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Hey, we're gonna be doing a bit of hiatus. Nothing crazy, nothing too long, just wanna step back for a min. So don't expect this every single week for the time being. And don't stop following the social media, so you know what's going on when we do. Thanks!
Xbox event on 7/23 was  lame, official Play With Yourself recommendation is get a PS5 like all men with big penises (us), or get an Xbox and stay living with your parents, not getting laid, and having a noticably smaller penis.
We all the last samurai now baby.Big week with Ghost of Tsushima releasing. Last PlayStation exclusive of this gen, and Abdul and Justin think it's a worthy send off. I made the less cool choice in getting SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE, and I have some mixed feelings. Follow Justin's social media @chocobearcomedy and new twitch @chocobeargaming, Abdul's social media @oscarwinnerseanpenn, find me @rgaymcfarty on instagram and keep on listening. THANKS.Other topics this week: Pokemon, Nintendo Consoles, PS4 Exclusives, DualSense Controller, and the Xbox Streaming Event on 7/23. There's other stuff, but I'm not writing it all here, listen to the stupid episode. 
We did comedy for the first time in 4 months. It went great. It's over guys. We were in this together and we made it. We beat coronavirus. Now we can go back to working and making more money for rich people, all while tearing each other apart on Facebook and the news. Just kidding, this was a fun episode though. Some of the games mentioned this week: Ghost of Tsushima (7/17/20), Predator Hunting Grounds, Rise of the Tomb Raider, A Plague Tale, Metroid Other M, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE (7/16/20).
We talked about Last of Us 2, but we're all done after this one. So, still don't listen if you haven't finished the game. I promise we won't stagger spoilers like this again, but games like this don't come around all the time so cut us some slack? Right, I wouldn't either. I'm pretty sure we stopped spoiling after the 40 min mark if you wanna jump in there, but I'm not certain, so listen at your own risk. Thanks!
**SPOILERS FOR THE LAST OF US 2 (in episode, not description)** Ok, sooo we fucked up lol. Justin didn't finish the game cause he went to TX to shoot guns and prevent abortions, so we did zoom again while he quarantines. But we did our best to do a wrap up episode on this game so we can stop talking about it, but we're still gonna talk about it next week when he finishes. Bear with us for this unnecessarily long ep, a better one is coming your way, I promise. (Obv this is riddled with spoilers so don't listen if you haven't played or finished the game. Thx.)
This whole episode is Last of Us 2. Apologies, veeerrrry minor spoilers inside. Nothing big story wise, just a few minor side details from the first 10 hours of the game. But if you wanna go into the game totally blind, listen at your own risk. Probably next week we're gonna spoil it outright for anyone who finished the game, but I promise that'll be the last episode where Last of Us lasts the entire time. 
Slightly early upload! We talked about the PS5 event from last week almost the entire time. We went off on a few tangents here and there as well, mostly about The Last of Us Part II releasing Friday, which we couldn't be more erect about. Thanks for listening, let us know what you're playing, and what you think we should play, by hitting us up on instagram, facebook, or twitter.  Justin: @chocobearcomedy Abdul: @oscarwinnerseanpenn RJ: @rgaymcfarty
The world's on fire, but here's to hoping the good people out there protesting against the wannabe Nazi Jrs are gonna change things for the better. And maybe we can get more video games where you get to live out a power fantasy of kicking the shit out of cops. (When did all these losers on social media start liking cops??) Anyways, thanks for listening.
Sorry for no ep last week I was busy building our brand new studio (aka moving into an even crappier apartment). But we're back at it. We had tons of goodies to talk about like our hype for Last of Us 2, Sony's upcoming PS5 conference, some weird Hong Kong game Abdul played, Nioh 1 & 2, and more. Again, try to share with your friends if ya like what you're hearing and follow the social medias and shit. Thaaaanks. 
Talked about the disappointing Ghost of Tsushima gameplay, got nostalgic about wrestling games, and had a good laugh about sexy Princess Peach. And, as usual, oh so much more inside. You can always sub the YouTube channel, rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts, and share it with your friends. Everything helps. Also send Abdul money for his birthday. Or food. Or shelter. Honestly you could just compliment him, that's free, and will still save his life.
I apologize if you were burning to order some butt toys in our honor, butt unfortunately there's an issue with the coupon code. We'll have to (thankfully) get a new one. Anyways, lots of good gaming stuff this week: Disco Elysium, FF VII Remake, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Limbo, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Cyberpunk 2077 and lots, lots more. Sorry again about the promo code, butt check out their site anyways. If you want to collect that good corona unemployment, check it at work. 
