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Today we dove into the messy world of healthcare. Over the last 20 years, hospital services have become more expensive by over 200% in the United States. An oddity of sorts given that most costs have gone down - technology comes in, unleashes i
Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen an incredible amount of progress and innovation in harnessing large data sets. Social graphs, payments platforms, e-commerce - the world is becoming smarter, more efficient and more is becoming possible becaus
Today we’re joined by Gary Hoberman, Founder & CEO of Unqork. One of the hottest topics in software today is low code / no code - and with good reason. Low code / no code empower anybody with an idea to build without the constraints of technica
We’ve all heard of “big data”, but the lesser-known is “big code.” This is an emerging challenge and opportunity for companies today - a challenge because the amount and complexity of code is growing; opportunity because its value is also growi
Today we’re joined by Russ Heddleston, Founder & CEO of Docsend. DocSend is one of the most ubiquitous document-sharing products in the tech industry today. What started out as a simple product to send links has turned into a holistic and robus
Today we’re thrilled to welcome Founder and Investor, Justin Kan. Justin has founded a number of companies over the past 2 decades but the one he’s most well known for is Justin.TV. Justin.TV was one of the early pioneers of live video streamin
Today I’m thrilled to have 8x Olympic Champion Apolo Ohno on the show. Apolo is one of the most decorated Winter Olympians in United States history. In this episode, we unpacked what it takes to be a champion – dedication, sacrifice, and, most
The world of private fundraising is going through a generational moment - meme stocks, NFTs and Robinhood. Everybody is looking to become an investor and with the right reason - the vast majority of wealth creation in the world has come from pr
This week we had David Sacks back on the podcast for round 2. There are few individuals in the world that have seen, built, and led multiple of the world’s iconic companies. David is one of them. He was a core member of PayPal and served as the
This week we dove into the world of performance management - the last decade has seen significant change across virtually every function in business; the evolution of marketing, sales, customer success, product and operations departments has be
We’ve done a lot of deep diving into the infrastructure of e-commerce and marketplace on this show. We’ve explored shipping as an API and shipping infrastructure in developing countries. This week we took another spin on the topic - we talked a
Whenever you think of major cities in North America, they all have a vibe - NYC is legendary for Wall Street, San Francisco for Tech and LA for Hollywood. But over the last 25 years, one firm has blended the best of all 3 worlds: UpFront Ventur
The theme of the past year - in an obvious sense - has been how we continue to lead progressive, efficient, and normalized work lives in a highly unnormal world. The pandemic has forced us to rethink how we collaborate, engage and connect from
This week we dove into healthcare. Everybody listening has had a subpar experience with our healthcare system - whether it’s a friend, a colleague, a family member or a personal experience, our healthcare system is fraught with challenges. Part
One of the most transformational companies of the last 20 years has undoubtedly been Uber - in a sense it’s incredible to think in 15 short years we’ve come from the launch of the iPhone to now powering a global transport system with the click
We’re going through a renaissance period in consumer health right now - new tech enabled products are coming out for sleep, telehealth, diet, nutrition and more. This week’s guest took us deep into what optimizing the metabolic function looks l
We’ve talked a lot on this podcast about emerging and resulting trends that will stick with us a function of COVID-19: higher education being disrupted, consumer health being further tech enabled, the rise of crypto, and AI and machine learning
Higher education is currently undergoing one of the most significant transformational shifts the world has ever seen. On this podcast, we’ve talked to a number of companies disrupting higher ed - online bootcamps, vertical labor marketplaces an
Crypto has taken the world by storm - a niche computer science topic less than a decade ago has finally entered the purview of mainstream today - Coinbase has filed to go public, institutions are accepting that Bitcoin and more broadly crypto s
Over the last few years, a new section of our economy has surged - what’s now known as the creator economy. Creators are individuals that are directly reaching consumers and participating and generating economic values through mechanisms previo
When you think of the most common job in the US - it’s pretty typical to think about service workers: retailers, cashiers, fast food. But the most common job in 29 states is truck driving. Over 3 million Americans work as truck drivers and hund
There are few individuals in the world that have seen, built and led multiple of the world’s iconic companies. David is one of them. He was a core member of PayPal and served as the company’s first product leader and COO. David went on to found
The classic American dream consisted of three things: (1) a suburban house, (2) a pension and (3) a car. The Internet era transformed each of those elements - people became more attracted to cities as our economy became services oriented, compa
This week we went deep into e-commerce. E-comm has been all the rage throughout COVID and it makes sense why: we’re all at home now and brands are able to get to us in more and more ways. A company I’ve been keeping an eye on in the e-comm spac
Over the past 3 years, it's been a great honor of mine to develop a friendship with Andrew Yang. I remember walking down a street in New York City a few years ago with Andrew talking about all the challenges we faced as a society - he looked at
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