, she has launched products in the U.S., Germany and New Zealand. And she’s written boatloads of winning sales copy for numerous clients including Oprah, Peak Pure & Natural, Healthy Directions, Health Resources, True Health, AWAI, Sun Chlorella USA, Biocentric Health, Weiss Research, Frank Cawood & Associates, Soundview Publications, Nature City, Dr. Hittich and many more. Carline is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, “My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male: How a Mixed-Race Woman Stumbled Into Direct-Response Copywriting and Succeeded!  She is also the recipient of the prestigious American Writers Artists Inc (AWAI) Copywriter of the Year award.
I recently had a client say he wasn't sure what happiness is for him and that it was something that could never be achieved. That it was a moving target. That got me thinking since I've felt happy most of my life with bouts of sadness woven in when loved ones passed or something else happened. But even then, I had a core of happiness. So what is happiness and does it matter where it comes from? Patricia Noll wrote a powerful book, Good With Me, A Simple Approach to Real Happiness from the Inside Out and I asked her back on the show to answer my clients question about whether happiness is real or an abstract concept that cannot be lastingly achieved. During this episode you will learn about "other-dependent self esteem", the "Feel-Good-Now Syndrome" and how you can begin to spark happiness from the inside out and develop and create your own "self-dependent" self esteem. Patricia Noll is the Founder and Executive Director of Focus One, Inc., an Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program, which has been licensed by the State of Florida since September, 1989. For over 25 years as a lecturer and group facilitator, Patricia has conducted over 5000 group lectures on how to feel good and overcome addictive behaviors. She has a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling and a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Along with the Good With Me Book and related community, she is the author of the Focus One Treatment Manual and Workbook which has been endorsed by internationally renowned authors and lecturers Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, Jack Kornfield, and Jacquelyn Small among others. Here’s what Deepak Chopra has to say about Patricia’s program: “Focus One offers practical and sensibleguidelines for those who seek freedom from all types of addictions.” As a televised industry self-esteem expert, Patricia Noll specializes in empowering people to experience long-lasting real happiness from the inside out by teaching them how to feel good about themselves just because and to stop defining their value by what they have done or not done and what they have or don’t have. Her mission and passion is to make a contribution to society by making a difference in the way people see themselves; especially those who have given up on life.
There is a lot of stress in the world today. Some we interpret as good stress and others bad stress. Either way it is stress and it impacts the body and our relationships. What if you could learn how to change your response to stress? Learn how to have stress not sideline you or your family and business? Colonel Deb Lewis, (Ret.) has lived a life filled with stressful choices that she chose. Think 1st female graduating class at West Point, commanded in Iraq and responsible for a $2 billion project while there, in the Pentagon on 9/11 working on anti-terrorism projects, taking care of aging parents and many more. Throughout it all she has managed to find her center. A way of "armoring up" herself with different practices that enable her to coast through challenges that bring many to their knees. Take a listen as Deb shares five things you can do today to shift your response to stress and clarify your priorities. She also has a free offer for two classes she offers, no strings attached. 100% free. What if you could use stress to your advantage? Colonel Deb’s unique approach guides you to handle even bigger challenges, while building stronger relationships and teams. Deb Lewis is a West Point graduate from its first class with women. A retired Army Colonel and Harvard MBA, Deb commanded three US Army Corps of Engineer Districts, including a $2.1B reconstruction program in combat. She survived the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11, while serving on the Joint Staff anti-terrorism team. Colonel Deb led while under fire, and her experiences help others become better leaders. Her proven strategies, insights, and tools will arm you with exactly what you need in good times and times of crisis. After a 34-year military career, Colonel Deb and husband Doug Adams embarked on the Duty, Honor, America Tour in 2010. She drove their RV 26K miles as Doug bicycled 18,067 miles through all 50 states in one year in support of our military, veterans, and families. Today, they work with many non-profits, businesses, and leaders to lift up communities. Deb's goal in her own words: "I've led thousands in the military to perform at their best under considerable stress and hardship. I want to empower 1 million women and their families to do the same."  
