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A twenty-something Reddit user discovers not every household is equipped with a poop knife, former Facebook VP apologizes for initializing the downfall of civilization, and a Thai cosmetic surgery shop makes headlines for its penis bleaching. Links:[Light] I was 22 years old when I learned that not every family has a poop knife. : confessionFormer Facebook exec: Social media is ‘ripping apart’ society | New York PostThai penis whitening fad drives social media nuts, SE Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times
Trump reassures the nation of his mental stability through a series of unhinged tweets, the New York Times throws shade at deceased Mormon president, and Mike and Justin discuss media bias and echo chambers. Links:Thomas Monson, President of the Mormon Church, Dies at 90 - The New York TimesStatement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding the Passing of Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | The White HouseTrump Calls Buchanan A `Hitler Lover' - tribunedigital-orlandosentinel
Russian immigrants “ruin” grits, Justin corrects his philosophy on tipping, Mike introduces a new pornographic genre to a crowd, and Donald Trump eats like a poor person’s idea of a rich person.Links:Donald Trump’s diet is driven by fear. I tried it for a day - The Globe and MailDaring Fireball: Trump, Behind Closed Doors, on Haitians and Nigerians
Mike and Justin discuss the ethics of onanism, patriotism and various other isms. Links:A Virginia Democrat won her recount by a single vote.
Mike visits a gay bar and learns exactly how hot (or not) he is, Roy Moore almost becomes a senator, woman claims she’s had sex with 20 ghosts, and John learns to use food to assert his control over a Boy Scout.Links:Roy Moore: Last Time America Was 'Great' Was During 'Slavery'Trump Super PAC Gets 12-Year-Old Girl To Interview Roy Moore | HuffPostRoy Moore on whether he dated teenage girls: “Not generally, no” - VoxWoman Claims She's Had Sex With 20 Ghosts -- And Prefers Them To Men | HuffPostYou Can Now Buy A Chocolate Mold Of Your Lover’s Anus. I Repeat, Your Lover’s Anus. - Awkward.com
Trumped Up returns. Links:Chris Christie fetching Trump McDonald's was fake story, former adviser claimsAleksey Vayner
Mike and Justin discuss birth, death and hypothetical gay sex. Links:Dad petitions school to change mascot since "phoenix" sounds like penisJules on Twitter: "Roy Moore & his wife literally took an old letter of support by 53 pastors, and forged it to make it seem like he was still supported AFTER the allegations of sexual assault on minors came out. So far, multiple people named in the letter have demanded they be removed from it."Summarizing Things Poorly with Mike Smith | The Skeptic Studio
Roy Moore, Louis C.K., Boy Scout miscellany and 280-character tweets.Links:Justin on Twitter: "2,067 replies and 40 likes. Yep, that turned out exactly as you’d expect. https://t.co/W7STYjf5Ti"53 Alabama Pastors Sign Petition Supporting The Character Of Roy Moore - The IntellectualistKeith Boykin on Twitter: "When Obama was in office, only 30% of white evangelicals would forgive a president's immoral behavior. Now it's 72%. https://t.co/c6FlHbziMi https://t.co/VTNov7TJRk"Russia to Bulgarians: Please stop painting over Soviet-era monuments to look like Ronald McDonald and Superman | National PostSummarizing Things Poorly with Mike Smith | The Skeptic Studio | Spreaker
Mike describes a faith discussion cut short with an estranged friend and the Boy Scouts of America’s new policy allowing girls to participate. Links:The State of Free Speech and Tolerance in America | Cato Institute
The guys take a week off and fill the void with an episode from our Patrons-only podcast, Mike’s Mission Journal.
