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When you are working with a customer, do you focus on making the sale to benefit your needs or are you focusing on how you can best serve the customer’s needs? Troy Wallace talks to us today about how he’s learned from his 23 years in advertising that making that paradigm shift to putting the customer’s needs first changes the entire sales relationship. This episode helps Greg and Dave build their relationship with Troy that started when he attended the Boiling Point Process Live Event in December.  
IN THIS EPISODE: Jenna discusses with Greg and Dave how she created the name Pickle Planet, and the importance of bringing a community together. Jenna explains the meaning behind Project Nice List and how she spreads kindness and positivity during the Christmas season. She also spoke about the kindness challenges that she has created through her social media platforms that challenges people to do a simple task each day for 30 days that creates a positive impact for people to enjoy during the holidays. Listen in on this episode to hear Jenna Morton chat with Greg and Dave about how she plans to continuously spread kindness with Pickle Planet and Project Nice List. BIO: Jenna Morton launched her platform Pickle Planet in 2016 in the Greater Moncton Area, with a mission to connect parents together. She set out with a goal in mind to start up Project Nice List by cutting through the noise of Christmas and reconnect with simply spreading kindness through the season. Jenna continuously strives to send positive vibes with her projects and strongly encourages collaborations through the holiday season.
Introduction: Tammy is a professional pole dancer for the past 16 years of her life, travelling around the world to perform. After starting as an exotic dancer she then moved into the fitness business to become a pole dancer and fitness instructor. Over the course of her career she has won over 15 titles and awards associated with pole dancing. Tammy takes pride in her passion, which she feels would be very useful to keep people healthy and exercised. She now runs a business based on teaching the art of pole dancing.   In this Episode: Wayne Jagoe fills in for Greg and hosts the show for the day. Tammy talks about challenging the status quo’s opinion of pole dancing. She explains to Dave and Wayne how pole dancing is more of a fitness oriented activity, rather than what it is stereotyped as. Tammy likes to explain how she always had an entrepreneurial spirit because she always liked to question things in life and do things for herself, it is through this philosophy that she decided to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle surrounded around pole dancing. She explains how she opened her pole dancing business that taught people how to pole dance properly and how to use the art to maintain physical health like any other sport. She talks about turning pole dancing into a serious and professional sport, and potentially to land the sport into the Olympic Games. Wayne and Dave share their newly formed views of pole dancing after their impressions were changed by their guest Tammy.
IN THIS EPISODE: Beth explains how she founded Aquila Tours to support the cruise ship industry in Saint John, New Brunswick in Eastern Canada after observing that the support industry needed significant improvement. She describes Aquila Tours online training programs for tour operators, tour guides and cruise ship destinations and how she and her team built Aquila into an international company. BIO: Beth Hatt moved to Saint John in 1981, founded Aquila Tours the following year and has been recognized as one of the Top 25 People to Watch in Atlantic Canada as well as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. Aquila Tours celebrated 35 years in business in 2017 after building a strong customer base in the Carribbean and Central America coaching other operators and training tour guides to embrace the best practices in the cruise industry. LINKS: 
In this episode: Elizabeth explains why she wrote her book and what inspires her. She talks about staying motivated and why some entrepreneurs find their interest in their company going stale. Elizabeth talks about showing people how to look at themselves with more compassion.
Introducing Rivers Corbett: Rivers Corbett, MBA, is an award winning serial entrepreneur, international speaker, startUP entrepreneurial thought leader, and author of"13 Fears of Entrepreneurs." He has received numerous business awards including: 2015 Business Person of the Year, Canada's Hottest Start-ups List, as well as Canada's Fastest Growing Companies list through Profit magazine. He recently received the StartUP Canada Champion Award. Rivers is a founding board member of StartUP Canada and is a host of the StartUP Canada Podcast Show. Most recently, he joined the Opportunties New Brunswick team to help significantly move the needle on the spirit and actions of entrepreneurship throughout the province. Rivers is also a co-founder ofRayZen Innovations, a company that is significantly disrupting how non-profits & charities traditionally raise money through online gaming technology.   In this episode: Greg is back hosting the boiling point! Big thanks to Wayne Jagoe for filling in for Greg for the past few weeks! Rivers informs Dave and Greg about his career portfolio and endeavours. He talks about his involvement with Opportunies New Brunswick and how he wants to create a more entrepreneurial environment throughout the province. Rivers explains how the education system needs to be more business oriented, offering the youth a more in-depth understanding of entrepreneurialism and business management. The Boiling Point talks about the importance of private enterprise and how it most likely is the key for New Brunswick’s economic recovery. Greg and Dave discuss how they plan on having Rivers back on the show in the near future. Stay tuned!
