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Hey, guess what? You remember how those stars aided Nightmare Moon in her escape? Yeah, Lauren Faust confirmed this week that was Celestia releasing her own sister. For some reason the fandom had a meltdown over this apparently, and Faust ev
Welcome to 4evrcast, with our special guests Evershade and the cast of mlpwillbe4evr direct from HarmonyCon 2020. If we can get all the electric gadgets to work right, we should be able to bring everyone together virtually and have a fun littl
It's another week, and Hasbro just dropped a made for kids video that looks a lot like Pony Life but it's...stop motion? What happened to the CalArts animated horse shit? Speaking of videos on YouTube, what are some alternatives now that COPP
Daddy is gone to Africa, home of the Ziggers, so retardo ricardo is at the helm again. We’re here to ask the hard hitting questions on Anons mind. Is a horsie trap really gay? I mean, they're a pony so can you really do any gay shit with them?H
Daddy is gone to Africa, home of the Ziggers, so retardo ricardo is at the helm again. We’re here to ask the hard hitting questions on Anons mind. Is a horsie trap really gay? I mean, they're a pony so can you really do any gay shit with them?H
The first podcast of 2020, what the buck is up? We're loaded up and ready, where we'll be discussing Wootmaster becoming worst fan of the year, Derpy being voted #20 meme of the decade, and maybe the shit… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/114)
Today's the third day of Christmas, what are you guys up to? Enjoying being a NEET again at home? Jerking off 20 times a day to pictures of cartoon horses? Tell us, Anon! We're probably going to do a… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/113)
So did you hear about the Horsemas Plushmaker guy who promised to make a bunch of plushies for anons in the Secret Santa thread? Yeah, he's not delivering most of those, so if you paid for one, you better ask… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/
Corp is dead so ya boy Greentext has to run this shithole of a podcast. For some reason The Soundguy wanted me to include his RP logs with CP Express. He’s a really weird nigga. Well, enjoy the suffering, fags.… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep
What do you do when your mother finds your clop fics? And what if she then told you she read them all? And got off to them? Whoah boy, we got some poor faggot who's going to be going through one hell of an… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/1
We're at it again and Twifag probably killed himself after seeing the future. Speaking of which, is everypony ready to get WACKY AND CRAZY? Boy, I sure to love CalArts style animation. Hasbro told me these new… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/
They say the fandom's dead, but why do is this the longest topic list we've ever had on a podcast? Let's start with the TwAIlight Navy Seal copypasta and the shitstorm that kicked off on Twitter, with VAs… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/108)
So we've got new ponies coming a lot sooner than we all thought, and aren't we all excited for the beautiful new art style. A bunch of ponies hanging out at Sugar Cube Corner downing some of Pinkie's brew, how… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep
The title of this podcast was brought to you by our sponsor, Alicia Scott. Please check out her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5X5L4JXhQz-Bns4nuuwMww So apparently Applejack won some… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/106)
Hey, remember that one guy? I think he was a wrestler or something. I forget his name. Oh wait, HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!! Apparently his Twitter account is following clop artists or something. So maybe he's… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep
Oh shit, it's episode 104, you know what that means right? Time for the FiM series finale suicide pact! 🔫Who would've thought when we started up this shit show we'd still be doing new episodes two years… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/104)
Hey so remember that wonderful show about cute little pastel ponies? Remember your waifu and how much you loved her? Yeah, time to forget all that, cuz it's ALL OVER. Let's commiserate together over the loss… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep
Ahh, the immortal words of Josh Haber. So there was a metric shit ton of leaks released by the based BigHckintosh on the MLP anniversary date, and boy are there tons of juicy details. We'll probably skim the… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/
Wow, I hope we still have listeners after last week's complete shitshow. Somehow the /mlp/odcast thread some faggot started last week is still alive, so maybe there are people out there who actually like… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/101)
We've somehow made it to episode 100. That's 5 score non-stop podcasts of this severe autism. Nearly two full years of not missing a single fucking week. And that's at least 100 hours you've wasted by… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/100)
I sure do love it when a mare winks at me. Whoa boy, and this last week's episode sure did have a nice quantity of that treat, I tell ya what! We're gonna talk all about it, including the new character… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/99)
It's a full moon, it's Friday the 13th, and we have a moonfag hosting tonight. It seems everything's aligning to make this one shitty podcast. Also, a glorious thing happened last week: Rarity got fucking… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/98)
The leaky sieve at Hasbro and DHX was apparently never plugged, as our boy BigHckintosh just dropped the final 5 episodes in English on us. Not only that, but the based anon also gave us EVERY SCRIPT TO EVERY… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/
Is this how it all ends? The finale was leaked in Dutch, and we're going to talk about it. So if you don't want spoilers, I'd avoid this podcast. Hell, I'd avoid reading the rest of this description. We're… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/9
Hey dad left again, so now we gotta do this shit on our own. Now, to preface before discussing this week's episode, Twilight is NOT retarded. She is obviously very passionate about the game, and it means a lot… (read more at https://mlp.one/ep/
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