On the launch day for his new book, Interference, Brad Parks shares his love of physics and writing and how he weaves facts so his fiction reads more like reality. We had a laugh filled conversation filled with non-spoiler moments if you have not read his book yet. I don't often interview fiction writers but I always say yes when Brad is launching a new book. This one is especially intriguing to me as a science geek. Brad's multi-layered plot lines, and characters that have depth to them, always keeps me rooted in place until I finish the book. On this interview Brad and I talk about how his life and neighbors inspire his plots, what it takes to keep his characters true to themselves and why you will never see a curse word in any of his novels. I especially enjoyed the conversation about one curse word he cannot find a replacement for in writing but still does not use. His words at the end of the interview on his purpose in life are words I think I shall always carry with me. International bestselling author Brad Parks is the only writer to have won the Shamus, Nero, and Lefty Awards, three of American crime fiction’s most prestigious prizes. His novels have been translated into 15 languages and have won critical acclaim across the globe, including stars from every major pre-publication review outlet. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Parks is a former journalist with The Washington Post and The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger. He is now a full-time novelist living in Virginia with his wife and two school-aged children.
Karen Stultz believes in having an awesome life and is helping others find theirs. After having to make a serious of decisions that left her letting go of work, her home as she knew it, her husband in a way and even who her parents were to her, Karen faced a choice. Could she still have an awesome life even when it seemed as if that would never be possible again? Take a listen as Karen shares the questions she asked that helped her make the choices she made, how she stays "semi-sane" and loving life all while helping others discover their AWESOME life. I think one of my favorite parts in the interview was when she began to discuss music notes and how one note does not a song make. Tell us what stood out for you and how you are leading an awesome life! Karen Stultz is a 6 figure money mindset mentor, online business strategist for solo heart centered entrepreneurs  who want to transition from a J.O.B. to having a lifestyle business that allows them to have more energy, joy, prosperity and freedom to enjoy what they do. She has been in the coaching and healing industry for over 20 years, and supports clients around the world to live fully, without regret or fear...and never spend more money than necessary to be successful, always living her mantra of "FUN is # 1"
Pattie Grimm shares how knowing your personal vision increases your resiliency when things go sideways. With all going on in this world many are wondering why their usual resiliency and ability to pivot isn't what it used to be. I wanted to understand why so I invited Pattie onto the show to share how you can strengthen your ability to handle when things go sideways. I wasn't expected her to say that understanding and then living your personal vision is the key.  Take a listen as Pattie provides the questions to ask to find your personal vision and how you can put that vision into action. Pattie shares how quiet women never change history and how her journey as a women in tech and business around the world came as a direct result of her personal vision to make a difference. With over 25 years of experience, Pattie Grimm is an empowerment expert for organizations, leaders, and women. Her presentations/interviews are empowering, educational, and engaging. Pattie was a senior leader for several Global Fortune 100 companies.  She owns a company focused on empowering women to be the best they can be.  She is an author/speaker/ podcast guest/trainer/coach/ women’s advocate.  Pattie was recognized by Executive Women’s Association, Who’s Who in Women’s Leadership. Women of Influence and the State of California. She is the author of Quiet Women Never Changed History – Be Strong, Stand Up and Stand Out – “Let’s Go Kick Some Glass.”
Living the Savvy Life is being willing to ask the hard questions and stick to, well really define, your priorities for your life. It doesn't mean lack or deprivation. It does mean understanding what you want from life and creating and following a plan to get there. Melissa Tosetti, founder of The Savvy Life, helps her clients live the life of their dreams. She does that by helping them figure out what matters to them rather than continuing to let their current lifestyles control how their future will unfold. On this episode, Melissa shares questions and insights she teaches her clients to help them grow and we also discuss how their other business, a family-owned martial arts studio has pivoted and thrived during the pandemic and how yours can to if you are willing to look deeply at your business. We also discuss how to determine what the key financial questions are you need to ask for your business, your life and your future.   I have never laughed as much on an interview and certainly not during such a fear based topic for many- money. That was a lesson I also learned while talking to Melissa: money conversations DO NOT have to be tense.  Melissa Tosetti, a Spending Plan Expert, is the founder of The Savvy Life and author of the international bestseller Living The Savvy Life. She helps clients define the life they want to live and create a plan to fund it.  It’s all about purposeful spending.  She’s worked with over 650 clients to create spending plans and then teaches those clients how to put their plans into play. Melissa has traveled across the U.S. giving over 200 presentations on topics related to cash flow planning and purposeful spending and has given over 275 webinars on the same topics.  
