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Mike Sempervive and Adam Summers of join us to make a Huge Audio Nightmare! We break down 2006 in Japan, with all the happenings in the big promotions (and the little ones too), inlcuding Misawa's gut, Tenryu: hearthrob, a 2000 Nitro season set?, Georgia Wrestling circa 1990, Adam and I have a crush on Big Japan, Steak N' Shake, Mike gets no respect, and a Steve Grogan reference. Super No Vacancy at 90 minutes of awesome!
Rob Naylor & Matt Foy join us to recap Ring of Honor's 12/23 show in Manhattan. Both were they live, and we run down all the results, including Homicide's title win, a great tag match, Larry Sweeney, and the big party. Plus we have thoughts on ROH in 2006, including our thoughts for best match and show of the year. Plus, ECW in a mosque, Rob cops to seeing CZW in a bar, and I don't say a whole heck of a lot. We fly high for over an hour of power!
Joe Versus the World is BACK! Justin Shapiro joins Joe to review the third quarter of the WWF in 1996. Honestly, not a lot happened in-ring, but there are plenty of shenanigans to cover, including a cavalcade of new stars, lawsuits, diminishing buyrates, a little thing called the New World Order, weekly PPV's,the history of the Boiler Room Brawl, a battle of public transportation, coffee as a plot device, what’s gotten into Kurt Angle's pizza, an update on our Civil War podcast, and much much more. We somehow went for 80 minutes
Joe Vs. The World FINALLY returns! Joe and Justin Shapiro spread some holiday cheer as they recap the year 1993 in the WWF! Topics include Colt Shapiro, the origins of the longest running etc etc, Protunga, human feces, Shawn Michaels has knights, 1-900 scams, Lex Luger's mental breakdown, and sports trash talk. Almost two hours of Yuletide fun! As always, donations to the March of Dimes are appreciated.
We're back! Joe Gagne and Justin Shapiro celebrate the fifth anniversary of the show in style, breaking down the year 1991 in the WWF. We cover it all, including Master Splinter winning the Royal Rumble, the talk show wars of 1991, Steve Keirn: time traveler, Earthquake inventing MMA, Battletoads is no substitution for live WWF, a PG product featurning animal murder, animal attacks, fireballs, broken glass, and near asphyxiation, the bumper crop of old and new faces, that Ric Flair guy, and the importance of a second job as a wrestler. Almost two hours (!) of fun for 1991! Same rules as before - show is free, but if anyone wants to make a donation to the March of Dimes, I've provided a link below. Thanks so much!
Amidst a sea of audio problems, Joe and Justin return to continue their trek through 90's WWF! The cover the first three months of 1996 and still manage to go for a hundred minutes. Steve Austin! Mick Foley! JBL! None of whom are called by those names! Plus the Raw Bowl, Billionaire Ted, Supersock, and lots more we didn't make up. Plus learn the origins of Justin's name and why Joe is like Mudhoney! A labor intensive 100 minutes as we close out the New Generation!
Justin Shapiro returns for part one of our look at the history of Summerslam! Over 70 minutes we cover the first ten Summerslams, including its largely uninteresting origins, plus the halcyon days of four PPV's a year, why you shouldn't bet on wrestling, Summerslam 95 puts Justin's dad to sleep, if Zeus came along today, See No Evil actors find work, Bret/Perfect is in fact better than Valetine/IRS, paralysis and it's negative effects on match quality, short fat men = main eventers, the Lex Express comes to my town, Ultimate Warrior keeps on runnin', who has tenure in the WWE, and much much much more. The Joe vs. the World you'd never thought you'd see (or hear)!
Rob Naylor and David Bix return for Joe Vs. The World #60 with a look at another dead fed: the ICW/IWCCW. Never heard of it? Don't worry, we break down all the assorted insanity, including the Savoldi clan, fake Angelo Savoldi, the Rock n' Roll Rockers, Bob Backlund is special, Paul Heyman's views on abortion, Michael Cole: Mass Murderer, the Von Erichs: The Animated Series, Super Duper Mario, SD Jones gets a contract, Curly Moe, Joe Savoldi is against suicide, the Creator, tangents and inappropriate comments, and our beloved Dawna the Teen Reporter. 100 minutes of our craziest show yet!
