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Mastering Your Message

A weekly Education podcast featuring J Cleveland Payne
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Best Episodes of Mastering Your Message

Not sure when to give up a project? This episode may not produce the a real answer, but it does lay the groundwork for how you can come to terms with the need to make the decision.
Being a creator means creating for the purpose of other people to admire your work. But how do you find more people to admire your work?
Content creation take a good amount of time and effort. How do you know if what you have to put into it will ultimately be worth it?  
Becoming a content creator is just as simple as creating content. And also, not quite as simple.
Every time you tell a story, whether fiction or non-fiction, you follow a three-step story arc. Here is a basic explanation.
It is hard just keep creating content when you are starting out with little to know audience. Keep creating anyway. Your message matter.
The focus of Mastering Your Message is changing with the times. The focus in now on helping content creators get better at their messaging and processing. This episode is an explanation of why and how.
Inspired 1986 hit single "Rumors" from Timex Social Club, we compare the spread of rumors meant to tear down with grass roots moments meant to build up, and how the tactics used in both should be in your storytelling toolbox.
You don't have doubts about your message, but about you being an effective message of that particular message. It (mostly) doesn’t matter who you are and how much knowledge and experience you have, as long as you are presenting from the right p
Tales of great fishermen and sales pitches from diamond level account execs are both just stories being told to hopefully willing listeners. You can help all listeners get into your stories with the right hook to reel them in.
I played an inspirational message from a thought leader I follow on YouTube. Ten minutes later, I stubbled upon anther video and watched another person deliver a near identical message of inspiration. They said the same thing in words, but did
As you begin your journey of spreading your message, you will probably not be so lucky to have a solid mechanism for promoting yourself. This episode offers some advice on how to make that work.
When you are starting out and do not have much of an audience, you may think it is a time to be down. But it is actually one of the best times of your career, as you have the ability to test just about everting about yourself, your style, and y
Due to the restrictions of travel and gathering at the time of this recording, doing events ‘virtually’ is the only way to get in front of people to deliver your message. But the process is different than showing up to a live venue and walking
If you are given the chance to speak on stage, but you’ve got to pay a fee for the spot, is that spot worth paying for. It just might be.
When Mastering Your Message was created, ‘live streaming’ was not a real thing. Now, it is dominating message delivery. You do not have to do it, but if you would like to here is a little info on what you should do to get started.
Having gravitas is just a fancy way of saying you can speak into important situations as if you belong in the spotlight.  Do you have it? Do you need it? How do you get it if you do not? 
You have to master your message creation process and delivery alongside mastering the mediums of transmission that you choose to use.
Even with all of the methods of audio and video that can be used for messaging in this modern age, being in print, whether on paper or in pixels, is a great way to establish clout and a tried and true way to deliver your messages.
2020 will go down in history for a lot of reasons, with just one of them being the weirdest Presidential election the United States has ever witnessed. But this is not a podcast about politics. It's about effective messaging. And there was plen
The simple advice I give to everyone recovering from a failure is ‘try again.’ But if you are working to deliver a message and you have failed to see results through a specific medium, you still need to try again, but you may need to review you
Giving a message is just telling a story, and like all stories, the more complicated it is, the easier it is to lose listeners. Here is an explanation of the foundation of storytelling to help: the Three-Act Formula.
Just because you are delivering one to many messages does not mean you can not have a little fun in a back and forth dialogue within your delivery. It takes some practice, but when you master having a dialogue within your monologue is a great w
You can easily get started as a speaker by being a ‘master’ in the topic you want to speak on. But if you think you are a master of many topics, you will find yourself not getting many bookings to take the stage in front of others.
You don't have to be a globetrotting daredevil to draw people in to hear your message. This is truly about hooking in the fish, regardless of bait used.
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