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The Temptation of the Last Sentence
"The more I write... the more this story doesn't want to end." - That sentence pretty much sums up this week's episode (#92!) of Storytalking With Lakshya. But, since I already have your attention, I'll give you some more info / context. This past weekend was a creative roller coaster (in the dark too, like Disneyland's Space Mountain) - I wrote a lot, got super confident about how the story was turning out, decided to make it a two-parter... and that's when everything went... well... dark. You'll have to listen to know how dark. P.s. The story is (still) called "The Temptation" for the "Play Me Life" audio-play series... coming... soon... ish.
Co-writing Stories with your Past Selves
I spent this past week in the deepest depths of the storytelling multi-verse. Along with me for this ride are a bunch of movies, some screenplays, and a couple of my past selves. This episode (#77) is quite literally "Storytalking with Lakshyas".
Mehek Malhotra
Mehek (@giggling_monkey) is a visual artist, spreading joy, positivity, and truth with her work… with a dash of giggles. In episode #64 of Storytalking, she tells Lakshya about her creativity-fueled childhood, how she found art and her distinctive voice, what her creation process is like, and what advice she has for budding artists.
George Simons
In episode #39 of Storytalking, Lakshya speaks with George Simons, an American in France, an intercultural expert, and the creator of ‘Diversophy’ - which aims to help people and organizations work with others from different backgrounds and cultures via games and workshops. George tells Lakshya about how history, culture, religion are just stories, and how a story is like a vehicle, it can be used for both good or evil. George is a teacher and a master-storyteller with over 5 decades of experience, so there is something to learn for everyone in this episode! Check out George’s games at
Just Lakshya
In episode #21 of Storytalking, Lakshya talks to himself! That's right - in the first of this newly-formed but may never happen again series he calls 'Just Lakshya', Lakshya asks himself questions that you've sent in, and then he answers them. Questions like - who are you? Why do you do this? How do you make stories up? Come for the self-reflection, stay for the surprises.
Walking Contradiction
In episode #8 of Storytalking, Lakshya chats with Khen Ramos (aka Walking Contradiction), a 19 year old student from Cebu, Philippines. They discuss favorite stories, how to create characters from real people and experiences, and break down how Khen puts together his stories and the messages behind them.
Radhika Mittal
In episode #58 of Storytalking, Lakshya sits down with Radhika Mittal, the founder of Super School India, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to providing english learning skills and sexual education to underprivileged youth in India. Radhika shares stories about her upbringing, moving to another country and learning a new culture, how she got involved in social entrepreneurship, how she uses creativity to teach, and where she wants to take Super School India.
Sanjoy Roy
In episode #48 of Storytalking, Lakshya speaks with Sanjoy Roy, a National Award winner and Managing Director of Teamwork Arts - the company behind over 25 art and culture festivals including the ‘Jaipur Literature Festival’. Sanjoy tells Lakshya about how he got involved in the theatre community in India, what lead to the creation of Teamwork Films and Arts in 1989, what contribution technology has to the arts, how cultures feed the creativity of a country, and how he and his team brought Indian arts and films to the world stage.
In episode #56 of Storytalking, Lakshya does another solo-talk about how to open up and like your own voice, how to define 'who you are' with storytelling, and how he's cooking up a story about a Chef.
Store & Stuff
In episode #28 of Storytalking, Lakshya takes a break from the usual schedule to tell you about what's going on with Launchora and what we're working on now - with some very specific spoilers about what you'll see in the upcoming Launchora Store. Sign up to get a limited-time offer by clicking on the 'Shop' button on our website.
Dave Pollot
In episode #27 of Storytalking, Lakshya talks to Dave Pollot, an artist and painter from New York. Lakshya and Dave talk about Dave's influences - Star Wars, The Simpsons, Doctor Who, Rick and Morty - and how he finds a way to integrate things he loves into old thrift store paintings. They also geek out over all of those things, as Dave shares insights about how he got started, and what he's working on right now. You can check out Dave's paintings at and also follow him on Instagram and Facebook @DavePollotArt.
Abhishek Shankar
In episode #17 of Storytalking, Lakshya sits down with Abihshek Shankar, a 25 year old singer / songwriter / musician based in Delhi. Abhishek shares stories of how he got started in music, how he writes and finds the inspiration to produce new sounds, the struggles and insecurities that come along with being a musician and being in a band, and how he composed his first single ‘Like a River’ (which you can listen to at the end of the episode!).
Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan: Food Of The Gods
“This book is an homage to our country’s rich culinary heritage and diversity.” - Shashi Tharoor said that about 'Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan: Food Of The Gods’. In episode #71 of Storytalking, Lakshya sat down with the authors of the book, Varud Gupta and Devang Singh. The authors talk about their individual journeys that led to this milestone in their lives, how they pitched the book to Penguin (their publisher), what led to their multi-city, multi-culture, multi-cuisine tour of India to create the book, how they created the unique recipes and photography featured in the book, and what they hope to make their readers feel when they experience this book. 'Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan' is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and will be in bookstores at the end of January 2019.
