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Will you and your companions survive the reaping? Listen in as James talks about Ash of Gods: Redemption, a turn-based strategy and visual novel mashup about Terminus, a medieval world under the pressure of an unknown power.   klutchkittengaming@gm…
Need a break from killing hordes of enemies and dealing with toxic players? If so, this might be the perfect game for you! Listen in as James talks about Islanders, one of the most relaxing city-builders you can find!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Do you have what it takes to save Paperverse from the arch-demon himself? Listen in to today's episode to hear about Book of Demons, the isometric ARPG where you're battling against countless enemies and the powers of hell!   klutchkittengaming@gma…
Talk with your shrink, take some drugs, slaughter your target, drink a cup of tea, watch TV, repeat. Today James talks about Katana Zero, the 80's themed neo-noir action platformer, where you play as a samurai who is a deadly, time-bending assassin…
Join in for this paw-some episode about Cat Quest, the 2D open-world RPG revolving around a special "dragonblood" kitty!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen into Episode 35 where James talks about Return of the Obra Dinn, a mystery adventure game where you have to figure out how the entire crew of a ship perished while out at sea!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
What happens when Death goes on vacation and you're the only one available to take over his job? Find out in today's episode as James talks about the wacky and endearing game called Flipping Death!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Today James is joined by Courtney and Jordan to discuss everything from tabletop gaming to Stardew Valley to Don't Starve! This conversation is definitely one you won't want to miss!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com  
Listen into Episode 33 as James talks about Tooth and Tail, an RTS about four animal factions trying to keep their bellies full and save their bacon!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen in to Episode 32 as James talks about Mana Spark, a quiet rpg rogue-like available on both Steam and Switch!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Tune in as James talks about Iconoclasts, a Metroid-style action platformer that follows a mechanic's journey to fight against the One Concern, an authoritarian regime masked as a religion!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen in on today's special episode where James and Dennis cover a wide variety of topics ranging from game design, to being a vegan restauranteur, to Supergiant's game Transistor! This is an episode you won't want to miss!   klutchkittengaming@gm…
Listen into Episode 30 as James talks about FAR: Lone Sails, an emotional and atmospheric vehicle adventure game.   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen in to Episode 29 as James discusses The Hex, one of the most unique games he's ever played.   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen in as James talks about What Remains of Edith Finch, an adventure game about Edith's journey to learn about the mysterious past of her family.   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Chill out on today's episode as James talks about Frostpunk, the city-builder survival game set in an 1886 dystopia.   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Tee up for Episode 26 where James talks about Golf Story, a fun and unique golf rpg!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Dive in with James this week as he talks about Subnautica, a survival explortation game set in the mysterious ocean of an alien planet!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen in on the first episode of 2019! Today James talks about Gris, the gorgeous watercolor adventure by Nomada Studio.   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Because it's award season, James is jumping in on the action and giving out 7 awards to some of the games he reviewed this year!    klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen in as James discusses the second half of The Messenger in this week's episode.    klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Listen in as James discusses the first half of The Messenger, an action platformer that take you on a ninja's journey to save his clan!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Have you ever woken up in the trunk of a car only to find yourself in the middle of a zombie invasion? Today James talks about Garage: Bad Trip, a game where your character experiences just that!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Cue up for this week's episode about Pool Panic, a billiards puzzle game that takes you on a wild adventure!    klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
Join in as James takes a look at the colorful and wacky world of Pit People!   klutchkittengaming@gmail.com
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