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Pulp Serials are BACK - in Star Trek form! A parody within a parody with a wildly underplayed premise arises from the most hit-or-miss Trek series of them all, but what will the Trek Bois think of it? This is the final episode of Axe Wizard's
This time around we solve the mystery of the missing David S. live on pod, finally receive a word cloud we personally requisitioned in an earlier episode(???), talk about disposable villains that need to make a comeback, dive into the TV watchi
"Vash is back! Wait, you don't remember beloved character VASH? From STAR TRACK? ....alright, Q is back. You happy? But we're gonna make him BAD AND WEIRD! So there! " - the writers of this episode, probably. That's what we talk about but are m
This time around we got a lotta e-mails and had to cut em down a bit but we hear about a good ol' fashion fishing tale, deep dive into the past, hear some WILD opinions about Masks that we can't stop interrupting, and think on just how DO you k
PRAISE BE TO NAGILUM! HE IS COME! Boy it's really hard to fairly evaluate an episode with a giant horrible special effect at the center of it that cheapens the entire story quite a bit, huh? We might've been a little unfair before? Check out t
his time around our docket is full with e-mails about our favorite Sega Genesis classics, the answer to a question that has plagued scholars for a decade about various Bo Jacksons, an EXTREME amount of defenses and conversation for Trip Tucker
The bois discover the absolute funniest episode of Star Trek in the entire franchise and spend the whole runtime of the podcast giggling uncontrollably and remembering the wildest moments from the TAS classic Mudd's Passion. This is the 2nd ep
This time around we hear from a trickster tryin'a trick us into doin a racist accent, discuss Fox Mulder's decisions regarding vaccinations, try and figure out the best Star Trek parody of all time, hear out a VERY sincere apology that isn't go
Did you know Trelane is a Q in all the spin-off books and stuff? Huh? Didja? Well Jeff knew and he's TELLIN' YA. A LOT! Is it because this episode ain't the greatest? Tune in and find out! This is the first episode of Axe Wizard's "Galactic To
This episode of M-Class E-Mail is...kinda short! But it's a Short King, and is also lit or whatever kids love. I went to college for THIS?! This time around we hear from Quark who has given us an offer we can't refuse, discuss the many failur
Between collections we decided to watch The Void because it was on a ton of Top 10 Trek Episodes - does it live up to the hype? Well dang, listen to the podcast and find out already! This is an uncollected episode we just chose, no input whats
This episode of E-Mail is as special as each and every one of you is to us - it's guest starring the amazing, hilarious BAM and it's almost TWO HOURS LONG! Holy crap! This time around with BAM's aid, we discuss life and death, naturally, dent
We're joined by the inimitable BAM to discuss the biggest caper this side of the Bajoran Wormhole! One of the greatest Avery Brooks scenes in the series AND Odo turns into a bag?! Sign us all up! Also.. dental dams! This is the final episode o
This time around we hear from you about how being a monster would be super rad, David S. writes in about his wacky ol casino adventures, naturally, how starting projects and never finishing them is the worst (and maybe how to get around that pr
Bashir's holodeck Bond games become deadly for the entire crew when some science stuff happens and if they die in the game they DIE FOR REAL!! And your favorite Trek Bois count up all them references along the way! This is the 3rd episode of B
This time around we're asked what meal from Trek we'd wanna have and stumble over it for like 20 minutes, get deep into the concept of ego dissolution and probably advocate for LSD, try to figure out how to get these DANG KIDS THESE DAYS to wat
When our heroes get trapped in a Golden Girls go to Vegas style casino but in space can the novelty outweigh the fact that nothing happens? Yes this time! The Trek Bois have a ball talking about Data wearing a cowboy hat and the best trio on TN
Brought to you by HAT HOLE HOME VIDEO on Youtube! This time around we get pretty quickly into some good ol' fashion Spacism but don't nosedive too much, yanking up into e-mails from Q, Metroyd Myk talkin' bout some drifter murderer thing, do a
Did you know that the Federation has been collection a 40% cut of a 1920's gangster planet's protection racket money for A HUNDRED PLUS YEARS? Well we learn how that little oversight came to be in this episode that may be "KIRK'S GREATEST BLUND
Brought to you by HAT HOLE HOME VIDEO on Youtube! This time around we hear all about the world of the supernatural with Shadowmen who won't pay the dang rent and the very nature of impermanence afforded us by the concept of death! WOW it's act
When the whole crew of the Enterprise go into the Odinsleep so their brains don't get mushy it's up to Phlox to do all our favorite timely Austin Powers bits! Do our Trek Bois dig an episode where barely anything happens? LISTEN AND LEARN! Thi
BALEFIIIIIRRREEEEEEE!!! present another week early new episode of M-Class E-Mail in MELT-YOUR-FACE-OFF-O-VISION! This time around we hear from multiple David S.'s, hear about just how integral and heroic noted barfly Morn really is to the Domi
When an entire crew turns out to be not exactly what they thought they were will our favorite Trek Bois feel the crushing weight they feel upon the realization? Well, we certainly wish we did! This is the 3rd episode of Jakub's "Skeleton Crew"
It's time yet again to hear from the studio audience with this dope episode of the internets premiere Star Trek-ish e-mail in program that stars two dudes who's names start with a J! IT'S M-CLASS E-MAIL! This time around we get some VERY genui
When saving the day is left up to a bunch of snot-nosed teens lead by a suspiciously familiar looking jerk, who could possibly pick up the slack? Why, THE TREK BOIS, of course! RED SQUAD! RED SQUAD! RED SQUAD! This is the 2nd episode of Jakub'
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