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Episode 22 - The Airport Experience
Air traffic controller French Dutchman is in the studio to talk about his job, his wife, and some dark secrets. Later on, famous cat burglar London joins us to reveal her methods, we get introduced to Josh's new character the Technology Cowboy, and we play a round of Yes Please or No Thank You. Featuring Adam Crouch (@TheHoshuah) and @galaxiaskykloz (YPONTY theme written and performed by Ricky Montgomery and Caleb Hurst)
Episode 24 - Return to the One Thousand Mile House
Charles Butterworth and Thelma Jenkerson return to the studio as a pair to tell us how they met. Later on, we play a game which reveals some incredible information about Charles. Featuring Kyle McDowell (@KyleMcDowell86) and Claire (@70Ceeks)
Episode 12 - What Did the Penguin Do?
Meredith is joined by Marie de Bord, aka Jim Jim, to discuss tiny skeletons, and Chang Roland, a disgraced zookeeper with a short temper, for an episode full of questions. Where is Charles de Gaulle? What did the penguin do? Why is Jim Jim ordering a pizza? Featuring Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad), Madeleine Sweet and Dave Dittell (@davedittell) Sophia's website:
Episode 2 - Tiny Fingers Crossed
It's the arts! Pour yourself a glass of Slipman's Diet Wine and relax as Josh talks to Marie De Bord, the curator of the Louvre in Paris, as well as author and parent Arnold Parmesan. Featuring Adam Crouch (@TheHoshuah) and Madeleine Sweet.
Episode 19 - the Shadow Zone
Wildlife expert Dingo Faulkner is in the studio this week to discuss the natural world and all of its secrets. Later on we meet Stewart Glasby, world famous painter, who had brought along some of his work. Plus, we hear about The Shadow Zone for the first time. Featuring Trevor Moore (@SurgicalTurtle) and Karl Bergholz aka Karl From Online (@HammerFist3)
Episode 1 - Duck Tampering
On our first episode, Josh is joined by 'the world's first child police officer' Jimmy Gunderson and '100% accurate' psychic and mystic Madam Pam, plus there's a missing cat. Featuring Pat Tobin (@tastefactory) and Tara Shoe (@tarashoe)
Episode 8 - Not Touched by Feet
Paranormal Investigator Terry Reavey joins Josh in the studio to reveal the secrets of ghost hunting, as well as the non-secrets of office supplies, and the terrifying power of roombas. Our host is sceptical, but when Terry turns on her ghost hunting equipment, something unbelievable happens... Featuring Marin Hubka (@marinhubka) and Dan Jankowski (@danjan13)
Episode 16 - Give Me Your Little Hand
Josh is joined once again by Arnold Parmesan, who has written a second book about the world of dating. The interview is interrupted by another familiar guest, who brings sad news. Featuring Adam Crouch (@TheHoshuah) and Madeleine Sweet.
Episode 9 - The One Thousand Mile Wall
A dying man's wish is fulfilled when Charles Butterworth, Canadian antique dealer, becomes Josh's guest as a part of his bucket list. Ms J Simmons, an accomplished singing teacher, also drops by the studio to share her secrets and perhaps even make stars of the boys. Featuring Kyle McDowell (@KyleMcDowell86) and Sarah Shockey (@sarahjoyshockey)
Episode 14 - The Shawshank Flubdemption
Movie reviewer Patty Peckerson is in the studio to talk about her love of film and review some new releases, and personal trainer Tony Baloney discusses his unique new workout program, as well as introducing us to Little Frankie. Featuring Miel Bredouw (@miel) and Anthony Padilla (@anthonypadilla) Miel's Vine: Anthony's Youtube Channel:
Episode 23 - Hot Males
It's December, baby! John and Glenn of the Expert Opinion Podcast join Josh to talk about the festive season, whether they like it or not. Then we meet Jay Oakes, a lonely heart looking for love, and finally horror novelist Stephen King makes an appearance, along with a friend and some interesting revelations. Featuring John Osment (@sleepymale), Glenn Rose (@PornUniversity) and Barbara Gray (@BabsGray) Expert Opinion Podcast: Lady to Lady Podcast:
Episode 21 - Lil' Roundies
Lolly Fernando, one of the stars of classic camp comedy 'Lil' Roundies' is in the studio, as well as fan favourite - Josh's niece Enid. Later on, Enid's school friend Robbie stops by, and then things start to get a little strange. Featuring Natalie D' Almeida, Tamara Yajia (@DancesWithTamis) and Patrick O'Connor (@patfromthepit)
Episode 20 - Seein' Squatch
North Wet State Park Rangers Debra Smithens and Carol McGrady are in the studio to talk about their hunt for the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot to many. Later on, we make a phonecall to the internet. Featuring Kayla Teel (@AnchorTanya), John Wachter (@anchorfabian) and Ezra Parter (@AnchorBryant) IMPRV News 9 at 8: Special thanks to Ezra for putting the phone sound effect on Bill Internet's voice!
