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It's October. The rains have returned. The World is still in flux. And we played some games. Discussions contained herein. FRONTS: 00:13:35 -- State of the Podcast (and life) 00:48:15 -- Blitzkrieg! (session, short take) 01:02:43 -- Rift Forc
If you want some takes on what's new in the board gaming hobby, this is not the episode you're looking for. However, if you want to hear some tales of adventure in the gloaming of the pandemic, and a discussion about the state of the hobby as w
The rock came rolling back down and crushed us for a good part of the Summer. We got some levers and some rails and we've managed to push it back up the hill far enough to breathe a little. So, here we be, talking about life and games again. 
We call this one "The Epic." Press play and enjoy the ride. HEROIC TALES: 00:04:22 -- Cloudspire (in depth session) 01:03:27 -- BenRiach 21yo Single Malt 01:07:11 -- SpaceCorp: Ventures (sessions) 01:31:10 -- Tawantinsuyu: The Incan Empire (pre
Maladies, Mortgages and other assorted obstacles successfully conquered, we finally present to you episode 199 of the 'cast. Chock-full of stories about games and games about travel and travelling stories. It's all in there. And the book club r
Chirping birds. Barking Dogs. Screaming Children. Yes, we're back outside to record this episode. The pops and clicks of the previous effort replaced by the flora and fauna of mid-Spring. We weave in and out of various topics, creating some loo
Sometimes you just can't get things right. You find a ghost in the signal chain and try to fix it only to find you've made things worse. Apologies in advance for all the pops and clicks. Among the noisy abberations you will find a fair amount o
This is us, as you might find us should you wander into a watering hole where we might be holding court at the bar. This could very well be a prime example of the conversation you might stumble upon. The nature of this conversation spirals arou
Winter is gone. The Sky is clearing. Birds are singing. Bees are buzzing. Temperatures are warming. Discussions are getting heated. Welcome to the latest installment of As the Cardboard Turns. JABS: 00:29:36 -- Lots: A Game of Weights and Measu
Another show emerges from the stasis. We cover several games, new and old. We discuss some vital music and a page-turner of a book. We carry on as that's really all there is to do.CARNAGE: 00:14:28 -- Newton (finally) 00:34:33 -- Lorenzo Il Mag
Hey kids, it's No-fun February, 2021 edition. And this February has been the most No-fun in years. We've got your ice storms and power outages and never-ending pandemics and Criminal Orange-men still on the loose. All that and so much more. How
Three games and four albums discussed. This should be easier. SELECTIONS: 00:14:05 -- The Online Boardgaming Space and Acquiescence 00:19:01 -- Res Arcana (revisited -- Joe's thoughts) 00:39:34 -- Praga Capvt Regni (in-depth) 01:23:28 -- Carneg
As 2021 seems an awful lot like 2020 we are still finding the time and energy to get some games to tables, both virtual and physical. And these games are surprising, entertaining and frustrating us in the ways they always do. Here are some stor
This is a pretty rough and raw episode. We're fighting off the depths of despair, the height of a Pandemic, and an attack on our way of life from the people who are sworn to protect it. Can a two-mile high frog be the hero we need to get us thr
It's almost over. This . . . year. Nothing much to do other than gather up some lists of the things that got us through. We hope you dig it.COUNTDOWN: 00:05:14 -- Best Games we played for the first time. 01:48:20 -- Whiskies of the Year 01:58:3
It took us two tries to get this one right. Well, right might be too strong of a word. Lets swap that for recorded. Yeah, we finally got the episode recorded. I mean, right, ha, probably more like wrong, but you know how it is. Anyway, on with
This episode marks the beginning of our 8th year ranting and raving about games (and books (and music (and life))). We kick it into gear with some heavy discussions of almost all of the above. Pretty much, if it ain't broke. . . . or, if it is
Favorite mechanics? Nah. How about a discussion of a bunch of games and the one thing each of them offers to stand out from the crowd? One thing in one game! Yeah, we can get into that. Follow along, if you please. THINGS (Not just One and Two)
We're keeping it simple as we're back to remote recording. One Game. One book. One in-depth discussion. Still over two hours of quality goodness. Enjoy. CHAPTERS: 00:05:39 -- Tekhenu (in-depth) 01:21:39 -- Short takes: Smartphone Inc. expansion
One. Two Three. Four. We front load this episode with four games discussed in detail, included are forays into adjacent concepts in gaming. After two hours of that nonsense we delve into some music and television that's enlightening our minds a
To hell with the experts, if just for one day. Travel happened. Games were played. Most importantly, human contact was regained, if just for 9 days.ITINERARY: 00:17:00 -- I Did a Bad Thing 00:54:30 -- The Games 01:03:21 -- The Capitals 01:15:20
It was a lovely evening away from the maddening crowd so we decided to do a show. Just like the 181 times before, we gathered with some microphones and chatted about board games and other things. Even our special guest, Chip, the cricket, seeme
Shambolic: adjective -- chaotic, disorganize, confused. Could we use that definition to describe this episode? Sure. Will we? Sure. Will You? Possibly. Does that make it bad? Possibly. Is it here anyway? Yup. Is it a misfire or just some catchy
Once in a century Pandemic. Once in a generation civil upheaval. Once in a decade game? We take a 90 minute journey through the 18th Century world of Imperial Struggle, throwing a little pandemic, protest and pot-luck life discussion in at the
Well, you caught us on a nice summer evening, sitting outside, sippin' whisky, and talkin' board games. It's the best we can do in this paranoid pandemic times. Maybe the closest we've come to the old days in a while. The most human the interac
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