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Ep. 138 - About Kamala Harris dropping out
Kamala Harris just dropped out of the presidential race. Shaun discusses some of the unique challenges of Black women in politics and unpacks what her dropping out means for the race at large.
Ep. 96 - 7-year-old arrested in San Antonio elementary school
All over the country, black girls and boys as young as six are being arrested for minor behavior problems. On today's episode, Shaun continues his conversation on this issue by focusing on how schools nationwide are failing to implement systems and structures that better support these children.
Ep. 136 - What's next for Rodney Reed?
Rodney Reed's execution was stayed exactly two weeks ago. Today, Shaun updates us on the case, and tells us new stories about people all over the country who have been wrongfully convicted. Join us with an action step that will help combat our national problem with wrongful convictions.
Ep. 125 - 11 days until the execution of Rodney Reed
We have just 11 days left to organize and fight back to save the life of Rodney Reed. Today Shaun gives new updates on how our action steps are working and speaks on the rally tomorrow in Austin.
Ep. 128 - 6 days left for us to #FreeRodneyReed
We only have 6 days left to save a man who is provably innocent. Today, Shaun gives updates about the state of Rodney's case and unpacks our action steps for today. Rodney's team is undeterred, and so are we. Let's keep pushing!!
Ep. 87 - Let’s change Jefferson’s Manual of House Rules
Did you know that it is against the rules of the United States Congress for members to call the President, or the words and actions of the President, racist? It’s true. Let’s change them.
Ep. 83 - Guess how many people are dying per day in jails & prisons
Most people could not name anyone, other than Jeffrey Epstein, who was killed or died in jail in the United States. While about 1,200 people are killed by police per year in this country, nearly 5,000 people die in America’s jails and prisons. On today’s episode, Shaun breaks down the conditions behind those numbers and has an action step for you.
Ep. 79 - About YOUR Mayor and Justice Reform
On many episodes of The Breakdown, we have clearly laid out the sway that local DAs have over legal system. Today Shaun breaks down the role of an actor whose importance often gets overlooked — your local mayor. Many people are unaware of just how much power their mayor has over the landscape of their local legal system, so let’s dig in!
Ep. 77 -  Now they want to rewrite the poem at the feet of the Statue of Liberty
In interviews this week, Trump’s head of US Citizenship & Immigration Services first suggested rewriting the beautiful poem at the feet of the Statue of Liberty, and then later claimed that it was only meant for Europeans in the first place. On today’s episode, Shaun breaks down exactly what happened in these interviews. When the administration of America is trying to rewrite what this country stands for, we need to take the time to understand exactly what we’re up against.
Ep. 105 - Solving the Murder of Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown, a father of three young children, was brutally murdered last Friday. As you may know, Joshua was a key witness in the murder trial of Amber Guyger. Ten days after he testified, he was targeted and shot to death outside of his home. Today, Shaun breaks down this open investigation to explain exactly what happened in the courtroom whenJoshua testified and how it changes our understanding of Joshua’s murder.
Ep. 100 - The case for impeachment
The case for impeachment is all over the news, and Trump's reaction has been extreme. Today, Shaun breaks down the case for impeachment in the context of Trump's entire presidency and highlights the gravity of his "Civil War" comments.
Ep. 98 - Our phone calls are working
Remember the 5 children that we told you about who were being charged with a murder that they didn't commit (ep. 89)? After that episode, thousands of you made phone calls and wrote emails. Well, largely because of you, those murder charges have been dropped. In the last 95 episodes of this podcast, we've learned a lot about what makes our Action Steps truly work. We know that the calls we ask you to make can be tough, which is why we're going to break down our tips and tricks to keep in mind when taking Action Steps.  Today, Shaun not only celebrates our shared successes, but gives a tutorial about how to make phone calls that truly help to make change.
Ep. 25 - How to Choose a Presidential Candidate - Part 1
In today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun King breaks down how to figure out which candidate to support in the 2020 American presidential election and lays out why now is exactly the right moment to make that choice.