Mike and Justin explore the line between honesty and provocation. Links:Plan Your Visit – Craigdarroch Castle
Trump offers his thoughts on the Las Vegas massacre, Mike defends politicizing a tragedy, California school flutes get contaminated with semen given to California students, and an historic grain silo is converted into cylindrical art galleries. Special Guest: Joshua Leigh Wolfe.Links:FCC calls on Apple to activate FM chips in iPhones for public safety - Sep. 28, 2017FM chipsAfter Hurricane Maria, 95 percent of Puerto Rico still without power - ABC NewsRemarks by President Trump in Briefing on Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts | whitehouse.govCharmin offers ‘Mad Pooper’ a year’s supply of toilet paper if she turns herself in | fox13now.comFlutes possibly contaminated with semen given to California students, schools warn - Chicago TribuneStupid Shit My Friend PostAn Historic Cape Town Grain Silo Converted into 80 Cylindrical Art Galleries | Colossal
BYU students get caffeinated soda, NFL players’ protests are contrasted with Tim Tebow’s prayerful touchdown celebrations, and ‘hepeating’ is the new mansplaining. Links:Trump physically mocks McConnell, McCain after bad day — Angry Trump physically mocks McConnell, McCain after bad dayTrump Tweets Doctored GIF of His Golf Ball Hitting Hillary Clinton - The New York TimesTrump Likely Didn’t Violate Records Law by Deleting Luther Strange Tweets | National News | US NewsPoll: 61% Oppose Firing NFL Players Who Refuse to Stand for National Anthem, but 65% of Republicans Say Players Should be Fired | Cato @ LibertyTrump-Bannon trypophobia image
Trump calls out racists on Twitter, the Mad Pooper terrorizes Colorado Springs, 12 ways to know you’re brainwashed, sign language interpreter falls back on gibberish, and subversive MTA ads make a point. Special Guest: Kael Alden.Links:Ex-BYU player Reno Mahe pleads no contest to stealing gas | Deseret NewsPolice flooded by media requests for 'Mad Pooper' story - KOAA.com | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and PuebloSign Language Interpreter Warned of ‘Pizza’ and ‘Bear Monster’ at Irma Briefing - The New York Times
Ted Cruz’s Twitter account likes a porn video, Florida sheriff warns against shooting into the hurricane, alt-right violence is compared to “communist flag wavers”, a date goes south after a bathroom mishap, and Katerina Kamprani creates utterly useless art objects. Special Guest: Konrad Vernor.Links:Donald Trump Jr. to Meet With Senate Russia Investigators - The New York TimesTrump Jr. to Senate: I met with Russians to check Clinton’s fitness for office.'Dick for Two,' the Porn Ted Cruz's Account Liked on Twitter, Finds Huge New Audience - MotherboardTed Cruz Insists 'It Was Not Me' in Awkward Interview About Porn and Sex ToysDonald Trump Autographs The Wall At Houston Evacuation Shelter, And No One Knows Why...Skin-walker - WikipediaDon't Fire Guns at Hurricane Irma, Florida Police WarnBristol stool scale - WikipediaWoman ends Tinder date stuck in window trying to grab her own poop | New York PostSkinwalker Ranch - WikipediaTweets by Pasco Sheriff (@PascoSheriff) – TwitterSSMFPThe Uncomfortable: A Series of Inconvenient Household Items Designed by Katerina Kamprani | Colossal
Bo shares his dogspotting philosophy, Trump makes a repeat visit to Houston, Mayor Elijah Daniel outlaws heterosexuality in Hell, Mike argues about ghosts with an old acquaintance, poorly delivered package traps couple in apartment, Bored Panda finds art in worn-out everyday things.Special Guest: Bo Quintana.Links:Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "@realDonaldTrump POLL!! Who will do better with the economy and handling money?? Vote below and RETWEET!"ABC News on Twitter: "Pres. Trump praises Coast Guard for saving people "by going into winds that the media would not go into...unless it's a really good story." https://t.co/6JFH45o0wn"Trump jokes his hands are 'too big' while serving food to Harvey victims | TheHillTrump's Job Approval Stabilizing at Lower Level | GallupToluse Olorunnipa on Twitter: ""You just became famous," Trump tells supporter in Houston neighborhood that had been hit by flooding https://t.co/LVv0ml1y5A"Man Says Delivery Driver Left Package In Most Unhelpful Place Imaginable | HuffPostCalifornia eclipse watchers treated after putting sunscreen on eyeballs, report says - ABC2News.comFACT CHECK: Did People Put Sunscreen on Their Eyes During the Solar Eclipse?10+ Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time | Bored PandaGood TimeThe Catholic Church is freaking out about fidget spinners | The OutlineElijah Daniel Becomes Mayor of Hell, Michigan, and Bans HeterosexualsStupid shit my friends post
President Trump gives a jaw-dropping speech in Houston, non-religious people are more likely to drop f-bombs on Facebook, Ann Coulter blames Hurricane Harvey on Houston's lesbian mayor, Justin Bieber unfollows Floyd Mayweather in the name of Christ, and Michelangelo sketches in a secret chamber.Special Guests: Cecil and Tom.Links:audioBoom / God Awful MoviesNo, the FCC Did Not Post a Statement Trashing Ajit PaiHannity Instructs Tomi Lahren to 'Go After' Geraldo Rivera Over Clinton's EmailsKellyanne Conway Says That Trump’s Most Notable Characteristic Is His ‘Humility’ | Right Wing WatchEven in visiting hurricane-ravaged Texas, Trump keeps the focus on himself - The Washington PostReligious People Talk Mainly About Family On Social Media: Study | FatherlyStupid Shit My Friends PostJustin Bieber Unfollowed Floyd Mayweather in the Name of Christ - NoiseyTrump Alert (@TrumpsAlert) | TwitterThe walls of a secret room in Florence are covered with drawings Michelangelo made while in hiding.
