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As we look deep into our special guest Kathy Johanson, we find she is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry, medical device, property management, aerospace, and wine businesses. Kathy is an Independent Wine Consultant at Scout and Cellar with 34 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. She has been recognized and honored as an Innovator, Educator, and Philanthropist. Her goals have always encompassed support and positive change for pressing women’s issues whether it is health and well-being, education, or mentorship. She served as the owner, and co-founder of O Wines Winery where she and her business partner started The Opportunity for Success Scholarship Foundation, a scholarship established to fund educational scholarships for underserved females desiring higher education in the Western US. 95% of the students receiving these scholarships were the first in their extended families to get the opportunity to go to college. Kathy gets her inspiration from leaders like Gandhi who said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” She believes her philanthropic efforts have the potential to change lives daily. The key is making the extraordinary effort of time and hard work not for self but for others.  #ku2thachase #podcast #episode57 #isawthelight --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Sylvester and Gregory discuss Sylvester's life's challenge as a native of Columbus, GA, who grew up surrounded by gang violence in a drug-infested neighborhood.  A young black man was only expected to do three things, die, go to jail, or make it out by luck.  Instead of becoming a product of his environment, he decided to join the Military and invest in himself.  Beating the odds with no luck but all hard work and determination, he can now call himself a combat veteran, college graduate, self-published author, and business owner. He is a recently retired Army First Sergeant with 21 years of dedicated service in the US Army.  A combat veteran with multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, he has accomplished measurable results under extreme pressure while leading multiple personnel teams in dynamic, fast-paced, and hostile environments.  Sylvester has certifications in Advance and Executive leadership. He is a best-selling author that have written many books.  A Quick Cure to Successful Leadership, Resilience Winning the Battle Within and my latest The Compass.  In 2019 Sylvester chose to become a speaker.  He created Rising to the Top R2T to help others become game-changers that rise above their situation and achieve more by focusing on leadership and personal growth to magnify their excellence.  He has dedicated himself to sharing his universal blueprint to mental and physical success with youth and young adults.  Sylvester glorifies the understanding that no matter what you do, as long as you bet on yourself, put your best foot forward; the outcome will always reciprocate a positive result. He is an experienced leader who has empowered 100's of people by helping them reach their goals, both personally and professionally.  Tune in and listen to the full episode of this heroic story; this is truly a game-changer and uplifting story.   #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode55 #maxout #potatoes #eggs #coffee  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Ana Maria & Gregory discuss her struggles with pride, hurt, resentment, codependency, and fear for so many years.  How she became a mother at an early age.  Her journey as a young single mother has taught her that ''courage goes where confidence dares not,'' and that path brought her to this point where her goal is to assist women in rising above whatever challenges they may be faced with the way to their goals.  As the Confident Executive Officer at "Confident Closers," her goal is to help Women build a Personal Brand to establish Influence and attract more opportunities to their lives and businesses. She believes in building solid, long-term relationships and the power of teamwork.  For her, there is an individual fulfillment that comes with serving others; that is the pathway to real significance.  Ana Maria hosts a podcast as well, where she inspires women to keep pushing forward.  Tune-in and listen to this episode of courageous determination to get her life back on track.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode51  #thisisit --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Susan & Gregory explore how to manage projects or small business beyond the chaos. We discuss how she is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos, a consultancy helping small business owners simplify their operations and manage their projects to grow their businesses and get their lives back.  They also discuss her mission to improve American society exponentially.  Her passion is to help small business owners who are overwhelmed gain control of their growing businesses through process development, organization, and structuring business operations and projects.  From developing processes to coaching project managers to set up work-from-home environments to eliminating paper, Beyond the Chaos can help you feel less overwhelmed, more effective, and quite productive at the end of your day. Tune-in and listen to the full episode for insight towards managing your projects and avoiding the chaos.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode51  #beyondthechaos #dos #donts  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Despite experiencing some technical difficulties Evita and Gregory managed to discuss motherhood, womanhood, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, multiculturalism, self-love, and beauty.  They also explore while as a writer, she specializes in email marketing, beauty, and curly/natural hair as it relates to writing for a hair company.  Evita started freelance writing and blogging professionally in 2015 and have been a contributing writer for  MultiCultiGirl  and Mygirlsquad.   After years of writing for other sites, she thought it was time to start her own blog.  In November of 2018 she published her first children’s book, The Girl with The Magical Curls, which was inspired by the Dove Love Your Curls campaign commercial and her own curly girl daughter, Tatiana. The premise of her book is to encourage self-acceptance and self-love amongst little girls and women.  Learning to love your curls is combined with a dose of fantasy in this poignant story that takes stance on social stigmas. Tatiana becomes a neighborhood superhero after stumbling across a mysterious bottle of oil that helps her hair grow long. Her love for writing began when she was in junior high school while writing short stories and poems, but before she started writing professionally, she was working in the higher education sector.  Her love for writing a book for children about mindfulness and spirituality from an ecumenical standpoint.  