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Marcia Kilgore - Founder of Beauty Pie, FitFlop, Bliss Spa, and Soap & Glory

Released Wednesday, 23rd June 2021
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"Your unique experiences and how you pull them together are actually your unique opportunities."
There’s so much learning and inspiration on this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow with Marcia Kilgore! Marcia is the amazing founder behind the well-known brands Bliss Spa, FitFlop, Soap & Glory, and most recently, Beauty Pie. In this episode, she shares her awe-inspiring story of how she accidentally discovered what she was good at and went on to build the iconic Bliss Spa in New York City. Then, Soap & Glory and FitFlop. This serial entrepreneur has so many valuable things to say that we can all learn from. And how today she is disrupting the beauty industry with her latest company, Beauty Pie (so good!). Kickback, listen, learn and order some Beauty Pie too!
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Beauty Pie: https://www.beautypie.com/
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