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Magic World & Let's talk about rights baby
Lou Sass strikes back before a magical world & talking about the original source unknown personal bill of rights.
Magic Mushrooms decriminalized for Rikki Tikki Tavi while screaming “don’t be a di*K”.
Simple blasphemy discusses the decriminalization of magic mushrooms and Rikki Tikki Tavi along with man needed more beer to keep him alive and don't be a Dic*
Check your last names before meeting Identical twins that are into Paranormal activity  with Daniel Klaes
Longest podcast for us ever. Just listen. We did not go this long for nothing.
Axe body spray helps send nude pictures for bad sex advise while being bitten
Andy Zak and Zack have special guest Josch from Florida go over an axe body spray truck exploding and how the proper way to send nude photos. Josch tells a story from his loss prevention days and ending with a few more bad sex advice on the internet.
Lacy bras for men to kill spiders while naked receiving bad sex advise
The guys talk about lacy underwear and a woman running around naked saying there is a spider on her and diving into bad sex advise on the web.
30 double cheese burgers with a sex robot without teeth and Brent Lowry
Up and coming Ohio country star Brent Lowry joins the guys talking about a man getting turned down purchasing 30 double cheese burgers. A sex robot brothel in Texas. A woman taking her teeth out to scare away a naked man. America's sex rituals. Wow this was a lot of fun.
Toby Lee attempted to let strangers try his hands free 'sperm extractor
We are joined by our good friend Toby. Monster organ player and one hell of a guy. Here are the article headlines that we covered in the show. Florida Couple Attempted To Have Sex In Cop Car: PoliceBUZZ SEEKER Randy sex toy owners are letting STRANGERS control their smart vibrators from afarThis hands-free 'sperm extractor' aims to help donors too embarrassed to masturbate in the hospitalPorn site BangBros just bid $10 million for Miami's NBA stadium to become the 'BangBros Center'Please consider supporting us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: everything by visiting:
Eco-friendly vagina air freshener used to stab Bridget the Midget’s boyfriend caught on camera
Tommy joins us once again to hit these article titles. Have An Eco-Friendly Halloween By Decorating With Real CorpsesPorn Star 'Bridget the Midget' Could Serve Over 15 Years in Prison for Stabbing Boyfriendfirst vagina scented air freshener launched onto market Milford Haven woman admits racially abusing neighbor while breasts were hanging over fencePolice: Woman caught on camera stealing 'large adult novelty item'
First Live FB feed with Peapod and Death during sex with a teacher doll that ate questionable food
Here we go. Our first live feed episode. Here are the articles we covered. Married man’s death during sex on business trip ruled a ‘workplace accident’New sex dolls so realistic that they only want to be friends with you7 Ohio teens charged after bodily fluids allegedly put in teachers’ foodPlease consider supporting us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: everything by visiting:
Bishop claims men are gay from sacred holy semen, proper butt bedazzling and cold Titties
The week we have our friend “B” from B’s Music. Lots of crazy talk.Bishop Claims Men Are Gay Because Their Mom Enjoyed Anal Sex While PregnantThis Pastor Was Arrested For Saying My Semen is a Sacred Holy Milk And Asking Members To Suck Him To Encourage God To Help The ChurchHow To Bedazzle Your Butthole On A BudgetScientists create contact lenses that zoom when you blink twiceFreezable Bras Exist For The Summer HeatwavePlease consider supporting us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: everything by visiting:
Santa says get the f*** out after weed trade for a Syrup handy from a meth teacher
The guys chat about articles found on the internet and by listeners. Here are the headlines. Florida man offers to trade marijuana for food at a McDonald's drive-thruSanta rips off beard, tells kids ‘get the f*** out’ during Christmas fest meltdownLANDSCAPER CHARGED WITH VOYEURISM AFTER AROUSING COWORKER WHILE MASTURBATING WITH MAPLE SYRUP, BLUEBERRY JAMTEACHER ON CRYSTAL METH STRIPS NAKED IN CLASS AND BITES 2 STUDENTS
Animal testicle glitter after husbands penis was chopped off after awkward sex with his twin
Well this Episode #40 is worth it. Wow here we go. Guest-less, the gents dive into many topics. Here are a few solid ones you can research your self. Putting Glitter on Your Dog’s Testicles is a Trend Now, ApparentlyWife 'hacks off cheating husband's penis before cooking it in pan of noodles'Awkward moment woman realises she had 'best sex ever' with husband's twin
Peeping Tom’s record breaking mega-orgy finds eel in anus after a bishop makes his penis larger
Zak, Zack and Andy are joined with Jac and Amber to tackle crazy this weeks crazy news headlines.Naked, Dabbing Peeping Tom in a Wig Terrorizing Small NJ TownThe biggest bang: Record-breaking mega-orgy planned for DenverFactory worker sticks a 1.6ft long eel into his anus believing it could treat his constipationBishop Says He Can Makes Men’s Penises Larger By Massaging Them
Madison swings a prosthetic leg at her boyfriend after he rips off his penis high on mushrooms.
