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The Church of the Un-Churched

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Verse twelve opens strongly! It says, “…do not be astonished that a trial by fire is occurring among you, as though something strange were happening to you.”. 1st Peter 4:12Please visit our Outreach Web site! ~ https://unchurched.site123.meVisi
Quite frankly, if we cannot be hospitable to each other, how can we be even remotely hospitable to those in our lives who are unsaved that we do not even know at all?! Yes, I am taking this a bit further than Peter did but, not without good rea
Notice what Mister Burkitt said in this passage. “...sobriety , watchfulness , and prayer! , are very requisite and needful qualifications! [ WHY?! ], to prepare and fit persons for every coming and appearance of Christ to judgment...”. Just wh
Follow our successes in this past year despite being in a pandemic of global proportions. We want to share some of our more major successes with you. Our sound system for recording, editing and publishing has been significantly upgraded! That i
Notice, “they ( the Three Wise Men ) sought M – O – R – E than a great king of a foreign nation.”. Clearly, the Three Wise Men were not seeking a worldly king at all! It clearly was a much greater person of royalty that they sought. One who wou
The question is, with regard to the wise men, “how will their coming so far as the east to seek Christ, rise up another day in judgment against us, if we refuse to be found by Christ…”?Please visit our Outreach Web site! ~ https://unchurched.si
The question is, with regard to the wise men, “how will their coming so far as the east to seek Christ, rise up another day in judgment against us, if we refuse to be found by Christ…”?Please visit our Outreach Web site! ~ https://unchurched.si
The kingdom of heaven here, on earth, is defined as the visible church we all attend.With no uncertainty, a fully sanitized church of believers only!, is simply not possible in this life. Listen to learn more!Please visit our Outreach Web site!
There are two types of death. One death we daily walk in as unbelieving people. The other death is all to familiar to us as it is when one leaves this mortal life and they are no longer with us. Of the two, we are talking about those who live a
We should be ready to not only suffer but!, to die! Is that dead in a grave or dead to this world and sin; yet alive? It seems to take a strange turn as it appears to not be talking about the kind of death we all know of as permanent rest from
Once one dies, if they are in Hell, there is no further chance for reconciliation in Christ. Hell is a different place than this prison we are examining. Hence we are talking about a holding place called “prison”. In Hell, your eternity is now
That tells us how we are saved from sin. It’s impending doom when we die or our present time comes to it’s conclusion and it is all written in stone. It is ours, and ours alone, to either receive Christ as our Savior from sin, or not. It is jus
All our shor site links are now back up and running. Listen to this 02:02 audio message to find out more. ~Pastor John
## This is a very important update and notification to our audience and new listeners! Please listen to this very important notification. May you all be blessed of God. ~Pastor John
We are to be childlike and ingenuous meaning, if childlike, we are “marked by innocence, trust, meek; submissive; dutiful; as childlike obedience.”. If we are also ingenuous we “Lack cunning, guile, or worldliness.” We are, “innocent or naive:
Men and women must refrain from evil-speaking, lying, and slandering. That says it all right there for this first observation. Yet, how many people who call themselves a Born-Again Christian in Christ, at the very least, lie?! At work, to their
We are descendants from whatever rank or distinction we obtain or inherit in the course of our life. We are to recede from our rights or claims by yielding or descending from our rank, distinction, rights or claims. This is how one humbles one
“Master” and “slave” do not mean what we may assume on first read. We also find the same is true with the word, “subjection”.1st John says, “[7] Husbands in the same way, treat your wives with consideration as the weaker partners and show them
They pick and choose scripture elements; completely!, out of context to form their opinion of domination. We can see here, really quickly, that is not supported here in scripture. It appears, that which others imply strongly and incorrectly, is
1st John 2:24 makes three impressive statements we need to examine further. First, verse twenty-four opens with, “He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree”, COMMA. It then states, the reasoning for this action by Jesus Christ.Please vis
Today, we can feel overwhelmed because our daily life alone is difficult, trying, or both. Adding all this we are seeing in scripture on top of that just seems to make our lives even more difficult to manage and work out. Yet, working this issu
When we read this portion of Biblical text by Peter, one could assume it is racist language. As we progressed in this study we found Peter was using his two-tier social structure of the day to relate to the listener, by example, what he was rea
Notice what Ephesians 6:7 said. “Obey with enthusiasm, as though serving the Lord and NOT people,”Notice this from John Gill’s Commentary passage, “…doing what they do as to the Lord, and not to men;”. This is why we get so messed up, at least
Christ is either a great corner-stone in a great building of believers, or a stumbling stone to everyone else. Why is Christ, the great corner-stone, also a stumbling stone to unbelievers?! How does that work?! Most of what makes a corner-stone
He is a stone, not of men’s laying, but of God’s laying in his council, covenant, promises, and prophecies, in the mission of him into this world, and in the Gospel ministry. The place where he is laid is in Zion, the Gospel church, of which he
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