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Right Wing Death Squads Reported in Germany
Britain's tabloids are reporting that right wing death squads embedded in Germany's military are plotting to assassinate key political figures. The Green Party leader and former prime minister of Germany were allegedly targeted, as well as the leaders of groups responsible for allowing immigrants into the country. There's just one... or two... or three problems with the tabloid's reporting... Also, host Austin Petersen discusses the end of World War 1, and plays a sound recording from the moment that the guns ceased firing. 
What Are The Most Offensive Costumes We Can Wear this Halloween?
Liberals have caught on to the hot new right wing meme series of NPC's. But what exactly is a NPC? And now that Senator Elizabeth Warren has officially culturally appropriated Cherokee culture, does that mean it's OK for the rest of us to dress however we want on Halloween?  This fun episode of the Freedom Report podcast discusses the latest in left wing PC hilarity and is hosted by Austin Petersen. 
Republican Foreign Policy Apocalypse
Jim Antle at the Washington Examiner writes of the "end days" on the foreign policy establishment in the Republican Party. Antle's piece reflects on the changing attitudes towards war during the Trump administration, and how Senators Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul are warring for the president's favor for their policies.  Austin Petersen's Freedom Report podcast is a preview for an interview with Antle, which will occur on 93.9 The Eagle radio in Columbia Missouri on December 31st. 
Libertarian Republicans Strike Back!
In a piece for the Washington Examiner Jim Antle writes about a flurry of legislative and campaign activity from liberty Republicans. Antle's piece dives into Amash's efforts on Civil Asset Forfeiture and covers Rand Paul's move to force congress to restore constitutional war powers to the legislative branch. Austin Petersen, US Senate candidate (R) from Missouri breaks down the news and offers insight into what's happening in the liberty movement.  Jim Antle's Piece
Austin Petersen’s Announcement Speech for the US Senate
Freedom Report host Austin Petersen announced his candidacy for the US Senate in Missouri at his family farm in Peculiar. This is the audio from that event. 
Is The Deep State Real?
US Senate candidate Austin Petersen discusses the sinister actions of bureaucrats whose powers exceed our public officials ability to control them. In the age of Donald Trump, have conservatives now realized the monster they've created will be used against them? 
Did Smug Liberal Comedians Give Rise To Donald Trump?
In a brilliant piece by Caitlin Flanagan at the Atlantic, a liberal writer self reflects on how the comedy shows of hosts such as Samantha Bee, John Oliver, and Jimmy Fallon may have been important influencers in the rise of Donald Trump. Flanagan dissects the various ways in which liberals derided not just the president, but his supporters, giving conservatives a good reason to do whatever they could to stop a Democrat from taking the White House. Austin Petersen, former 2016 candidate for president himself breaks down the news. 
Liberals Defending Sweatshops
Buzzfeed posted an article in defense of sweatshops, quoting economists such as Paul Krugman and Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. When liberals are defending free market capitalism, you know something's up. Austin Petersen breaks down the news. 
Bernie Sanders’ Weird Religious Test
Senator Bernie Sanders applied a weird religious test when questioning a new appointee from the Trump administration. Austin Petersen breaks down the news. 
People Finally Waking Up To Antifa Threat [PODCAST]
Politico reported on their front page today on the growing threat of "domestic terrorist organization" Antifa, writing on how DHS and local law enforcement have been seeing increasing attacks on protestors and demonstrators. Austin Petersen breaks down the news. 
Donald Trump Breaks John Stossel’s Heart By Kody Fairfield In an Op-Ed for Fox News, former television show host and liberty journalist John Stossel penned that President Donald Trump had “broken his heart” in regards to his actions on immigration, threats of punitive tariffs, and “trashing trade.” The liberty stalwart started off his opine by admitting that he was never a Trump supporter, though he found excitement in his first days as President, explaining that, “on TV I have called him a bully, a narcissist, etc. — but his first days were thrilling!” Stossel exclaimed “finally” there was a President who “meant it when he said he’d cut red tape that kills growth, a man who moc [...]
The Death of American Liberalism
Austin Petersen reads an article from the Wall Street Journal which exposes the electoral consequences of leftist moral outrage. In a brilliant piece, Petersen discusses how leftist narratives on white guilt led to the type of reactionary politics we have in the United States today. Petersen also goes through a list of Public Policy rules, in order to advance the libertarian cause, as well as offers a sneak preview of his upcoming book. 
Kids Terrorized Into Supporting the Green New Deal
Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report takes a victory lap on the announcement of his upcoming daily radio show in Jefferson City. Petersen dishes on the show, and thanks his loyal listeners for helping him get there.  Also, Petersen discusses a group of kids who confronted California Senator Diane Feinstein over her non-support of the Green New Deal. 
