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*Pls note: this is a partial episode, you can access the full episode via Patreon —— In this episode I cover Sam’s criticism of Bret Weinstein, his CRT takes and more ….and even after an hour and 20 something minutes…. we’ve barely scratched
Here’s part 2 of the previous Panel episode I posted on here, discussing ‘merge-gate’ and the unexpected defensive response to a Salon article claiming that New Atheists merged with the far right, from some in the ‘progressive’ corners of the a
Hello lovely listeners, Since we’re experiencing a revival of defending new atheism from the left recently….I thought it was important to do this episode. I‘ve got a wonderful *godless* panel here to discuss their personal experiences in and o
Hello wonderful Patrons! Episode 64 is an unplanned episode that I felt I needed to do in response to some terrible & disappointing takes I‘ve seen in response to this recent viral article: https://www.salon.com/2021/06/05/how-the-new-athei
⚠️CW: Episode contains mentions of slurs, clips with n word & ableist r word —- If you’re not a Rational Genius “Centristy” type, you probably don’t spend a lot of time obsessing over the n word as a free speech issue. But even then you can’t h
*This is the full version of the previously released preview of episode 6* —— CW: this episode contains clips with graphic descriptions of sexual abuse. —— Hello hello, it’s me your friendly neighbourhood dealer of high level ideas. I am back
*This is only a partial episode for public release. The full version is available on Patreon. If you enjoy the show pls consider supporting it and access the full episode right now: Patreon.com/nicemangos ——- CW: racism, bigotry, sexual abuse
**REUPLOAD** originally released Jan 24 2021 Sorry! Had to reupload the full file of this because it was not showing up on Spotify. ————— The overwhelming theme in Sam’s 3 recent episodes, including the post-insurrection one... has been racis
**REUPLOAD** originally released on Nov 30th, 2020 Sorry had to reupload the full file of this episode again because the previous version was not showing up on Spotify. —- Covering Sam's high level ideas pre/post and during the election. Let'
* previously only a partial version of the episode was released. This is the full version. Now available to everyone :) Episode 6 coming to Patreon soon! —— A bit of a different episode this time, spent some time on my ‘identity’, backstory an
A bit of a different episode this time, spent some time on my ‘identity’, backstory and personal trajectory into New Atheism in the first half of the episode. We dive into Sam’s hot takes about identity politics in the second half. You can che
Join me and Journalist Michael Hobbes (@RotteninDenmark) for a fun, extremely cathartic chat about *gasp* Cancel Culture! Check out Michael's excellent podcasts @yourewrongabout & @maintenancepod on twitter What is Cancel Culture? Does the
FULL EPISODE NOW AVAILABLE HERE: The overwhelming theme in Sam's 3 recent episodes, including the post insurrection one... has been racism denial, and whataboutery .... so prepare yourselves for some brainmelting takes... --- Subscribe via pat
For this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with @danieleharper and @_Jack_Graham_ of I Don't Speak German (@Idsgpod), the excellent anti-fascist podcast. We chatted about the broader rightwing ecosystem and the spectrum of what they cover
FULL EPISODE NOW AVAILABLE HERE: Covering Sam's high level ideas pre/post and during the election. Let's chat about that 'IDW' retirement Shall we? :) --- Subscribe via patreon.com/nicemangos for early releases of full episodes
In this episode I discuss Sam's interesting Trump criticisms, his incredible steelmanning of his ideological opponents, and how he's *totally* uninterested in race. Very Dishonest of me to make this episode, I know. Here's the ep with Christ
This episode is an intro to the concept of this miniseries and a basic look at some Harris-isms. I discuss 'tokenism' and Harris' views on race, racism and police violence. If you'd like to check out my earlier episode on his thoughts on whi
I've been at a loss for words....so devastated and shocked by this sudden, tragic loss. I just spoke to him for my previous episode...I can't believe we won't hear another MB laugh again. It has been an honour to have laughed with him. I wan
So here it is, my review of Dave Rubin's Book! This episode has all the Rubin dunking your SJW heart could desire! Plus some bonus treats too....Rubin 'magically' shares some uncharacteristically honest thoughts ;D .....*aaaand* special gue
I'm joined by 2 well known names from 2012-5 atheist twitter for this episode! If you were hanging out on atheist twitter back then, you'll remember Atheist Mel, (now known as @MissaMHx) and Atheist Blobfish! We chat about the fascinating/emb
A concept often talked about and often misunderstood in the ongoing culture wars, join me & the panel to find out more!
Join me and Journalist/Author of the book Follow Me Akhi, Hussein Kesvani (@Hkesvani) for a chat about the online world of muslims, and how the internet has shaped the ways in which people interact with faith. We talk about haram emojis, drop
Join myself, Ravi (my guest from my previous episode on the Hindu Far right), https://soundcloud.com/politeconversations/episode-53-hindu-far-right @GauravSabnis, a professor who's just returned from a 6 week stay in India for a discussion on w
Hope you all had a wonderful Cuckmas season! Here's my final episode of the year...it's a follow up to the halloween episode where I dug into a lovely cross-section of IDW type awfulness to set the scene…and to showcase a small slice of the k
Hello hello goblins and ghouls! Here's a special episode of High IQ horror stories from the skeptosphere for you.... ...stories of traditional gender roles, of allying with evangelicals to own the libs, of rehabilitating accused sexual preda
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