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Hey everyone! Episode 100 is here. We discuss the new Mortal Kombat movie. Wiley and Kenny talk about some late game Outriders, Kenny and Anthony are back on their FF14 grind for... now? Kenny's got the scoop on Sony's own Xbox Game Pass game M
This week Tyler is back to let the you know about Fantasion. The new RPG on Apple Arcade with some impressive Final Fantasy pedigree behind it. Wiley is all in on Outriders after Kenny's recommendation the week before, and has some early impres
This week we've got the word on some Outriders, Oddworld: Snowstorm and  Anthony gives some more thoughts on Monster Hunter. Topic of the show is  focused on Sony's recent missteps and Microsoft's successes with Game Pass. Also available on You
Lots of games! This week the gang gives the scoop on the new Switch Monster Hunter and Tyler gives his review of It Takes Two. Octopath Traveler surprisingly comes to Game Pass and Wiley and Kenny give their initial thoughts. Topic of the show.
This week, Wiley finally has his long sought after PS5! He's here to give his impressions on Astro's Playroom and Spider Man: Miles Morales.  We have another check in with Tyler and discuss his progress with Loop Hero, and of course Anthony's h
This week on the show Tyler and Kenny venture into the latest Steam phenom Valheim, Wiley gives the scoop on Loop Hero as well as a couple of updates on Grindstone and Super Mario 3D World. There's also Night Call, your daily dose of Pokemon an
This week we've got updates on 13 Sentinels and Persona 5: Strikers. As far as new to the crew games there's the co-op horror Devour and Undertale-like Everhood. Kenny's back on the COD grind. Latter half of the show we delve into the shows tha
This week most of the crew is enjoying Persona 5: Strikers. Spoilers...  it's pretty good! Wiley has something to say about the latest Roguelite  to hit the scene (Curse of the Dead Gods) and Kenny's spent a good  amount of time with the Outrid
This week is a banger folks. We've got Bowser's Fury, Persona 5: Strikers, Little Nightmares 2, 13 Sentinals and maybe another game or two. Our topic of discussion for the second half of the show is the first virtual Blizzcon where we learned D
This week we've got the scoop on the creepy deepy spooky doopy platformer Little Nightmares 2. Tyler's deep into time travelin' anime mech infused 13 Sentinals: Aegis Rim. Kenny reminds us that The Avengers is still a thing with a report on the
Wiley finally beats Cyber Shadow! Tyler and Kenny are excited to chat about the newly relevant survival/Among Us clone Project Winter. Anthony's doin' his thang with GBA emulators. Topic of the show is a discussion about difficulty in games: ca
This week Tyler, Kenny and Wiley are all into Cyber Shadow. Wiley's  obsession with Grindstone continues, Anthony's back on his PS2 RPG  bullshit. Back half of the show the crew celebrates the best snowy levels that games have to offer due to t
This week Wiley gets a night off and Tyler, Kenny and Ant give the scoop on what is, what isn't and what shall ever may be. Stay level, leave a review if you're willing and keep on keepin' on! 
This week we get into how the pandemic has  effected our screen time and social lives in a big way. The games? Oh yes, there are games. Grindstone, Yiik, Luigi's Mansion 3, Torchlight 3 and more. Stay level y'all. 
This episode we take a look back at our resolutions from last year, how we did and how we want to improve in 2021. Also featured on the show this week, Luigi's Mansion 3, 2k21, Risk of Rain 2, Monster Sanctuary and The Garden's Between.
This is it folks, our definitive, legally binding game of the year episode. We're also playing quite a bit too; Anthony, Kenny and Tyler are all giving Monster Sanctuary its due, Wiley is hyping up the little known game called A Short Hike, Ken
The Phantom Producer is in the hosting chair this week! He guides us through the 2021 fantasy open critic fantasy draft. Wiley talks about Luigi's Mansion 3 for a couple minutes... It's a good time. 
Everyone's one's all aboard the Monster Train! All 4 of us are hooked on this deck building roguelike, and we talk about it! Wiley's into Curse of the Moon 2, making his way through Valhalla and loving the multiplayer in Tetris Effect Connected
This week it's mostly all about arguably the most botched release of a video game of all time. Yes the title is a joke. 
It's another episode of the Level With You Show! This week Tyler gives his final thoughts on Valhalla, Wiley has wrapped up Blasphemous and played some Rogue Company with Kenny. There's also... SO MUCH MORE. Thanks for listening, stay level! 
This week join Wiley, Kenny and Tyler as they give us updates on Yakuza and Assassin's Creed... these games a LOOOONG. Wiley has taken the plundge back into Destiny 2 thanks to Xbox Game Pass offering the newest expansion. They also take some t
This week on the show we celebrate what we're most thankful for in gaming in 2020, a most UNPRECEDENTED year. Anthony's got his first impressions of The Legend of Zelda: Age of Calamity, Tyler and Wiley have a lengthy AC: Valhalla update as the
This week we have SO MUCH games to talk about we didn't have time for anything else. Tyler's got his first impressions on the PS5, Astro's Playroom and Demon's Souls. Kenny and Anthony are ENTHRALLED with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Wiley has his fi
This week Kenny has his first impressions on the beefy slab known as the Xbox Series X. Apologies for the late upload. Stay level! 
This election night episode is filled anxiousness, great questions from listeners and the usual video game talk (including the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Raid and new No More Heroes port). During the back half of the show, we delve into some  n
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