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Nicky Christmas, Founder of Practically Perfect PA

Released Wednesday, 21st April 2021
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Happy Administrative Professionals Day everyone🎉🎉

When I say the name Nicky Christmas, I am pretty sure that most of you will know who I am talking about.Nicky is the Founder of Practically Perfect PA as a blog ten years ago.

The site provides support, information and guidance for people in their role. Nicky has taken that huge resource and created the EA Campus, a brand new community online for Assistants with events, training and tons of content that’s exclusive to the members.

Nicky and I have known of each other for years, but it wasn’t until last year that we got to speak. I can’t believe that it took us so long. The enormous success of Practically Perfect PA is down to Nicky’s honesty about her experience as an Assistant, her ability to break down information and create a community where people can get access to the data and support that they need in their role.

Nicky’s experience makes her such a powerful voice in our industry and it was such a pleasure to speak with her about her experiences.

Just some of the things we speak about in this episode are: 

💥The importance of looking after yourself

💥What value you add to the business

💥Being confident about speaking about what you do

💥How to practise showing and communicating what you do

💥The importance of being present in meetings

💥Taking up space within a business

💥The reality of the role and sharing experiences

💥Ten year anniversary of Practically Perfect PA 

💥Failure and making mistakes

💥Continuing to evolve in this industry 

💥Moving the business into a new space

💥The importance of flexibility and resilience in your role 

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