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We’re back, and that’s good, because it’s time for another codex overview! This time, we’re looking at the Grey Knights. These daemon-slayers have received their 9th edition update; how did […]
Rob is just about ready to move, and that means he’s too packed up to prep for and edit a long episode – but we didn’t want to leave you […]
What’s that coming over the horizon with a mighty Waaaagh!? It’s the new Ork codex, currently only available through the new Beast Snaggas box. Fortunately, Richard was lucky enough to […]
The month slipped away from us due to personal issues (which we talk about), but we’re back with a look at everything that GW announced over the last month. From […]
Age of Sigmar 3.0 is upon us, and while we’re not an Age of Sigmar podcast, we did find something of interest in our preview copy that we felt warranted […]
Load your bolters and top off your promethium tanks, because it’s time to talk Sisters of Battle. The new codex is out, along with several new models, and it’s time […]
After a brief hiatus, codexes for Ninth Edition are once again being released, and the followers of the Omnissiah are up next! We say the proper prayers to the machine […]
Games Workshop wasn’t able to hold Warhammer Fest in person, so instead they did the release reveals that they would have done online for everyone! So, what 40K goodness did […]
This is it… the culmination of a decade of playing, hobbying, traveling, competing, recording, editing, and uploading. It’s our 10th Anniversary Episode! In this one… we just kind of wing […]
We’ve talked about how to start with the new starter sets. We’ve talked about getting started with the Start Collecting boxes for the forces of Chaos and the armies of […]
First, Death Guard. Then, Dark Angels. Now, the third codex to start with a “D” popped out of the Webway – Drukhari. This faction, formerly known as Dark Eldar, had […]
With a lull in the codex release schedule, we finally have a chance to get back to one of our favorite topics – getting started in 40K! In this episode, […]
Last episode, we looked at the latest Chaos codex, and in this episode… no, that joke is too easy. Yes, the Dark Angels truly have a shameful secret that they […]
The book may have been delayed due to a new COVID lockdown in the UK, but everyone knows that a disease will never keep a Plague Marine down. In this […]
2020 was… not the year that anyone has hoped for. Not even remotely. A global pandemic brought a lot of things to a standstill, as we lived through (and may […]
The Ninth Edition codex rollout continues, and in this episode we take a look at the next-to-last of the founding chapters to get the codex supplement treatment – the Blood […]
We had to fight technical issues and holiday scheduling, but may sagas be sung of our deeds – the Space Wolf codex supplement review is finally here! No longer a […]
The books just keep on coming, and this time we take a look at the new Deathwatch supplement. When first announced as an add-on to the standard Space Marine codex, […]
We did Space Marines last time, so it’s time to look at the other side of the codex launch coin – the Necrons! How do the Egyptian alien zombie robots […]
The first two 9th Edition codexes are here! In this episode, we take a look at the perennial poster boys for 40K, the Space Marines, and what their new codex […]
Our look at starting 40K in Ninth Edition continues, and this time, we take a look at the various Start Collecting sets for Chaos armies! With two flavors of marines […]
A new edition of a game is always a good point to start fresh, and Warhammer 40K is no exception. Now that 9th Edition is here, it’s the perfect opportunity […]
It finally happened. Despite time and distance and pandemic, we finally got some games in! In this episode, Rob, Kevin, and Dennis discuss their first experiences playing 9th Edition, specifically […]
It’s here, it’s here! The new edition is now here in physical form, not merely in conjecture or promise. And how did Games Workshop pull off the launch of 9th […]
The new rules are upon us! In this very special episode of Preferred Enemies, we dispense with our normal show flow and get right into talking about the rules of […]
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