#51 Our first and only Patreon, Madison joins us. We chat about her experiences as a bartender and also cover these articles. Woman Beat Her Boyfriend With His Own Prosthetic Leg When He Tried To Break Up With HerMan high on mushrooms rips off part of penisand she also takes the online quiz …Is he a good boyfriend?
Big Butt breastfeeding Victoria’s Secret shopper squirted her boob at naysayers
Episode #53 has Green call in during his ride home from a family event half cocked. Here are the articles that were talked about. Suspects accused of taking $21,000 worth of panties from Victoria’s Secret last month identifiedFurious mother 'squirted her boob' at a woman who told her to move while she was breastfeeding because it was distracting her husband'Cannabis smokers are far less of a threat to society than drunks'According To Study, Women With Big Butts Have More Intelligent Children
Between us Gurlz, our see-through trousers enhance our hacked sex robots that use dude wipes
Between us Gurlz podcast payed a visit. Here are a few articles we covered. hacked\ sex robots could murder people See-Through Trousers Are Now A Thing And We're Questioning Everything
Halloween sex toys viewed on an electronic billboard while spotting a suspicious sparkle bulge
It’s “that time of the month” every first Tuesday with Amanda aka blunt mommy podcast. We also do a pre-show that is exclusive for patreons that includes video for as low as $1 a month. Link below. We skipped a month (that was scary) and she is back. In this episode we have the very first “pick the real Amazon sex toy review”. Zack Andy and Amanda had to choose the one real review after hearing 4 reviews in total. Also, here are the headlines we covered in this episode. These Halloween Sex Toys Will Make Your Costume Complete Motorists get eyeful as porn plays on electronic billboardSUSPICIOUS PACKAGE: Man accused of shoplifting but suspicious bulge in his trousers was just his 10in penisPeople Are Consuming These Glitter Pills To Make Their Poop SparklePlease consider supporting us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: everything by visiting:
Flat Earth Man Brain uses Sex Toy Advent Calendar in a hotel shaped like an Anus
Our Australian friend Dave from The Man Brain Podcast is our guest. We cover a load of headlines and our we play our game: Exhibit A or Exhibit B. This time, you choose which restaurant review Jac Harrison penned and which one was the real review taken from the internet. The choices are "Burger King: Snot hamburgers" or "McDonalds: Ketchup pancakes" Tune in to find out. Other than that, here are the articles we covered in our show.Flat Earth BOMBSHELL: Shock claim Australia ‘is NOT REAL and never existed’7 Sex Toy Advent Calendars to End 2019 With 24 BangsYou Can Finally Spend The Night In A Hotel Shaped Like An AnusCANNIBAL KILLER SLAUGHTERED AND ATE 23 PIZZA DELIVERY MEN, 6 JEHOVAH WITNESSES, 2 POSTMEN IN PAST 7 YEARS
Bonus! Extended interview with the Green Cleaner
I don't remember... This should be interesting!
Urban Myths 1 and twinning
The guys go over some common urban myths that are false then dive in to Jim Twins.
Alice from "Two girls one mic: the porncast" talk about Porn, nipples and a little bad sex advice
Alice from "Two girls one mic: the porncast" chat with the guys about porn, nipples and a little bad sex advice.
Facebook banishment using bathroom poop blowers after panhandling
Zak, Zack and Andy chat about bathroom hand dryers, facebook banishment, panhandling and much more.
7 most common sex problems with a rusty meth box in the back yard
In the news! Meth! And a rusty box that ends up being a safe. The 7 most common sex problems in a relationship. All this and more! We still need some peeps to rate and review ... just sayin'! Have a great week!
Emergency landing after a Behemoth concert while exorcizing demonic yoga after wife-carrying championship race.
Here are the titles of the articles that were chatted about during this podcastPassenger Farted So Bad During Flight, That It Caused An Emergency LandingCouple Filmed Engaging In Sexual Act During BEHEMOTH ConcertVatican's Chief Exorcist Warns That Yoga Causes 'Demonic Possession' World Wife-Carrying Championships: Lithuanian Couple Wins Title For Second Year In A RowPlease consider supporting us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: everything by visiting:
Woman takes self pleasure breaks on a 150 foot skystar wheel while giving sex advise
Tanner is our guest. Tanner also helps us by finding articles for the show and submitting them. We dive into so many sexual topics. Tanner also answers 3 questions for our Patreon supporters. Aside from all of that, here are the two articles covered in this podcast. Police: Ohio couple arrested for having sex on 150-foot SkyStar WheelWoman Takes Self Pleasure Breaks At Work Instead of Coffee!Please consider supporting us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: everything by visiting:
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