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A weekly Society, Culture and History podcast featuring Najib Aminy
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Quote: "It's a heated field." —Otto Pippenger About: A two-part story about a campaign trying to unseat Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her congressional seat leads to a much larger reckoning for the left. Show Notes: [00:30] “The Layers of Heaven” b
Quote: "I'm a progressive, yeah." —U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi About: A two-part story about a campaign trying to unseat Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her congressional seat leads to a much larger reckoning for the left. Show Notes: [00:30] “Th
Quote: “Where do you want to start?” —Farhad Azad About: Afghanistan has far too often been referred to as a place where countries go to die, it is a graveyard of empires. This moniker has been cited so many times and for so long that it’s uncl
"You've got boys flying kites again..." —George W. Bush About: Oh, the privilege.  And what a privilege it is to publish a story about the broader theme of culture and identity, specifically for Afghanistan’s diaspora living in the States, like
This is a prologue to a multi-part series about the Afghan diaspora in America reclaiming their past and trying to grow from the present. It’s a story about culture, identity and authenticity. Show Notes: [00:30] “The Layers of Heaven” by Jovic
Quote: "We are all from Allah, and to Allah we return" —Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 156 About: In mere weeks, this country has seen COVID-19-related deaths rise past casualty totals for past wars and surprise attacks, sometimes passing those reco
Quote: “Nobody wants to destroy the image of San Francisco.” —James Baldwin About: Whereas Part One looks into the origin of San Francisco’s F-word, and Part Two looks at the buildup and fallout of urban renewal in neighborhoods like Bayview-Hu
Quote: “When I die, I’m dead.” —Eloise Westbrook About: Three horizontal stripes, red, black and green, add color to the streetlights and poles in and around the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. These Pan-African flags are a
“The fans just want to know who the fuck the artist is.” —Andre "Herm" Lewis About: For a place that proudly heralds slogans like #BlackLivesMatter, the homes of San Francisco house very few Black people. What’s happened to the African-American
"They always leave when it gets hot in the cafe." —Man counter-protesting protestors   About: Since the turn of the millennium, the percentage of U.S.-based specialty coffee drinking folk, like those who have a cup everyday, has quadrupled. Tra
What is this show all about? Learn more at thisissomenoise.com/about.
What is this show all about? Learn more at thisissomenoise.com/about.
Quote:  “The devil is always in the details, right?” —Mark Baird   About: If the State of Jefferson ever formed, it’s unlikely Anthony Bourdain would ever travel there for its pizza or burritos. Mark Baird, the “unofficial” leader of the State
“Mr. Statham, would you consider giving San Francisco to Hawaii?” —Former Calif. Assemblyman Bill Morrow (Oceanside-R) About: If President Kennedy’s moon-shot set the tone that no challenge was too difficult, Donald Trump’s presidential victory
“Thank you Mr. Machine...or Ms. Machine?” —John Zerzan About: What does one make of our future—like the one 50 years from now? The answer, or rather a possible answer, has a lot to do with choice and technology. Whether we survive or go extinct
"I am not the 'Boont' God." —Rod DeWitt About: With wave after wave of socioeconomic changes crashing into the Anderson Valley, a quiet and historically agrarian area, the lifestyle that gave rise to Boontling is quickly fading away. The fate a
“They’re living too fast.” —Wes ‘Deacon’ Smoot About: It used to be that you could grow apples, herd sheep, or fell timber and make a decent living in the Anderson Valley. But not even the few stop signs in this remote valley could slow down th
  “And I think it saved the day, because we didn't have any money.” —Captain Rainbow     About: No place has tested the currents of change more than the Anderson Valley, a Gaza Strip-sized setting hidden in the hills of Northern California. Hom
Quote: “I think intelligence in the universe is very rare.” —Dr. James Rice, NASA, Mars Exploration Rover Geology Team Leader   About: 2017, let’s start anew! Let’s just pack up, say our goodbyes and march (drive, fly or sail) to greener pastur
“Any true Americans over here?” -Michael, a man from Boston with a sign   About: Amidst all the chaos that has been the 2016 presidential election, there is a special group of Americans fighting against the mainstream current—the Trump minority
"And then they came for me." -Sabri Benkahla When it comes to the conversation of Islam in America, it can sometimes feel like having a debate where both parties talk over one another, dive into the shallow end of the topic and leave thinking t
“Brother, you don’t eat pork do you?” -Man with wine About:  New York. St. Cloud. Orlando. San Bernardino. Chattanooga. Garland. Boston. Fort Hood. Brussels. Paris. Nice. Kabul. Baghdad. Quetta. Lahore. Istanbul. It’s difficult to remember what
"You just go again tomorrow." -Stuart Vorpahl Stuart Vorpahl is a lifelong commercial fisherman who took pride in providing the fresh produce of the sea. Stuart liked his job. He liked it so much that when regulation and politics threatened it,
"Timeout. If you see a hole, you mend it. You don’t go say I’ll go back and fix it. It don’t work." --Stuart Vorpahl The story of Stuart Vorpahl involves fishing, the Hamptons and the King of England. Amidst a town where Hollywood's A-list come
"It's just status." -Buddy About: In pockets of America, like those in Oakland and throughout the East Bay of Northern California, the status quo of driving a vehicle is proudly rejected. Take a look at some of the rides out here and you’ll imm
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