'Killing Time In Delhi' with Ravi Shankar Etteth
“Good journalism is about bringing down people in power who have done wrong things. But ironically, good journalism makes you very powerful.” My guest this week, Ravi Shankar Etteth (who said the above quote) is a seasoned journalist and author. I sat down with Ravi at his house in Delhi, to talk about his latest novel ‘Killing Time In Delhi’. We talk about how Ravi got into journalism, what drew him to writing fiction, how the idea of this latest book came to him, how he finds humanity in his characters, and how he manages to have fun while doing all of it. You can order Ravi’s book on Amazon. 
Neel Adhikari
In episode #51 of Storytalking, Lakshya speaks with Neel Adhikari - a musician with all the talents - he sings, he writes, he plays guitar and ukulele, he composes films and TV series. Neel has been making music for over two decades now, and Lakshya and Neel discuss all his greatest (and almost-great) hits - his first song, the bands he was in, the gigs they did around the country and the world, how he got into composing films, how he collaborates with different kinds of storytellers, and all the shows and films he’s working on right now.
Iska Mayu
In episode #35 of Storytalking, Lakshya speaks with Iska Mayu, one of our very own featured storytellers! Iska talks to Lakshya about her childhood, what it was like to grow up in two different cultures, how she got into writing, why she writes about her personal life and experiences, and where she finds inspiration. You can find Iska’s audio story called ‘I’m Still Alive’ on Listen, her Guide is called ‘Giving Your Thoughts Justice’, and you can also read her story ‘To Miss You more’ in the Spring 2018 issue of The Storyteller.
Jessica Day
In episode #2 of Storytalking, Lakshya talks to Nayanika Dey (aka Jessica Day), a 19 year old storyteller from Kolkata, India. Her story ‘Broken Pastels’ was featured in the Spring 2017 issue of The Storyteller. Lakshya and Nayanika discuss favorite writers, criticism, writers’ block, and how “people are walking stories”.
Micaella Dato
In episode #4 of Storytalking, Lakshya’s guest is Micaella Dato, a 26 year old microbiologist from Manila, Philippines. Micaella wrote a poem called “Til The Internet Connection Do Us Part” which was featured in the Fall 2017 issue of the storyteller, and is also available as a Listen story. Her Guide is ‘Freeing Your Words With Free Verse Poetry’. You can experience all three on Launchora.
Arka Mukhopadhyay
In episode #41 of Storytalking, Lakshya’s guest is Arka Mukhopadhyay - a theater teacher / performer / director based in Kerala, India. Arka shares stories about growing up in Kolkata, his early exposure to theatre and performance art, acting in school, engineering and dropping out, performing and directing theatre, training and workshops, where his creativity comes from, why his practice is about the human body, a dance/workshop he created named after Hamlet, and how he helps his students find truth in their own creative work.
Fake Name
In episode #10 of Storytalking, Lakshya sits down with 'fake name', aka Sara, an 18 year old writer from Gurgaon, India - and Launchora's newest intern. They talk about what it's like to work at Launchora, how Sara deals with being a writer who also happens to be going through depression, and whether it's possible to wear your personality on your sleeve in today's digital society.
Armaan Kapur
In episode #11 of Storytalking, Lakshya sits down with Armaan Kapur, a 26 year old writer from Delhi, India. They talk about the allure vs illusion of the artist, how to measure one’s own ‘success’ as a writer, how he’s putting together the novel he’s currently writing, and so, so much more.
Thinking, Feeling, Writing... In Another Language
The language a character speaks isn't just representing their thoughts - it's telling us who they are. So what happens, when you take a story and re-write it in a new language? How does that change the character? How does that change the story? How does that change the message behind the story? Those are just some of the questions I attempt to explore the answers to in this episode (#103) of Storytalking With Lakshya. Why am I asking these questions? Because Play Me Life, Launchora's upcoming podcast of audio-plays, in English, written and produced by me, is now being simultaneously created in Hindi as well. I explain why and how in the episode too. Also revealed in this episode is what *new* podcast we're producing (and I'm hosting) that will be coming out in just a few days!
Dual Stories
I’m not going to lie (because I’m bad at it) - this is a weird one. Weird, but 99% fun. In this first-time-for-me episode (#69), I (Lakshya) talk to you, my listener, about not one, but two stories that I’m going to write - together. But just like my stories, the entire episode is made up on the go, as I think through story and writing decisions pretty much live and in the moment. I talk about what exactly are ‘dual stories’, how the two stories will be connected, character traits choices, world-building, character back stories, where to start a story - while also exploring several tangents because that’s where the best ideas come from. If you want to hear the controlled madness  that consumes a storyteller, this episode is for you.
What Kind Of Year Has It Been?
How would you describe your 2018 - a year of happiness, or a year of learning, or something else entirely? In episode #68 of Storytalking, Lakshya talks about the many, many things that happened in 2018 with Launchora, how he had a creative epiphany the other night, and where he hopes to take the platform (and this podcast) in 2019. There’s also a major surprise announcement near the end of the episode that you wouldn’t want to miss - hint: it involves a city famous for its color and one giant festival every January.
Rameez Shaikh
In episode #18 of Storytalking, Lakshya talks to Rameez Shaikh, a 24 year old writer from Mumbai whose stories talk about Indian society and culture. Rameez shares stories of how he learned how to write on the job, why he writes about socio-political issues, how he became a ‘male feminist’, the process of ‘unlearning’ outdated customs and beliefs, how he finds positivity and hope in this broken world, and where he’s going next.
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