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What do you get when a baby is born with clubbed feet, a dislocated hip, triceps but no biceps,  hands curled in at the wrists and can only bend one knee? This week we sit down with Michelle to talk about growing up in small town Nova Scotia with Arthrogryposis, a rare congenital condition causing hooked joints and stiffened muscles. We talk accessibility, how grandmothers make hanky panky too, and....a hijacked plane? Whoa. Buckle up.
This Week On Sickboy: The fella’s are invited into one of the most exclusive club’s in Canada, The Addison’s Disease Club! Fiona shares her experience dealing with an extremely rare disease. Much more rare than 1 in 500. Because, 1 in 500 isn’t very rare… Duh, Brian. They dive into everything from the Etch A Sketching of one’s organs, to the excitement of roller coasters, to mystery autoimmune disorder bulls*it, to being a robot. But Fiona is not a robot, she’s a beautiful and articulate young woman… Duh Brian.   As always this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for our amazing listeners. We rely on you to keep this project going! If you'd like to add to that please consider supporting us on Patreon   Theme music provided by the babes over at Take Part. If you dig it check them out on Bandcamp!   Shout out to @Sp00nfed for the post work   Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Make love to us on Twitter
After our episode with Abby we had a number of emails come in re: the facts of abortion. Did you know there is a cut off point for abortions? This cut off point is based off of "fetal viability". Did you know that cut off point differs from province to province or state to state? We didn't until you, yes YOU the listeners dropped some knowledge on our butts! So thanks! We also cold call Jeremie's mom to ask her some other questions about rehab and whether or not Taylor should get a colonoscopy. Taylor wasn't there to defend himself. Sucka!  
How many major surgeries have you had in your life? None? One or two? MJ has had over 50. NBD.   Jeremie, Brian & Taylor sit down with MJ Bouey and discuss her experience in living with a congenital birth defect that has resulted in having more surgeries than Joan Rivers. They dive into the importance of patient advocacy, winning the children's wish lottery, and how Brian is an Olfactophilic.
This week on Sickboy we sit down with Ardra and dig into what it's like to live with MS, what it's like to rock a walker as a young woman, and how simple catheters can be, although, Taylor is still a little confused. Accessibility becomes a hot topic and we learn just how much of our society is constructed without it in mind. We had a really enlightening conversation and we want to give a huge shoutout to Ardra's blog, Tripping on Air, at   Get exclusive content on Patreon:   Subscribe on Apple Podcasts:   This episode is brought to you by:     Hello Fresh - Visit and enter promo code SICKBOY to get 50% your first Hello Fresh box   Freshbooks - Visit and enter Sickboy in the ‘How did you hear about us’ section to get your free one month trial of this amazing cloud accounting software  
We have a very special episode for you this week! Out of the blue we were asked if we could hop on a call with none other than american actor and stand up comedian TJ Miller from HBO's Silicon Valley, Marvel's Deadpool and of course who could forget The Emoji Movie! Turns out TJ suffers from a cerebral arteriovenous malformation. You might not expect such profound thought to pour out of such a silly and jovial comedian, but TJ reminds us that even the characters we love on our favourite shows can be dealt a hand that changes the way we look at life & death. Jeremie and Taylor were over the moon for with chance to chat with TJ, and we hope you love the open and honest conversation, as always.  Catch TJ on his #JFLAlt Canadian tour and hit him up on on twitter at @nottjmiller. Tell him @Sickboypodcast sent you.   Get exclusive content on Patreon:   Subscribe on Apple Podcasts:   This episode is brought to you by:     Hello Fresh - Visit and enter promo code SICKBOY to get 50% your first Hello Fresh box   Freshbooks - Visit and enter Sickboy in the ‘How did you hear about us’ section to get your free one month trial of this amazing cloud accounting software   Casper Mattress - To get $50 off any mattress go to and use promo code SICKBOY at checkout. 
Imagine you spend hours of your day obsessing over a million little wrinkles and scars all over your face. Obsessing to the point where it cuts into your social & work life. To the point where you become depressed and suicidal. Imagine everyone around you tells you that they don’t see what you see… except for your sister. Your twin sister. She sees what you see. And you see the same scars on her face. Obviously it must be real then right?! Nah. That’s Body Dysmorphic Disorder yo. This week we talk to Ev about her trippy experience with BDD that she shared with her identical twin. Jeremie obsesses over his acne, Brian doesn’t understand at first but then has a life changing revelation. Taylor, well Taylor just does his thang. Ya know?
What happens when you have a tumour wrapped around your carotid artery? A whole wack load of life long lessons. This week on Sickboy the fellas sit down with Judith John, former VP of Communications for SickKids and frequent flyer of the healthcare system. Judith unfortunately had to step down from her executive role at SickKids after doctors found a tumour on her brain, but that didn’t stop this wonderful woman from making a difference in the world. We talk ultimate booger removal, jeremie’s transition from the IWK to the QEII adult clinic, the Canadian healthcare system VS American healthcare system, and a buttload more.
This week on Sickboy we sit down with Haley and talk heart stuff, time bombs and the most ideal place to stick a catheter in your body. What is a high heart beat? 150 bpm? 180bpm? Try 260….while sitting still….for 6 hours. For Haley, this is all apart of an episode of Supraventricular Tachycardia, or more boringly referred to as SVT. Having to take drugs that give you the feeling of imminent death and shoving catheters up through your crotch are a just a part of the experience. Join us for an ever-riveting conversation about the absurdity of living illness. This episode of Sickboy is brought to you by Hello Fresh. Go to and enter the promo code SICKBOY50 to get 50% of your first box! Video of SVT in action: Sickboy is proud to a part of the Antica Podcast Network.