It’s a Christmas Miracle! Joe Gagne and Justin Shapiro return to recap some 1997 WWF (well, once Justin remembers who Joe is). A lot to cover in this episode, including backstage fights, Steve Austin gets crippled, Kane is (eventually) coming, a Sid eulogy, Michael Cole: voice of a generation, light heavyweight inaction, Gang Warz, failed contests, and much much more! 90 minutes of pulse pounding audio
Joe Vs. The World returns with a very special episode! Dylan Hales joins Joe to recap Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert's run in the USWA in 1990. You've seen or heard about Eddie running over Jerry Lawler with a car, but we dive into all of the angles, interviews, and matches that went along with it, as well as the disappointing end. Also featuring appearances from Kowabunga the Ninja Turtle, MC Jammer, and the New Kids!
Joe is joined by Justin Shapiro & Matt Feuerstein for part 4 of the epic History of WrestleMania series. The lads cover Manias 29-32, with topics including the end of Rock/Cena, being at Mania live, the series finale of Daniel Bryan, that Undertaker guy losing, the trouble with Roman Reigns, Shane McMahon: badass, more trouble with Roman Reigns, and so much more. We all kind of lose our minds during the 32 recap. 2 hours of majestic Mania talk!
The tenth anniversary of Joe Vs. The World kicks off with a return to the WWF in 1997. Joe and Justin look at some great TV and medicore PPV's, the Vader hostage situation, the real Sunday Night Heat, Light bulb jokes, wrestlers who care, shoot interviews, Sunny Days, tag partners feuding, and glorious, glorious puns. An action packed 90 minutes to kick off the celebration!
At last! The endless 1990’s WWF project returns with part two of our look at 1996. The Curtain Call! Austin 3:16! The Godwinns! Plus Jerry Lawler goes to Hell, figuring out podcast continuity, baseball hats, awful matches, the nadir of WWF tag wrestling, IYIHOP, where the hell will Wrestlemania be in Boston, and an extensive discussion of the time a fan punched Randy Orton in the nuts. Somehow this went 100 minutes. Enjoy!
Mike Quackenbush returns to talk his career and Chikara! We talk about trying to get to Japan, his future with ROH and working Bryan Danielson, thoughts on the 2007 King of Trios, and the upcoming Chikara show in Connecticut. Plus, Hungry Hungry Hobo, Freddie Blassie Junior, minis randomly showing up at shows, future clowns, and AAA stars hopefully coming soon to Chikara (no, not Baby Marvin). A jam-packed half hour of power!
Tanvir Raquib joins us to talk Wrestling Society X and the pilot episode, the history of wrestling on MTV, what changes have to made to WSX, the WSXtra show, gimmicks we're looking forward to, massive explosions, and more. Plus a Royal Rumble recap, our ideas for Wrestlemania, throwing rocks at Kevin Nash, Rollergames, animatronic scorpions, Tan dumps on Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy calls my house. 50 minutes of fun!
Rob Naylor returns to JVSTW for another fun-packed appearance. We discuss the Lightning Kid, beer bellied sharecroppers, wrestlers call my house, Abdullah the Butcher does an Asai Moonsault, "favors," the Frog in WCW, how not to approach Tony Schiavone, Rob carries Bam Bam Bigelow's luggage, Tomko is a dad?, Angelo Poffo is a robot?, and the Brooklen Brawler cuts a promo? 50 minutes of fun in the mighty JVSTW manner!
