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Sonic and Mario, the heart of gaming. How appropriate that Story Mode starts here. Feat. Sonic the Hedgehog movie review, internet outrage, live action video game adaptations, and Super Mario Bros. 3 turning 30 years old.Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Blizzard's woes continue and Warcraft 3: Reforged receives some record low marks, Geoff Keighley to pass on E3, Phil Spencer seems like an ambitious guy, picking PS5's price point, and celebrating the brutal and savage Battletoads.Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Rye Bread is absent this week, but never fear--we've got Bill Tucker of @theAustinot to fill in! On this jam-packed show, we deep dive into the controversy surrounding loot box mechanics in games, as well as the role of video game critics in our modern online world. We're also talking about the newly announced remake of Resident Evil 4, Animal Crossing's disappearance in China, and our first thoughts on the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Then to wrap up, we gush over the Disney Afternoon Collection on the third anniversary of its release.Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @BillTuckerTSPMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
It's Chapter 6, and we're hitting our stride--unlike Google's Stadia, which still only has 28 games in its library even four months after launch. We're also giving our thoughts on the surprise Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo and the sad story that is AT&T's threat to close DC Comics. After that, to mark the third anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, we share our thoughts on what makes the console great. Links: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show ( the show (
Yellow version promotional clip. Listen to Story Mode! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show ( the show ( the show (
Streaming services are experiencing record growth--all of them except Mixer, that is. We also discuss esports' problem with Adderall, GeForce Now losing Bethesda but gaining Cyberpunk 2077, the crazy new specs for the XBox Series X, and Silent Hill's 20 year anniversary.Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Blue version promotional clip. Listen to Story Mode! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show ( the show (
The world is going nuts for Animal Crossing! We discuss the reveals from Nintendo's latest direct, plus the crazy auction for the Nintendo Playstation prototype, how the coronavirus is affecting the video game industry, and the one year anniversary of Tetris 99.Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show ( the show (
Pokemon is the word of the day as we discuss Nintendo's public blacklisting of the Sword and Shield leaker, plus Professor Oak's midlife crisis, how Tom Holland says the Uncharted movie will break the curse of bad video game movies, and the IRS' attempt to tax video game currency...just kidding on that last one, we talk about Ninja's latest meltdown, plus Mario Party 1.Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Red version promotional clip. Listen to Story Mode! It's better than the howling abyss of the nightmarish modern world.Hosts: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @retrogamebrews Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at Editing: @wrytersview Logo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Fasten your seatbelts, kids -- we're in for wild ride! We finally made it to the long-awaited launch of the PlayStation 5. For those gamers lucky enough to get one, how did the rollout go? We'll be looking at a roundup of PS5 headlines to find out.But we can't let all the next-gen hype distract us from other news, such as game announcements (like the Nioh collection headed for PS5 and PC). We've also got headlines, including the sad (a swatting incident at Ubisoft), the rad (the nominees for the Game Award's Game of the Year have been announced)... and the mad (Bud Light has a video game console)???Lastly, we'll finish up with a look back at the PlayStation 3 on the console's 14th anniversary.Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @thewellredmage, @wrytersview, @retrogamebrewsMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Launch day for Microsoft's XBox Series X has come and gone, and the new console is now in the hands of the lucky gamers who managed to get a pre-order -- or... maybe not so much. We're rounding up the headlines surrounding the Series X's launch to see how well Microsoft did in kicking off the ninth gen.But before that, of course, we've got game announcements to cover (like upcoming remasters for Mass Effect and Sam and Max Save the World), and then it's on to the news. This week, we're talking about the drop in the stock prices of several video game companies seemingly in response to the announcement of a promising COVID-19 vaccine, SEGA's "voluntary retirement" mandate for 650 of its employees, Twitch's apology for (and clarification of) the handling of its recent DMCA crackdowns, and The Rock's partnership with Microsoft to donate XBox Series X consoles to children's hospitals.Then finally, we'll wrap up the show with a look back at the original XBox on the console's 19th anniversary.Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @wrytersview, @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmageMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
