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After having been the first person in the world to track their Macro-Attention 24/7 for over a year (as of Aug 15, 2019), I’m committing to tracking my Micro-Attention. I am studying my own attention to support others through the emerging Atten
Mike Pratt (a good friend) and I reflect on what I learned from tracking my attention 24/7 for 1 full year (Aug 2018-2019). We then brainstorm what should be next, and conclude the following evolutions: micro-attention (thought) tracking instea
IMPORTANT: If you get value out of this one-of-a-kind talk on fulfilment and regret-proof decisions, PLEASE comment your answer to this question: *** β€œHow much longer would you need to live to be willing to forget these insights on fulfilment
Hacks won't make you do What you don't want to do Tactics, Techniques, Technologies Save minutes here and there. But not for long. Eventually, hacks will not work, Because you don't care about the work. There is a better way. Do what you lo
You belong. You always have. πŸ‘€ Your most important tribe, is not the most exclusive; It is the most inclusive. πŸ‘₯ You are Sentient. We all are, yet we each value different parts of life, to different degrees. 🌎 Your unique combination, of ski
WHY are you here? The ONE and only decision you must make. - Who you are; - Where you're going; - How you'll get there; and - What will you do... ... will ALL evolve with time. Once you decide why you are here, every decision you encounter w
A short story about an adult who complained instead of acted. Do you COMPLAIN or ACT by default?
A story about my 3yo son's whining phase, how we as adults can mature out of it, and how we as parents can support our children's development through it. πŸ˜­πŸ˜«πŸ˜€πŸ€§βž‘οΈπŸ™‚ Did you whine? Do your kids?πŸ‘‡ . . . . . #sentientfuture #sentient #process #
Today I interview Sydney Centell, a California-based life coach who shares what coaching is (and is not), what problems it solves, and how it's her version of employing her natural skillsets. I really think you'll enjoy how thoughtfully she spe
My 2.5yo son exclaimed this morning, "My pants are not on backwards!", taking stock of the simple things in his life that were going well and how they foreshadowed a good day. What simple things ARE going well for you? What do they allow you to
The dangers of crying wolf, as a reflection of my 2.5 year-old twins' development. Let's break down exactly why crying wolf is a poor idea. #intentionalliving #sentient #process #network #theory #trust #life #love #parent #kids #toddler #twin #
Saved 7 YEARS in others' lives, Life Goal 1: "Fully Intentional Life" DONE! πŸ•™ As of Jan 1 / 2018, 81% of my life since birth had been scheduled. I'd lived it intentionally (per my values). 19% (55,203 hours) had not. Having had no plan for tha
On Canadian Thanksgiving, the benefits of gratitude and what I'm personally grateful for. #intentionalliving #gratitude #grateful #thankyou #sentient #process #network #theory #dad #time #life #negative #positive #mindset #practice #walkthetalk
Why giving to others is a long-term self-optimal behaviour, and how/why it earns you others' trust and the right to work with them.
A way of measuring the value we create in children's lives that integrates well with how we measure the value of our own.
I discuss three issues often present in the programs offered by MLM / Network Marketing firms as it relates to living intentionally (i.e. per what YOU value). Woukd this be a positive chapter in your life, or not? What are you optimizing and is
Describing a few leaders in the mobile phone AR space: Assemblr, SuperWorld, and ROAR, as well as what that might mean when the concepts scale up, even if not by these players necessarily.
Document or Create? BOTH! The Sentient Process Network Theory intentional living framework is a huge source of original content and it allows me to comment relevantly on trending topics as well as create evergreen content. Documenting is useful
My foundational body of work, the "Sentient Process Network Theory" Intentional Living framework, is done. You can download the full PDF for free on my website: SentientFuture.Earth. Its scope is immense, and that's why there is so much detail.
EP 69 - Sentient Intention Project. Inaugural results. Reduction of my 55,203-hour intentional living deficit (19% of my life so far unscheduled) by 779 hours by creating intentional time in a client's life. New deficit: 54,424 hours. Connect f
CoHost - Living In Purpose with Marc White. Anchor's CoHost feature connecting new people on topics of shared interest. Mark White is a fellow coach and brings a lot of real world experience to the conversation!
EP 68 - AI and How the Sentient Worldview Prepares Us for It. We need to get good at controlling our time and attention NOW. AI will get increasingly better at capturing it in the future because of the war for it that the attention economy will
EP 67 - Soul = Network of Selves at Different Times. A breakthrough in v2.0 of the Sentient Worldview. Initially struggled with soul's seeming indivisibility. Added dimension of Time to resolve the problem. See our Selves at Different times as
EP 66 - V2.0 Struggles. Parallelism between the mind, body, and soul is proving difficult to finalize in a practical way. An account of where I'm at and optimism for what is to come. Almost there!
What if, by extending the idea of the Sentient Worldview and applying scientific methods/research from a variety of fields, empathy and giving could be PROVEN to be optimal long-term behaviours? Would that convince people to collaborate? Could
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