This week on Sickboy the fellas sit down with Kalyn who was once infected with the horrifying and totally dangerous and deadly ZIKA VIRUS! Wait... Zika? Like... the mosquito/sexually transmitted virus Zika? Where you get a rash and some achy joints? And gotta lay down for a day or two? YEAH THAT ZIKA! Oh, and by the way it definitely ain't as bad as you think unless you're looking to get pregnant. In that case DO NOT GET ZIKA! 
Join Brian, Taylor and Jeremie this week for another HOST EPISODE! The boys sit down and chat about Snoop Dogg not givin’ a f@*k at the NHL All Star Game, the things that make the guys feel insecure, and all the while you can be endlessly annoyed by Brian’s use of a dis horn app he downloaded.
This week on Sickboy Podcast: Jeremie, Brian, Taylor and special guest Andrew Henderson have a frank and sometimes offside conversation about T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma! Say that ten times fast! The boys and Andrew talk about everything from random grinder hook ups with three cute boys from Halifax, to having cameras shoved into your lungs, to seriously considering being embalmed in a champagne bottle! 
This week on Sickboy:  Jeremie, Brian, Taylor and special guest Matt have a frank and sometimes offside conversation about PTSD! SPOILER ALERT: Jeremie learns that sandwich artists and pilots of underwater vessels have nothing in common.
A little peek into the final moments of the LIVE show from Lululemon in downtown Halifax where the fellas sat down with Lindsay Hilton, a quad amputee crossfit rugby warrior. She's far more badass than anyone you've ever met.  For the full episode head on over to and show us your support by becoming a patron!  Also, be sure to read Lindsay's incredible blog post here! -
Herpe Halloween everyone! This week we get extra spooky. We aren't talking about spiders or goblins or ghouls. Instead we're talking about HERPES!  The fella's are in Vancouver and sit down with their first West Coast guest Hannah, she has HSV1 & 2. The conversation is full of extra spooky. Stories of hijinks in the deep dark woods, waking up one day with sores on your lady bits, revealing to new partners you have the herps, and much more! Oh... spoiler alert! Herpes isn't nearly as scary as one might think. Tune in to find out why it hasn't ruined Hannah's life!      
Holy jesus. We're one year old today. It's a wild thing to think about, but we would not have been able to get this far if it wasn't for your loving/nurturing nature. You're like our mother. Snuggling us, dressing us, and feeding us from your teet. Literally... like, we legit drank breast milk from one of you. Oh my god.  Thanks for being there for us.  Thanks for engaging with us.  Thanks for cultivating this incredible community with us. This week we feature highlights from some of our favourite moments of the year. Including our awkward beginnings, waxing philosophical on death, laughing at diabetes, poo'ing at death, Jeremie's mom's role in his circumcision and much more.  
Two cars colliding head on, each driving 80 Km/h is a whole lot of bad. When Ashley was in this exact accident, unfortunately (and miraculously) she was the only one hurt... and boy was she hurt! From head to toes you name it, it was broken. We dive into gnarly bone breaks, 2 month long naps, living with horny old people, missing your BFF's wedding, and much much more!    Get exclusive content on Patreon:   Subscribe on Apple Podcasts:   Visit and enter promo code SICKBOY to get 50% your first Hello Fresh box
Jeremie invites Brian and the listeners to join him on his tri-annual Cystic Fibrosis clinic visit. Is Jeremie taking all his meds? Probably not. Does he have a heavy gag reflex? Very likely. 
This week on Sickboy: Jeremie, Brian and Taylor sit down with very special guest Brandon to have a open, frank and sometimes offside conversation about surviving an Osteosarcoma and losing your leg. The boys talk about Terry fox, cute nurses, insane post op complications, and the logistics of sex with one leg. Brandon also brought in a bunch of gnarly photos for the boys to marvel at. *** Thanks to Bensound for the royalty free elevator music***
The boys hop on the mic to give the listeners a quick checkup. This week we revisit our conversation with Ricky and read some feedback from a few listeners! 
This week on Sickboy Podcast: Jeremie, Brian and Taylor take a break from sick and sit down with very special guest Brandy to have an open, frank and sometimes offside conversation about the struggles and stigma associated with being transgender. The boys get a free pass to ask all of the questions they've always wanted to ask. They dive into everything from random tinder encounters, to the delicate art of "tucking", to the struggles of finding love as a trans woman. 
Hey...Wanna hear something crazy?   This week on Sickboy Bowie tells us about the weird little tumor growing on his peanut shaped pituitary gland. They touch on how how his testosterone levels are higher than Macho Man Randy Savage, how pituitary tumors are more common than you'd think and then Bowie flips the script with some questions for the fellas. 
What do you do when someone is having a seizure? Shove an object into their mouth? Step over their limp/flopping body? Assume they are pulling a zany prank? These are just some of the stupid things people assumed was necessary when Carole experienced epileptic seizures. This week we dive into the world of epilepsy. We talk about flashing lights, how a tonic clonic has nothing to do with cleaning out your butthole, elevator doors and almost but not quite drowning to death. 
This week on Sickboy: Leukaemia! The boys chat with special guest Neil about what its like to get cancer from a Rhonda Rousey punch to the chest… oh yeah, and his artificial hip, fragile bones, and the overall struggle of dealing with cancer as a young man. 
This week on Sickboy we sit down with Jess and chat about what it's like to live with Social Anxiety. Jeremie learns a thing or two about watercolours, Taylor asks about Feng Shui'ing your personal space, and Brian teaches everyone how to make a room dark (spoiler alert: you just have to close your eyes).
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