Evita provides quite an inspiring insight to her determination to break down the barriers of beauty.  Tune-in and listen to this relatable content for anyone whose is a parent with child.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode50  #beauty   --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Alina and Gregory discuss what life was like in Armenia which it was part of the Soviet Union.  During the years of war in her country, she had to endure difficult living conditions with no water, no electricity, and bad quality food.  That part of her life makes her appreciate everything she has today, she does not take anything for granted.  Alina was struggling for years trying to find happiness while dealing with her conservative culture where men are dominant, and women have no right to make decisions. instead of partnership, women should be like a servant with no right to make decisions.  She was suffocating because her personality is completely different, and she had to play that role of “good” wife for years. A few years ago, her life changed completely due to a new concept called Reality Transurfing, that concept says: If you want something, don’t beg and don’t fight for it, just go and take it.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode and gain a perspective on life through lens of our featured guest.   #kut2thachase #podcast #episode49  #dontbeg #dontfight --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Genesis & Gregory discuss her passion for Equality, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.  Furthermore, she specializes in telling her story and getting others to step outside of their comfort zone.  They also explore how she advocates for others to live out their dreams, goals, and visions, and she encourages people to take a leap of faith and get out of their comfort zone.   Genesis is the author of Chocolate Drop in Corporate America: From the Pit to the Palace.  From the pages of her book, Genesis raises her voice for minorities in the workforce and anyone who has felt slighted, ignored, or undervalued along their career journey.  Tune-in & listen to discover the defining moments which set her journey and path towards life & respect.    #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode48  #outoffrustration --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Janina and Gregory talk about that everybody feels occasionally stressed, yet what is stress?  How can it influence your general wellbeing? Furthermore, how would you be able to do to deal with your stress?  Stress is how the mind and body react to any request.  Any sort of challenge can be unpleasant.  Stress can influence your wellbeing.  It is imperative to focus on managing minor and significant stressors, so you realize when to look for help.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode for some genuine knowledge in regards to handling stress. #kut2thachase #podcast #episode47  #thestressguru --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Deanna and Gregory create the most entertaining podcast moment with "Car Confession."  Deanna pioneer car confession almost 2 year ago. Gregory caught wind of this through Deanna's LinkedIn feed post; therefore, determine to have her on the show where the laughter is just down right infectious.  Tune in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode45  #carconfessions     --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Kim and Gregory explore the best way to make sure you complete your tasks is through ruthless prioritization.  That means deciding not to do things you'd really like to do.  It also means deciding what is the most important task even when everything on your list feels crucial.  Tune in and listen to this interesting conversation with Kim and Gregory.  #kut2thachase  #podcast #episode38  #ruthless #prioritization  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Patrick and Gregory explore the topic of acceptance.  Understanding your life may improve by simply accepting the changes in your life.  Learn how to get rid of negative energy, look outside yourself and begin to help others.   Tune in and listen to this episode and gain the perspective of what happens when we accept differences in life and culture.    #kut2thachase #podcast #episode37  #acceptance #whathappens #whenyouroutside  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Denise and Gregory discuss the challenges surrounding buying a home.  For most of us it is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your life, which can also make it your biggest risk.  While this may seem a bit scary, buying your first home should be an exciting time — in a bust-out-the-champagne.  Tune-in and listen to this informative episode.  Quote: “The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” — Maya Angelou #kut2thachase #podcast #episode35 #makingdreamscometrue --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Bibinaz and Gregory discuss her journey when on the outside, she had it all and was living her best life.  Living in places like London, Italy and Vancouver and working as an Interior Designer for some of the most luxurious brands in the world.  But, on the inside, she was battling an extreme phobia of disease and cancer, also known as hypochondria/carcinophobia.  Discover what it's like to regain and recovery your life from anxiety and panic attacks.  Tune-in and listen to the full episode.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode31  #anxiety --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Gregory describes in a very authentic way why he created this podcast.  He also shares a token of appreciation to those who help him achieve this goal within a short period of time.  The Journey is what Kut2thachase is all about raw, unfiltered, unscripted and unbridled.  After all this is not your typical podcast.   We hope that you enjoy this episode.   #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode25  #thejourney    --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Gregory and Linda discuss her passion and journey toward becoming a small business owner. Throughout her early stages, she realized that employment was not for filling her passion for helping others.  As she began to undercover some essential steps that would help alleviate small businesses, startups, and entrepreneur initial setbacks and failures, she decided to launch Tappa Consulting Group LLC.  An authentic story for anyone looking to go into business for themselves or simply gain better Business IQ.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode23  #theboutique --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Our discussion with Bernard Etienne CISSP CCSK CAP SEC ITIL CSM pushes the limits of genuinely understanding the importance of "Failure Is Not An Option" in one staggering episode. Find out how two youth minority business visionaries contracted their own way during the late 1990s era where innovation was blasting off, and the misfortune odds were not good for them having any achievement. These two pioneers will not surrender and keep on using the expression "Failure Is Not An Option" to keep their roused to push ahead with living out their dreams.