One eternity later, we finally will see the release of the XBox Series X and PlayStation 5 in just a few days. Therefore, it seems fitting this week to take a look back and remember the eighth generation of consoles, as well as tackle the impossible task of naming our favorite game of the generation.Before that, however, we've got game announcements to cover (like the long-awaited release date for Nintendo's new Game & Watch and Bravely Default 2's delay to 2021). There are also news headlines galore, including Pokemon GO cashing in on the increase of mobile game spending during the pandemic, Cyberpunk 2077's developer CD Projekt Red's bad week in the stock market, Sony's plans to buy anime-streaming service Crunchyroll, and Activision Blizzard's microtransactions taking the company all the way to the bank.Finally, we finish up the show with a discussion on Mario Kart: Double Dash on the game's 17th anniversary.Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmage, @wrytersviewMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Sad news this week as CD Projekt Red announced the fourth delay for Cyberpunk 2077. What happened next was even sadder, however, as the game devs found themselves to be the target of death threats. We discuss this troubling topic, as well as the bigger issue of toxicity in modern culture.But you can R-E-L-A-X -- there's still plenty of shenanigans to be had. We've got your game announcements (like the update to give Super Mario 3D All-Stars an inverted camera mode and the upcoming localized port of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light). Then, of course, it's time to cover headlines. We'll be talking  about XBox Series X "Streaming Sticks," the lawsuit claiming Bethesda sabotaged Rune 2 to save Elder Scrolls, Naughty Dog's co-founder joining Facebook Gaming, and Sony's goal to sell 7.6 million PlayStation 5 units by March. Finally, we end the show with a look back at Super Castlevania IV on the game's 29th anniversary.Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @thewellredmage, @wrytersview, @retrogamebrewsMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Sony's in hot water again for their failure to communicate -- this time about the new voice chat recording feature on the PlayStation 5. Is it an egregious violation of privacy or the key to defeating online toxicity? Spoiler: It's neither, but we discuss the murky gray middle of the issue.As usual, we've also got game announcements (like the new DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield and the surprise inclusion of Luigi in Mario 35). Next it's headline time, with Atari's cryptocurrency venture, the newly announced Analogue Duo for TurboGrafx fans, GameStop's monetary "incentive structure" with Microsoft, and the future of Bethesda games on PS5. Finally, we finish up the show with a look back at the best-selling PlayStation 2 on the console's 20th anniversary.Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @wrytersview, @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmageMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
With Sony's reveal of the PlayStation 5's user interface, it seems like all the pieces are falling into place for the next gen. But before we get to that, we've got game announcements (like Axiom Verge 2's delay and Pokemon Go's new Strange Eggs), as well as the week's biggest headlines. These include the new partnership between Microsoft and Game Stop, Level-5's future in North America, the $226k Pokemon Card sold to retired rapper Logic, and Burger King's PS5 giveaways.Finally we wrap up the show with a look back at the Nintendo Entertainment System on the console's 35th anniversary.Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @retrogamebrews, @wrytersview, @thewellredmageMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Blue is out so we're painting the town Red this episode, breaking down all the misleading clickbait headlines, like "Playing Video Games As A Child Might Make You Smarter" and "Bowser arrested and charged".We'll also look at new gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and Age of Calamity, cheater cheater pumpkin eaters in Super Mario Bros. 35, Minecraft's Steve joining the Smash roster (and the inevitable backlash), plus that Monster Hunter movie trailer that people aren't so sure about.And for our legacy discussion, we revisit Mortal Kombat and that amazing song that's now stuck in your head all over again!Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmage Guest: @RedAuxPDX / "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @thewellredmageLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Game expos always make for a news-packed week, and this year's Tokyo Game Show is no exception! We'll be covering the biggest titles from the show, including NieR: Replicant Ver. 1.22474487139, Resident Evil Village, and Monster Hunter Rise. There are plenty of non-Tokyo Game Show headlines, as well. We'll also be discussing Sega's new Virtua Fighter, Netflix's upcoming CGI animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the end of Farmville on Facebook after 11 years, CD Projekt Red's announcement of mandatory crunch for Cyberpunk 2077 devs, and Amazon's warnings that PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X preorder shipments may be delayed. Finally, we wrap up the show with a look back at the GameBoy's Super Mario Land on the title's 30th anniversary.Sign up to join the #SU2CStreamTeam: Affiliate Link ( @wrytersview, @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmage Music: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
