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The Reach West Radio show welcomes Lorne Epstein, a talent acquisition and people guy with over twenty years of experience in hands on full life-cycle recruiting and leading teams in the United States, India and Brazil. His teams have won global awards for Best Recruiting Team and Best Candidate Experience, and he focuses on hiring the best available talent to grow organizations, all of which are critical in the competitive world of work today. Lorne is also the author of You’re Hired! Interview Skills To Get the Job, which has been downloaded over 320,000 times worldwide and he’s just released his 4th edition. In it he demystifies the interviewing process with wisdom and wit from an authoritative source. Through it all, Lorne has struggled with food and sugar addictions has recently been listening to his body to tell him what to eat and drink, and he’s much happier for it. He also believes that life is a creative process that is ever changing and that some of the best questions reside in our hearts.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Raghav Singh, a veteran of the HR technology industry and has over 15 years of experience leading product management at several leading vendors including Taleo, PeopleFluent, Kenexa and Lawson. He has led talent acquisition teams at United Health Group and the World Health Organization, and has been a consultant in the energy, casino, and healthcare industries. Raghav has also had a significant life challenge as well, suffering a tragic accident just three years ago that left him completely paralyzed. Since then he’s had to relearn everything from writing to cutting up his own food, and he’s still learning to walk again. I was able to return to work a year after the accident. Raghav has learned to adapt to his surroundings and work environment, which while familiar, are different when seen from the perspective of a wheelchair. He’s learned that what you achieve is largely up to you.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Carl Dahlen, a part-time pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church in Gardnerville, NV. Carl returned to parish ministry after 40 years of many other professional incarnations including community theater, addiction counselor, rural economic development, grant writing, fundraising and leadership development. And he’s also my father-in-law. Carl’s story is inspiring as it’s one of embracing life’s highs, adapting to the lows and the importance of family first. It’s a story about coming home to God and the Christian ministry. His faith has given him a greater confidence in his work, and this confidence has given him the freedom to risk more. It’s never too late to stretch into the light.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Doug Shaw, a people and organizational development consultant, and artist. He works with people, teams and businesses worldwide, helping to solve problems, and co-create and enable more effective change in the ways people need and want to work. Doug frequently works with a blend of artistic, conversational and technological techniques, and his arts based learning project, Art for Work’s Sake, was a finalist in the 2016 Learning Awards. He seeks to create power with and for each other, rather than power over each other, and incorporate these and other dynamic ideas and actions into his work. Doug pushes himself and others to try new things, to find greater effectiveness, enjoyment and meaning in their work through an artistic lens. He’s all about the part where you teach everyone to work out loud.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Irene van der Zande, Executive Director and Founder of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International. Irene has launched a global movement that has reached over 4 million people since 1989, and hopes to empower every person on our planet with the skills and knowledge we all need to take charge of our own safety and well being of our loved ones. She works tirelessly to serve children, teens, and adults of any and all backgrounds, including those with special needs, through Kidpower workshops, partnerships, and educational resources. Plus, this organization holds a very special place in my heart since my wife is now a certified Kidpower instructor, helping our daughters and our entire community to embody personal safety while maintaining empathy.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Heath Havlick, a speaker, trainer, coach, writer and founder of Dearly Beloved Personal Discovery Programs. She uses the Enneagram -- an amazing tool that helped her release herself from her limiting “personality box” -- and now she helps others reach their full potential and change behavior patterns that do not serve them well. Heath’s also a writer who has won awards in three genres (poetry, journalism, screenwriting) and her blog is She’s also been following Jesus for 40 years, and she loves him like nobody’s business. Heath believes that we can all live out our destinies and give glory to God.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Rhonda Taylor, VP Sales of HRmarketer, delivering real-time data and rich HR industry insights to drive HR marketing and media relations campaigns. After four years of social media focus in the human resource community, she’s now one of the best in creating social strategy and understanding the impact. Rhonda is also considered a pioneer in the Women’s Hockey Movement and is the first woman to sit on Hockey Canada’s Board of Directors after its 65 years of existence. Years earlier she launched her own staffing startup, which she eventually sold to Adecco after scaling growth as far as she could. Rhonda believes that, whether it be for the success of a company, a volunteer organization, or enjoying an activity, always keeping in mind you are part of a team is key. Many years ago while working with a Japanese companies she had to entrench herself in kaizen -- meaning “continuous improvement.” This combined with her ongoing motto “if it is to be it is up me” helped her to never be afraid to take on new responsibilities, or to learn a new skills, and to never be afraid to skate the ice and take the risks.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Jeanne Achille, founder and CEO of The Devon Group, a public relations and marketing firm that supports HR technology vendors. Jeanne has launched and marketed hundreds of new products and companies to date across a wide range of industries including high tech, professional services, healthcare, energy, financial services and education. Jeanne started her PR firm with no outside funding, and within a year, her company was profitable and 100% "client-funded." She’s been responsible for thousands of high profile media placements in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investor's Business Daily, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, Time, InformationWeek, Computerworld, Network World, Human Resource Executive, HR Magazine, Workforce Management and Chief Executive magazine. In addition, she has made broadcast placements on ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN, CNBC and many others.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Martin Burns, recruitment technology strategist and the US Recruiting Technology Leader at PwC, the largest professional services firm in the world. Martin develops an advanced and innovative technology strategy for the firm's recruitment organization, one of the most complex types of recruitment out there due to its global professional services network. He’s a technology and trouble junkie who’s now neck deep in artificial intelligence, truly stretching himself farther than ever. Martin loves bringing challenge and change wherever he goes -- which is his kind of fun -- and he thinks it’s made him a lot more fun when it comes to being a father.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Debra Ruh, founder and CEO of Ruh Global Communications (RGC), a strategic communications and digital marketing firm helping organizations strategically include People with Disabilities (PwD). Debra’s daughter was born with Down syndrome and she’s wanted to elevate those with disabilities ever since. Her firm focuses on Global Disability Inclusion, EmployAbility, ICT Accessibility, Human Rights, Social Media Marketing and implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Debra has written Tapping into Hidden Human Capital: How Leading Global Companies Improve their Bottom Line by Employing Persons with Disabilities, is the host of the “Human Potential at Work” podcast on iTunes, is a Huffington Post Blogger, and is the co-host of largest tweet chat in the world called #AXSChat. She’s proud that her work has impacted millions of people and families with disabilities and other disenfranchised people all over the world. Debra helps society focus on the ability of a person as opposed to the disability, and how we all can add value to the workforce and society at large.
