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Achievement Unlocked: Audio Issues! - That's right; Saves Together has reached another podcasting milestone! We already had an episode where we lost the recording and now we've had one that needed a lot of work to save the audio! Anyways all that means is we're that much closer to becoming #certified real podcast. BUT! we won't let any of that stop us from this episode's discussion of all things E3 2018. We detail our experience watching the PlayStation press conference from a movie theatre, we give our takes on the multitude of press conference / showcase presentations, we talk about Craig's shiny Luvdisc and most importantly we look ahead to all the co-op games coming from E3 2018! ~*Co-op's Back, Baby!*~
It's episode 15 and we're talking the turn-based strategy game PIT PEOPLE by Behemoth games. Join us as we talk strategy, on-screen information, battle length, accoutrement, head bopping, and Gluten the Cupcake. Should you pick it up to play with a co-op partner? Find out right here with SAVES TOGETHER! Pictures of the battle map mentioned:
It's Wednesday again and I know we aspire to have a 30-45 minute show, but listen, it's an hour ok? Accept us for who we are! This week, we're talking the co-op in the new NO MORE HEROES game (or it's spin-off, whatever you wanna consider it). Discussions include blood splatters, easy mode, that NMH brand of humor, glitches and issues, ramen jokes and jumping on donuts. We also go over the Borderlands 3 reveal and an indie game called Temtem!
We're having a magical week and talking about the action-adventure game MAGICKA 2! Tune in as your favorite co-op team talks about subjects like Yokai Watch, finding games by browsing the shelves, whatever a "block" is on a GameCube memory card, unfunny jokes, magician soccer and complicated spell work.
Our very first episode on a co-op demo is here! This week we're talking about ANTHEM: THE DEMO. The title may be a bit of a spoiler as far as what we thought about it, but we have quite a bit to say when it comes to a game that feels a little bit like a combination of Destiny and Borderlands. We also discuss loot-based gaming, loading screens, conspiracy theories, Oreos and playing with "randos" *Recorded on 2/3/19
Episode 38 of Saves Together is here and while it includes a bonus pilot episode of The Wide World of Wegmans, this episode mostly focuses on Grace and Craig's time spent with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. We missed an episode due to moving, vacation and Grace's career level-up - but we're back with a new set-up in a new treefort studio; so tune in now! Join us as we break down and discuss the co-op factors with this Nintendo Switch exclusive... and there's some pretty big Saves Together news at the end of the episode!
This week, Grace and Craig blast off into space and build a killer base together (or maybe not) and talk all about NO MANS SKY. We also chat about coupons, angry gamers, Battle Royale, building a space base, glitches, an unbalance in economy, our home on Cornbread, the new starter Pokemon and revisit the dark times of 2016.
This week, Grace and Craig discuss their shorter-than-usual playthrough of BORDERLANDS: THE PRE-SEQUEL! Topics include loot systems in games, Australia tourism, strategy and tactics with 2-players, verticality in game design, and game humor.
Whoa, episode 50! This week we're not talking about one game in specific and instead we're diving into co-op games as a whole and the ways they are built to be fun and engaging. We're classifying the mechanics of co-op gameplay so we can better help people discover games they might like. The categories we come up with will be one of the descriptors used on our Saves Together Recommends list that will be accessible on our website ( a few weeks. We wanted to make this list so when someone you know asks "Do you know any good co-op games?" you'd be able to easily send them a variety of games with different styles and intensities just by linking to the website. Hopefully this list will provide something for any interest and skill level with games. But enough about the list; it doesn't even exist yet! Join us (and the birds outside the Saves Together Treefort) now for episode 50 of Saves Together!
It's episode 5 of the Co-op gaming podcast Saves Together! This time, Grace and Craig are discussing about SECRET WORLD LEGENDS. We talk about seasonal quests, grouping up, dungeons and the fantastic world of this free-to-play MMO.
An alternative title to this would be "Not a Fan of Farts", but I picked the more poetic one. We got to play and talk about HEAVE HO which, we decided, is the swingy-flingy game of our dreams! Tune in now and hear all about it along with Arkham Asylum, Forager, hating on sewers, Super Monkey Ball, Mount Your Friends, grunts and groans, language classes in middle school, hats (always hats), Craig's Halloween Corner and end off with a highlight on a returning MMORPG.
This is our FIRST family-friendly podcast with MICKEY APPROVED LANGUAGE! We went to Disney World and have a lot to say about our co-op strategies and games we played while there. We also talk about co-op dog walking, Disney bounding, Spiderman, xCloud, My Friend Pedro, vacations, waiting in lines (and NOT waiting in lines), Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom, DOLE WHIP, Toy Story Mania, Nintendo World and Dwarfheim!