Introducing Steve Beauschesne Steve Beauchesne is the co-founder of Beau’s All Natural, a family run, employee owned and totally independent Canadian craft brewery. Since its start-up in 2006, Beau’s has won more than 85 national and international awards for beer-making, marketing and packaging design, sustainability and business practices, and has raised more than $1 million for charity, community and independent arts. Steve is Vice Chair of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association, and a frequent presenter at craft brewing, culinary, and sustainability seminars and events. Steve was selected for the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce “Top Forty under 40” in 2015, and in 2013 Steve was recognized by the United Way with a Community Builder of the Year Award. In this episode: Greg and Dave go over how Steve looks like Greg’s doppelganger. Steve goes over his journey of becoming a B-corp. Greg talks about how Steve’s marketing budget is almost nothing because of the positive views surrounding his business because of his altruistic nature towards community. Dave and Greg talk about the importance of becoming a B-Corp and how much work it is to maintain being a B-Corp. Steve shares how his father instilled him with strong moral principles when it comes to handling business very ethically. Steve explains how he sold his brewery to all of his employees as to share the company with all of the employees working for him. Tune in for more on this week’s Boiling Point…
Unconscious Bias can affect how we interact with everyone around us and judge others based on our own lived experiences or perceptions of who they are. Brian Duggan leads us in a conversation to challenge us to accept our own unconscious biases to be more open and create stronger connections and understanding while working in the global world. Brian said we need to “be open to the fact that my experience is my experience, and to wonder about other’s experiences.” as a way of improving our cultural intelligence.
In This Episode   Greg introduces Brent Smith who is a Newfoundland chocolate retailer calling in from Las Vegas, Nevada. We hear our guest’s personal story of how he and his wife decided to go into the chocolate business. Brent explains how part of the inspiration for the company was to afford to get their two sons to Disney World. Our hosts hear the story of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company's breakthrough, and how they became a chocolate retail company. Brent shares how having no paycheque one Christmas morning inspired him and his wife to grow their own business full-time. Listen in to this installment of the Boiling Point to hear the full story!   Who is Brent Smith?   Brent Smith is the CCO or Chief Chocolate Officer of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. The Newfoundland Chocolate Company has won a number of awards including the St. John’s Board of Trade’s highest honour, the 2015 overall Business Excellence Award. In addition, Newfoundland Chocolates were named the Atlantic Food Product of the Year in 2012. They were named one of Canada’s top chocolates in 2013. Prior to his leap into the world of chocolate, Brent worked with and ran several non-profits. This included seven years at Easter Seals Society and five years in tobacco control policy.
