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In this week's episode, I discuss how states (including Texas and Montana) are becoming Second Amendment Sanctuaries; an attempt to change the Left's messaging on gun control away from a "public health threat" to a "national security threat"; a
I spoke with Anastasia Boden, an attorney in the Pacific Legal Foundation's Economic Liberty Program, about the constitutional right to earn a living, and how the powers exercised by governors during Covid have harmed people and communities aro
In this episode I share some news items about the first amendment which caught my eye this week. Can you be charged for flying an "[Expletive] Biden" flag in your own yard? Does Florida's new law combating rioting and memorial destruction vio
I'm joined by Erin Murphy and Amy Swearer to discuss our Second Amendment rights and the current attacks on our rights. Do so-called gun control regulations have a greater impact on a woman's right to self-defense? Erin Murphy is a partner in
Have we lost free speech and freedom of religion in America? I speak with expert Mary Rice Hasson about current legal cases and bills before Congress. Some of these hold hope for our cherished first amendment rights, and some present dangers t
I was on Fox News Media Buzz on Sunday to talk about two stories concerning the media and the President. First was fake news reporting that the President had had a stroke last fall, and the second is how the media went berserk when the Presiden
I want to share with you various items that came up this week. The first is an update of the ongoing persecution of General Flynn, the second is an excellent jobs creation report than beat expectations, the third is a totally insane article in
The Republican National Convention exceeded all expectations and was a resounding success. It clearly showed how President Trump and the Republicans want to build things up in stark contrast to the Democrat's and their radical Marxist agenda wa
Another day of great speakers at last night's Republican National Convention! I go over some of the highlights from their speeches. MENTIONED WATCH: Republican National Convention - Night 3: Land of Heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3HX
Today I talked with Cassie Smedile (@CMSmedile), the GOP Deputy Communications Director, about the highlights of day two of the Republican National Convention. MENTIONED: RNC 2020 19th Amendment Video https://youtu.be/QH9LRPbxdgc Women of th
Today I spoke with Liz Harrington, the spokesperson for the Republican National Convention, about the incredible speeches given at the convention and how the powerful, hopeful story of real Americans who have benefited from the promise of Ameri
This has been such a weird and unexpected year! Given the 2020 presidential election where Americans have a real choice between a leftist Biden/Harris administration and a liberty-loving, tyranny-hating Trump administration, we were guaranteed
I've got a lot of things in the news to cover for this week: the predictable Biden choice for VP, Kamala Harris and gun control, Biden's nutty mask mandate and wearing masks on Zoom alone in your house (??!), the historic Israel-UAE agreement,
Summer is for the beach, and we all need some time to reflect on the crazy year we have experienced. Also, we need to store up energy for the fall election season. I took this week off from regular daily episodes so I could do some reflecting
General Michael Flynn today is still a man with his liberty in jeopardy. There are few events more stressful in life than being a criminal defendant with the full force and resources of the government arrayed against you, especially the federa
“Democrats rule and Republicans drool.” That is the level of political discourse offered by Democrats today. President Obama linked up with Hollywood, Internet, and tech celebrities to raise vast amounts of money to support Democrat presidenti
Trump Derangement Syndrome was on full display at the House Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday, Tuesday, July 28, 2020. Attorney General Bill Barr was the picture of calm and control as the Democrats threw futile temper tantrums and embarra
What happens when you are a “liberal mugged by reality”? You might just want to go buy a gun and demand government action against liberal rioting! That’s what happened to ESPN Radio Host Paul Gallant. Paul directed President Donald Trump to “
Governors across the country are using the COVID-19 pandemic to grab power. Their power grabs reveal a lot about each governor. These governors act like they now have a carte blanche to disregard our Constitution. Take, for example, Nevada.
Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York personifies so many glaring issues with today’s Democrat party. Democrat politicians love power and control, even when their exercise of that power harms Americans. But the mainstream media will never hold thes
Bad ideas from Virginia are headed to Congress. We witnessed a take over of power of the Virginia state government by Democrats, and the Democrat legislators hastily passed sweeping gun restrictions. Democrat Governor Northam signed the laws a
Think of all that came out of the FBI’s actions to undergird the reliability of the Dirty Dossier, assembled and promoted by British spy Christopher Steele -- the FISA applications; the eavesdropping on the Trump campaign; the targeting of top
The judge overseeing the case against General Michael Flynn won’t accept the decision of the appellate court telling him to dismiss the abusive case against General Flynn. He is like an umpire trying to force the teams to play extra innings af
Is it hard to make sense of what is going on today in our country? As I watch from the east coast what is going on in California, I cannot help but wonder why the citizens of California tolerate the patent double standards of their state gover
When Mark and Patricia McCloskey defended themselves with a strong show of force against hundreds of aggressive, trespassing people, I was reminded of my testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in January 30, 2013, when our federal lawm
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