This week, Saves Together accomplishes the challenge of completing the game HUMAN FALL FLAT together all while wielding strange Play Doh people who have difficulties using their arms! Join us this week as we talk about putting a game on easy mode, formulas in JRPG's, the controversy of "genre", jumping puzzles, our hatred of boats, unfitting music, and Grace does her best Smash Brothers announcer impression!
This episode Grace and Craig are discussing their experience playing the generational mainstay Minecraft! Now, it may not be their generation that grew up on it but it was certainly hard to ignore the game over the last decade so tune in now to hear all about what it was like to go back and play again after updates on updates on updates to the genre-defining classic. We also discuss: Final Fantasy 7 Remake, My Time at Portia and the merits of Xbox Game Pass
We're back this week to talk about the two cutest(?) Pokemon in the past month or so that everyone's talking about - Pikachu and Eevee in Pokemon Let's Go! We played the co-op mode and we SURE have some thoughts about. Tune in NOW to hear us discuss Super Smash Bros excitement, Pokemon fatigue, co-op equality, motion controls and false advertising. Will this be our highest or lowest score yet?! (Guess). We also do some armchair co-op design and talk about our indie co-op game of the week: Gelly Break. *Recorded on 12/8/18
It's episode 3 of the Co-op gaming podcast Saves Together! This time Grace and Craig are talkin' about GUILD WARS 2 - The first MMO they set out to play together. Find out how they liked it, their breakdown of the co-op factors, and whether they plan to explore the rest of the fantastic world of Tyria!
Hey everyone it's episode 49 of Saves Together! This time we're talking about our experience playing through Knights and Bikes. We here at ST would like to take this time to formally apologize for any British dialect and/or accent attempts that were made within this aforementioned episode. Okay, now that that's out of the way - strap on your wellies, jump on your noble steed and join the adventure as we co-op our way through Knights and Bikes!
It's October and maybe this isn't...a SPOOKY game exactly, but perhaps this is a haunted episode? This week we talk about game bugs (literal and not so much), combat issues, disappointing endings, updates, crawling into dungeons, Yo-yo woes, OJ with pulp and our new acronym which you'll have to listen to find out what it means - TBSG games.
Work has been busy for both Craig and Grace (and there's also a large Red Dead elephant in the room...) which means there hasn't been any time to record Saves Together Episode 20. So instead, Craig brings to you Home Alone: Episode Something Something Else! He's talking horror games and Halloween costumes and in the process he's learning a lot about himself - It's quick little jaunt that leads Craig on a self-help discovery. Grab a fistful of candy and tune in!
It's kind of like a two-for-one episode here on Saves Together episode 42! The main topic is Luigi's Mansion 3 and all the co-op factors that help detail our experience but in our closing segment we discuss our time with Pokemon Sword & Shield. So make sure to get your suckers ready to blow cuz this episode is gigantimaxed!!! (hire me to write the copy for your podcast aren't I good at it?) We also talk about Gooigi, a Gooigi amiibo, Gooigi kisses and green jello. (and also Death Stranding, Google Stadia and Trails of Cold Steel)
Mosey on over for another episode of the Saves Together podcast where we're talking all about the cooperative experience in Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode! Other topics include allergies, MK11, crunch within game development, cowboy bicycles, economy issues, the single player mode, GTA online, slow horses, smores, chilling in games, Stardew Valley updates, and the only pirate game that matters (Puzzle Pirates).
This week on Saves Together, we give the puzzle game Degrees of Separation a shot (of love)! We also talk about being professional, the Oculus Quest, Gal Metal, Pushing Daises (the show), romantic games, confusing puzzles, the need for outfits and hats, the complications of co-op puzzle games, introduce a new segment, and touch on the controversial Game of Thrones! **Recorded on May 21
Episode 40 is here and it's about dang time Grace and Craig finally got around to playing one of the most prolific, important and certified classic co-op video games of all time... Portal 2! We also talk about Wilmot's Warehouse, Session, Control, Links Awakening remake, 999, AI: The Somnium Files, Virtues Last Reward and what sound the Xbox makes when you turn it off. Oh, also it's Craig's birthday if you listen to this the day it releases so I guess that's something.
This episode is a #CERTIFIED banger because NOT ONLY do your hosts Grace and Craig review their experience with the Nintendo Switch title Kirby Star Allies, but they also rank each and every playable ally from the game. Who will reign supreme as the greatest companion to our lovely pink friend!? Find out here! On SAVES TOGETHER EPISODE 009~ (Yes, it's episode 9. Stop calling it episode 8, Craig.) #gaming #videogames #nintendo #kirby #nintendoswitch #podcast #coopgaming
It's episode 2 of the Co-op gaming podcast Saves Together! This time Grace and Craig are talkin' about TERRARIA. Find out how they liked it, their breakdown of the co-op factors, and whether or not draining the oceans into hell is a good idea!
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