Ep. 22 - The 911 call after the murder of Botham Jean
On today’s episode of The Breakdown, Shaun King unpacks and explains new audio that was just released from the 911 call made immediately after the murder of Botham Jean.
Ep. 23 - Police Officer Convicted of Murder in Minnesota
On today's episode of The Breakdown, Shaun King reports on the first murder conviction of a police officer in Minnesota's history and digs into why this conviction didn't surprise anybody. 
Ep. 13 - Graham v. Connor – Police Brutality is Legal – Part 2 of 3
On today’s episode of The Breakdown Shaun unpacks the Supreme Court case, Graham v. Connor – and explains how it is now used alongside of Tennessee v. Garner to protect police from being held responsible for their brutality.
Ep. 115 - What's the plan?
What’s the plan to change the criminal justice system? Do you know it? Read it? Heard about it? Plans do exist, but a plan is only as effective as the ability of everyday people to repeat it back to you. Today, Shaun unpacks and explains why we need to be on board for the plan.
Ep. 114 - WTF Zuck?
Not only is Facebook failing to protect our elections, they are now knowingly, openly allowing admitting that their new policy is to allow political campaigns to openly lie and mislead voters in their ads. Today, Shaun takes us through Zuckerberg's horrible testimony before Congress yesterday and plays highlights from some of the smartest questions he was asked.
Ep. 72 - I need you to focus
Sometimes it is hard to know whether the world is actually getting more cruel or whether we only feel like it is because we are living in the age of social media and information. Today, Shaun digs into that question. He asks us to acknowledge and accept how overwhelming this moment feels. And then channel all of our feelings into focus and determination. 
Ep. 70 - The deadliest hate crime since 1921
Right now, we are living in the age of the deadliest hate crime in 98 years. And people are asking what we can do about it. To really understand what we can do, Shaun needs us to zoom out. On today's episode, he gets historical and talks about how human history follows a trend of having high-highs and low-lows. Shaun makes the case that we are currently living at an extremely low point in history. And today, Shaun is going to tell you about the path he sees for us to start climbing out of this low point.
Ep. 65 - You Stupid N***ers: How We Must Approach Racism in 2019 and Beyond
Of course we were all outraged when we saw the video of Nancy Goodman walking right up to two young black customers and calling them “stupid n—.” We don’t need to break down how problematic this incident is. Instead, Shaun is going to break down how important it is to be mindful of how we react to moments of blatant racism like this. Racism hasvictims. It is violent and it spreads. And our reaction to it matters.
Ep. 66 - 27 people shot. Now what?
The United States is the only nation in the world that has more guns than people. And this weekend, we saw two mass shootings on opposite sides of the country. On today’s episode, we are unpacking why we have so much carnage in this country and yet so little change. Have you guessed yet what Shaun will be breaking down? It’s time to talk about the NRA.
Ep. 53 - Let’s Pass a Law Together!
Sometimes when you want to make change, there comes a moment that you just can’t pass on. It’s too big. Today is one of those days. There is a bill currently in the New York state legislature that needs to pass if we want to dismantle the structures of mass incarceration.  It’s a strong bill that will actively counteract the damage done by the War on Drugs. But it’s about to be watered down. And we have three days to make sure that it passes just the way it is. Let’s go!!
Ep. 48 - Our Action Steps Are Working!
You are helping to make change every time you take an action step from The Breakdown. Your participation is integral to fulfilling our vision at The North Star — to create news that fits the needs of our times by being more transparent, more action-oriented, and more nuanced. On today’s episode, we’re reporting back on the progress that we have been seeing from the action steps thanks to your work.
Ep. 47 - Action Steps: The Central Park Five, Part III
We need to fight for the justice we get. Today, Shaun needs us to fight together to hold the corrupt prosecutors in the Central Park Five case accountable. The last two episodes of The Breakdown were dedicated to tackling the injustices of the Central Park Five case because, for our fight to work, we need to be organized and informed.
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