According to Marlene Chism, we "need to check our hero-victim mentality and course correct so that we create deeper connection. In all drama there is always a relationship component and everything we think , say and do ultimately affects our relationships."  What if your business could function smoother? What if productivity increased because communication flowed seamlessly at all levels of your business? What if instead of trying to be perfect you learned to be real and honest and admitted when you needed help or didn't know something? On this episode Marlene Chism shares new questions for you to ask to reduce or eliminate drama from your business and personal relationships. She also shares how you can improve performance, reduce anger and grow your business as a result. Marlene Chism is the leading authority on stopping workplace drama. She works with C-Suite leaders to build drama-free cultures that drive growth and reduce costly mistakes. Marlene is known for helping managers address “the elephant in the room” and initiate conversations that gets results. Her expertise includes leadership development, conflict management, strategic communication Marlene is a recognized expert on the Linked In / Lynda global learning platform, producing educational videos on Anger Management, and Having Difficult Conversations. She is the author of three commercially published books: Stop Workplace Drama (Wiley 2011), No-Drama Leadership (Bibliomotion 2015), and Stop Drama in Your Healthcare Practice (Greenbranch 2018).  As a seasoned professional speaker, Marlene’s transformational message of personal responsibility, and alignment is making its way around the globe at leadership academy’s corporate retreats, association conferences, and customized webinars. Marlene has a degree in communications from Drury University, and a master’s degree in HR Development at Webster University.  She is an advanced practitioner in Narrative coaching. To learn more about Marlene, visit
According to Marlene Chism, we "need to check our hero-victim mentality and course correct so that we create deeper connection. In all drama there is always a relationship component and everything we think , say and do ultimately affects our relationships."  What if your business could function smoother? What if productivity increased because communication flowed seamlessly at all levels of your business? What if instead of trying to be perfect you learned to be real and honest and admitted when you needed help or didn't know something? On this episode Marlene Chism shares new questions for you to ask to reduce or eliminate drama from your business and personal relationships. She also shares how you can improve performance, reduce anger and grow your business as a result. Marlene Chism is the leading authority on stopping workplace drama. She works with C-Suite leaders to build drama-free cultures that drive growth and reduce costly mistakes. Marlene is known for helping managers address “the elephant in the room” and initiate conversations that gets results. Her expertise includes leadership development, conflict management, strategic communication Marlene is a recognized expert on the Linked In / Lynda global learning platform, producing educational videos on Anger Management, and Having Difficult Conversations. She is the author of three commercially published books: Stop Workplace Drama (Wiley 2011), No-Drama Leadership (Bibliomotion 2015), and Stop Drama in Your Healthcare Practice (Greenbranch 2018).  As a seasoned professional speaker, Marlene’s transformational message of personal responsibility, and alignment is making its way around the globe at leadership academy’s corporate retreats, association conferences, and customized webinars. Marlene has a degree in communications from Drury University, and a master’s degree in HR Development at Webster University.  She is an advanced practitioner in Narrative coaching. To learn more about Marlene, visit
Current work from home is different than what working from home or remote working meant before Covid, yet few seem to be thinking about what that means or planning for the marathon that we are in. No longer a sprint that we can just do a patch fix for, the new normal everyone has been talking is now the normal. Whether we get a vaccine or not, whether Covid disappears as some say, don't expect work to go back to exactly as it used to be. Those that are taking a breath and planning, observing and shifting what it means to work are the ones that will be here next year. Scott Carbonara is known as The Leadership Therapist for a reason. With a background in crisis management and running large corporations to reduce employee attrition, he knows what happens to an organization in flux. And he knows how to help them thrive. On this episode we talk about what leaders need to watch for in themselves and their employees to help them excel, grow and stay connected when their work family has changed. We also talk about what staff and solopreneurs need to watch for to prevent  or minimize the metal creep of working from home. It is easy to work 24/7/365 when fear creeps in or you ask yourself, "what does my boss think of me? They are tracking my activity time so shouldn't I respond to everything? With no water cooler or corridor interactions subtle signs of overwhelm can take longer to spot from both sides of the desk. What can you do? Take a listen as Scott shares resiliency and leadership tips to help us humans be more us while at work. Scott Carbonara is a keynote speaker, author, and consultant who is passionate about engaging a company’s greatest asset: its people. Known as “The Leadership Therapist” for his diverse background–from serving as an award-winning crisis counselor, to executive chief-of-staff of a multi-billion-dollar company. Scott has spoken for such esteemed groups as AT&T Global, Wal-Mart, multiple healthcare systems, and the federal government. He is the author of several leadership books including A Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement (McGraw Hill). Scott breathes life into topics including employee engagement, culture, change management, communication, and customer service.
