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RECORDED FEBRUARY 13, 2020 After that unfortunate episode about the Brolfs yesterday, Ryan is back on target.  Today, he continues his synopsis of Duel of the Fates by looking at the general storylines originally planned out for Finn, Rose, Poe
RECORDED FEBRUARY 12, 2020 Wookieepedia Wednesday returns with an episode that's about as all over the place as a 5 minute podcast could be.  Today, I talk about pick-axes, the Brolfs, the Karths, and Jorus C'baoth's Outbound Flight. On the Web
RECORDED FEBRUARY 11, 2020 JJ Abrams and Chris Terrio claimed that they scrapped everything that Colin Treverrow worked on for Episode 9 and started from scratch when they came on board to write and direct The Rise of Skywalker.  But does their
RECORDED FEBRUARY 10, 2020 All of my social timelines exploded over the past few days with hot takes and screen caps of Colin Treverrow's draft script for Episode 9, which was titled "Duel of the Fates."  But the question was, should I read it?
RECORDED FEBRUARY 7, 2020 We made it to the end of another week here on Jump to Lightspeed!  Today I'm looking at in-universe books, of which there aren't too many.  And the ones that do exist are impossible to pronounce correctly the first tim
RECORDED FEBRUARY 6, 2020 Might as well make it a week about books!  Today on the podcast I talk about my experience thus far working my way through the Galaxy's Edge Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook!  Want to follow along?  I'm collecting
RECORDED FEBRUARY 4, 2020 I love Star Wars books, and so do my kids!  So today on the podcast I'm doing a run-down of all of the great books for young readers that have already been announced for 2020.  Will anything from Project Luminous be in
RECORDED FEBRUARY 3, 2020 I love Star Wars books, and so today on the podcast I'm doing a run-down of all of the great adult and young-adult books already announced as coming out in 2020.  I also notice a gaping hole in the lineup and try to fi
RECORDED JANUARY 31, 2020 The story of the life of Darth Plagueis has been relegated to Legends, but did the fine folks at Lucasfilm mine that continuity for inclusion in The Rise of Skywalker or any of the other sequal trilogy films?  Like muc
RECORDED JANUARY 30, 2020 Earlier this week I covered the Rise of Darth Plagueis the Wise, so today I'm going to cover his time as Sidious' immediate supervisor, and get into the unexpected details of his fall.   On the Web: https://anchor.fm/j
RECORDED JANUARY 29, 2020 It's a landmark day for Wookieepedia Wednesday episodes as I was randomly assigned an actual real life performer today!  This episode is all about American actor Larry Brandenburg and his single contribution to the lor
RECORDED JANUARY 28, 2020 Plagueis week rolls on with an overview of his origin story (as told in the Legends continuity), as well as the tale of how Sidious came to be his apprentice. On the Web: https://anchor.fm/jump-to-lightspeed E-MAIL: ju
RECORDED JANUARY 27, 2020 Getting used to my new hosting platform, so please excuse the lack of frills on these show notes.   Today begins Darth Plagueis week on Jump To Lightspeed, and I'm checking in with what the canon actually says about th
RECORDED JANUARY 24, 2020While doing research for my other podcast (Me and My Padawan!), I came across a trio of terms that I vaguely remembered from my early years of reading in the EU, but couldn't recall how they were different:  Dark Jedi,
RECORDED JANUARY 23, 2020Its a podcast episode inspired by the Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer that doesn't actually talk about the Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer.  Instead, I share the information that we know about the series and make some predictio
RECORDED JANUARY 22, 2020Visiting Hologram Fun World sounds like an absolute blast, I mean its right there in the title.  But is it really?  This week's edition of Wookieepedia Wednesday starts at the Wonderbilt, one of the finer lodgings at th
RECORDED JANUARY 21, 2020At some point over the past few days, Star Wars became just the second franchise to cross the $10 billion cumulative earnings mark worldwide and is now a mere $12.5 billion dollars behind the movies of the Marvel Cinema
RECORDED JANUARY 20, 2020I'm about a dozen episodes into my chronological re-watch of The Clone Wars and man is it an experience.  I talk about it in today's episode!  If you want to tag along on my re-watch, follow me on my personal Twitter!St
RECORDED JANUARY 17, 2020Today, I'm wrapping up another week of podcasting by using the events of Chapter 8 of The Mandalorian to make some predictions about what the central story of Season 2 will revolve around.  Hint:  It involves a few of o
RECORDED JANUARY 16, 2020Live, from New York, it's Jump to Lightspeed! OK, OK, this isn't live, and I'm definitely NOT in New York.  We're back to talking about The Mandalorian and for today's edition of the podcast I thought it'd be interestin
RECORDED JANUARY 15, 2020It's time for another Wookieepedia Wednesday adventure and today, I'm learning all about the sophisticated flavors and complicated brewing methods for meatlump wine.  WEBSITE: http://jumptolightspeed.podbean.comE-MAIL: 
RECORDED JANUARY 14, 2020A lot of time and effort clearly went into constructing the storyline for Season 1 of The Mandalorian, so much so that the vast majority of mysteries set-up in the earlier run of episodes were resolved by the end of the
RECORDED JANUARY 14, 2020Relationships between fathers and their children in Star Wars have typically been portrayed as contentious and dysfunctional, with one party usually trying to kill the other.  Exceptions are there, but have never been p
RECORDED JANUARY 10, 2020What a week it's been!  I'm celebrating the end of the first full-week of the reorganized Jump to Lightspeed with my final episode on the story in The Rise of Skywalker!  Today, I'm leaving the Palpatine family tree beh
RECORDED JANUARY 09, 2020Today I'm continuing my week-long debrief on The Rise of Skywalker by considering the question of whether or not the Force is in balance when the credits start to roll.  I don't reach any definitive conclusions, because
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