A special Reach West Radio show at the SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition welcomes Jim Knight, a leading training and development expert, author and sought-after keynote speaker. Jim has worked with some of the world’s largest brands including more than 20 years with Hard Rock International where he led the renowned School Of Hard Rocks. Knight has built a reputation for innovation and ingenuity, producing award-winning, cutting-edge training concepts that focus on guest service and creating a “culture that rocks.” The acclaimed author Culture That Rocks, Jim donates a portion of the book’s proceeds and as well as part of his speaking fees to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, to aid in the organization’s efforts to eliminate childhood hunger in the U.S. To learn more, please visit
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Jon Thurmond, Southeast Regional Human Resources Manager for Team Fishel, a utility construction firm. He’s worked in the construction, public utility, healthcare, and third party recruiting industries, in roles encompassing Employee/Labor Relations, Recruiting, Training, and HR leadership. After being unemployed a few years ago, Jon took part in a career transition group where he learned to train adult learners to use social media, which lead to opportunities to present on job search, interviewing, and career fairs. He’s now the Social Media Director for the Virginia SHRM State Council and is a member of the Capital Region Workforce Development Board which serves the greater Richmond, VA area. On the Workforce Development Board, Jon helps determine how millions of government dollars are applied to help veterans, the disabled, and at risk youth get training and jobs. Jon has inspired others to “put themselves out there” and he believes you should give of yourself instead of giving up.
Then comes the part where you believe that life is a team exercise and that true collaboration means expecting and envisioning greater opportunities that never occur in solitude. The Reach West Radio show welcomes Ron Thomas, the founder of the Strategy Focused Group, an international consulting firm based in Dubai.
This is a rebroadcast from 2016. Enjoy! The Reach West Radio show welcomes Irene van der Zande, Executive Director and Founder of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International. Irene has launched a global movement that has reached over 4 million people since 1989, and hopes to empower every person on our planet with the skills and knowledge we all need to take charge of our own safety and well being of our loved ones. She works tirelessly to serve children, teens, and adults of any and all backgrounds, including those with special needs, through Kidpower workshops, partnerships, and educational resources. Plus, this organization holds a very special place in my heart since my wife is now a certified Kidpower instructor, helping our daughters and our entire community to embody personal safety while maintaining empathy.
