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I think a lot of the societal breakdown we are seeing is a matter of human psychology -- designed for pre-historical humans by evolution -- running up against technology that it can’t handle and goes kindof crazy trying to confront.-This is pro
In the 1930s, Fascism was surprisingly popular in the US. Then a World War made the word anathema, but wanting a strongman to make everything better for us is getting more popular. Believe in our liberal institutions is in decline. Are we getti
Social market dynamics are driving the ever-greater fracturing of public discourse. Can it be pulled back together? In this episode Erik finishes his series with the MIT Enterprise Forum on media technology and political polarization.Check out
In this episode, Erik expands substantially on work from Wedged, talking about how media technology, now and in the past, contributes to (or doesn't contribute to) political polarization.Check out the show notes at http://www.reconsidermedia.co
In the words of the legendary Terry Pratchett, in the Discworld novel The Truth:“A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth has had a chance to get its boots on.”Or from one of my favorite bands, The Protomen in their song, “The Ho
What are you willing to forgive in the heroes of your story?Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/reconsiderpodcast. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
Agenda:Weren’t nukes good for global stability? The idea of Mutually Assured DestructionGame Theory and the First Strike problem of most nuclear weaponsThe Dr. Strangelove scenarioWere there close calls? Yes, here are all of themAlso, the broke
I finally managed to get a bunch of patrons to send me questions. Many who are eligible have still sent none, so I’m going to be doing another soon!Some GREAT questions came in this time! Enjoy!Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/recon
Do you ever feel like your political opposition is talking right past you? As if you are having two entirely different conversations?You might be working with COMPETING FRAMES. Come learn how those work - and how to win.Support this show http:/
How does the United States escape spiraling political polarization? Waiting for a hero may not work. The cause of polarization is structural; the solution must be, too.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/reconsiderpodcast. See acast.co
In an age of sensationalism and hyperbole for political points, words like 'insurrection' and 'coup' might make us numb. but let's dig deeper. Was the Jan 6th Capitol Riot an "Insurrection?"(Note: this episode long delayed due to potential thre
If Trump had just decided to stay in power (and managed it), if Democracy had failed, might you have stormed the capitol? What does belief drives us to do? Do we, too, operate on false premises?Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/recon
If I could convince you to spend two hours per day on certain Subreddits or other internet forums, I could probably make you a radical of any stripe I want. Knowing how this process works is the only way to avoid it.Support this show http://sup
BTC is over $60k!? GME hit $300!? Inverted Yield Curve!? What the heck is going on? Dr. Jake Meyer returns to help us try to make... _any_ sense of this.Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/reconsiderpodcast. See acast.com/privacy for p
Weird people are moving to my neighborhood, rent is going up, and I'm not happy about it! Am I protesting gentrification, or immigration? Am I upset about both, or only one? And why?Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/reconsiderpodcast
Yes, I'll be speaking again, and yes, again, it will be awesome.Get your tickets with the discount code "reconsider" for all-day awesomeness, straight to your living room.https://www.intelligentspeechconference.com/product/intelligent-speech-sp
It's happened before, and under similar stresses: American parties have shattered into splinter groups, and the ensuing land grab has led to deep realignments, and even the end of American parties. What causes these realignments, and could they
Long before the capitol riots, a few good people began working on a documentary about the best Americans working to bridge our yawning divide. They created a movie: The Reunited States.Erik asks them hard questions--not about the movie, but abo
Richard Hanania returns to speculate with Erik about how Congress, Silicon Valley, the Republican Party, and the nation as a whole will change after the Capitol Riots. Will our DNA change in the same way that it changed after 9/11?As usual, pre
Historian Mike Duncan makes a compelling case that a breakdown of the political rules of the game--mos maiorum--drove the downfall of the Roman Republic. How much is America's breakdown of political norms and cohesion like that of the Roman Rep
This Christmas is like no other. Millions of Americans traveled and unsafely visited family during Thanksgiving, leading to countless super spreader events that are killing thousands, needlessly, right now. Tomorrow, Christmas, is a critical da
If 2020 has demonstrated anything, it is that geopolitical services are no longer a luxury. Like legal or accounting services, geopolitical services are crucial for businesses with global exposure in the unstable years ahead. You wouldn’t do yo
There is an astounding amount of BS surrounding COVID-19. In part because of that, we have nearly 300k Americans dead, and more to come. In this episode, Xander and Erik arm you with what you need to convince anti-maskers to get with the progra
OK so Biden won, taking back PA, WI, MI, and flipping AZ blue for the first time since 1996 and GA blue for the first time since 1992. So this is a slightly different map than we’ve seen in a long time. FL and OH used to be THE states (remember
Azerbaijan and Armenia are at war, over a strip of land with fewer than 150,000 people in it. This seems like the tiniest of conflicts... but it has real risk of erupting into a massive regional conflict. When does spilled blood get worked out,
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