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Do you know how HOT thigh sex can be? Let Roxie tell you. She’s 18, and while she’s still a 5 on the shame-o-meter, that’s loads lower than she was a year ago. Since then, she’s been having fun working as a stripper and posting on OnlyFans (esp
[[TW: includes formative kid-to-kid sexsploration stories]] What do horny neighborhood boys do when they know it’s wrong to pressure a lady outside of wedlock, but still want to practice sex? Each other, apparently — at least in the neighborhoo
Marina is having the best sex she’s ever had, and she’s had some very hot sex with partners who had very yummy butts in the two decades she lived in Israel. Her current partner is in tune with her mentally, physically, spiritually—and exploring
His first partner knew what she liked, his second one was super open to exploring, his mom was *not* happy when she found his (kink-filled) journal as he entered adulthood, and later on in life, he had a greater understanding of why exactly. We
Sky Wind is now a 1 on the shame-o-meter, has learned his sexual lessons through trial-and-error, and is as creative in his sex life as he is in his work as an artist. He talks about prioritizing partner pleasure, learning about different socia
TW: first P-in-V sex was not consensual, and cultural messages led her to believe she wasn’t desirable post-virginity “loss,” so she went through a phase of dating heroin addicts until she left the states for an island life. Since then, she’s c
Axe was married for four years and never penetrated his wife; he lost his virginity on a first date at age 30 just before the pandemic hit, and has been exploring kink and poly and what a compatible form of family might look like.* We talk of t
Get Wyoh's sex/work updates on our FINAL Sex at Work episode before Sex Stories return/s next week! /// Wyoh answers her own set of Sex at Work questions and talks about Mission 69 [mission69.org] and catches up on her sexy work-related emails
Cake creates specialty lubes and is out to make sex fun –– this brand is a Mission 69 ally for sure, and there is even an on-pod surprise discount code offer*. Mitch and Wyoh talk small condoms, how specialty lube fits into the list of FDA-appr
SUBSCRIBE to the new Sex at Work feed!<<< Thanks BetterHelp.  Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/sexstories  >>> TW: extreme kink fantasies, Work-sexy is what sells, private-life-sexy is *very* kinky, and yes, there’s overlap. Mistr
Wyoh loves personal questions, but she wants to ask business people about sex, too. Sex at Work is a new series where she does just that (and hopes listeners will send in stories about personal coworker rendezvous, too) ///// SUBSCRIBE TO SEX A
138 | Loves to be Hunted, Wrestled, & Caught: Sam’s Sex Stories     TW: assault/rape // Drawing kinky queer people having sex in consensual ways set Sam on a path of exploration and education and led them to create Shimpteeth, a place of sexy s
His shame-o-meter used to hover around an 8, these days it’s down to a 2—he used to feel like his desires were allowed, but post-14-year marriage and with the internet acting as an equalizer, he’s been able to welcome and even explore his kinki
[TW: sexual assault // partners AND a stranger] “I wanna be spoiled, I wanna be fucked, I wanna be cared for” …but Rachel *also* gets wet if a cock or pussy is in her mouth and she’s giving. These days, her partners all love going down on her —
It’s not the size of Leo’s penis, it’s the way he feels when he uses his entire body to connect deeply with a lover. Controlling when he cums has been a struggle since his first partnered experience, but he spent 18 years with his wife with who
TW: details of top surgery, mention of non-consensual & boundary-pushing experiences. Charlie had to ask for a sex talk, was told masturbation could lead to hurt, and watched the same sex ed pancake video as Wyoh in school. They discovered a br
No one ever told her to be ashamed by sex or nudity, so she wasn’t. Early sex ed included bitch.com and an enthusiastic teacher in Kentucky when she was 12 who talked about how amazing sex is, and that it should absolutely be avoided. She tells
When his first girlfriend cheated on him in high school, Sean started getting turned on and thought something was wrong with him—but he’d get off on it all the time. With internet came knowledge, and he’s happily into cuckoldry, small penis hum
As promisted in Episode 121, she reached out to her first boyfriend 15 years later to ask why he never went down on her. And she and her husband have turned to the internet to look for play partners with some unexpected results so far.
What do you do if you grew up queer in a homophobic household with parents who got together via arranged marriage? Literally learn to fall in love with yourself, if you’re Andie. In her first partnership now, she has truly enjoyed navigating ho
Sex is complicated for Alex, a bisexual dude who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish household and had a traumatic predatory experience with a teacher in high school. Coming out and a felt sense of pressure to “choose” a sexual identity has been an o
TW*** // A self-identified sex camel, Jensi introduces Wyoh to Shell Silverstein’s adult work, and then we proceed to talk about getting ostracized for calling herself “bi” at a young age, what it was like to be a stripper, why she loves strip
This couple knows how to invite a lover into their relationship so a good time can be had by all, and they walk us through the specifics from app to date to bed to aftercare and their reconnection after, and share their sexual origin stories of
Why is her girlfriend the best sex of her life? How did she get more comfortable with her sexual self? How does she handle her sexual predator that comes out when she drinks? Lola tells us about everything from “shiners,” to first kisses at the
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