Justin Shapiro is back for part 2 of our Summerslam retrospective, covering 1998-2007. We recap some tremendous shows, plus death stalks Earl Hebner, boneheaded match ratings, l-u-g-u-b-r-i-o-u-s, Tazz: Beyond The Glory, Pure Sports Build, shows that may or may not have happened, Diva Dodgeball: where are they now?, profusely beaten babyfaces, the haunting of Randy Orton, GrandpaTista, is Triple H an Other?, and the Summerslam Jam! Spend an hour at the biggest party of the summer, sponsored by Power Wheels!
WE'RE BACK. Bryan Alavrez of joins us for a fun show, where we discuss his appearances on Nancy Grace, his dream panel of wrestlers, being quoted by the National Enquirer, WWE 24/7, Bryan vs. Ivan Koloff, Hulk Hogan: King of Kayfabe, Frenchy Martin vs. Outback Jack, how to pronounce "OH~", some five star ranting, and a sad announcement on the status of our show. A fun packed 35 minutes!
Justin Shapiro & Matt Foy return for part II of our Wrestlemania retrospective. We cover the highs and lows of XI-XXII, alogn with some thoughts on XXIII, plus shampoo, all I needed to know about race relations I learned from Triple H, the Wrestlemania legacy of Paul London, jerks in the crowd with dumbfounded expressions, barbarians with water bottles, Khali: color commentator, Matt gets, uh, excited after WM XX, I lean on the fast forward during the Iron Man match, and Justin gets peal harbored by Gorilla Monsoon. Bigger, badder, and better at a whopping 90 minutes!
Joe and Justin Shapiro head back to the movies to celebrate the DVD release of the 1989 cinematic classic No Holds Barred! We break down every aspect of the film, including the thin line between Rip and Hulk, draw bridges, teeny wangs, bafflng plot developments, BRELL, actors in this film actually finding other works, Zeus as Ryback, dookie, long trips to the bathroom, and much much more! Over an hour of Rip power, jockass!
Christopher Robin Zimmerman returns to talk all sorts of stuff, including his days at, the RSPW awards, ECW and much more, including Baron Von Rasche buying furniture, the great Tony Schiavone, Mark Coale, To Catch A Predator: The WWE Angle, Marquis Corvon, and a dramatic reading of an angry rant from 1998. 50 plus minutes of fun!
Rob Naylor returns to Joe Versus The World, as we discuss recent ROH, Heroes of World Class, a great Steve Lombardi story, and plenty of talk about squashes, from Barry O to Steve Reese, bad jobbers, the art of squashing and why it needs to be brought back, plus "Iron" Mike Sharpe, Konga the Barbarian, and everything you wanted to know about the U.S. tag titles (but were afraid to ask). A super fun 50 minutes!
The Cubs Fan joins us on Joe Vs. The World #32 for the first in a series of year in review shows, this time covering the wacky world of lucha libre. We hit all the big stories in CMLL and AAA, including why Mexico had a great year business wise, thoughts on Mistico and Perro Aguayo Jr., expired Visas, trying to figure out title belts in Mexico, the stunning unmasking of Black Tiger, crotch cacti, Irish luchadors, and more Mark Jinkdrak than anyone could want. An hour of lucha power!
Sven Mascarenhas joins us to celebrate the history of wrestling video games, from Mat Mania to Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007. We discuss the inherent challenges in making a wrestling video game, which ones got it right and which ones got it so very wrong, plus Bret Hart: Canadian video game hero, my class action lawsuit against Acclaim, the life altering THQ/AKI series, the Wrestlefest announcer, the No Mercy bug, does WCW Superbrawl exist?, and so much more. Total match time: 71:06. Listen to this and a winner is you!
WE'RE BACK. Rob Naylor joins us to talk a variety of topics, including Major League Wrestling, H2Wrestling, and Memphis Wrestling from 1993. We cover a ton of ground, including Berry Horrowitz, Brian Blair: worst commentator ever, trampolines, Rob talks to Teddy Hart on the phone, the moonsault contest, Sumie Sakai: Assassin, Sid Vicious' neighbor Seth, Melvin Penrod, Dirty Rhodes, and the stunning (well, maybe not) career path of Ric Blade. Over an hour of awesome!
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