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Lore Boys

A weekly Comedy, TV and Film podcast featuring Ethan Palmer
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Episodes of Lore Boys

Did you want us to go back to Elder Scrolls lore? I bet you did!Releasing probably 15 years before Elder Scrolls VI is the fourth Lore Boy episode about that very series!This time we're getting into the demons of Oblivion! Not the game, you idi
This week we're heading to the space station Citadel at the Lagrange 6 point around Saturn for System Shock lore. We've got a rogue AI conducting horrific biological experiments but hey, at least they're giving out free iPhones, right?To join t
Welcome one and most to the 200th episode spectacular!Originally broadcast over at twitch.tv/TheLoreBoys while raising money for sick kids! We had tech issues, live calls, trivia, Steven Segal!Everything you need.To join the discussion and sugg
November 6th 2021 twitch.tv/theloreboys Get ad-free content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Ever wonder who the heck Ulamog, Emrakul, and Kozilek are? Well not for long, dummy! They're Eldrazi titans we now know, and the Lore Boys are here to tell you all about 'em!This episode is a nice follow-up to our last Magic: the Gathering epis
Lore Boys here with the lore of a Hollywood favourite - Hannibal Lecter. We're doing a dive on the Thomas Harris character for Non-Denominational Horror Month™ and looking at not only who he was in the fiction, but speculating on who he might h
Hexen lore! Spooky un-alive capitalists have come to ruin the glorious magic USSR.To join the discussion and suggest a topic, check out our Discord.As always, we super appreciate you listening, and hope that if you enjoy the show you’ll tell yo
Lore Boys here with more Magic: the Gathering Lore. We're driving headlong towards our Halloween theme with an episode about Innistrad, the plane of gothic horrors! Strap in for some werewolves, vampires, ghosts, ghouls, demons and more!This ep
Lore Boys here with some particularly silly lore from the Metal Wolf Chaos series by From Software. The gang got together to try and crack into the Japanese gaming market, and boy howdy I gotta say, "Let's partyyyyyy these great United States o
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Lore Boys here with some Apex Legends backstories! We're revisiting King's Canyon, and visiting for the first time World's Edge and Olympus. Grab your timepiece and a bungee cable, and try not to get knocked!If you like this episode, consider c
Lore Boys, the internet's #1 beta-alpha-sigma male podcast, is back with more lore on the forgotten gender, the T'au male. We're diving into a play by play of the Damocles Gulf Crusade, and what that means for our fledgling species, as the take
Lore Boys are here with a double-feature. We're starting off with Mad Max lore, but given how little Peter turned up, he gave ol' Jamie and Ethan the runaround and shifted us to the Umbrella Corporations humble beginning as a pharmaceutical-cum
Turok! He's the native american hero who fought all those dinosaurs for us in the Civil War... or something. I guess you'll find out on this episode of the internet's #1 fake history podcast why exactly Mr. Turok fought all those aliens in a ca
The internet's #1 fake-history podcast, the Lore Boys, is bringing up more 40K bullshit. We're talking about the T'au, and the subraces that make them up! Who are they? Where do they come from? Can you milk them? The answer to that last one mig
You want Horizon Zero Dawn lore? You got it, bub! Another listener request, the Lore Boys are deep diving into the fake history history behind the PS4-exclusive-come-Steam game.The way to a man's heart is through the robot dinosaur, a smart per
Lore Boys here with more retro lore for y'all. The internet's #1 fake history podcast is bringing you more tales from the N64 with Glover lore. It's got wizards, crystals, balls, and hands... or gloves at least. We think hands.If you like this
Lore Boys are back with the internet's favourite fake history podcast. Get your d6s ready because we're diving into more Warhammer Lore with a brief history of Nagash, his homeland of Nehekhara, and some other favourites like Arkhan the Black!
Lore Boys are back, the internet's #1 fake history podcast is here to bring you even more Russian Literature, with Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033, and the accompanying video game series! We're taking a look at the subtle yet nevertheless presen
The Lore Boys are back with the internet's #1 fake history podcast! We're talking more SCP, more Grand Karcist Ion, more Yaldabaoth, and more Meat City, USA. Strap in for the War of the Occult!If you like SCP lore and want to hear more, conside
Yes yes it is once again your Lore Boys, returning from our horrible underground tunnel to gnaw at your bones.This week we're putting a little capstone on the Skaven lore with a journey to Nagashizzar to fight in the Battle of Cripple Peak! We'
Internet's #1 Fake History podcast is back with some o' that sweet, sweet Japan lore. Lore Boys are tackling Capcom's Devil May Cry lore in this week's episode!We make reference to the Divine Comedy, because of the character names Virgil and Da
Lore Boys are back with more of the hotly requested SCP Lore! This week we're clearing the table of any leftover meat bits and setting the stage for the War of the Flesh. We've got Yaldabaoth and The Broken God gearing up for a battle of wits a
Lore Boys are back with a Warhammer Fantasy lore podcast! The Skaven are an enigmatic race, and their rise is told through ancient mythology. The Lore Boys are cracking open the Doom of Kavzar to study just how rats become ratmen.This episode i
Lore Boys here! The internet's #1 fake history podcast is taking us on a wild ride to Marsneyland, to learn about why you can't grow bananas on Helghan. We're talking Killzone lore and all the glowing red eyes and petrocyte that entails!To join
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