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We're back from our lil' month hiatus + hibernation and we're ready to clean up our Haunted Hotline! Here's what we realized while we were deep cleanin' our voicemails: we have a lot to say about terrible candy, cowboys, muppets, and Jeff Goldb
In Episode 146 we finally get to some of the hard-hitting, controversial, and problematic topics everybody has been talking about! Like...how Lindsey is scared of bridges, and what's the difference between a goblin and a troll?? We also talk ab
It's our 145th Episode! We're not sure why that's important really...but it feels like a milestone? Maybe? Lindsey talks about some of the suuuuper cool ghosts from Thailand Folklore and hey, spoilers, they're super cool. And also a little scar
When you were younger, did you have any toys that made you think "this seems extremely dangerous..." or "how on earth is this fake oven able to get to 600 degrees"?? Maybe you've had some close calls with some seriously dangerous toys in the pa
Do you often have trouble making those super high-tech, automatic sinks turn on when you put your hands underneath? What about automatic hand sanitizing stations?! Even automatic doors?! If that's the case, maybe you don't fully exist in this d
Welcome to our smartest episode yet! This is 100% because Liz Kurtzman is on our show. Liz is earning her PhD in Theater and also teaching a class on the Evolution of the Horror Genre! According to us, this makes Liz a Horror Doctor and the lea
Happy 2021, Everybody! Here's hoping this year brings you lots of happiness, paranormal activity, a bigfoot sighting, maybe a very small alien abduction, and ya' know...other positive things that are real and actually very good. Topics in Episo
Welcome to our very well-planned out and festive Holiday Episode, everybody! Well...actually...sticking true to who we are and how this show typically goes, this is our Holiday Episode mostly because it's being released right around the Holiday
Dear, Everybody. Hey...straight up...Lindsey brings the heat in this episode. And by heat we mean, like, a legitimately horrifying story. Really not many jokes in this part of the show notes today...just us letting you know that you're in for a
If you've found yourself here, in these haunted show notes, asking yourself "why did Matt Stephens agree to be on a podcast about ghosts?" well, the answer is...we're not sure exactly, but we're so thankful that he did! We could go on and on ab
Episode Notes If you've ever been to Golden Gate Park in beautiful San Francisco and gotten surrounded by 14 Raccoons and 1 Coyote then maybe this episode will be a little redundant. But, if you haven't, then maybe you'll like it! Other topics
Haunted Museums! How have we nevvverrrrrr talked about these before? We've talked about haunted houses, tents, portable toilets (probably), but never museums. Well, we're sorry...but hey...maybe this episode will make up for it? Other topics in
Helllllllo, Friends! We didn't realize this until we sat down to record, but this is our 3 Year Anniversary Episode! How fun! I mean, judging by the title of this episode, you kinda sorta know what you're in for. This episode was also particula
Fun new game! If you want to see if a psychic is reeaallllllllyyy good at, ya' know, psychic stuff, all you have to do is commit a small crime and then go ask them about it. Maybe this idea isn't good? Or maybe it's pretty good? Let us know wha
Hey, Friends! It's the first episode in the spoooookiest month of the year! And hey, this episode is x-tremely scary, so like, be prepared, OK?! ...it's not really that scary, but sometimes it's good to put that in the show notes just in case.
How many times have you been traveling throughout Wisconsin, decided to go for a walk on the beach, found a brick-shaped rectangle of aluminum foil, opened it up, and found a brain inside of it? Too many times, right?? If that's the case then t
Hello, Friends! Welcome to Phoney Tales: a spooky game of fact or for real Each episode, one of us brings in a paranormal click-bait headline that we either found on the world wide web...or we made it up. It's the other person's job to ask que
Haunted Houses are scary, sure, but what about a Drive-Thru Haunted House? Way scarier, right?? You're (willingly) trapped in a Toyota Corolla, people are throwing taxidermy at your car, screaming and yelling all sorts of horrifying demon slang
Have you ever been walking through a grocery store and thought "I could just...like...eat everything in sight"? Or have you ever picked something up off of the shelves and started helping yourself? Have you ever eaten a chocolate bar in a groce
Well...it finally happened...Lindsey got captured by a Sasquatch while she was outside walking? Frolicking? Foraging? Galavanting?! But she somehow managed to leave a voicemail on our Spooky Spouses Hotline? Either way, while we work an getting
This might be, in all seriousness, the most helpful our show has ever been. Well, at least in Lindsey's section. Turns out, there are a whole lotta apps that are designed to be suuuuuper creepy, scary, not-so-safe, and sorta gross. Maybe this e
So, apparently, Elberton Georgia was super weird in the late 1970's. Well, maybe not the entire place...it's more like this one dude. He had a lot of money and wanted to build a giant stone monument that, naturally, is super cryptic, weird, exp
Hello, Friends! Welcome to Phoney Tales: a spooky game of fact or for real Each episode, one of us brings in a paranormal click-bait headline that we either found on the world wide web...or we made it up. It's the other person's job to ask que
Our friend Eli, the one with the raccoon society living in the sewers outside of his apartment complex, left us a voicemail with some bigggggg updates. Seems like things are heating up for Eli and, again, the elaborate raccoon society that live
We did our 3rd Estes Method Session at The Ridges, and this time, Jordan's sister was there! Well, like, she came with us...we didn't just find her there, ya' know? We started this trip by going to the Moonville Tunnel in S.E. Ohio but hey, we
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