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode24  #failureisnotanoption --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Lauren and Gregory discuss how leaving home at the age of 18 was a conscious choice to go at life alone. Leaving behind an unfavorable environment and overcoming the disability of PTSD was only the beginning of her journey. They also talk about what it takes to be brutally honest about the lines of discrimination, equal employment opportunity, and diversity.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode19  #todayistheday --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Jason and Gregory discuss a life long journey they have shared as brothers and colleagues in the business. Jason explains how his mindset changed when Gregory first introduce him to the world of project controls. They also talk about the importance of treating people right,  understanding how to listen and live up to expectations.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode20  #brothers   --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Keyonna and Gregory discuss the qualities to success empathy, compassion, patience and mental/emotional stability.  Also they talk about how passionate she is about supporting the next generation of young women.  She is honored to teach, guide, support and assist them with the use of her personal and professional advice as they embark on their future careers.  #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode13  #thequailitiestosuccess --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Marie and Gregory discuss how she created her own way in life without a road map, when she was a little girl, her mother used to always tell her to “become a doctor or a lawyer” when she grew up her dream was to help people.  Now running for Candidate for City Council, she understands the feeling of not having a “voice” in society because you have less.  One of her goals is to empower citizens so that they know they have a voice regardless of socioeconomic status. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode17  #runfortheballot --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Laura Ann & Gregory discuss health and beliefs.  Laura Ann who is a wellness expert specialized in nutritional education and healthy living.  She empowers transformation through personalized coaching and training programs.  Our dialogue explores her goal  to continue to helping others reach their goals and/or create an income to replace what they are currently doing.  They also discuss her true passion is to help change as many lives as possible through the health and wellness industry. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode15  #health #beliefs --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Teri and Gregory discuss the myths of franchise ownership.  Teri shares and provides guidance to the listeners for making an informed decision regarding franchise ownership, helping them to understand the pros and cons of franchising, costs and financing techniques, types of industries and business models, and the keys to effective research. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode14  #mythsoffranchiseownership --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Gregory & Kalee explore some of the challenges recruitment firms are facing with COVID-19.  Also, they discuss how these types of organizations should adapt to the new normal. #kut2thachase #podcast #epsiode1  #recruitment #challenges --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Our featured guest is a smart-mouthed, heart-focused sales and personal branding expert with over 10 years of professional sales experience on a mission to change the way we sell to one another. By teaching others how to harness the power of their personal brand so it sells, she is helping entrepreneurs claim their spaces in their industry niches so they can grow their business and their confidence. She left her corporate sales career at the end of 2018 because she wanted and needed more control of her life and her career. She was making good money, but she had no time. She wanted to build a business that served her life, not have her life serve her business. Now she helps people proudly and confidently take up space in their industry so they can be seen as the qualified experts that they are, so they can get the opportunities and the clients they deserve. She helps people design a business that serves their life by looking at things like their systems, their processes, and their pricing, just to name a few. She also teaches companies and entrepreneurs how to use LinkedIn to connect with more clients, make more money, and build strategic professional relationships from strong personal brands that sells. Combining her executive B2B sales + digital marketing experience, she has developed a framework bringing influencer-style marketing strategies into the B2B sales process. Welcome to our featured guest, Belinda Aramide. This is an episode that is surely worth exploring every minute of their discussion.  Tune in and listen. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #E100 #thewisdomwhisper #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
Our featured guest today is a social program developer, and the author of the book "The Future of Palestine: How Discrimination Hinders Change”. She was born and raised in a conservative Palestinian society, she learned to think critically and question the given norms. When she first started the book, she said it was mainly for Palestinians and Palestinians only. But after living in the U.S. for two years, she said she realized there are people who have either no knowledge about Palestinian society at all or just have a limited perspective. She was hugely impacted by her involvement in many phenomenal leadership programs like The International Women Leaders Program, MEPI - Student Leaders Program, and CGI U. This led her to design and implement her own leadership development projects that have a positive impact in her Palestinian community. She is also a content writer at Hub101, an event coordinator at Californian Lutheran University’s School of Management, and a private ESL teacher. When she is not running around between classes, work, and Model United Nations club meetings, she enjoys travelling and getting to know new cultures and people, defying the stereotypical image of how they are portrayed in the media. Welcome to our featured guest, Tamar Haddad. This is an episode that is surely worth exploring every minute of their discussion.  Tune in and listen. #kut2thachase #podcast #unscripted #unbridled #episode4everyone #E99 #discriminationhinderschange  #satx #sanantonio #sanantoniopodcast #sanantoniopodcaster #sanantonioinfluencer --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kut2thachase/support
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