Episode 5 - Bring Your Son
The tragic tale of a child who lost his life after a fateful visit to a restaurant leads both the grieving father and the possibly guilty owner of the establishment to the Now We're Talking! studio, where Josh attempts to resolve the issue. However, revelations from both men reveal that all may not be as it seems. Featuring Derek Ganter (@eedrk) and Mike Ginn (@shutupmikeginn)
Episode 26 - #2016'd
Film and television's Sarah Lind joins Josh in the studio to look back on 2016. Later on, Sarah's voice coach arrives to give some advice, but she may not be all that she seems. Featuring Sarah Lind (@sarahlindish)
Episode 11 - Goodnight, Troops
For Meredith's first official episode as host, her guests are the two hosts of long-running late night radio show 'Goodnight Troops', Linda DeStephano and Thomas St. Clair. Meredith finds that she may have bitten off more than she can chew when it becomes apparent that the pair are far from a happy (or even stable) couple. Featuring Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad) and Madeleine Sweet.
Episode 15 - Feel My Johnson
Cookie DiMaria returns to the Now We're Talking! studio with an update on her love life, and of course the latest celebrity gossip. Later on, the Johnson Twins drop by to tell us about their new product. Featuring Karen Tozzi (@karentozzi), EJ Gomez (@EJGomez) and Luke Nomeland (@internetluke)
Episode 4 - Skersh
Country music legend Bobby Powerlines joins Josh in the studio to talk about his past, his music and his fans, and his manager Brianna provides some extra insight into the music industry. When Bobby opens up his guitar case to play, however, Josh is shocked to see what's inside. Featuring Tom (@rudetanks), Tara Shoe (@tarashoe) and Madeleine Sweet.
Episode 25 - A Christmas Miracle
It's peak December, folks! The legendary Santa Claus is in the studio, and he's brought along one of his elves, Gumdrop Boy. We're introduced to another elf, Fruit Loop, later on, as well as some unexpected familiar faces, to play a special festive edition of Yes Please or No Thank You, followed by a shocking surprise event in the studio. Featuring Bucky Isotope (@BuckyIsotope), Karl Bergholz (@HammerFist3), Adam Crouch (@TheHoshuah) and Madeleine Sweet, with music recorded specially by Ricky Montgomery (@rohmontgomery)
Episode 7 - You Say Trash, I say Beret
An unexpected (and uninvited) familiar voice returns to the studio - yes, Jim Jim is back! Both her and Josh are joined by guests Corduroy Johnson, a travelling 'stand-up salesman' and Charlie, a UFO hunter with a dark secret. It's a busy room, if only there was someone else in the studio to count all these guests... Featuring Madeleine Sweet, Dave Dittell (@davedittell), Zoha (@galaxiaskykloz) and Adam Crouch (@TheHoshuah)
Episode 17 - Here Comes the Cream
CWorld famous power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z are in the studio this week to revea their new business venture: ice cream. Along with a large collection of new flavours comes a new mascot named Wubby who gets on the wrong side of our host. We also play a brand new game: Yes Please or No Thank You. Featuring Ricky Montgomery (@rohmontgomery), Caleb Hurst (@CalebHurst34) and Sarah Shockey (@sarahjoyshockey) Ricky's Vlog: Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling:
SPECIAL DOUBLE LENGTH EPISODE: It's the spookiest time of the year! The ghostly Steven returns to co-host this eerie episode with Josh, and guests include Hollywood actor Russell Brand, human rights activist Alex De Normal, and a surprise visit from someone with mischievous intentions. Plus we play 'Scream or Dream' with your real life scary stories. Featuring Dan Jankowski (@danjan13), Mindy Furano (@MindyFurano), Dave Dittell (@davedittell) and Tara Shoe (@tarashoe)
Episode 3 - Soda Jerk Off
On this episode, Josh speaks to Thelma Jenkerson, a 'comedian for kids' about her act and her comedic influences, and the show gets a surprise visit from a special guest; Josh's niece, Enid. Featuring Tamara Yajia (@DancesWithTamis) and Claire (@70Ceeks)
Episode 10 - Warm Meats
Podcast Host Performance Reviewer Meredith Quackenbush arrives in the studio to assess Josh's abilities as he interviews guest Schvitz O'Connor, CEO of Warm Meats, about the controversy around the content of his products. Mr. O'Connor's hesitance to cooperate, as well as the untimely appearace of Josh's niece, Enid, threaten to put the show, and Josh, in peril. Featuring Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad), Adam Crouch (@TheHoshuah) and Tamara Yajia (@DancesWithTamis)
Episode 6 - Horrible Bloody Orcs
Celebrity gossip columnist Antoinetta 'Cookie' DiMaria joins Josh in the studio to present the latest news from Hollywood in an attempt to draw in more listeners. The two are also joined, unbelievably, by an orc from the apparently real land of Mordor, who goes by the name of Shitbag. Featuring Karen Tozzi (@karentozzi) and @egg_dog
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