A Better Balm Introducing Rebecca Hamilton and W. S. Badger Company There are no better products than those developed out of a dire need. That was exactly how today’s guest, Rebecca Hamilton, product Badger Balm was created. Badger Balm is a family business and B-Corp that was founded in 1995 by Rebecca’s father Bill. Bill was a serial entrepreneur and carpenter who needed something to sooth his cracked hands after working outside in the cold New Hampshire winters. Today, Badger has a number of organic body care products and Rebecca is the company’s co-owner and vice president of innovation & social impact. Badger has a commitment to sustainable sourcing and building true one-on-one relationships with the producers of their ingredients. Not only does this create a product that is top-notch, but also it humanizes their supply chain and gives every product and its ingredients a story that must be told. Check out this week’s episode to see how sustainable sourcing and relationship building can develop a product that has a great story and you can be proud to use. Also, check out this episode for insights on how a successful family business can be run.   In this episode Greg tells us about his daughter, Kaiya’s love for Earth Day and Badger’s products. Rebecca tells us why each Badger product has a different whimsical design. We learn why Badger was a great fit to becoming a B-Corp. Rebecca tells us how the company was developed and how it has progressed over the years. We talk about the importance of sustainable sourcing and how shortening the supply chain and making long-lasting relationships with suppliers can help your business. We learn the story behind the olive oil that Badger sources, the story behind it, and why the decision was made to use it. Rebecca highlights the power of humanizing the supply chain and doing business transparently. We also discuss family businesses and how to run one effectively. Rebecca tells us how leadership coaching helped her family work great in business and in the home. Dave appreciates Rebecca’s thoughtful approach and learned a great deal on how the family business can effectively run. Greg talks about his experience doing the B-Corp assessment for Hemmings House Pictures. He also talks about how there are so many great products out in the market but when you see a B-Corp stamp it means that you are buying from a company that is measuring their impact.   Links - Rebecca on Twitter - Rebecca on Linked In - The Badger Website - Badger on Facebook  - Badger on Twitter - Badger on You Tube - B Corporation  
Heather is a motivational speaker and a two time Olympic gold medalist in bobsledding. She represented Canada in 2006, 2010, 2014, and most recently in 2018. She hails from the small island province of Prince Edward Island and preaches others to believe in the impossible, no matter the circumstances. Heather shares her last minute decision to make a return to the Olympics in 2018, not necessarily to plan on winning but rather to serve as an inspiration to anybody who may doubt themselves.
The Chief Spiritual Advisor   Introducing Sean Dunbar and Picaroons Traditional Ales Sean Dunbar has a great gig; he brews, drinks, and talks about beer for a living. More than that though, Sean is the owner of Picaroons Traditional Ales and he has been a catalyst and shaper of the New Brunswick craft brewing industry. Sean has had his ups and downs within the industry, but has been able to not only has he been able maintain the spirit he envisioned for Picaroons, but he has also been a mentor and collaborator for those just starting in the industry. His hands have shaped the industry in New Brunswick behaves; not as strict competitors but with the notion that a high tide floats many ships. Therefore, a strong craft beer sector can support a number of small brewers. All he asks for those he assists is for them to pay it forward down the road. Check out this episode to be inspired by how business can be done.   In this episode Monica Adair introduces Sean. We hear how Sean is inspired to change the world one beer at a time. We also learn about how Picaroons supports its industry as well as the arts. Sean gives us a brief history of craft brewing, both industry wide and for Picaroons since the mid 90’s. He tells us why he believes you are not truly an entrepreneur unless you are treading out there on the edge. Greg talks about risk taking behavior in his youth and how that relates to him as an entrepreneur today. Sean likens his path of an entrepreneur to a play-write and how you need to experience pain to tell the world about it. Sean also expands on knowing the part you are meant to play in the world and be willing to play it. We hear how he has inspired others to pay-it-forward in his industry. There is a discussion on why craft beer has such a following and how to keep the “spirit” of a craft brewer even when you are scaling quite large. Sean tells us if you want to understand Picaroons is, just go have a beer and a conversation with a friend. Dave is inspired by Sean’s authenticity, courage, and drive. Greg likes Sean’s notion of a CEO being a spiritual advisor for a company.   Links - Picaroons' website - Picaroons on Twitter - Picaroons on Facebook - Picaroons on Instagram - Sean on Leadership Unleashed    
