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The more we learn about allergies in pets... the more complex it becomes. It is important that the multimodal approach to allergies includes consistent topical therapy. This episodes welcomes Dr. Rusty Muse, DVM, DACVD, MANZCVS. Dr. Muse is the
Communication between a client and veterinarian is one of the most important aspects of managing a pet with chronic skin disease. But, what type of communication is a client looking for? What things would they change with how options are presen
Diascopy is a simple technique that can be used in the clinic with a microscope slide. It can help differentiate from inflammation and hemorrhage. Enjoy this quick episode going over this interesting diagnostic test and how it can be helpful wi
The differential list for unilateral otitis can be quite different from the typical allergic otitis. It is essential to perform a full otoscopic examination (even if if requires anesthesia or sedation) to assure a foreign body or mass is not pr
Traditional signs of hypothyroidism or hyperadrenocorticism don't always occur in canine patients. We think of lethargy, weight gain, polydipsia, polyuria, etc. But, you can simply see patients that have recurring pyoderma and otitis as the pre
Methicillin resistant staph has become a scary aspect of veterinary dermatology. It is important to know how to recognize MRSP through clinical lesions and history, collect diagnostics like cytology and C/S and be diligent about treatment. But,
Work-life balance... what does that look like? It is important to realize it is different for everybody. It also can look different for the same person at different timepoints in their life. Being empathetic and understanding for others and you
Interleukin (IL)-31 has received a lot of attention over the last decade due to its role in pruritus in canine allergies. Apoquel and Cytopoint have been amazing therapies to relieve itchy dogs. But, it is important to realize there are differe
Canine otitis can occur secondary to many different etiologies such as allergies and endocrinopathies. It is a very common occurrence and can be very frustrating for the pet, owner and veterinarian. On this episode, I welcome Dr. Millie Rosales
Cases of feline pemphigus can develop very severe lesions and be intimidating. However, recognizing the lesion distribution and performing appropriate diagnostics can provide a definitive diagnosis. This allows the veterinarian to treat or refe
It is time to bust some derm myths! Dr. Andrea Hernandez from Animal Dermatology Clinic in Tustin, CA joins the podcast today. We cover some common misconceptions in veterinary dermatology such as diets, flea controls and over-the-counter topic
We often think about what type of lesion is present... Crusting, ulceration, depigmentation. But, HOW and WHERE it presents can be extremely important. Are the lesions symmetrical? Are mucous membranes affected? Paws? Rump?Get a refresh on the
Just a plain ol' toothpick can tell you so much information! Using it to sample the claw fold in itchy pets can reveal sneaky bacteria or yeast that could be masking results of allergy medications. Review a simple method that can make a big dif
Veterinary dermatology can be frustrating and confusing... not only for the owner, but as the clinician managing the case. We need to make sure before suggesting allergy testing, diet trials, etc. that we have discussed with owners the purpose
Feline otitis... it is tough! There are not many options labeled for cats and they can be difficult with administration. When do you use something off-label? When do you compound? What if a cat has otitis media?Today, Dr. Ali Diesel, DVM, Dip A
Getting back a non-diagnostic histopathology report can be so frustrating! What do you do to avoid this from happening? This episodes highlights the importance of site selection, biopsy punch size, choosing a dermatopathologist and more!
When COVID hit, there was a lot of questioning regarding what services were essential. If dermatology is (most of the time) not fatal, is it considered an essential service? With so much stress and emotions in our world, what are the various wa
Most otitis cases can be handled with topical therapy. But, what about in cases where it isn't enough and we have to reach for oral medications? Stenotic ear canals, otitis media, etc. There are certain situations where the use of systemic oral
When we think of a COMPLETE ear exam, we think of the horizontal canal, vertical canal, tympanic membrane and bulla. However, the pinna is often forgotten! For the most visible part of the ear, it can be overlooked. There are so many pinnal dis
There are SO many products out there! Let me provide a little relief... it isn't necessary to know them ALL. It is most important to know active ingredients and when you would use them. But, don't waste your poor brain space memorizing every si
Who loves cytology more than a veterinary dermatologist? A clinical pathologist! This episode features Dr. Kate Baker, DVM, MS, Dip ACVP talking all things cytology. You know we had a ton of fun! Not only are we both vet moms of two little ones
Does a diet trial need to be done in EVERY single allergic patient? There are a lot of different opinions about how to diet trial, when to diet trial, what diets to use, etc. While it is never wrong to perform a diet trial in an allergic workup
This episode features Catherine Milley, DVM, Dip ACVD from Animal Dermatology Clinic Portland in Oregon to discuss canine atopic dermatitis. She is my partner in crime in the clinic and passionate about managing complicated canine atopy cases.
Eosinophilic granuloma complex (EGC) is a unique clinical presentation in allergic cats. There are three clinical presentations of EGC and a cat can exhibit just one or all three! Can you name them? Listen to this week's episode to dabble in a
On this episode, I asked what tips you learned from The Derm Vet (podcast, webinar, social media, blog, etc.) this year that you use in practice the most. My husband joins me to present the top 5 tips! It is a fun way to reflect on such a crazy
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