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Schmidt, where the hell have you been?  Listen, it’s a pandemic baby!  I’ve been wearing the same quarantine lewk nearly every day, I no longer blow dry my hair, and I mostly don’t know what day it is.  I talk where I am and what I’ve been doin
Where will be when these times are finally over (don't worry we're all alive in the version I'm predicting)? Listen, I'm trying to make sure Future Schmidt hasn't turned into a pile of mush with a drinking problem and an extreme fear of going o
Today's episode is all about my screen time.  It's a scary world we're in and my screen time is up 40% since last week, and trust me, it's not going down for the foreseeable future #covid19problems. I talk about how apparently now I also video
We'll guys, get ready because I know Aunt Cin isn't.  I'm back in CT for the quarantine because California was pretty much the beginning of every dystopian novel I've ever read and I'll have PTSD for the rest of my life.  But listen, dark times
Okay guys, let’s ship this thing.  You’ve listened to 22 episodes or maybe two, okay maybe one.  WE'RE FRIENDS, OKAY?!? Today’s episode is all about making friends as adults which every gurl will tell you is freaking hard.  We all want to be fr
Today’s episode is all about Schmidt I Love, which this week means one HIGHLY under-rated and underappreciated thing and one thing that everyone freaking loves, but wants to pretend they won’t love because they are too classy for that shit, but
I'm backkkkk! Guys,  I'm a survivor (damn, I missed a great opportunity to sing the Michelle Williams break down section)!  Today's episode is all about surviving my #firstworldproblem life, like moving cross country with my dog, four pieces of
I'm an expert in leopard (DUH), knowing you're pregnant before you know, and apparently also the 2020 Oscars, even though I didn't technically watch them (oops). In Episode 19, I recap the very boring Oscars I didn't watch along with the Oscar
Today’s episode I’m shooting the Schmidt. I talk how Taylor Swift is THE Schmidt. I watched her documentary, Miss Americana, so you don’t have to (but you should), and have a whole new appreciation for the lady.  Next, don’t make me hit pause. 
Today's episode is all about Schmidt rants and hoping I don't ever get cancelled, but you know, I was always Corporate Schmidt, so I've been pretty locked down for years and not dumb, 15, and tweeting.  I dive into my old tweets to see if there
Today’s episode is all about REAL Schmidt.  Sometimes I get really obsessed with things, and right now I'm all about the documentaries thanks to the Cheer train I got on with the rest of America.  I discuss how it all comes down to 2:15 on the
It's episode 15 and she’s back! America’s favorite aunt, @officialauntcin, is here to talk everyone’s favorite TV show, or maybe the epitome of “what’s wrong with America,” the Season 8 premiere of Vanderpump Rules. I also read Demi Moore’s mem
Episode 14 will have you asking me "What’s your Netflix password?"  Do you have my Netflix password? Because I changed it today, I’ll probably hear from you by EOD for the new one. Then I talk Mandalorian.  Am I saying that right? Everyone says
Today's episode is all about the most culturally important events of the last decade that shaped our lives, inspired us, and who am I kidding, this is a deep dive into the most scandalous, time wasting, and skeevy stuff of the decade.  On the l
"Schmidt Saves Christmas" would be a better Hallmark Christmas movie than "Mistletoe and Menorahs" (a REAL holiday move and spoiler alert -- it was bad). In Episode 12, I talk how I am the ultimate gift giver of all time (and this is why I put
Today’s episode is all about the holiday season or as I like to call it “binge season” where everything is extra and there is no such thing as too much.  I talk about how I’ll be spending my “binge season” and all my favorite and least favorite
Today’s episode is all about the holiday season or as I like to call it “binge season” where everything is extra and there is no such thing as too much.  I talk about how I’ll be spending my “binge season” and all my favorite and least favorite
Episode 10 I discuss a lot of "Conspiracy Schmidt."  First up–it's a Starbucks Conspiracy– Listen, Starbucks doesn’t want you to order in-person anymore because everyone is an extroverted introvert, and we don’t want to talk to each other.  Plu
On Episode 8 it's another Edition of Corporate Schmidt --Office Schmidt gets political-- Sometimes things get testy at work and you need to know how to navigate.  Per usual I have no tips, but hey, we can still complain about it. I also discuss
On today's episode I talk a lot of REAL Schmidt.  Like, what the hell are you doing in the shower for so long?  Because I'm always one minute into my seven minute conditioning process and have nothing left to do.  Then I move on to SERIOUS Schm
Guys, how are we even surviving in 2019?  Have we become too soft?  Nah, I think we've finally understood our worth, at least that's what I think Brene Brown would tell me.  Today's episode is 99% full of Schmidt (but only the best kind).  I ta
Where did all the straws go?  How did they get taken from us so quickly? Who ran that campaign? Is the person/people who started it all now running political campaigns?  On today's episode, I'll talk "Conspiracy Schmidt" and deep dive into who
Happy belated Halloween!  It took me 26 years to watch Hocus Pocus, so of course it took me almost a week to post a Halloween episode. On this episode I'll discuss my fear of all things scary and how I'm truly lucky I made it through high schoo
Ever go to work and feel over/underdressed and then stress about it for the whole day? Ever slam drawers of a printer or rip paper out of the drawer and then think...."hmm...I think this machine is expensive, but why isn't it working?!?"  Do yo
Hey guys--in today's episode we talk to America's favorite Aunt -- Aunt Cin.  She's instagram famous (with 10 followers and no profile pic) and she's got a lot of dirt on me.  We talk her favorite things to do (hint: she really likes to nap), h
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