WTF – Willing to Fail   Introducing Brian Scudamore, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and O2E Brands Sometimes great businesses are developed out of necessity, like when you need to make enough extra cash to pay for college. This is the situation that this week’s Boiling Point guest, Brian Scudamore, found himself in and the result is a group of businesses that have revenue of a quarter billion dollars. Brian is the founder and CEO of O2E brands, a collection of four businesses that focus on home services including: 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, YOU MOVE ME, and SHACK SHINE. When Brian was 18 years old, he needed to find a way to pay for college. He was in his car in the drive thru of a McDonald’s one fateful day when he noticed an old, beat up pickup truck that was hauling junk and thought that would be a great way to pay his way. In his travels he noticed the same type of beat up pickup with junk in the back in every city he went to but there was no brand leading the way. In 27 years, Brian has created that brand by offering exceptional customer service with clean logoed trucks and by giving his franchisees the ability to fail and learn from their mistakes. Check out this inspiring episode of the Boiling Point to see how you could make the most of your circumstance to create something epic.   In this episode Greg tells us about his recent visit to Haiti and how his preconceived notions of the country were shattered. We meet Brian and get an introduction to his group of businesses. We learn what O2E Brands and the meaning of its name. Brian tells us how he came up with his business sitting in a drive thru at McDonalds, which led him to clean up a “dirty” industry. He also tells us the amazing story of how he was able to obtain the phone number for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? We learn what sets Brian’s companies apart from their competition and how he is able to keep the services consistent throughout his franchise network. Brian also tells us about the “WTF” culture at his companies and what that truly means. We also learn how Brian sees his ADHD as an asset and how he takes inspiration from people like Terry Fox and Rick Hansen. Dave is inspired by Brian’s authenticity and his ability to leverage challenges. Greg appreciates the exceptional customer service and Brian’s philosophy of being willing to fail and sees it as simple yet innovative.   Links - O2E Brands Website - 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Website - 1-800-GOT-JUNK? on Twitter - WOW 1 DAY PAINTING Website - YOU MOVE ME Website - SHACK SHINE Website - Brian on Facebook - Brian on Twitter - Brian on LinkedIn          
Introducing: Rick Doyle Rick is the Owner of FiveStar Bailiff and Civil Enforcement Services. He is a Provincial Civil Constable with 20 years of security experience. Rick is a Former Professional MMA Fighter, a Former Professional Wrestler, as well as a Radio and TV personality. FiveStarr Bailiff and Civil Enforcement Services focuses on protecting members in the community from physical or emotional harm. In this episode: Greg and Dave introduce former professional wrestler Rick Doyle onto the Boiling Point. Rick shares with us his experience as a security guard and how he learned the vital importance of protecting people from the potential harm of dangerous people. The boiling point guest explains his process of going about de-escalating violent situations through dominance and force. Rick gives his reflection of changing his point of view towards people who are less fortunate in life, especially when it comes to looking after people who have disabilities. Strong language is involved in this podcast, viewer discretion is advised.  
About Corey Blake: Corey Blake is the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), an 11 year old creative agency using storytelling to drive personal and organizational identity shift, culture change, and dynamic marketing. Corey was a professional actor in Los Angeles prior to starting RTC and starred in a Mountain Dew Super Bowl ad. He is a frequent keynote speaker and facilitator. Corey has studied at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and the Stagen Leadership Academy, is a sponsor of Conscious Capitalism, and is the creator of the Vulnerability is Sexygame and movement. In this episode: Greg shares how he originally meet Corey in Philadelphia at the Social Venture Network Conference. Corey explains his work trying to change the culture of business and marketing through the power of story-telling. He then shares with our hosts his progression from being a paid commercial actor in Hollywood to becoming a sought out business partner who helps companies change their vision towards socially responsible business culture. Greg and Dave reflect on the days when Greg went through his decision making process to draft the vision statement and implement the culture that Hemmings House stands for today, which is in line with the social economy. Corey reflects with Greg and Dave on how implementing this culture of social responsibility into a company also means changing your own personal worldview and quality of life. Tune into this episode to enjoy this inspirational conversation on changing the narrative of business and implementing a better economy for all!
In This Episode: Greg and Dave celebrate the beginning of season 3! Greg shares how Seth Godin is a hero of Dave and Greg’s. Seth explains his heart for teaching someone new things and making significant changes. Seth also explains why Psychographics are important for marketing in a modern social media culture. Dave describes the concept of listening to understand versus listening to respond. Seth describes how to shortest route always looks like the longest one and why taking shortcuts is never the path to success. Using a ‘Grateful Dead’ analogy, the three explain the benefit of focusing on impressing your smaller audience that is really passionate about what you do instead of aiming to please a wider range of people. About: Seth Godin has been a teacher for 40 years starting at the age of 17. He is also an author with 18 best sellers underneath his belt. He has his own successful podcast, as well as one of the most popular blogs in the world.  Seth is the founder of two companies, ‘Squidoo’ and ‘Yoyodyne’, as-well-as an online leadership and management workshop called ‘altMBA’ In 2013, Seth was one of just three professionals inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame and in 2018 he was also inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame.