Gun Rights and Dead Children
Moms Demand Action for Gun Control chief Shannon Watts took aim at the National Rifle Association using bogus claims about the number of kids who die from gun deaths. Austin Petersen, host of the Freedom Report podcast responded on twitter, arguing that there is no tragedy, no matter how great, that justifies taking away the rights of innocent people. It went over about as well as you might expect.  Also, the end of the podcast is a more personal discussion about the future of the podcast, The Libertarian Republic, and the liberty movement as a whole. 
Kanye West BLASTS Democrats While Wearing MAGA Hat
Austin Petersen's Freedom Report podcasts reemerges with a discussion of the culture wars coinciding with a jaw-dropping appearance by Kanye West on Saturday Night Live. West ruffled feathers with his statements about black fathers, welfare, racism, and the Democratic party while wearing a Donald Trump style MAGA cap. Petersen goes into detail about the broader struggle for cultural freedom. Sources:
Why Can't Americans Pass a Basic US Citizenship Test?
Freedom Report host Austin Petersen discusses an article recently that showed that only 1 in 3 Americans can pass a US Citizenship test required to immigrate. What's the cause of that? This podcast was originally broadcast live on Facebook and features audience participation with Petersen reading some of the best listener's comments. 
Nuking America For Gun Control
Freedom Report host Austin Petersen discusses a California Democrat's "sarcastic" remarks threatening Americans who resist gun confiscation with nuclear weapons. Petersen analyzes talk from lefties about secession and civil war, and analyzes what the left believes are at the root of the problems with nation states. What are the problems as they see it that could lead to an outbreak of violence? Not enough government control.   
Is it wrong to report sex workers to the IRS?
Is it wrong to report sex workers to the IRS? What if they're communists who think we should all be paying more taxes? Would it be wrong to report them? What if Bernie Sanders didn't report his income to the IRS? Would it be wrong to report him? Sure, but... it's sure as hell not wrong to laugh at him. Today's Freedom Report podcast was recorded live on Facebook in front of an online audience of commenters and pro-troll-etariat. 
Gavin, It's Cold Outside...
Right wing pundit and rabble rouser Gavin McInnes was reportedly iced out of a deal with Blaze TV after a recent announced merger with CRTV. The report came via a tweet from Blaze TV, which announced that it would not be continuing his show "Get off My Lawn" which had previously had a home on CRTV. The right wing media sphere was abuzz over the weekend, with internet users reacting and overreacting to the news. So what happened? Austin Petersen breaks down the news and shares his opinions.  Is "Baby it's Cold Outside" a rape song? Petersen reads an article from the Philippines, where author Eric Jurado offers insightful commentary as well as some pity on the poor unromantic souls who don't understand courtship. 
How Roger Ailes Made Liberty Great Again
Former Fox News president Roger Ailes has died at age 77. Former Presidential candidate Austin Petersen recounts tales of his time at Fox Business Network, and relates a personal anecdote of how Roger Ailes’ career inspired a stronger modern libertarian movement. 
Alt Right Breaks With Trump Over Syrian Airstrikes [AUDIO]
Donald Trump’s airstrikes on Syria has caused a rift in the movement with supporters split over the question of whether the president was right to bomb Bashar al-Assad’s airfield. While many sought to praise him over his actions, other prominent supporters turned against him. Austin Petersen breaks down the news.
The Trouble with Tomi Lahren
The Blaze host Tomi Lahren is in hot water after she revealed on “The View” that she was pro-choice, and that pro-life conservatives were hypocrites. Lahren drew ire from the Blaze owner Glenn Beck for her comments on Twitter along with a sharp rebuke. Austin Petersen breaks down the controversy. 
Piers Morgan BLASTS Meryl Streep over her comments on Donald J. Trump
Reporter Piers Morgan put Meryl Streep on blast after her remarks about Donald Trump at the Golden Globes Awards. Morgan chided Streep over her snide, condescending attitude towards flyover country voters, explaining why she was a hypocrite for claiming high moral character after she gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation. Today’s episode of the Freedom Report podcast is brought to you by, get your Make Taxation Theft Again hat at threads of liberty, and help spread the ideas of economic freedom, and personal liberty. 
Political Correctness: Conservative Edition
Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute coined a new term to describe the conservative version of political correctness: Patriotically Correct. In this terrific piece, Alex describes the hypocritical double standard employed by conservatives who complain about the left stifling free speech, while engaging in their own narrow version of PC. 
Trump Proposes Privatizing Air Traffic Control: Pros and Cons
President Trump has proposed privatizing the air traffic contol system in the United States, following the examples of countries such as the UK, Canada, and New Zealand. But is the proposed bill everything it's cracked up to be? Austin Petersen weighs the pros and cons
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