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If You're Not Where You Want To Be... TRY THIS!!! 👇 When people think about success, what they think about is results. How much money in the bank account, how much notoriety or fame someone has as a result. In this episode, Phil Drolet explain
Creating Viral Art or Content has never been easy. They're so many "Starving Artists" out there with so much talent but don't know how to get their art noticed. In this episode, Ben Von Wong breaks down his process of creating art and making it
A free-spirited person is someone who is uninhibited by traditional social structures. A person who goes with the flow, embrace spontaneity, reject conformity, and live her life in an unconventional way.   This describes our amazing guest Sarah
So many creatives, artists and entrepreneurs focus solely on the end goal. The big problem with that is people are rarely consistent with taking action towards it. They tend to forget about the journey and the process of getting to that goal. I
One thing I've constantly been fascinated by is the world of martial arts and self defense. There is something deeply primal about learning how to confront dangerous situations in this crazy world and Nick Drossos has definitely built an entire
Building a large scale farm and community project is about having vision and foresight and in this episode Marc Angelo outlines some of the wacky and yet very realistic ideas that he can implement alongside the community at Valhalla for creatin
Put simply I am often asked how I create content for different social  platforms and well in this episode of the podcast I go into the depths  of creating specifically for YouTube.  I cover how I research, plan, create and publish content for Y
It's time for a change of the old guard. What use to work no longer is serving us and the old normal... well I don't think it's coming back. Personally many aspects of it weren't great to begin with. We were divided. Consuming endlessly and min
So I am still getting my feet wet with this new format but there is  something to be said about the outrage people are having against those  speaking about choice when it comes to vaccines.  Joe Rogan got in some hot water and the internet and
Same show and host - new format. Season 7 of the Superhero Academy Podcast is coming at you with a huge twist where I am starting to integrate a whole lot more segments and changes to the show that I'm proud of. I've got a new team member Kyl
When it comes to making content online - one of the most humbling but  powerful tools for making more engaging content is about being  reflective of your own process, character, systems and the reaction the  market itself is giving you.   There
Being a professional photographer is no easy task, but being fueled by passion and loving your life makes it all worth it.   . Being zen, taking the perfect shot, travelling across the country, and improving your mindset have all found themselv
At the crossroads of patience we can find money management, photography & true wisdom.   It seems like investing and photography have meshed themselves together in this week's episode as we cover the importance, and our opinions, of both these
No success story is as beautiful, extravagant and sporadic as the tale these guests have for us today.  Lezlie and Nick join us today, without their 3rd partner, but they don't fail to drop serious wisdom and keep us laughing throughout the pod
Erin is that bundle of joy that brings humor into every day situations to lighten them up, but that doesn't take away from her huge success and hunger for growth.. and cupcakes.  Going from an advocate of all that is bacon to a fitness & empowe
What happens when you mix 2 parts magic and 1 part human?   David Lion, a mystic who gives more than he is even able to conceive by "simply" channelling that which is asked of him.  It's not easy to explain how he does what he does, but we defi
Becoming a travel creator is a lot of hard work, so today we have Emily Hamilton in studio to talk to us about the process of becoming, being and finally growing the travel page.    Where do we draw the line between traveling to be found, to es
Today we bring you guys Charo, the legendary fitness coach/trainer who has beaten Marc-Angelo's fat to a pulp.   However, fitness wasn't a huge topic, today's episode deep dives into the aspect of being human, what we define as work and what st
You'll own nothing and you'll be happy.  The slogan for the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" is a promise of a utopic world. This troublesome news is a main topic that we revert to and diverge from regularly in this fast paced podcast with
Joe Martino, the founder of Collective Evolution, joins us in studio to speak about the status of alternative media and the co-creation of our reality.  We cover some controversial topics such as censorship on social media, ranging from the pur
Matthew Giuffrida, a growing face in the Montreal content creation scene joins us in the Story Tory to talk about his journey. The stories and characters that he has developed as a solo producer, videographer, writer and editor are truly remark
FULL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/3BlSELpbNR8 The truth is that YouTube, Instagram and any other platform asks a lot of their creators. Trying to find a balance between working hard and constantly creating material for the audience is key.    What T
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ArUzzvnspYI Many people buy into the story that being a professional travel photographer means that you live the dream life. Mark Harrison, a well known and traveled creator came in studio to talk about his ongoing exper
Full Video: https://youtu.be/rc9XivbcwRw This week's episode is a solocast where I dive deep in the presence of mind that has been shifting all around me. I also jump straight into the facts of our current world, both the beauty and the ugly t
Full Video: https://youtu.be/ANmS4GHuzJE How does someone become the face of a company without being the CEO?  Being the relatable public image of one of Montreal's biggest websites & platforms, Alex Melki joins us in studio to talk about the
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