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Between 1981 and 1997, Dr. Michael Swango targeted both helpless patients and unsuspecting colleagues in his quest for mayhem. But before he carried out his murderous practice, he was a medical school student with an unhealthy obsession for cal
Ashley Flowers explores 15 of the world’s worst crimes in the new Spotify Original from Parcast, International Infamy. The first episode takes you to Mexico and the true story of Juana Barraza — a pro wrestler who became a serial killer known a
In 1987, their sick game began to lose its appeal — and Cathy began to lose her grip on Gwen. Their relationship became more volatile than ever. As both women began confiding in others about their murders, one person finally took their story to
Revisit ten of the worst fathers in true crime history in this special collection from Parcast Network. From the father who turned his son into a spy, to the dad whose long business trips turned out to be mafia hits, these dads will definitely
In Michigan in 1986, a heated love affair between two nurse's aides was strengthened by pranks and a devil-may-care attitude toward authority. But their games turned deadly when they began targeting patients who couldn’t fight back.    Learn mo
A German nurse claimed at least 87 — and possibly up to 300 — lives in the 2000s. Niels Högel is thought to be Germany’s most prolific serial killer since World War II. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Despite court battles that stretched on for years, Jeffrey MacDonald stuck to his narrative about what happened the night his wife and daughters were murdered. During that time, a new suspect emerged, evidence was reanalyzed, and an FBI analyst
Six months after the infamous Manson murders, an Army surgeon at Fort Bragg alleged that a hippie cult brutally murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters. Authorities weren’t convinced by Jeffrey MacDonald’s story. Learn more about you
By 1996, the nurses who worked with Kristen Gilbert suspected she was lethally injecting patients with epinephrine. Circumstantial evidence piled up against her, but it wasn't until she made a bomb threat that her fate took a turn for the worst
Wayne Simmons had a dramatic 27-year career with the CIA taking down cartels and busting arms smugglers — or did he? The ex-CIA military analyst and cable news star stands accused of being a fraud. Hosted by the reporter who broke the story, Im
Kristen Gilbert showed neurotic tendencies and a penchant for lying as young as adolescence, but it wasn't until she became a nurse that these habits grew dangerous. In 1989, after joining the staff at Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Massach
Despite his promising career as a dentist, Dr. Arthur Warren Waite had no patience when it came to making a fortune. After marrying an heiress in 1915, he attacked her family one by one. Waite's weapon of choice? Deadly bacteria. Learn more abo
This awards season, pull back the curtain on Tinseltown’s most infamous controversies in the new Spotify Original from Parcast, Hollywood Scandals. You can hear the first episode on Hollywood’s sordid beginnings right here, then follow Hollywoo
Over a dozen children fell mysteriously ill or died in the span of two months at Grantham Hospital, but it wasn’t until 1-year-old Claire Peck succumbed to a potassium overdose that medical staff contacted authorities. Their investigation found
Creepypastas, frightful TikToks, online horror stories… Loey Lane and Eleanor Barnes are taking you into the spookiest corners of the web in their new Spotify Original from Parcast, Internet Urban Legends. Meet the hosts and hear their debut ep
In a London hospital in the 1990s, nurses tended to the patients of Ward Four unaware that there was a murderer in their midst. But a suspicious rise in fatalities revealed a harrowing truth: someone among them was killing children. Learn more
Imprisoned in 1881 for poisoning a wealthy man, Cream served just ten years before he was released. He collected his share of his late father’s fortune, and set sail for England — where he earned his murderous moniker. Learn more about your ad
In the late 1800s, a dashing young doctor named Thomas Neill Cream used chloroform and strychnine to murder sex workers and women seeking abortions. His crimes spread across fifteen years and two continents.  Learn more about your ad choices. V
In January 2012, Victorino Chua was arrested at his home in Stockport, England for murder. During the investigation, authorities uncovered a chilling portrait of the nurse who poisoned 22 patients, drafted by Chua himself in a letter to one of
In the 1940s, posing as part of the French Resistance, Dr. Petiot promised safe passage to anyone trying to escape Nazi-occupied France. Instead, he took their money, and killed them in his own secret torture chamber. Learn more about your ad c
One of France’s most prolific serial killers was an early 20th century doctor and statesman. Marcel Petiot grew from a troubled boy into a troublesome soldier who later obtained a medical certification. He established himself in the small town
In 1828, Burke and Hare managed to successfully run a business selling corpses to anatomy professor Robert Knox. For nearly ten months, the duo went unnoticed — until an eye witness accused the men of murder. Learn more about your ad choices. V
In 19th-century Edinburgh, two men on the hunt for money found a lucrative industry: grave robbing. But the infamous Burke and Hare didn’t want to dig up corpses. Instead, they delivered death to the gullible, and brought the bodies to one high
Parcasters, your favorite hosts are getting personal in a heart-warming special from Our Love Story. Listen here to Alastair Murden tag-team with his wife Naomi as they tell their swoon-worthy tale of falling in love. Then search “Our Love Stor
The first target of Dr. Green’s vindictiveness was her husband, Mike. A month later, in October 1995, she set fire to their family home… with their three children still inside. 
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