Whether you want to write a book or just want to learn how to tell your story of your business or your life, this episode offers insights from a top editor and brand specialist. Telling your story, or think of it as getting to the heart of your message, is a critical component to create a thriving business. Jocelyn Carbonara shares how anyone can write a book or tell a story but those who do a few specific things see more action taken from what they wrote or share. We discuss brands, books, life and some powerful questions she asks prospective clients before she takes on a new project. One of my favorites? "How do you not want to sound?" Not a question I would have ever thought to ask myself before I started writing. Jocelyn Carbonara started Spiritus Communications in 1998 to help leaders and entrepreneurs tell their stories. She thrives on finding the perfect words to reflect a client’s vision and helping them communicate their messages that matter. Over the past 20 years, her clientele has included speakers, authors, and companies like AT&T Global, Wal-Mart, and the federal government. She has served as culture consultant and executive coach; editor-in-chief, interviewing celebrities such as Dr. Maya Angelou and Coach Tony Dungy; book agent to publishers including McGraw Hill and Jon Wiley & Sons; editor of award-winning books; and publicist. Jocelyn has ghostwritten books, including for a TV star and an NFL player. She’s managed start-ups and served as CEO for a successful training company. She has written marketing copy for nearly every communications channel in existence—including websites, video, print, and more. Jocelyn has helped clients get featured in media including Newsweek, NPR, and The New York Times. Her writing and leadership principles have been written into books with major publishers—and international magazines like Real Leaders. She is a Prosci-certified change management professional, helping clients communicate through change and crisis. See
Jay McBain is considered one of the top analysts and futurists. His work predicating trends and needs has been considered critical to many in the tech world. Even he is seeing accelerated change in the world of business from the predictions he made several years ago. The pandemic accelerated the way we transact business from both sides of the table. On this episode Jay and I talk about the keys to a a business that can grow, think customer obsessive. We also discuss how the shift from indirect buying, think cars at dealerships, to direct buying, think Netflix and Casper mattresses, is fueling the current and future economies. Jay also shares how your business can start looking into your future right now using a process called journey mapping. Jay leads Forrester's research and advisory for global channels, alliances, and partnerships. He focuses on B2B marketing in the age of the customer; understanding and navigating the complexity of multiple routes to market; ensuring contextual and relevant content to accelerate the indirect sales process; and describing the technology infrastructure to build and support channel relationships. His background is in channel leadership, sales, marketing, and operations, with a specific emphasis on indirect sales strategy/execution, covering multiple industries, segments, and underlying technologies. Jay is renowned for his industry thought leadership and expertise in partner recruitment, development, and acceleration through effective partner coverage, enablement, communication, and incentives. He is an expert in building and leveraging channel communities and one of the global leaders in social media, partner marketing automation, and other indirect growth strategies. Jay provides research, advisory, and consulting to companies ranging from Fortune 100 vendors to startups on the entire scope of their channel and alliance strategies. He is a contributing author and has been cited in numerous channel media publications, including Channel Reseller News (CRN), ChannelPro, ChannelE2E, The VAR Guy, MSPMentor, Channelnomics, Computer Dealer News (CDN), Australia Reseller News (ARN), eChannelNews, Business Solutions Magazine, ChannelLine, ChannelInsider, SearchITChannel, Redmond Channel Magazine, Vertical Systems Reseller, Channel Buzz, and SMB Nation. He also maintains a popular blog on channel trends. Jay is based in Florida but advises vendors, distributors, and partners around the world.
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