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Podcasting five years, it’s been swell! But now we are saying farewell. Let’s talk about why We’re saying goodbye With many more stories to tell. A last parting gift, our ten jewels, Ten easy-to-memorize tools For living intentionally And unco
Kyeli helps Pace deal with her attachment to other people being moved by her creation. Before my creation is hatched, I’m already hella attached. If nobody cares To sample my wares, My plan might as well stay unhatched. bitching vs. venting g
This applies to any fandom that strongly relates to its characters. Spoiler warning for Undertale. To choose a new topic at random, Consider the Undertale fandom. Some say they’re the best, Some say they’re obsessed, But we want to just unders
Why is our culture obsessed with believing in some dogma and sticking to it 100% obsessively? Why doesn’t 99% count for partial credit? Another fine myth to debunk: 100 percent or you flunk. Eat one bite of meat And you’re now obsolete, 99 per
You live, and you do, and you age. Why not go explore the backstage? What makes people tick? Is this safe to lick? Don’t go through the motions, engage! game like a designer observe without judgement ask why Myers-Briggs S vs. N everyday phil
When you’re watching a kitten be cute But your camera’s not all set to shoot By the time that you’re ready The cat has already Moved on, and so you follow suit. So unless one is very astute It is hard to get proof absolute Of a cute little cat
Is it out of the question or sinful To live lives that are just uneventful? Can the phoenix be plucked, Or are we simply fucked? Can we just be at peace and contentful? “I don’t deserve happiness” comfort is outside my comfort zone a pattern
Philosophical geekery. No quantum mechanics. Liquids flow always downhill. Physics prohibits free will. But with complex machines Like computers or genes, There might be some wiggle room still… the dice-rolling machine “Any sufficiently compl
We each have a certain number of spoons each day, some more than others. If your spoons are limited, you’ll have to learn how to manage them, and how to deal with people who don’t understand. Plundering hoards of doubloons, Gallivanting in sal
If there’s one thing we’d love to destroy, One missile we yearn to deploy, Its target would be Not the patriarchy, But the very emotion of joy. anti-joy vs. anti-cruelty Logical Fallacy #1: The Slippery Slope Logical Fallacy #2: The Scarecrow
To live life as wholly intentional, Be truly unique and original, Instead of conform To the cultural norm, You must leave behind what’s vestigial. amygdala gender roles dodgy evolutionary biology the “default male” assumption the commodity
For your path to proceed unimpeded There are three things that all must be heeded. You’re on the right map When these three overlap: What you love, what you rock, and what’s needed. Creepy Lemons” WCML 035: The 3 Circles of Pathfinding (and h
On the one hand, a strong demonstration. On the other, a sly exploitation. How far can you go And still certainly know That it isn’t a gross manipulation? why Pace is so obsessed with morality Olive Garden, waffles and cats, and bankruptcy tw
Gluey Gus has completed the brick wall around his heart. Nothing gets to him. He’s strong, invulnerable, tough. Gluey Gus always gets the job done. Gluey Gus believes he’s making the right choice – the realistic choice. It’s a dog eat dog worl
There are certain things it’s unacceptable to say. I’m going to say some of them. A trolley is crashing, and you Choose who lives and who’s smushed into goo. Unlike what you’re taught, In real life you cannot Always hack Kobayashi Maru. troll
There are two kinds of wanting: one that makes you miserable and one that brings you peace. Here’s the difference. This paradox feels like a flaw: Alan Watts even called it a law. The more that you chase Your joy, love, or grace The more that
If you just live your life off the cuff, You might feel you’re not up to snuff. If you “Find Your Path Now” Then you’re worthy somehow, But otherwise you’re not enough. This is an insidious lie! A path’s not a thing you can buy. Don’t fall for
I write you this poem most lyrical To question: just what is a miracle? Is it some kind of sign? Is it from the Divine? Or is there an answer empirical? Weird stuff we’ve experienced, part 1 The “grey dots” optical illusion impossible colors
The strong status quo makes you hesitant. “It’s not my place” is the impediment. But you can’t be intentional And default conventional So go on, relocate that elephant! Kyeli tells the story of when she rearranged a restaurant’s bathroom and w
“10 times out of 10, science wins” Assuming you use a clear lens. Be open and kind, The truth you will find, Instead of believing your friends. Carrie Poppy’s TED talk: “A scientific approach to the paranormal” Mock witches, then say “keep an
For decades I’ve worked toward subtraction: Removing all pain my main action. Well, I fell in that hole; Now I’ve found a new goal: Befriending my dissatisfaction. “I will never be satisfied.” -Pace (and Alexander Hamilton) Joy as the villain
Life is a deck-building game. You draw randomly in the moment, but you can stack the deck in your favor beforehand. What does it mean to be good, If you act like a Romulan would? Your choice is foreseen By the moments between, Hope you stacked
We hear a lot about the Social Justice Warriors, but what about the Social Justice Clerics? A person who’s skilled in barbarics Fights hard, then goes back to the barracks. And that’s where one finds (Not on the front lines) The healers, the s
A camera that’s on round the clock Is something at which most would balk. But the stuff we could learn Outweighs this concern. I think, for weird stuff, it could rock. We could solve etymological mysteries! e.g. nerd (1951), zit (1960s), “Ear
We’re torn between two distinct factions: Stay young, or spout grumpy detractions. In this case, the schism Is not race or sexism, But games based on microtransactions. How this applies to all kinds of social change, not just video games The
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