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The problem with over simplifying anything is that often the meaning behind the intention is lost. So there's little in the way of trying to understand an idea at the level it requires and deserves, in order for it have any real benefits. Instead, it get relegated to the folder called infotainment. The lesson is getting taught but you're not necessarily the beneficiary of that wisdom. Those selling the ideas are the winners because they have made a fortune promoting intangible information. You get to hold on to the illusion of having learnt something! The question then becomes... what value if any can you quantify the lesson or lessons learnt?
How to use your intuition as a superpower! Alysha Myronuk … (pronounced my my-ronic) got tired of pretending that she couldn't help but notice all of the little synchronicities that followed her through her life's journey. From the death of her father, a failed restaurant business and the demise of her marriage, Alysha shifted her perspective from "why is this happening to me?'' to " what am I suppose to learn from this?" Instead of trying to find meaning in her life... she has found purpose and now she's in a much better place to give meaning to her purpose!Web:
Getting people to rage against the theft of their economic futures is easier than I thought. Persuading them to do something about it... well that's an entirely different story. Most people would much prefer their long held beliefs that everything will turn out just fine. It's a feel good narrative but the facts suggests otherwise. Episodes 26-29 of the Money And Time Machine Podcast, makes so much more sense after analyzing the eroding economic impact that inflation can have on a lifetime of hard work. But discovering how to use inflation to your advantage might just be reason enough to dispense with some of those beliefs... that no longer work for you!
Are you tired of always breathing life into your online venture(s)? Carmel Murphy's story and ascension from aspiring to bona fide online entrepreneur may be the inspiration you're looking for. Starting with the launch of the "EXCEPTIONAL ENTREPRENEURS" membership program starting at the beginning of April 2021. Now you too can go back to school with Carmel's exceptional program of learning. And graduate with the means to create a self sustaining online business(s) if that is or has been a dream of yours. Grab onto her coat tails or if you want... she can hold your hand through a process of learning that provides you with options for a brighter and more secure future. And her initial offer is so ridiculously lubricous... you could afford it even if you are BROKE!Contact Carmel Murphy directly to reserve a spot on her VIP list.Email:
Whether by design or by default, Michael Diaz has figured out that you are either bigger than your problems or your problems are bigger than you. If you are bigger than your problems then you have a fighting chance. It explains in part why Michael, despite his challenges, trials and tribulations has always looked at the less than stellar outcomes of his past endeavors as results rather than failure. Determined not to be defined by his pasts shortcomings... he has focused his attention on his passion and those things he can control. He maintains his power of perseverance by refusing to accept anything less than what he deserves!Email:michael@rwwfitness.comWeb:
The illusionary sense of self, often referred to as 'I' is not who you really are. This most misunderstood belief that you hold of yourself as 'SELF' opens you up to a life of unhappiness despite your achievements of conventional wisdom. When you understand yourself and can see how self serving your EGO can be... YOU can reign in your ego and live a life of more harmony and contentment.
There are only two ways to do anything in life. The hard way or the easy way! Tyson Sharpe, an emerging online personal development coach insists that either way requires you to do the work. Resistance in whatever form, only delays your rightful state. But for those who are prepared to do the work on themselves to evolve, spending more time doing what you love and having the experiences necessary for your transformation are the net results. Yes... the HOW TO is interesting but it's not where real growth comes from. The more time you waste avoiding the necessary work needed for your personal expansion... the less time you have to live life on your terms.The way life was meant to be lived!
It's nice to document your progress with experiences that highlight when its time to improve. To take your journey to the next level by breaking through to the next plateau. As it turns out, it was auspicious series of messages with a stranger that brought about a much needed change. In the universe there are no constants... you're either expanding or contracting. There's no in between!
Louise Kelly has at her core a belief that everything in life will turn out okay. It explains in part why she's always open to new opportunities. And ironically she always seems to be ready to embark on a new journey with little to no hesitation. She has always harnessed her experiences which allowed her to compound her skills... so not even the collapse of the airline she worked for, for 13 years or the GFC could stop her from moving upward and onward. Her greatest fear provides her with the greatest inspiration. Her attitude of gratitude allows her to live in the present and make the best of each and every moment and opportunity that comes her way!
Change comes often as an uninvited guest and typically at a time most inconvenient. The more accepting you are of change, the less resistance you're inclined to put up. Wendy Corner specializes in a niche form of communication. Perhaps it was her training that encouraged her to invite change into her life, albeit reluctantly. To learn from what change had and has to teach us all. Change according to Wendy is nothing more than an opportunity(s) in disguise. A chance to move on in life from where we have become too comfortable. A safe guard from the consequences of complacency. A fact none of us are immune to!Email:
We all deserve the best that love, life and happiness has to offer. Nicole Morawski and her husband had always determined to do well and for the most part... they did. However, when factors beyond their control threw them a couple of curve balls... one after the other... they found themselves on the defensive. After reviewing their results under a microscope, it became clear that they needed do things differently. With honesty, tenacity and a determination to reinvent themselves... a small shift in perspective, they've found a path that allowed them to use their experiences to rise above being trapped by conventional thinking!
