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Project 1: The Pilot

Released Sunday, 2nd May 2021
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Warning: This project contains mature and sensitive themes such as depression and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

Fabulous people, represent!

We meet Geoff and Mel as they kiki about the origins of the project and how it came from the darkest of places: a diagnosis of clinical depression and a history of suicidal ideation. They cite existing jarring statistics of the often overlooked problem of mental health, and  discuss the difficulties of a triple whammy: living with this diagnosis as members of the queer community, and as Filipinos (worse, if you live in Pilipinas nating mahal). The topic of prevalent bullying of gays and other queer people in society and the stigma is highlighted as some of the culprits of depression and suicide within the community. Resources for Filipinos suffering from mental health issues are mentioned.

Lucas Jones, a rainbow counsellor, drops by to briefly share his experiences in dealing with these problems with the LGBTQIA+ community and offers some sound advice on how to offer help to somebody who might be going through a rough patch.

Finally, Mel and Geoff discuss why the project is called, of all things, Balut Kiki!

Welcome to the project and we hope we check out our other episodes!

For more resources: www.balutkiki.com.


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The Balut Kiki Project is a winner at the 2021 Asia Podcast Festival Awards.

(If you are a Filipino living in the Philippines and you, or somebody you know, are undergoing depression or having suicidal thoughts, try talking to somebody you trust or please go to the link:    https://doh.gov.ph/NCMH-Crisis-Hotline . It's okay to ask for help. )
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