As entrepreneurs, we seem to have a built-in fear of the big, scary, complex government procurement process. Carroll Bernard is using his knowledge gained while being a purchaser and his background as an entrepreneur to help small businesses learn how to not only build a relationship with government procurement but to do it in a way that ensures growth and opportunity. He introduces us to his training based service company, Govology.
Greg introduces Alex MacBeath as the Chair of the Wallace McCain Institute. Alex explains what he now does, as well as the companies that he manages. We hear the in-depth process of becoming a member of the Wallace McCain Institute’s Our guest shares with Dave and Greg the thorough application process of the Wallace McCain Institute.
Climate change is an issue that is and will continue to affect us. One New Brunswick based company is looking at this challenge head on to find solutions that protect the environment but maintain our ability to access resources. Zach Melanson of Community Forests International joins us in the booth to tell us about their company’s journey from re-foresting an island to giving businesses the ability to offset their carbon footprint by protecting land here in New Brunswick.
In This Episode:   Rumeet explains her work with Viewpoint Leadership and how it helps with the development of leadership in businesses by building the leadership in individuals through research, studies, and workshops. She also talks about her new picture book. She discusses the study Viewpoint ran in relation to “Tall Poppy Syndrome”, and how it cuts down the motivation, productivity, resilience, and even the self-confidence of individuals in a workplace environment. The three discuss what may be the root of motivation, and what is the root of de-motivation in all people. Rumeet tells Dave and Greg how parents can support their children in not having their motivation cut down, and how to support their resilience and personal happiness. The three discuss how being ostracized can bring the same level of pain as being physically harmed, and how this feeling can be prevented in children and teens by eliminating the fear of failure. Rumeet talks about owning your achievements and being yourself, and how it impacts being a stand-out entrepreneur.   Dr. Rumeet Billan is the CEO and Chief Learning Architect of Viewpoint Leadership. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and designs programs and courses in leadership and personal resilience for her company. She is an expert in Psychological resilience and how it can help businesses, by focusing on the resilience of individuals. She led the groundbreaking national research study on The 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' which is related to 'Silent Systemic Syndrome' that many women experience when in the workplace. She is also the National Ambassador for 'Not Myself Today®', an initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association that aims to transform workplace culture. Viewpoints website link! -
In This Episode: Connor explains his frustration with the usual freelancer finding websites online. He explains how his company, FreeeUp, only allows the top 1% of freelancer applications onto their market and even offers freelancer insurance. Connor talks about hiring freelancers vs. employees. The three discuss being in control of your business and your assets instead of relying on other companies or services.
Today more than ever, employees are looking to their leaders for help on how to navigate COVID-19, working from home, juggling work-life balance and keeping up on their actual jobs. But as leaders, how do we do that effectively? Stuart MacLean builds on Dr Bill Howatt’s article around authentic leadership by highlighting his philosophy he’s learned over his career path of always asking yourself who have you helped be successful today? The group talks about the importance of a leader caring about the individuals working around them regardless of job function and they an honest chat about showing your vulnerability as a leader and being open to honest, direct feedback.  
Have you ever needed just the right tool to do one DIY project at your home or business, but the price tag for the tool makes it not feasible? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk in somewhere and check out a tool like you do a library book? Well, in Saint John, NB Brent Harris has joined the growing sharing economy movement and is providing people with just that opportunity. 
Downsizing your possessions after spending years in the same home can be a daunting task that brings so many emotions. What if you have to move across the country? Will all your furniture fit in your new home? How do you manage all this when it’s not something you do every day? That’s the struggle that real estate mother-son team Mary and Davis Schryer saw happening to their demographic of clients. They came up with a solution with the services they offer to help guide their clients through the downsizing process.
Today we have one of our favourite and frequent guests join us, Kelly VanBuskirk to have an honest discussion about some of the challenges facing both employees and employers during COVID-19. Greg, Dave and Kelly drill in on how while businesses need to stay compliant with government regulations, consumers can help by having a little bit of grace and understanding.
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