Either you are bigger than your problems or your problems are bigger than you! Jordan Potts chose the former and his rise from the grips of a drug fueled lifestyle to mask his pain to enterprising mentor shows the power of conviction. His is a journey of rising above his painful past towards a life of joy. His story is what's possible when hope is backed up by action, a healing environment and people willing to support you to become the person you were meant to be!
The qualities that a healthy and enriching friendship provides to your happiness is unequivocal. So to contrast the realities of a toxic friendship... is to ask why anyone would put up with one? The true cost of a toxic friendship can be measured in wasted time, energy as well as other resources. If you're experiencing such a dilemma, then you might be surprised to learn that you're not alone and there is something you can do about it!
Nick Wilson didn't set out seeking financial sovereignty. Somewhere on his journey, he came to understand that what he was doing for a living was limited. He wasn't judgmental about the fact. He was however curious enough to seek some answers. His foundations for success were laid for him by his love of the martial arts discipline of Muay Thai, except he didn't know it at the time. Listen as Nick challenges you to change your perceptions of 'SUCCESS' from a noun to "SUCCESSING" the verb!
Spirituality can be as simple or as complex as you make it. I chose the former. Talking about my personal spiritual experiences was the last thing I thought I'd ever do. My candid conversation with my spiritual mentor Ed Strachar was another chapter on my journey in "how to get out of your own way". Listen as I come from the heart... no planning... no prepping... but most importantly... HONESTLY!https://healinggenius.com
It's with great delight that the Money And Time Machine Podcast gets to say a hearty welcome and thankyou to our first official sponsor.Carmel Murphy aka The Communication Queen has taken this podcast under its wings... and I'm excited to accept her expertise and guidance as the fledgling podcast looks to expand its reach.2021 is set to be a value packed year as people around the globe look set to expand their business and phycological muscles and take advantage of the lessons of 2020!
Taking an opportunity to say thank you... to you the listener of this podcast. 2020 has been an extraordinary year for any number of reasons. It's my hope that you've been able to extrapolate something of value from the many conversations thus far. My hope is to talk to you about ideas that many would prefer to avoid. That might actually spur you to taking action. My other hope for you is that you become a financial and economic rebel. Choosing what can help you rather than what can make you feel good!
Etymology is more than just the origins of a word or a means of helping you understand your language. For some... there is a rich history that denotes a psychology and deeper understanding of what underpins the evolution of the written and spoken word. It leaves clues and for those hungry enough to pursue the etymology of words relative to an idea, concept or understanding of the world in context... it broadens your understanding, provides deeper meaning and of course, deeper thinking!
A "Sales Funnel" is an often simple but misunderstood process of taking your client on a journey... from initial intrigue and interest to full blown commitment. But its simplicity belies the crucial and at times, little more complex processes, necessary to make your sales funnel effective. The only way to tell how effective your sales funnel is, is in your results. Carmel Murphy will help you take the mystery and frustration out of the process, that once you understand... just gets better with time and practice!
You'd be right if you thought that Conrad Francis got over the thing that holds most people back... the need to impress others, especially those close to you. He found through his processes that clarity and a good dose of responsibility meant that he could focus on what he needed to do to get to where he is today. His business Inspired Money is testimony to the philosophies that have steered him through thick and thin. He has turned simplicity into a level of sophistication, both in business and in life!
Fiona Jeanne does a splendid job of breaking down the stages of the Hero's Journey by depicting and denoting the stages of "The Hero's Journey" using the classic, The Wizard Of Oz as a backdrop. Since the psychology of the Hero's Journey has been used widely in literature and other genres, you can now start to observe and engage your mind like never before!
There's nothing like turning an academic and philosophical body of work and breaking it down to an easy listening conversation. The aim?... to help you make meaningful sense of the great work of Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey."Now you too can use it to make meaningful change in your life!
Matt Hanham is industrious, enterprising and entrepreneurial. CEO at Team Visible, a digital advertising agency in Perth. His candid conversation about the misperceptions of marketing is surprisingly refreshing. He puts your mind at ease but make no mistake... he doesn't hold back about the work you have to do to make your business dream a reality!
What is purpose and how do you define it? Keeping it simple and practical... the Purposeful Warrior herself, Fiona Jeanne breaks down the importance of discovering your purpose and having clarity around it in your life!
Adapting to change without understanding change is like hazarding a guess and calling it thinking. You'll get lucky occasionally but overall you'll fail. At best you'll fall short of your aspirations, at worst you mightn't even come close. Generation after generation have made the same mistake and we wonder why history has a habit of repeating itself!
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