Then comes the part where you focus on learning and observe the environment you’re in so you can “meet people where they are” and help to drive positive career enhancing change. The Reach West Radio Show welcomes Jon Decoteau, SHRM’s Divisional Director West and the California Field Services Leader.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Doug Ross, a seasoned freelance illustrator, fine artist and a volunteer for animal rescue groups in Santa Cruz, CA. Always wanting to try different things and stretch himself, and literally not able to sit in one place, Doug has always embraced flexibility in his world of work. A few years ago he was diagnosed by an expert as having attention deficit disorder (ADD), which finally explained to him why he was always moving from one activity to the next. But that doesn’t hinder him in any way. In fact Doug now volunteers for marine mammal rescue, and at any moment he might get a call and will have to rush out to a local beach and try to catch a sick Sea lion, or go out on a boat in Monterey Bay and help a whale entangled in a net. Doug is also all about facing his fears, joining a local toastmasters group to improve his public speaking. Now he’s the group president.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Antonio Santos, social media business evangelist at Atos, a global leader in digital services. Antonio provides digital consultancy across the different sectors of the organization specializing in Business Intelligence, Social Business and Social Media Analytics. He’s also a social entrepreneur having co-founded 3 startups, one of which helped children learn and develop their IT and social skills. Antonio helps run one of the largest tweet chats in the world called #AXSChat, focused on accessibility, neurodiversity and digital inclusion. He believes the art of communication starts when we listen first and that respecting others by understanding their struggles and needs is the first step to create a more inclusive world at work and outside work.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Casey Coonerty-Protti, primary manager and owner of independent bookstore Bookshop Santa Cruz. Although Bookshop Santa Cruz is a long-time iconic for-profit family business, Casey focuses everything they do on engaging and nurturing the local community and those individuals and organizations who value books and who value a physical place to discover books. Casey believes this is the key element on how they can survive a highly competitive marketplace where someone is selling the exact same product (books) for a lower price online. She created a mission-based focus for her staff that allows her to better retain staff, motivate them and help them work together towards a common goal. This community-based business gives Casey time to blend her family life with her work in a way that is more sustainable, and it makes work worthwhile.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Sara Isenberg, founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Santa Cruz Tech Beat at, the go-to source for all things tech in the Monterey Bay region. She’s also the principal consultant at Sara Isenberg Web Consulting & Project Management at For much of her career, Sara was an individual contributor in technology belonging to a team, working in a conventional 9-5 environment, and it’s been a stretch to become independent publisher and run a unique local business. Her work never stops and it requires a dogged sense of responsibility, but she thoroughly enjoys documenting and telling the story of our local tech community, one that's quite unique from Silicon Valley. Sara believes that to be successful a startup community needs people with good ideas, investors who provide funding, a university, talent to hire, hackathons, etc. -- and the telling the local stories, as Santa Cruz Tech Beat does. She’s still writing her story, because like most of us today, it's ever-changing and evolving.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Mindy Mackenzie, an accomplished corporate executive, acclaimed speaker and author, and CEO advisor. Before starting her advisory practice, Mindy served as Chief Performance Officer of Beam, Inc., where she earned the nickname of the “Velvet Hammer.” Her career also includes five years at Campbell Soup Co, where she lived and worked overseas, and nine years at Wal-Mart, where she advanced through various Senior Leadership HR and Organizational Development roles. Mindy’s bold combination of honesty and empathy and truth telling in the workplace led to her understanding that change is an inside-out job, and the only thing we can reliably change or control at any company is ourselves. Her expertise includes leadership and organizational effectiveness, transformational change, culture, and strategy. Mindy is also the author of the recently released book "The Courage Solution: The Power of Truth Telling with Your Boss, Peers, and Team."
The inaugural Reach West Radio show welcomes Steve Browne, Executive Director of HR at LaRosa's, Inc. Steve has helped transform an entire profession synonymous with rules, regulations, compliance and administrative paper pushing. He’s certainly modest about it, and while it’s true that there are many individuals and organizations that impact the human resource profession, Steve is not the usual HR suspect. He’s a personable motivator who’s effectual stretch redefines and builds his company’s culture by intentionally working with all of the managers at the LaRosa pizzerias. Having a personal presence in the midst of their employees is more radical than one would think. It’s making a tangible difference at every single location as well as the entire organization.
This is a rebroadcast from 2016. Enjoy! The Reach West Radio show welcomes Molly Fletcher, CEO of The Molly Fletcher Company, as well as a powerful keynote speaker and author. Molly is a trailblazer in every sense of the word. Hailed as “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, she represented sport’s biggest names and negotiated over $500 million in contracts. She’s been featured in ESPN, Fast Company, Forbes and Sports Illustrated and is the author of three books, including A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating: How Conversation Gets Deals Done, and her upcoming new book Fearless At Work. She’s also the founder of the Betterment Institute, a series of online coaching and personal development courses that emphasize why it’s so important to invest in ourselves.
Then comes the part where escaping the mental illness of a loved one when you’re younger comes full circle and informs your decision to be an advocate for others today. A new season of the Reach West Radio show welcomes Ally Golden, author of A Good Soldier, a moving memoir that captures the isolation and pain that can come from having a loved one with a mental illness.
The Reach West Radio show welcomes Matt Kaiser, a member of the Global Talent Acquisition team at Ericsson, a world leader in communications technology and services. Based in Singapore, Matt’s primary role is to evolve the global employer branding and recruitment strategy for Ericsson. He took a risk and moved his life and career to the other side of the world – first to Australia and then to Singapore – transitioning from a comfortable world he’d always known to a new and exciting world. Prior to working at Ericsson, Matt was a strategy consultant with a U.S. recruitment communications firm for over 15 years, helping leading organizations implement innovative employer branding and digital strategies to attract top talent. He’s learned to always be open to new opportunities, meeting new people and experiencing new things – and to appreciate everything. Matt will be speaking at this year’s SHRM Conference & Exposition in Washington, D.C.
A special Reach West Radio show at the SHRM Talent Management Conference & Exposition welcomes Elissa O’Brien, Vice President of Membership for the largest global human resource organization, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Prior to joining SHRM Elissa was senior vice president of HR and training at WinnResidential in Boston. She also was director of corporate HR services at Steward Health Care in Boston and vice president of HR at Wingate Healthcare in Needham, Mass. As an adjunct instructor at Bryant University in Rhode Island, she taught HR and organizational subjects that prepare students for the PHR and SPHR certification exams and taught students in the Executive Development program.
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