With their announcement this week that the company is buying Bethesda, Microsoft launched quite a counterattack to the criticism that the XBox platform lacks first party exclusives. Red, Blue, and Ryan attempt to untangle the noise in order to discern whether this move is really as bad (or as good) for the gaming industry as everyone says.Beyond that, we've got game announcements (like Nintendo's latest shadow drop in Kirby Fighters 2, as well as great news for Monster Hunter fans) and discussions on the rest of the week's big headlines. These include this year's plans for the upcoming Game Awards, Sony's apology for the dumpster fire that was PlayStation 5 pre-orders, buyer confusion over the XBox Series X boosts XBox One X sales, and PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan's comments that a streaming service would be "unsustainable" for Sony.Finally, we wrap up the show with a look back at the Nintendo 64 on the console's 24th anniversary.Buzzsprout Affiliate Link ( @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmage, @wrytersviewMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
We thought we'd never make it, but here we are! We FINALLY know the price and the release date for the PlayStation 5. Now all that's left is to get a pre-order, and well...good luck with that. This week, we have some seriously epic game announcements, like God of War: Ragnarok and Final Fantasy XVI (*nerdy squealing*). We're also discussing the $31k Mario 3 prototype that just sold at auction, how Reggie Fils-Aime is set to co-host the New York Game Awards, details for upcoming merch for Sonic's 30th anniversary, and Microsoft's convoluted system for XBox's backwards compatibility.Finally, we wrap things up with a look back at the Nintendo GameCube on the console's 19th anniversary.Link: Affiliate Link ( @thewellredmage, @wrytersview, @retrogamebrewsMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is on Sunday, Sept. 13, and Story Mode is celebrating! From the surprise Nintendo mini direct to our memories of the game to whether Mario is a role model for us all, there's lots to discuss about our favorite Italian plumber.But that's not all! We FINALLY got a release date for the XBox Series X and Series S, and the price is turning a few of the cohosts' heads. Also on the agenda is the big shadow drop of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, EA's latest ad scandal, yet more Epic vs Apple drama, and a rumored standalone JoyCon (*insert Ryan Reynolds "but why?" gif*).Buzzsprout Affiliate Link ( @wrytersview, @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmageMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
ROUND ONE...FIGHT! Ryan is finally back, and he's just in time because Blue and Red are ready to fight to the death over whether or not Batman is a ninja. Once the dust settles, we'll be covering game announcements (like Ys IX: Monstrum Nox and Unknown 9: Awakening). We've also got to talk about director Ridley Scott's thoughts on Epic's 1984 parody, the new report that says there are three billion gamers in the world, Netflix's just-announced Resident Evil live-action series, and Nintendo's very, very deep pockets.Our main topic this week is Gamescom 2020, and we'll be showcasing the event's big titles. Then finally, we finish up with a look back at Super Mario Kart on the game's 28th anniversary.Buzzsprout Affiliate Link ( @retrogamebrews, @thewellredmage, @wrytersviewMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Story Mode is still going gluten-free this week, meaning Rye Bread is absent (lol food joke), but filling in, we've got Aaron, a.k.a. @SanityCrypto, from It's Virtually A Podcast. New game announcements are everywhere as we go into detail on the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, as well as the huge game reveals from DC FanDome and the new Call of Duty.  Other headlines make an appearance, too, including the continuing saga of Epic vs. Apple, the upcoming 2020 Game Awards, the rumored Switch Pro, and Sony's bizarre invitation-only system for PS5 preorders. After that, we look back at the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on the console's 29th anniversary.Links: Affiliate Link ( @thewellredmage, @wrytersview, @sanitycryptoMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
Ryan has wandered off somewhere and probably gotten lost, but don't worry -- he'll be back next week. In the meantime, we've got Mike from the Controller Throwers Podcast filling in. This episode, we're covering the rumor mills (including the PS5's price and release date, as well as the mysterious The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword listing for the Nintendo Switch that appeared and then disappeared on Amazon UK).But we've got more than just rumors. This week's game announcements include the new co-op mode for Untitled Goose Game and Ghost of Tsushima's upcoming multiplayer mode, Legends. We're also discussing the 89 year-old Animal Crossing phenom grandma, the Atari VCS' absurd price in Australia, and Epic's drama-filled lawsuit against Apple. Finally, we look back at Goldeneye 007 on the game's 23rd anniversary.Links: @wrytersview, @thewellredmage, @tcthrowersMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageBuzzsprout Affiliate Link ( the show (
While Ryan is away, @donniegretro will play! Our good friend Donnie fills in this week as we talk game announcements (like the delay of Halo: Infinite and the newly teased Suicide Squad game). We're also discussing whether we'd like to stay overnight in the last Blockbuster, the XBox Series X's rumored release on November 6th, the Chipotle/Tony Hawk collab, a teen who spent nearly $20,000 on Twitch donations, and how the Nintendo Switch's sales figures are overtaking those of the NES. Finally, we look back at the Sega Genesis on the console's 31st anniversary.Links:DonnieG years of video game console sales, magnificently animated @thewellredmage, @wrytersview, @donniegretroMusic: "Gumption" by Russell Gordon at @wrytersviewLogo: @thewellredmageSupport the show (
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