Trump gives an unhinged speech in Arizona; llama jumps fence to chase bear away from farm ducks, then goes to golf course; flat Earthers resolutely stare directly into the sun; New York cops keep corpses in MTA break rooms; and Fernando Abellanas builds a secret work studio.Special Guest: Mark.Links:Who Built the Pyramids? | Harvard MagazineGreat Pyramid tombs unearth 'proof' workers were not slaves | World news | The Guardian'Most impressive thing any president's ever done': Tucker Carlson on Trump's eclipse viewing – video | Science | The GuardianThere Was A Concerning Spike In Certain Google Searches Right After The Eclipse | IFLSciencePro-Trump Rallies in 36 States Canceled, Will Be Held As Online DemonstrationsAs Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned - The Washington PostLlama jumps fence to chase bear away from farm ducks, then goes to local golf course — Outdoors — Bangor Daily News — BDN MaineStupid Shit My Friends Post: Solar Eclipse HoaxJulian Assange, Eclipse TrutherA grim subway reality: Corpses sometimes kept in MTA break rooms | abc7ny.comA Secret Work Studio Suspended Below a Highway Overpass by Fernando Abellanas | Colossal
Trump blames “many sides” for the nation’s racial turmoil, YouTube becomes overrun with fake Peppa Pig videos, the Egyptian pyramids are compared to confederate statues as symbols of slavery, crown shyness is explained, and Mike reveals his Achilles’ heel.Special Guest: Michael Stemle.Links:american english - How are 'marry', 'merry', and 'Mary' pronounced differently? - English Language & Usage Stack ExchangeOddly Ikea (aka Ikea ASMR)White Nationalist Protests: Donald Trump Struggles to Heal | Time.comTrump Vows North Korea Threat Will Be Met With 'Fire and Fury' - NBC NewsTrump on North Korea Feud: 'Fire and Fury' not Tough Enough - NBC NewsTrump said Scouts called to thank him for 'greatest' speech. Not quite, White House says | Donald Trump | Dallas NewsThose Calls to Trump? White House Admits They Didn’t Happen - The New York Times — “I wouldn’t say it was a lie — that’s a pretty bold accusation,” Ms. Sanders said. “The conversations took place, they just simply didn’t take place over a phone call, they happened in person.”How to Protect Your Kids From Disturbing, Fake Peppa Pig Videos On YouTube Popping Cysts and PimplesDaniel Snider - #SSMFPThe Phenomenon Of “Crown Shyness” Where Trees Avoid Touching | ColossalGoogly eye photoDoorways for Women and Families | Creating Pathways Out of Abuse and Homelessness in Northern Virginia
Mariani chastises Mike for the texting in a theater of it all, President Trump visits the Boy Scouts of America, Utah man kills his wife on cruise after she laughed at him, nuclear warfare is compared to “big government” policies, and the Ottomans build ornate birdhouses.Special Guest: E. Nicholas Mariani.Links:Trump's speech to Boy Scouts: 29 most cringe-worthy lines - CNNPoliticsBoy Scouts chief apologizes for Trump’s Jamboree address | TheHillBoy Scouts deny Trump's claim that top leader called him to praise speech - Chicago TribuneUtah Man Killed His Wife on Cruise After She Laughed at Him | Time.comStupid Shit: Hiroshima vs. DetroitThe Ornate Bird Palaces of Ottoman-Era Turkey | Colossal
Mike discusses techniques for getting high on the cheap, inanimate object arousal, his recent family reunion, how he felt when he learned he had a son on the way, and whether Scaramucci is a great thing that happened to this country or the greatest thing to have ever happened to this country.Links:SCARAMUCCI: Trump will govern by "whiteboard" - Business InsiderWhite House alters Scaramucci press briefing transcript to make Trump's golf more impressive | The IndependentAn email prankster pretending to be Reince Priebus got a very real rise out of Anthony Scaramucci - VoxAnthony Scaramucci erroneously listed as dead in the new Harvard Law alumni directory - The Washington Post