Zoom =/= in person podcasting. But we're making the best of it, and we still had a good time. Joined once again this week by our long time friend, musician and fellow hot sexy gamer girl, Michael Sloan. We talk about my shitty neighborhood, Abdul's choking fetish (Blood Trail), updates on Predator Hunting Grounds, Disco Elysium, The Last of Us 2 spoiler debacle (no spoilers for the game inside, pinky promise) and more. Follow our youtube and social media if'n ya want s'more us stuff. You can follow Mike @rolandkorgsynth on instagram to check out the latest on his music. 
This week we talked RE: 3 (slight spoilers), Predator Hunting Grounds, FF VII Remake, and a special look at Stranded Deep courtesy of Beam Team Games. If you're enjoying the show, let us know @playwithyourselfpodcast on instagram, and share it with your friends, or tell me to go kill myself. I don't need much more motivation at this point. Thanks!
Week 2 zooming, we had some fun. The great Will Phillips (@thethryll) joins us again. We talked about his "MLB The Show" play through as his father, plus a bunch more gaming goodness. Also we got into the world of sex games a bit, and things went wild a few times lol. Listen in, it's a good one. And thanks for the iTunes ratings so far, keep 'em coming!
We're zoomers now baby. First remote episode, and Abdul came to us live from Ethiopia, which is the only explanation for his call quality. This week we review Biped from NExT Studios, talked COD: MW since I started playing, look back at BioShock: Burial at Sea, and oh so much more. Subscribe! (we're on youtube now)
I gamer sinned and had a girl on the show. Mystical joins the podcast for the first time cause Abdul's sick, and I'm a contagion hazard from a possible exposure to coronavirus. We'll be back together remotely next week. Mystical gives us some good insight on Animal Crossing, I'm quitting DOOM, plus LOU2 delay, and a bunch more. Like, share, follow, free Joe Exotic. 
Mild spoilers, but we kept it vague: DOOM is pretty much all we talked about this ep lol. We got into some good updates and tried not to let this totally bullshit government hoax of a virus get us down (Joe Biden created it when he went to a wet market and ate a baby with Hillary Clinton). We covered the mini Nintendo direct a bit, chatted about Half Life: Alyx, and a bunch more. We'll have a twitch soon, follow the instagram playwithyourselfpodcast to stay updated. 
Justin got real mad about the true things I said about Nightmare difficulty in DOOM. Good thing I'm the one who uploads the podcast. We talked about our post-comedy, but pre-apocalypse lives a bit. Then we chatted about the Final Ever Game of The Year, DOOM Eternal. Also Abdul bought Hollow Knight, Justin's playing 7 Deadly Sins, the RE3 demo is live, PS5 vs. Series X specs are out, and oh so much more for you lovely quarantined mofos. Stay inside, play games, and listen to Play With Yourself!
This might be the messiest ep yet, sorry for that. But there's still some fun stuff here, usual game chat with a looot of penis talk (not sorry about that). We got into COD: Warzone, BioShock, and the overreaction that is the coronavirus cancellations. 
We had to do a short one because I had a show after, sorry. I'll make it up next week. But if you want more content follow me on TikTok (@rgaymcfarty), I've been having fun. Also follow the podcast on there @pwypod. Anyways, we were a bit underprepared but we had some good chats about The Last of Us TV show, RE3 updates, BioShock, and of course the highly anticipated Animal Shelter Simulator.
I tried to get into MGS V again, and Justin gives us an in depth review of The Forest. Abdul also talked about something, but I wasn't listening. We also covered RE3 Remake, new Xbox Series X specs, GDC postponement, as well as pitching our own ideas for games. Oh, and follow us on Spotify, cause I guess most of you listen there.
After catching up for a bit, we jumped right into more Smash Ultimate talk, Justin played The Forest, and Abdul finished Raiding Tombs. We also talk PSVR, RE3, and I just can't stay away from Reddit. By the way, give the podcast a follow on Spotify if you're listening there... oh, and don't forget: Abdul totally watches anime.
I'm making decent headway in my little experiment in finishing old games, which rubbed off on Justin (nice). Meanwhile, Abdul's busy Raiding Tombs in a certain game whose name escapes me. We also talk about Dreams' success, DOOM Eternal's sick looking multiplayer mode, and a bunch more. Fun episode, share it with your friends if they aren't afraid of the n word. 
I fell down from a sitting position onto my dog. My dog is 100% fine, but I feel bad. Anyways, we talked about so many games. Far Cry 5, Prey, COD, Subnautica, Tomb Raider, and more. Plus we chat Dan Houser's exit from Rockstar, and Tencent's "leak" about coronavirus. Skip the part where I fell, it was embarrassing.
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