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Sam Litzinger learns more about Washington D.C's Lights Out Program - which was launched to keep birds from flying into windows. Plus -- it is never easy to put an animal down. Psychology Today's Adam Clark weighs in on when it is most appropriate to euthanize animals.
Hundreds of military dogs are deployed overseas to help the United States military. To honor their service to their country -- these canine veterans are nominated for the American Humane Lois Pope LIFE K-9 Medal of Courage. Chip Reid spends some time with one of the hero dogs. Plus -- Sam Litzinger…
Sam Litzinger shares the story of a woman and her guide horse. Plus - Carter Evans learns more about the great white shark population off the coast of California.
There is an adoption page on Facebook for animals who are living in conflict zones. Plus -- learning the importance of microchipping. Here's Sam Litzinger.
Did you know prairie dogs have their own language? Sam Litzinger learns more about these rural rodents. Plus -- a look at how shelter dogs are helping kids who can't seem to stay out of trouble.
After a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011, the region's ecosystem saw significant changes. So significant, in fact, that sea creatures native to Japan have begun washing up on shore along the west coast of the U.S. What does that mean for the animals already in the area? Plus -- …
What does it take to be a hero dog -- a canine companion to war veterans. Chip Reid finds out. Plus -- Sam Litzinger learns more about the Silver Muzzle Cottage -- Michigan's only hospice for aging animals.
How will releasing mosquitoes into the environment REDUCE their numbers? Mireya Villarreal reports. Plus -- a new study finds that caring for an ailing pet is similar to caring for an ailing human. Sam Litzinger learns more on this week's Talking Animals.
How is human noise pollution impacting an animal's environment? Plus -- How would you feel about seeing a dog in the work place? Sam Litzinger finds out on this week's Talking Animals.
What can humans do to protect the California condor population? Plus -- sea turtles appear to be swimming away from extinction. Sam Litzinger reports on this week's "Talking Animals."
Some states are cracking down on people who are use untrained pets as service animals to receive special privileges. Plus -- the fight continues to save the cheetah population. Sam Litzinger features pieces from Don Dahler and Chip Reid on this week's "Talking Animals."
How do zookeepers prepare animals for natural disasters? Plus - a look a one man's mission to prevent frogs from drowning in pools. Sam Litzinger features pieces from Weijia Jiang and Adriana Diaz on this week's "Talking Animals."
There seems to be an app for everything -- including finding the perfect pet. Kenneth Craig has the story. Plus -- military veterans have found a new way to cope with life after service -- by scuba diving. Mark Strassmann reports.Sam Litzinger features these pieces on this week's "Talking Animals."
The shark tracking and research organization Ocearch has launched an expedition along the shores of Montauk, on New Yorks Long Island -- where group of explorers will begin focusing their research on tagging juvenile white sharks. Plus -- are animals self aware? Sam Litzinger learns more on this w…
Yosemite National Park is giving you the chance to follow bears -- via GPS. Plus -- another look at the bond between humans and their pets. Sam Litzinger learns more on this week's Talking Animals.
The oyster population is thriving -- mostly because the human population finds them so delicious. Sam Litzinger features Faith Salie's piece. Plus -- there is now an organization dedicated to helping the dogs left behind after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
Humans have begun treating their ailing pets with pot. Kenneth Craig reports. Plus -- what is a crow cafe? Sam Litzinger finds out on this week's Talking Animals.
This week's Talking Animals gets prehistoric! Sam Litzinger features pieces from CBS's Dana Jacobson and Jonathan Vigliotti - as they learn more about the T-rex and the Patagotitan mayorum.
What is happening to the bee population? CBS's Mark Strassmann finds out. Plus -- Sam Litzinger learns more about a parrot from New Zealand that can mimic emotions.
An average of 22 people die in America every day while waiting for organ transplants. A group of researchers affiliated with Harvard University hope to eventually change that statistic by using organs from cloned pig cells. Plus -- human interaction with dolphins may soon become regulated. Sam Litz…
An airport can be a stressful place to navigate - especially if you can't see. Sam Litzinger learns more about a program that is training puppies to be airport guide dogs. Plus -- Ben Tracy shares a heartwarming story about a special needs puppy who found a new forever home.
Animals rights groups are trying to figure out ways to help tigers migrate - without human interaction. Dana Jacobson reports. Plus - how do you categorize a suffering animal? Sam Litzinger talks to "Psychology Today" writer Adam Clark on this week's Talking Animals.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins are trying find alternatives to animal testing. Sam Litzinger learns more. Plus -- in South Africa dogs are being trained to sniff out poachers. CBS's Debora Patta reports.
With the help of IBM Watson - more and more guide dog hopefuls are graduating to full fledged service animals. Don Dahler reports. Plus -- it is important for your pet to get exercise -- and now -- they have their own gym. Sam Litzinger reports.
Researchers are chasing whales off the coast of Antarctica - as climate change continues to impact the environment. Mark Phillips reports. Plus -- Sam Litzinger finds out why pandas are black and white
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