Trump empathizes about health insurance costs, a free wi-fi provider stipulates ridiculously onerous terms and conditions, Kate Upton’s good looks “prove” the divinity of Jesus, Walmart begins selling fruit punch pickles, and Louis Kahn builds a floating concert hall. Special Guest: Joshua Leigh Wolfe.Links:Trump has no idea how much health insurance costs - VoxTrump to Pat Robertson: 'You Will Be Saying Merry Christmas Again Very Soon'Trump explains why he wants to be able to 'see through' his border wallPresident Donald Trump: Read His Off-the-Record Briefing | Time.comEating Your Placenta Might Harm Your BabySick baby prompts concern over placenta pills - CNN.com22,000 People Agree to Clean Toilets for WiFi Because They Didn't Read the TermsFreedom From Atheism Foundation (FFAF) - PostsFreedom From Atheism Foundation - ConservapediaWalmart releases fruit punch-flavored pickles | 6abc.comLittle-Known Floating Concert Hall Designed by Louis Kahn Faces Demolition | ArchDaily
Donald Trump Jr. and Chipotle are on the ropes, R. Kelly starts a sex cult, Mike contemplates the origins of the universe, slime-filled eel truck overturns on U.S. 101 in Oregon, and Marta Minujín builds a replica of the Parthenon out of banned books.Special Guest: Adam Christopher.Links:Finally, a Poll Trump Will Like: Clinton Is Even More Unpopular - BloombergDonald J. Trump on Twitter: "HillaryClinton can illegally get the questions to the Debate & delete 33,000 emails but my son Don is being scorned by the Fake News Media?"Only 45% of Trump voters believe Don Jr. met with the Russians, after Junior admitted it - AMERICAblog NewsU.S. Secret Service rejects suggestion it vetted Trump son's meetingTruck full of eels overturns on U.S. 101, dousing sedan with slithering sea creatures | OregonLive.comParents Told Police Their Daughter Is Being Held Against Her Will In R. Kelly’s “Cult”Wall Street battling over Chipotle after plunge on norovirus report"Parthenon of Books" Constructed from 100,000 Banned Books Rises at Nazi Book Burning Site in Germany | ArchDaily
Trump Jr.’s emails hint at light treason, a fox has been pissing on the bureau of meteorology’s rain gauge, Nazism is wrongly compared to Islam, fish are becoming transgender, and SFMOMA gets a chat bot. Special Guest: Matthew Van Dyke.Links:What happened and when: The timeline leading up to Donald Trump Jr.’s fateful meeting - The Washington Post‘Category 5 hurricane’: White House under siege by Trump Jr.’s Russia revelationsConway to CNN's Cuomo: Aren't you embarrassed 'to talk more about Russia than America'? | TheHill — "Aren’t you the least bit reluctant, if not embarrassed, that you now talk about Russia more than you talk about America?”Fox's chief intelligence correspondent edited out mention of Russian government when quoting Trump Jr. emails — During Fox News’ Outnumbered, chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported on the developments, reading “key sections” from the email chain between Trump Jr. and the intermediary, Rob Goldstone. Herridge read: But, as the ellipses show, Herridge omitted a key section of the quote. Goldstone’s reference to “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump” was not included in the on-screen graphic, and Herridge did not mention that part of the quote during her report.Bakker: “The Fact That The Bible Is Filled With ‘Trump’ and ‘Trumpets’ Prove That He Is Called To Be Prophet”73 Shocking Facts about Adolf Hitler | FactRetriever.comLet’s Not Get Carried AwayA Fox Has Been Pissing In The Bureau Of Meteorology's Rain GaugeStupid Shit My Friends PostFish becoming transgender from contraceptive pill chemicals being flushed down household drainsText SFMOMA Your Favorite Emoji and Receive an Artwork From Their Vast Collection | Colossal
David Beckham is outed as a familial lip kisser, a religious group thinks silent reading parties are a sign of the Apocalypse, “our” ancestors “adopted” the country’s “culture”, Zillow sues McMansion Hell, and Blake Fall-Conroy builds a minimum wage machine.Special Guests: Benjamin R. Cohen, Liam O’Donnell, and Simon Tonev.Links:Sometimes Puns Are a Sign of a Damaged Brain -- Science of UsA Religious Group Thinks Silent-Reading Parties Are a Sign of the Apocalypse - Slog - The StrangerStupid shitMcMansion HellThis Mind-Numbing Machine Lets You Experience Making The Minimum Wage
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